Best Grouse podcasts we could find (Updated April 2019)
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The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.
Welcome to the On the Wing Podcast with Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever.On the Wing is your destination for conversations about upland bird hunting, wildlife habitat, public lands, bird dogs, wild game cooking and epic adventures in search of pheasants, quail and grouse. These are the stories of Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever’s 145,000 members, volunteers, team of professional wildlife biologists and experts in the field. Our shows are recorded in person and often on the road from the e ...
LTO is a weekly Outdoors Sports show heard on AM 1570/95.3 FM (WSCO) The Score in Northeast Wisconsin.LTO is hosted by Marc Drewek, a devoted outdoor enthusiast at every level. Marc has been involved as a steward of the outdoors through his personal love of hunting, which includes birds of many species: grouse, ducks of all varieties, pheasants, woodcocks, turkeys and even the elusive snow goose. Marc’s true passion is the sport of archery, which has taken him to many parts of the country: W ...
A interactive Hunting podcast designed to help teach and educate everyday whitetail hunters with the help of Professional Hunters, and Companies in the hunting industry.
Wildtalk Podcast
The Wildtalk Podcast is a production of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division. On the Wildtalk Podcast, representatives of the Wildlife Division chew the fat and shoot the scat about all things habitat, feathers, and fur. With insights, interviews, and listener questions answered on the air, you'll come away with a better picture of what's happening in the world of Michigan's wildlife. Thank you for listening.Email questions to:dnr-wildlife@michigan.govor call 517-28 ...
Living on Earth
Living on Earth is a weekly news and information program from PRI about the world's changing environment, ecology, and human health. If there's something new about global warming, climate change, environmental politics or environmental quality and human health, you can count on Host Steve Curwood and the LOE public radio news team to keep you up to date with fair and accurate coverage.
Rish Outfield and Big Anklevich's side project. Apparently they don't get enough time to jabber on their regular episodes of The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine, so they started up this extra bit of fun. If you enjoy listening to their post-story chatter on their regular show, then you'll probably still enjoy what they have to say on this show as well.
We are three brothers, Michael, Mitch, and Mac. This project is fueled by a love for hunting and fishing instilled in us from a young age by our father. We hope to use this channel to pass on that love for the outdoors, bring new members to the sport, share tactics, and spread a conservation message that will enable others to enjoy outdoor opportunities for generations to come.
A podcast that focuses mainly on fly fishing and grouse hunting in Southeast Alaska
The FYI - For Your Innovation Podcast offers an intellectual discussion on recent developments across disruptive innovation—driven by research, news, controversies, companies, and technological breakthroughs. Hosted by ARK Invest analyst James Wang, ARK and guests provide a unique perspective on how to best understand disruptive innovation.
Satisfy your curiosity with the latest in science, space, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.
Hi folks! I'm Tyler Webster from North Dakota. I plan on discussing the ins and outs of bird hunting, DIY hunting, and general shenanigans involving a variety of guests with varying degrees of experience and seriousness.
The greater sage grouse is under threat. Its population has shrunk by more than 90 percent in the last century. Scientists say wildfire, invasive species, energy development and other human activities are to blame. Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will decide if the bird will be added to the Endangered Species List. Boise State Public Radio will explore the issue in a series of reports we're calling Saving the Sage Grouse . Our five in-depth stories will introduce you to the unique sp ...
You Too, Could Be Grouse, Hosted By Warren Cockram and Tagedeasy Heezy. Brought to you by Rawlab Radio
JUST LIKE YOUR FAMILY, EXCEPT WE PAY THEM TO STAY TOGETHER.Willy, Kim and Alece are Vancouver’s dysfunctional Rock N’ Roll wake up. Connecting with listeners both on air and online, Willy gives listeners and guests the rock star treatment.Willy In The Morning – 6am to 10am weekday mornings. ONLY on Rock 101. Greatest Hits 70’s, 80’s & 90’s.
Outdoors Radio brings you current, inormative outdoor information from across Wisconsin
This is a show about the life of wildlife biologists and other people who are passionate about bird hunting, bird habitat and bird dogs.
Project Upland Podcast: The wingshooting and upland hunting podcast where we discuss all things upland hunting, upland birds, and the bird dogs, guns and gear used to pursue them.
Welcome to preventing extinction where we talk about animals and their threats and how we can help them. There is also a special fact at the end and a question.
The National Wildlife Federation Outdoors Podcast explores the biggest conservation issues and most interesting conservationists and programs throughout the country. Supported by Rep Your Water and hosted by Drew YoungeDyke.
Creekside Outdoors
Podcasting hunting and outdoor news and information for Pennsylvania's sportsmen and women
only the podcasts and playlists for the Radio CPR program currently residing at
One of Us is Drunk
One man and one unspecified amount of alcohol talking into a phone.
