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Glam N' Cheese
A showcase of the craziest Hair bands from the 80's and the cheesiest metal songs around!
All things fashion from hair to shoes
Imagine yourself in the middle of a dark ocean. The only thing you hear is a distant Morse code over a retro beat. A silky voice asks, “Are you my mother?” The sparkly lights get closer. There’s people drinking coffee, vodka and fluffy ducks. They’re chatting and laughing. “Where did you get that lame boob tube from?” . . . “From here! Dr Glam and Demelza’s Inflammable Spandex Café!” . . . “That’s a mouthful.” . . . “I know, but it’s not fattening.” The beat grows louder as you climb onboard ...
The New Glam Gal Podcast where style meets confidence. Conquer the frustration of trying on clothes. Learn to love and dress your body. There are no size or weight requirements here. Hosted by Miss J
Glam Style
This is the Glam Style podcast, we are an online destination with the purpose of inspiring others to get out of their comfort zone! We talk everything about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and business! I'm your host Liz Diaz, I'm a fashion, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber and Blogger, I'm also a photographer with the passion of creating and sharing! On this podcast we are going to be talking everything business, and also we are going to be talking about fashion, beauty, trends, and so much more. I ...
Glam Lamb Jams
Compilation Podcast of Classic and Modern Experimental, Garage, Indie and Psychedelic Rock. Enjoy!
Dr Afshan's India & Science & Glam TalkA show about India and also Books and Movies Reviews as well as authors, artists & dignitaries interviews. Also anything related to India.Books and Movies Reviews.Also review of make-up and beauty products as well as science,fashion and glam talk.Also talk about alternative careers in science.You can sponsor an episode of my radio show.If you want to sponsor please contact me via email afshan@drafshanhashmi.comThe show will be broadcast every week on Th ...
From Coast to Coast and Sea to Sea, the Mz. OptimiZm speaks show brings you the best in Pop Culture, Celeb news, Glam and Fab with a sprinkle of Politics!
We are a topic driven music podcast. We will cover artists from Johnny Cash to Megadeth.
DJ - Trinidad and TobagoHott 93.5 FM - The Glam Jam: Mon-Thursday 3pm-6pmFriday Night Live: Fridays 6pm-9pmbooking info: bookings@djanamusic.comInstagram: @djanamusicFacebook :
Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and some insane stories about what fuels these professional ologists' obsessions. Hosted by humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward.
L4H Podcast
Gritty Glitter
In this podcast lifelong friends, Cass and Neal discuss life, their adventures and everything from geek to glam.
The Quirky Podcast with Jade Blackmore features cool "under-heard" music--punk, garage, power pop, oldies, goth & glam. I also discuss pop culture, indie books & films and interview offbeat artists, authors and other creative types.
A collective of rogues from Melbourne, Australia talking nothing about everything. From the ground up we tackle everything from religion, politics, parenthood, sports and set to tear them all apart for the greater good. Make sure to head over to our home page and hit us up with questions, hate mail and marriage proposals. Find us at all the major social media spots and please don't forget to review, rate and share. We appreciate all the love and support we've received. Please spam our work t ...
Mottey's Garage
Rock n roll back to the GarageContact: Mevio {Mevio-ca3cbfaa19538b6a8179b81295d87217}
A podcast that features discussion of all things Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the 1960's through today. Year in Review Shows, Top 5 Discussions, Radio Sucks Radio Shows and interviews with members of KISS, Alice Cooper, Ugly Kid Joe, Armored Saint, WASP, Great White, Vixen, Killer Dwarfs and many, many more!
The Jem Jam
Weekly recaps of our favorite glam rock soap opera, the 1980s cartoon "Jem and the Holograms." We also do reviews of the monthly IDW comic of the same name.
Heart Work Network
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Business rivals are doing battle every day. On Business Wars Daily, we'll give you a brief daily update on the latest wars between the world's biggest companies. Hosted by David Brown from the hit podcast "Business Wars," listeners will get an inside look at some of today’s most controversial disputes and most surprising business stories: Uber and Lyft competing to invest in city scooters. The latest movie theater grudge match between DC and Marvel. Coffee companies fighting to fill your cup ...
