Best Grave podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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An irreverent podcast digging up fresh horror news, movie reviews, interviews, and more. We’re a little dead inside…
The Grave Talks is the weekly paranormal interview show hosted by Tony Brueski from the wildly popular Real Ghost Stories Online podcast. The podcast hosts new guests each week who share their haunting experiences with ghosts and the spirit world. Stories that encompass all areas of the paranormal, supernatural, demonic, ghost investigations, haunted houses, possessions, shadow people, the unexplained and more. Please be sure to subscribe to our weekly paranormal interview show "The Grave Ta ...
Three girls review Horror Films then link the films to a True Crime case, a Creepypasta scary story, & a story of survival. We post a new episode every other week! We're available on SoundCloud, iTunes, GooglePlay,, Podbean, & MORE !
It's another day closer to the grave, so pull up a stool and grab yourself a half-empty pint of bitter audio drama with a disappointing finish. Actually, there's no real point. Everyone always dies at the end. Go and listen to something else instead. One of those "entrepreneur" shows or something...
Join siblings Luke and Emma, and maybe the occasional guest, as they undertake a quest together to take deep dives into every single Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). Come along with us for one episode a month, plus some bonus episodes here and there, as we bear witness to the kind of chaos that probably has ol' Walt rolling in his grave.Since we are only releasing one a month, follow us on Twitter @DCOMedyPodcast so you'll know when the next episode is up!
Charles Warr. John Cangro. Just your average horror buffs, looking for that next big thrill. Little did they know they were about to find... Grave Mistakes in Cinema! Join your hosts as they descend into the madness of B-grade horror films. Gasp as they sloppily deconstruct your new favorite films! Hide in terror from their witty banter! Will they make it out alive? Only time will tell on this one-stop podcast roller-coaster ride into madness!
Brothers Jake and Dan, both morons, talk paranormal and true crime.
The Magpies Podcast is a Blades in the Dark Actual Play podcast set in the haunted, industrial-fantasy city of Duskwall. Join the crew of The Magpies as they lie, steal, and fight their way to the top of the city's criminals and elite... or into an early grave. The Magpies is hosted by GM Rhi and players Kim, Josie, and Minna.
Pastor Ken Graves teaching the Word of God.
Welcome along to the Rave To The Grave podcast with myself Tony Oldskool at the controls, taking you back on a journey 88 - 94 you know the score...
Grave Discussions
Grave Discussions is a podcast that has everything to sate your nightmarish desires: reviews, general topics, deep analyses and so much more about the latest and greatest in horror cinema. All from beyond the grave
"Unauthorized Disclosure" is a weekly podcast with a focus on those willing to speak truth and confront power without asking permission. The hosts champion adversarial journalism and each week a new guest, often rarely heard or unheard voices, come on the show for an interview. A discussion portion follows with critical stories from the past week follows.
Roast Mortem Cast
We've all been taught to venerate the dead. Where's the fun in that?! No one can take all their rotten secrets to the grave. Humans are just trash monsters that make mistakes, rub together and make more humans. So, let's grab some beers, bury inhibitions and dig up some dirt on history's most iconic departed.
Data Book
Data Book spotlights the best stories and insights in healthcare technology. Big data and artificial intelligence are changing medicine and the world, but innovation also brings grave cybersecurity concerns. Every week, this Inside Digital Health podcast explores the people and plots behind the health-tech evolution—and the solutions to its problems.
Swan To The Grave
SwantotheGrave is hosted by Erick and Kevin where through comedic banter expound upon what it takes to maintain a positive mindset through interesting topics, interviews, life experience, and relationships.
Modern Fae
Modern Fae is a new audio drama that centers around Diya Greenberg, a young woman who feels lost in her life, and makes the fateful decision to move to a tiny South Texan town to manage a bookstore. Little does she realize, but Encrucijada is much, much more than it seems. It is a haven for the legendary and mythological, the shadowy and supernatural. And it is in grave danger. Here, even the shadows have shadows, and something is stirring that threatens not only to consume the whole of this ...
The former President of South Africa brings you a podcast from beyond the grave... Spooky!Disclaimer - All characters and events in this podcast, especially those based on real people, are entirely fictional. Furthermore, this podcast is in no way evidence of life after death.
My podcast is about gun violence Become a supporter of this podcast:
For American journalist and humorist Edgar Wilson Nye who wrote under the pen name Bill Nye in the late 19th century, facts are not to be presented in their newborn, bare state. They should be properly draped and embellished before they can be presented before the public. Hence, in the Comic History of the United States published in 1894, he gives his readers the facts. But in a bid to make the historical figures more human he describes them as “people who ate and possibly drank, people who ...