Zach & Josh
Zach & Josh are navigating their way through life finding out what it means to be men.Also, it’s about news that doesn’t matter, struggles of a millennial, and features interviews with some of Australia’s great emerging talent or people standing outside the studio who are willing to say words on air.Zach and Josh can be heard on Triple M Modern Digital 12-2pm on Thursday & Friday, and this podcast features their favourite segments of from the week.
A collection of stories sharing past outdoor experiences, often personal memories of People, Places, Tradition and Adventure.
Another delightful children's book by Clara Dillingham Pierson about various forest animals - what they do, and what they are like. Each one also giving subtle moral and life lessons to young children. - Summary by Claire Schreuder
Deep Waters
Ubik Podcast
Everything Outdoors, Hunting, and Fishing!
The Burgess Bird Book for Children is a zoology book written in the form of a story featuring Peter Rabbit. Peter learns from his friend Jenny Wren all about the birds of North America, and we meet many of them in the Old Orchard, the Green Meadow, and the Green Forest. (summary by Laurie Anne Walden)
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'Mayor Pete' and the Climate / Beyond the Headlines / Fearsome Bull Elephant Musth / Science Note: Can Plants Hear? / Pesticide Risks Ignored at Trump Interior Dept. / BirdNote®: Sage Grouse Lek and Grasslands / The Sage Hen and the Sage Brush / Greater Peril for the Greater Sage Grouse Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, India ...…
In this episode Bill and I get a little nostalgic about NAVHDA and Wirehairs long since passed to the happy hunting grounds. We talk about changes in the boise valley, Blue grouse hunting and about some of the wirehairs and wirehair breeders we have known. Some of our favorite dogs which became the foundation dogs for several kennels. Bill had ...…
With a fancy fan of tail feathers, bright yellow eye combs and magnificent plumage, male sage grouses bring enough dazzle to their courtship displays to put a peacock to shame. The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
On this episode, Bob St. Pierre and Pheasants Forever’s Director of Marketing, Andrew Vavra, visit with veterinarian and owner of White Bear Animal Hospital, Dr. Stuart Dalton. Located down the street from the Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever headquarters, Dr. Dalton has become the primary vet for many of the organization’s bird dog owners, so ...…
Im sure most of you listening to this out there have been seeing and hear a bunch about Pyke Gear....So I figured it was time to get them man himself on the podcast.
Exxon Sued Over Climate Risks of Storage / Beyond The Headlines / Earth Day Checkup / BirdNote®: What's Your State Bird? / Prepping for the City Nature Challenge / Exploring the Parks: Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve Since the first Earth Day in 1970, much has been done to clean up our air and water, here in the U.S. and elsewhere. But ...…
For decades, Asian carp have been moving north toward the Great Lakes, threatening its $7 billion sport-fishery as they undermine fisheries throughout the Mississippi River basin. For much of that time, Marc Smith of the National Wildlife Federation has been a leader in advocating for solutions to stop Asian carp. On this episode of the NWF Out ...…
My new friend and co-worker Mike and I were lucky enough to squeeze in some time to chat about Kansas!A place I have never hunted and a place that has had some pretty good upland bird hunting the past couple years. We chat about bird biology, bird hunting and some about his work with prairie chickens and now the National Wild Turkey Federation.…
Marc is joined by Randy Brochtrup and a couple of guests from BenShot in Hortonville. Chelsey & Ben stop in to talk about what's going on at BenShot and how fast they continue to grow and also talk about everything going on in the outdoors!
In the Hupy and Abraham Outdoor Report, Remy Battery president Mike Moeller offers advice for getting boat, RV and ATV batteries ready for spring and summer. (, Jeff Fuller, owner of Soggy Acres Retrievers and host/producer of the Sporting Dog Adventures TV show, shares the sad story of his son's suicide and offers advi ...…
Some of my favorite stories from the very first episode on. Give them a listen! some of you new listeners will not have heard them.
This week on the ASI SheepCast, we review the Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan, outline the need for comment on recovery of the gray wolf, and ASI files comments in support of the EPA’s revised WOTUS rule.
In March of 1982, Dennis Anderson, then the outdoors editor for the Saint Paul Pioneer Press & Dispatch, wrote an article that served as the catalyst launching Pheasants Forever. On April 15, 1983, the very first banquet in Pheasants Forever’s history took place in Saint Paul, Minnesota. To celebrate that anniversary, Dennis was joined by Bob S ...…
One of the most distinguishing features of the British capital, London, is its many statuesque looking skyscrapers. Even more absorbing are the unique nicknames given to them. The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
Macaques are the most studied monkeys in the world, thanks to the efforts of scientists like Wolfgang Dittus. He arrived in Sri Lanka 50 years ago and has devoted his life to better understand theirs. The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
So, not content with the first hour, Big and Rish ask about more franchises, like Terminator, Universal Monsters, Highlander, John Carter, and the DCEU. Can they be fixed, Bob? Download this episode by Right-Clicking HERE.By (The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine).