Rock | Punk | Metal | Talk Music Podcast - "Check out this band I found!"
Ant S.
Hello! My name is Ant S.I used to have a food blog in 2010 where I shared my adventures as a foodie and chef. As years went by, I found myself compartmentalizing my culinary career from other parts of my life, including my mental health. BUT now I wanna change that!My new brand puts my special abilities FIRST, so I can connect with others dealing with similar challenges for themselves or someone they care for. I know very well that when I was struggling, what helped the most was hearing and ...
Let's Talk
We are talking about what really goes down in the Real Estate Industry. It's not 100k checks to the bank. We are broke, exhausted and want to quit every other day. But the perception is all GLAM when in reality not.
A celebrity based true crime podcast mixed with comedy, glam, and social anxiety!
In the Midst
Do you find it difficult to spend time with God due to the fullness of your schedule? In The Midst, with Brooke Lee, was created to help you encounter God right in the midst of your day. Whether you're folding laundry, commuting to work, picking up cheerios off the floor, exercising at the gym, or going for a walk, this podcast will help you experience, see, and engage with God right in the midst of it all. And this isn't your typical podcast. Think: a little more devotional, and a little le ...
Hair Metal Lab
LifeMinute Beauty is the source for the best in beauty. From the hottest hair and makeup trends and products to the greatest skincare advice, laser treatments, acne busters, makeup and more. From the runways to the streets, LifeMinute Fashion covers the latest fashion and accessory trends and has the scoop on how you can get it! From the look for less, to the luxury splurge- we've got you covered from head to toe!
We are 2 Freecompany members from Kitsu on Midgardsormr we are new to the game and are sharing with the greater community and new players what we are learning as we go. we will have guests as well to teach us some stuff. hopefully it will help you out as well.
I Woke Up Like This
Want fierce brows, the perfect pout and stunning eyelashes, but don’t have time in the morning to put it all on?! Now you don’t have to with Indellibelle here to save you time!Katie Ryan from the Free Country Wake Up Crew is in love with everything beauty and wants to answer your questions and share all the secrets to semi-permanent make up (and more!) and Ashley, owner of Indellibelle, in Downtown Frederick is here to help!So turn up the dial and dive in to all things glam with Katie and As ...
A music podcast of all genres for your listening pleasure
DivaTalkRadio is a service of Divabetic, a national health and wellness nonprofit, a forum for education, empowerment and encouragement for those living with, at risk of and affected by diabetes and a channel on a mission to glamorize good health. Hosted by the happiest health care "MC," Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek, DivaTalkRadio will change attitudes, boost spirits, encourage hope and motivate others to stay healthy with a feather boa, a smile and fabulous sense of style! DivaTalkRadio is th ...
Pop Culture Enthusiast, with a Magical Podcast Show.Heather May is a writer, fashion muse, former groupie, and an eccentric movie/music fanatic. She resides in wannabe Beverly Hills of Houston Texas.Her views on life, and pop culture are truly captivating. From her overly mild obsession with Tom Cruise, love of unicorns, and real life antics, she sets the tone for universal domination.
Metal Open Mind
Metal Open Mind é um projeto criado com o intuito de promover bandas e artistas da música pesada sem fronteiras. Atualmente ocupa as tardes de quartas (17-19hs) na grelha da rádio Rock Nation.
Vegan Danielle
Your source for all things vegan! From cooking to fitness to haircare, Vegan Danielle discusses everything from the benefits to the frustrations of going vegan. Podcast episodes alternate between scheduled interviews with vegan friends and businesses and small scripted researched documents pertaining to the vegan community.
a GLAM podcast by newCardigan
Voluble Radio Podcast is a historical journey into what makes some of the world’s most favorite musical acts tick. Hosts Mike and Ryan, with producer Rich, research some of your favorite (and not so favorite) artists each and every week. Listen in for history, rumors, conspiracies, reviews and much more!