Kidnapped is the story of a 16-year old young man who is searching for his true birthright and is determined to make a fortune after the death of his parents. This timeless tale by Robert Louis Stevenson follows the life of David Balfour who leaves his home in Scotland after the death of his parents. First he meets his uncle for the first time in his life. His uncle is a very mean person who, at first, tried to kill David by devious means but then got him kidnapped onto a slave ship. In the ...
Two men in their thirties, confused and terrified by the world around them, try to make sense of it through the use of charts, top ten lists and mindless trivia. Or, at the very least, while away another half hour before the grave. Join them, won't you?
The Ghostly Gals
Your hosts, Lydia & Bridget, get together bi-monthly to tell spooky stories from beyond the grave. We are just two best friends who thought it would be fun to share these stories with the rest of the world! So pop a squat & join on us on this horrifying adventure!Xoxo,The Ghostly Gals
Meet the people who were willing or unwilling participants in the events that made headlines. In cemeteries, gravestones hint at our history – tales of unsolved murders, love lost, mystery, tragedy, health epidemics, scandal and sacrifice. 'Grave Tales' reveals more than the headstone can ever convey by tracing the tumultuous journeys that lead to these final resting places. Thoroughly researched by journalists Helen Goltz and Chris Adams, these stories re-create the lives of those whose gra ...
I dette programmet blir de mørke sidene av tilværelsen belyst, såre temaer diskutert og gode historier fortalt. Sebastian og Andreas er over snittet opptatt av alt som er vanskelig og utfordrende, og er ikke redd for å grave seg ned i den mørke materien.
Cadaver Cast
Cadaver Cast is Grave Gamer's video game comedy, and discussion podcast. These grave adventures explore the horrors of gaming and pop culture. Starring Maz Armageddon & J-Doomsday
Adult Friends is a show exploring ways in which people make and keep friends after the safety net of a school structure has gone away. Modern adult life involves prioritizing certain things, such as marriage, children, careers, and jet-setting across the world. These are all important considerations as we hurdle towards the grave; however, in my opinion, adult friendship gets under-valued, and I'd like to hear some stories about it.
(Underwood and Flinch) One of the best podcasts ever - Walt Kolenda, The vampire novel, Underwood and Flinch, is just one of the works you will find in this feed. It also includes Mike Bennett's other podcasts which feature readings of classic stories by authors like H.P. Lovecraft. Underwood and Flinch: All David Flinch ever wanted was a normal life. But when you're a member of the Flinch family, normal has never been easy. For hundreds of years, the eldest male Flinch has been ...
Thyroid Nation RADIO
Please join co-hosts Danna Bowman and Tiffany Mladinich to lightheartedly, yet thoroughly discuss thyroid disease with some of the most advanced, innovative physicians, educators, bloggers, thyroid thrivers and advocates available.In easy-going 'talk show' style, we set out on a mission to ensure that no one ever goes undiagnosed and/or undertreated and that all are aware of the intricacies that involve living life to the fullest with thyroid disease.United and informed, we will change the a ...
We review everything from horror novels to comic books ! Horror movies and comics writes we are the Horrific nerds from beyond the grave !💀this is a new and imported podcast where the horror never stops !
Jon Gaunt's Simple as Fat Podcast is the story of a journey into Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, the Food Industry and Big Pharma. At the start of the story Jon (56) weighs 306 pounds, is morphing into the sofa and can’t tie his own shoelaces. Blood sugar through the roof and blood pressure off the scale, depressed and heading to an early grave. Jon suddenly decides that it’s time for action and gets off his Fat Ass and starts walking. Jon was a Type 2 Diabetic for 15 years but in just 15 weeks he ...
Gravely Delicious
Join us for deliciously dreadful tales of the uncanny and weird. Each week, your Ghostess with the Mostest and a ghoulish guest will guide you through personal tales of the eerie and frightening. But first, a tasty recipe to whet your undead appetite! !(Next episode TBD, we have been super sick!)
Giants of History
Giants of History is a documentary podcast that explores the lives of history’s most fascinating and influential figures. Each series highlights the best stories and the most monumental moments in each subject’s respective life. Education & inspiration through storytelling. | @gohistorypodcst
Relive the Terror on the Audio Dead Horror Movie podcast published every 2 weeks. Join your hosts Chris Brielmaier (Rogues Hollow Productions) and Brian Lashchuk (Beyond the Grave Productions) as they review some of the best (and occasionally the worst) horror films of the last 30 years to today! These horror fanatics bring they're unique and relevant industry background to their discussion about both modern and past horror films with insightful commentary and laughter! Find us on iTunes, St ...