On the show today we welcome Professor Steve Masiclat (Newhouse School, Syracuse University) to explain his ideas around the innovation pipeline and the issues he sees arising when it comes to reaching the next level of disruptive innovations. Buckle up for this episode, as we are diving deep into AI and big data. In our discussion we cycle thr ...…
In the Hupy and Abraham Outdoor Report, Mighway CEO Dave Simmons explains Mighway's direct-from-owner RV rental program and announces Mighway's "No Fees, 100 Trees" offer to celebrate Earth Day (April 22) and Arbor Day (April 27). (, Bob Kufahl, marketing partner for Rattle Free Trailer Hitch Stabilizers, describes the bene ...…
Marc is joined by Cara Kamke from Wisconsin DNR in our “Ask A Game Warden” show to discuss new rule changes and boating rules we all need to aware of for the year.
In this episode, Reid and his friend Doug Duren of Cazenovia, WI take some time to discuss land use, management, conservation, and access. Known to many for his additions to Steve Rinella's Meateater show and the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Doug is at root a passionate land steward. He brings to the conversation a unique perspective on land, ...…
What’s your favorite bird dog breed? Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s Bird Dogs For Habitat campaign challenges upland hunters to cast a vote and make a donation on behalf of their favorite bird dog breed. All tax-deductible donations support Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever’s wildlife habitat conservation mission – and the places where ...…
Just in time for your spring habitat planning, Bob is joined by Jared Wiklund and Matt O’Connor, a long-time PF biologist, to talk about the importance of pollinator habitat for pheasants and quail. O’Connor also provides step-by-step guidance for preparing, planting, and maintaining your own pollinator habitat project with the payoff coming in ...…
Chatsworth House, the historic home of the Cavendish family, is a vast estate that once spanned 35,000 acres. At one point, Chatsworth employed a staff of 40 people to maintain it - including two... The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
After years of planning by over 200 international scientists, the data purported to show the first ever image of a black hole is ready. The team gathers for the big reveal - it's a seismic moment in... The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
An archive of the secret communications between Benedict Arnold and British army officers indirectly reference Arnold's wife, Peggy. It is the strongest clue yet that she may have been a pivotal... The latest in science, culture, and history from Smithsonian Channel.By
On today’s episode, Yishai Fraenkel, Director General and Vice President at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem joins us to give insight into the interesting topic of Israeli innovation. He has nearly 20 years of experience with Intel, where he worked in new technology, with a focus on artificial intelligence and computer vision and has now been ...…
This episode is something else. We laughed a lot, we cried, we drank, we told stories.
Idai Disaster Update / Beyond the Headlines / The Power of the Purse and 'Climate Action Now' / Youth Testify for Climate Action / 'Romeo and Juliet' Frogs' First Steamy Date / Everglades National Park, a "River of Grass" / Drilling in the Everglades / BirdNote®: Rivers of Birds In this episode, Cyclone Idai brought destruction for residents of ...…
Big's vagabond shoes are longing to stray, so he regales Rish (and you) with details of his recent trip to New York City. He checks out the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Ellis Island, the Flatiron Building, the Place Where They Keep The CHUDs, the subway (oops already said that), the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial, and Broadway (tw ...…
Do you know what to do if your dog gets cut on a barbed-wire fence? What if your dog is showing signs of hypoglycemia, hypothermia or overheating? These are just a couple of the many questions that Dr. Dustin Babler addresses on this episode of the Project Upland Podcast. Dustin is a veterinarian, upland bird hunter and passionate educator when ...…
In the Hupy and Abraham Outdoor Report, Jeff Guerard, chairman of the CWD Action Initiative, explains this new group's action plan to help curb the spread of CWD in Wisconsin. (, Julie Massey, general manager of Woodside Ranch Resort & Conference Center, invites listeners to enjoy a weekend at this all-inclusive dude ranc ...…
Monty Gregg a career Forest service biologist that holds the coveted title of game bird centers of excellence biologist covering Oregon and Washington. He has 20 years experience in central Oregon and is the lead for partnerships with the National Wild Turkey Federation. We cover some history of the Forest service, fire management and some curr ...…
On this week’s “Living the Outdoors” with Marc Drewek, he is joined by Lee Haasch from Door County and he gives us a fishing report. Also joining the program today was Bill & Scott from Xcel Outdoors talking about their event coming up on April 13th at 1:00pm!
Recorded on-site at Orvis Sandanona, Reid discusses the finer points of shooting technique with James Ross, Chief Shooting Instructor for The Orvis Company. James lays out the five key elements that result in effective wingshooting, shedding additional light on the fact that fundamental skills and practice are key. James also discusses his pers ...…
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