The Bachelor Zone
The Bachelor Zone is the podcast for hard hitting Bachelor stats and analysis. Join host Michael Wahle along with his fellow Bachelor pundits Zach Pyke, Daniel Duddy, and Sam Horwitz, as they break down each week's episodes and give a fresh, engaging take on all things related to The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise.
Martian Landscape
Martian Landscape broadcasts weekly on's "11" and "70's" stations, with archived episodes available here via podcast! Martian Landscape focuses on musical obscurities (and absurdities) from 70's hard rock/psychedelia, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, thrash metal, 70's/80's glam, 60's garage rock, punk, new wave, post punk, and whatever else your host, The Maestro, can pull from his vast musical archives, Martian Landscape will take you on a 2 hour tour of the unknown...downloa ...
Hear new and vintage rock 'n' roll, glam, punk, goth, industrial! Also interviews with some of today's best artists!
It's time for some high-vibin', straight talkin' FUN with your fav zen & glam duo: Sofie + Amber-Lee. We're answering your q's about relationships, girlboss sh!t, branding, manifesting, social media, and more! Want your question answered on the show? Send in your questions
Bikini Things
A podcast for all things bikini competitions, fitness, and self-improvement
The Modern Sacred Circle podcast provides modern women with the tools and resources to host sacred circles of their own. Hosted by body positive yoga teacher, Gigi Yogini, each week showcases a sample circle featuring two female guests who share their unfiltered and uninterrupted thoughts and feelings about a specific topic of the week.
The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast is the podcast that endeavors to review, dissect and discuss rock albums and to answer the burning question... Is it a classic?
Why Struggle? podcast with Barbara J. Faison shares ideas, insights and simple practices to live an intentional life and thrive. Enjoy meditations, affirmations, and practices along with musings from daily living.FB - - - - - Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sit Down, Be Hungry is a food podcast with hosts Chavid Dang! and Dinepiece. These two belly buddies talk about all things in the world of food, give you "The Juicy Bits" and ruin friendships by challenging your food loyalties. Tune in!SDBH is produced by Flan Reyes, and is part of the Good Company Radio Network.
Guy Scheiman is one of the most successful DJs and producers on the international club scene, with club bookings that span the globe and official remixes for some of the world’s biggest stars, including JLo, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. Based in Tel Aviv, Scheiman is known for his high-energy sound that combines house, progressive, tribal and tech house with strong melodies and memorable vocals. His live sets feature strong grooves and powerful bass-lines that ignite his dance floor ...
Sometimes you just need to talk it out—and that's exactly what host Sam Sanders does each week. Join him on Fridays for a recap of the week's news, culture and everything – plus Tuesday deep dives with artists, writers, journalists and more.
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Ana Levley is a novelist, a vegan and a creative artist who expresses her strengths through creating videos and writing stories. Her first published (and recently released) novel, "Beasts" features a new idea of "telecide"; a murder of one's telegraphic (an advanced biotechnology).Book Signing @ Warwicks: 7812 Girard Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037 (11 ...…
Today is Tuesday, October 23, and we’re looking at Uber vs. Lyft
Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Elizabeth Heng talk to Sam about running as women in 2018, and NPR political reporter Danielle Kurtzleben (@titonka) explains why even 2018's record number of female candidates won't mean parity.