Too many people take their best ideas with them to the grave. Just some little tweaks can help you to find and achieve your goals and to live a fulfilled life.In this podcast, we share tips & tricks, tools and inspiring stories that might help you to ignite your inner power, boost your personal growth and have no regrets later.VidaGoals assists and motivates you to stay on track and to reach your goals, eventually. Learn more at
Eve's Diary is a comic short story by Mark Twain. It was first published in the 1905 Christmas issue of the magazine Harper's Bazaar, and in book format in June 1906 by Harper and Brothers publishing house. It is written in the style of a diary kept by the first woman in the Judeao-Christian creation myth, Eve, and is claimed to be "translated from the original MS." The "plot" of this novel is the first-person account of Eve from her creation up to her burial by, her mate, Adam, including me ...
Four gentlemen, each w/o wit; money; credit; and manners, debate and dissect the topics that matter. This week: hats.
Hail Hail Media
The one-stop shop for Half the World Away, Smell the Glove, and The Celtic Graves.
Welcome to the R.O.C.K Church The Place Where Your " Life Matters," and "Jesus Matters" all the time. It's the place where broken and hurting people are restored back to their rightful place in God. Located at Towne Place Suites Marriot, 6040 Enterprise Pkwy, Solon, OH 44139. Lead Pastor Fred Graves and Elect Pastor Chini Graves.
Scheer Intelligence features thoughtful and provocative conversations with "American Originals" -- people who, through a lifetime of engagement with political issues, offer unique and often surprising perspectives on the day's most important issues.
Critical Role
The adventures of Vox Machina in podcast form.
Dungeon Boys
We are the Dungeon Boys Podcast, a weekly (Tuesdays at 10am) actual play D&D 5e podcast in the original world of Mediene, where the poor and magically inept are seen as lesser beings and the rich and magically proficient control the government! Our characters are a Gnome Druid with a cool hat, a Half-Elf Rogue with a gruesome cleaver, and an Aasimar Grave Cleric that loves to punch things played by Josh Pierce, Brice Pierce, and Zenas Breslin. Join us as we discover the secrets of Mediene an ...
Bringing you a regular dose of Grateful Dead music, news, and discussion.
StartUp Diary
Get the inside scoop of what it's like to build a business from scratch to a ten person team. It's not all pretty, but it's real.
Hangar Talk
Every other week the experts at AOPA bring you up to speed on all things flying.
Filmmaking Sucks
Manny & Lindsay have been producing low and no-budget horror films for over 10 years in the NY/NJ Area, and discuss the many hard-earned lessons they've learned along the way.
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Well hey there folks! Good to see you once again for a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast! Did someone say folk? Well that’s a great tie-in for today’s episode, which is all about horror in folklore. We span the entire globe with the multi-national anthology The Field Guide to Evil, with fables spanning across Turkey, India, and even t ...…
On the island of Manhattan in 1765, Roger Morris constructed his “summer getaway” the Morris Jumel Mansion. This property would become far more than a summer getaway. It would play a key role in multiple battles and conflicts in early American history. George Washington would use the house as a headquarters and many others would find solace beh ...…
Today we read more listener mail and talk radiation... again! Follow us on social media @truecrimebros on Twitter & @onefootinthegravepodcast on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to get some behind the scenes rubbish. Listen On iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Spotify! You can find all the links on our website - www.onefootinthegravepodcast.weebly. ...…
In this episode ALL THREE Grave Girls get together to talk about our favorite parts in the 2019 movie: Pet Sematary. Hazel tells us about a dog who survives being buried alive, Hawthorne discusses the Saint Bernard Pet Cemetery Murder Case, & Amaryllis reads us a scary story called: The Girl Who Stole My Jacket.…
On this week's episode of Grave Mistakes in Cinema, the boys make the god awful decision to watch 3... not 1... not 2... 3 Stephen King films. Join us as we discuss three golden gems by the master of horny children himself, Stephen King! There are laughs, cries and there's a good chance that during the ride, someone DIES! (Charley).…
The inexplicable story of a mother who murdered her husband, her three young girls and her new fiancé’s brother with poison… and how one final cup of tea would seal her fate.
Apropos of nothing, the Gentlemen of Four Outs dish candidly about which superpower each of them would choose to possess if they could choose a superpower. We don't want to spoil anything for our listener so let's just say that the citizens of Earth have nothing to fear. Other fascinating discussions center around: 1. Grave's potato camera 2. T ...…
Pastor Ken continues teaching through the gospel of Mark
More great books at
Mickey, J.P, Paul & Mick bring you a tribute to Billy McNeill followed by our round up of the weekends action against Hibs and upcoming Kilmarnock game. J.P closes the show with his 'Celtic on this day'
Mickey, J.P, Paul & Mick bring you a tribute to Billy McNeill followed by our round up of the weekends action against Hibs and upcoming Kilmarnock game. J.P closes the show with his 'Celtic on this day'
Talking- Is Your Thyroid Really Your Problem? Join co-hosts Danna & Tiffany as they talk with special guest, McCall McPherson. She is the founder of Modern Thyroid Clinic, a thyroid - centered functional medicine practice in Austin, Texas, a physician assistant, recent TEDx speaker and a thyroid patient and guru. Her passion for perfecting thyr ...…
In todays episode of the Startup Diary we're continuing our sales training series. This time we're covering an extremely important aspect of the sales process, qualifying your customer. Join our Startup Diary Club on Facebook: Have a question? Email us at: This podcast is spo ...…
With all the talk about urban vertical takeoff and landing vehicles you'd think they are just a few months away. The truth is that the development, certification, and infrastructure are years away. Hear from eVTOL expert Bruce Holmes and stick around for the headlines.