Have you listened to Part 1 yet? No? Go on, git. Go do that. Now if you have, this Part 2 is a bonanza of problem solving from neurologist and somnologist Dr. W. Chris Winter. He'll cover: if you should be taking sleep supplements or pills, sleep talking, apnea, why sleepiness makes us hungry, narcolepsy, the difference between insomnia and sle ...…
Halloween Episode: Favorite Scary Songs by Digital Killed The Radio Star
Kindness, connect with your soul family and a slice of silence meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
I Reading from and the answer is simple oracle cards and a Slice Of Silence Meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Oracle card reading and thoughts on filling your cup… And a slice of silence Become a supporter of this podcast:
Sam is joined by NPR's Kelly McEvers, host of Embedded, and Code Switch correspondent Karen Grigsby Bates. Questions continue to mount after the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul. Plus, Sam digs into an elaborate hoax designed to discredit research in so-called "grievance studies" — what the hoaxsters call academic fields ...…
Robby Barbaro was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 12 years old. Currently, along with his business partner Cyrus Khambatta (from Episode 111), Robby runs "Mastering Diabetes"; an online coaching program that has changed thousands of lives of people living with Type 1, 1.5 or Type 2 Diabetes, along with Prediabetes and even Gestationa ...…
Enjoy this excerpt from the answer is simple oracle cards and A Slice Of Silence Meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today is Friday, October 19, and we’re looking at Costco vs. Sam’s Club
Enjoy this excerpt from the answer is simple oracle cards and a slice of silence meditation Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today is Thursday, October 18, and we’re looking at Roomi vs.
We return this week to bring you our choices for the Top 5 Worst KISS Songs! It's no secret that we love the Hottest Band in the Land. It's also no secret that, for the great number of awesome songs in the KISS Kanon (spelled with a "K" of course), there are some serious Klunkers. Top 5 Worst KISS Songs This week Chris and Aaron are counting do ...…
In this week's New Glam Gal podcast episode we discuss: -Girdles, shapewear, and bras, oh my! -How to prevent shapewear from rolling down -How to evaluate whether you really need the shapewear -That your body is not sausage in need of an external casing -To remember that you were once a toddler that strutted around belly forward with swagger In ...…
It’s important for us to understand the men in our lives so that we can have appropriate expectations for their behavior and can adjust our interactions accordingly. In addition to that, though, we need to be able to show up for them in ways that allow them to find peace in us. Today we are embarking on part two of our three-part series on the ...…
Dr. Cyrus Khambatta (aka Mango Man) was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2002, when he was a presumably-healthy 22-year-old college athlete. Did you know, there are an estimated 75 million people, in the United States, that are currently UNDIAGNOSED and UNKNOWINGLY living with Diabetes or Prediabetes?!?In this episode Cyrus not only explains t ...…
Enjoy this one minute of nature sounds Become a supporter of this podcast:
My latest live recording from Beef Heartness.-- ...…
Today is Wednesday, October 17, and we’re looking at Rent the Runway vs. Express
It's episode number 26 of SIT DOWN, BE HUNGRY! Dinepiece and Chavid Dang! are your hosts with hot takes on all things food.On the menu this week:- Chavid and Flan eat hella tacos- "The Juicy Bits", including drunk birds catching FUIs- A Canadian themed “Saucin’ On You” w/ Lisa Mac...and more!Come visit us at our internet home: www.sitdownbehung ...…
Rise and shine from the answer is simple oracle cards. And a slice of silence meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today is Tuesday, October 16, and we’re looking at Kraft Heinz vs. Sargento and local cheesemakers
It's Tuesday: Cindy Shank was living a comfortable life at home with her three little girls and husband when one day the feds came knocking. They were there to arrest her for not telling the police about an ex-boyfriend's drug dealing several years prior. That's the story behind a new HBO documentary, 'The Sentence' - directed by Shank's brothe ...…
Birds do it. Bees do it. Why the hell can't we do it? Called "The Sleep Whisperer," neurologist and sleep specialist Dr. W. Chris Winter joins Alie for a thrilling 2-parter about why we need sleep, the ideal amount of it, what sleep does to the brain, insomnia, sleep stages, ideal bedtime conditions, and even the historical lore around sleep pa ...…
Well we all like those songs that are guilty pleasures don't we? David and Chris sure do. So this week they discuss 20 songs that they are embarrassed to tell people they like. Join in on the fun with them as they do the music walk of shame. Also, they talk about a release from Bob Mould and the latest single from Jason Becker. Feel free to chi ...…
Lola Loves the Sky is a fun, educating (and appropriate) vegan card game for kids and adults. Creator, Hila joins us on the phone from Bali to share her experience going from meat-eater to animal-advocate, which includes her non-graphic description of her visit to a slaughterhouse.She also shares her collaboration with her now business partners ...…
Invest in your spirit and a slice of silence meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today is Monday, October 15, and we’re looking at Virgin Galactic vs. Blue Origin
Podcast especial sobre a Copa do Mundo de Futebol na Rússia, e na qual a França foi a grande campeã. Destaque para as 7 bandas que representaram a seleção Francesa durante o torneio: Treponem Pal, Seyminhol, Nightmare, Lonewolf, Disconnected, Psykup e Chabtan. Também em destaque o grupo vencedor do voto popular durante a Batalha de Bandas, o re ...…
Perth August 2018 cardiParty Recorded Live Yana Braddock and resident artists Charmaine Ball, Jane Grierson, and Marina Van Leeuwen, take us on a tour of Heathcote Galleries in Perth, exploring the history behind the foundation of this space, from a mental health facility to the creative space of today. The current exhibition is discussed by th ...…
tell the truth and a Sos Meditation Become a supporter of this podcast:
In episode number 22 of The Classic Rock Album-By-Album Podcast, hosts Chris Karson and Lee Bowie go deep into the vaults of those irascible anti-Beatles The Rolling Stones. This album represents the bad-boy side of the British invasion and contends with the niceness of the 60's in the dark journey to listen to every single rock album ever made ...…
Can you remember back to some of the times when God provided for you? What does God's provision look like? Listen as we unpack a rhythm of provision that God intended.
Reading from the answer is simple oracle cards deck and a slice of silence meditation Become a supporter of this podcast:
It's Friday: Sam has waited hours for this weekly wrap with hosts of the WNYC podcast "Nancy," Tobin Low and Kathy Tu. A study from the United Nations says current efforts to fight climate change are not enough. Plus, Sam talks to a former lobbyist who is leading an effort to restore voting rights for felons in Florida — because he is one. Twee ...…
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Be courageous and Slice Of Silence Meditation. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Christian Sanon has helped support his sister with her Cerebral Palsy and Autism her whole life, which has influenced him to pursue the job he has today as a behavioral therapist.In this episode, he explains what a Behavioral Therapist does and gives some tips on developing positive interactions and a better understanding with those we may not ...…
Today is Friday, October 12, and we’re looking at Wayfair vs. Amazon.
Our daily online meditation practice and a reading from the answer is simple oracle cards by Sonia Choquette Become a supporter of this podcast:
Today is Thursday, October 11, and we’re looking at Michael Kors vs. Coach.
Duke waits out the course of humanity, snorts a line of dopamine, tries to join the Illuminati, falls to the dark arts and starts coordinating the new history books.
On this episode of the podcast, I sit down with full time veterinarian, IFBB pro, and OC local Jessica Wilson. We talk about everything from photoshoots, to prepping for Nationals, to finding balance between on and off season.
On this episode of the podcast, I sit down with full time veterinarian, IFBB pro, and OC local Jessica Wilson. We talk about everything from photoshoots, to prepping for Nationals, to finding balance between on and off season.
In this week's New Glam Gal podcast episode we discuss: -Getting accessories curious -Learn to experiment with accessories -Learn to ask yourself better and more useful questions Instagram: JudithGaton Facebook: New Glam Gal Free 5 Day Challenge Free Style Session Music by
Duke and Woody Allen visit the Ulas family, spends a night at the wrestling, gets locked up in China, avoids doing anything in Italy and gets ruined by the Kardashians
Ben Davis was once the guy that felt he needed meat in every meal in order to perform athletically. But, after he really thought about his morals and where they aligned, he realized that his food choices didn't reflect. It didn't take him long to understand that the meat he once thought of as fuel, was actually hindering him from growth. Today, ...…
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