In todays episode of The Startup Diary Adam is a guest on the new podcast by Lee Wilcox, How's Your Week Been?, and they talk about investment, pizzas and podcasting. Join our Startup Diary Club on Facebook: Have a question? Email us at: This podcast is sponsored by A ...…
Ben's not content with the ratings for the last few episodes so he's decided to refit the whole show to be one of those murder podcasts that are doing insanely well in the charts. However, neither him or Phil are comfortable with the whole "murder" aspect so instead pivot to dangerous toys, murderous songs, the deadliest Marvel superheroes of a ...…
The sermon for Easter Sunday is titled: SPIRITUAL CHANGES ON EASTER MORNING.Listen well.If you can’t get the audio on your device, visit the main podcast page at The podcast is on iTunes at --Anderson T. Graves II is a writer, communi ...…
Pastor Ken teaches about our risen Lord on this Resurrection Sunday
Pastor Ken teaches about our risen Lord on this Resurrection Sunday
Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola are joined by Max Ajl, who is a doctoral student in development studies at Cornell University. He speaks to them from Tunisia, where he is conducting research on the environment and agriculture as it relates to decolonization and post-colonial development. Ajl discusses the Green New Deal, backed by numerou ...…
Hosts Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola are joined by Max Ajl, who is a doctoral student in development studies at Cornell University. He speaks to them from Tunisia, where he is conducting research on the environment and agriculture as it relates to decolonization and post-colonial development. Ajl discusses the Green New Deal, backed by numerou ...…
R.O.C.K. ChurchPastor Fred Graves - Lead Pastor"We create Relevant moments where broken and hurting peopleare restored back to their rightful place in God".
Cocaine-fueled medical education helped set the stage for physician burnout. Featuring a discussion among health-tech leaders Rasu Shrestha, M.D., MBA, Geeta Nayyar, M.D., MBA, Janae Sharp and Heather Staples Lavoie. Get more great insights from Inside Digital Health & MedTech Boston.
The Israel-Palestine conflict is at the heart of politics not only in the Middle East, but in the United States. As the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu moves further to the hard right with the support of U.S. President Donald Trump, the plight of Palestinians is reaching a new level of urgency. Journalist and filmmaker Mariam Shahi ...…
In today episode of The Startup Diary we're talking Facebook, building a following and using the tools at your disposal. Join our Startup Diary Club on Facebook: Have a question? Email us at: This podcast is sponsored by Anchor…
The second and final episode on America's founding father Benjamin Franklin. The once dutiful royalist turns patriot, leaving a wake of propaganda, broken families and even the country he helped build.By Roast Mortem Cast.
It's the long anticipated final round of the Gentlemen of Four Outs' Saturday Night Live All-Star Cast Draft. In case you missed previous episodes in this series, check out Episode 19 from January 10 for Part 1 and Episode 23 from February 7 for Part 2 and Episode 27 from March 7 for the penultimate episode. If you don't go back, you'll be incr ...…
Pastor Ken continues teaching through the Gospel of Mark
Mickey, J.P, Paul & Mick give you our thoughts on the victory over Aberdeen & Sundays upcoming game against Hibs. We discuss the recent award for our legendary Billy McNeill. A special mention for wee Rory Gallagher (@Roryswheels) on twitter as his family try to raise funds for his wheelchair accessible vehicle. Our link up with Korona Kielce i ...…
Mickey, J.P, Paul & Mick give you our thoughts on the victory over Aberdeen & Sundays upcoming game against Hibs. We discuss the recent award for our legendary Billy McNeill. A special mention for wee Rory Gallagher (@Roryswheels) on twitter as his family try to raise funds for his wheelchair accessible vehicle. Our link up with Korona Kielce i ...…
Leah is a fantastic musician, hilarious, and a great person to have over to your house for a podcast. She also happens to be adopted.
In todays sales training episode of The Startup Diary we're talking about FAB. Understanding features, advantages and benefits of a product and how to speak about them is key to a good sales pitch. We dissect the sales process and how to effectively use FAB to sell your product. Join our Startup Diary Club on Facebook: ...…
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