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Best Harm Reduction podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Harm Reduction podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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The Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nation's leading organization working to end the war on drugs. We focus on legalizing marijuana; criminal justice reform and ending draconian prison sentences for drugs; harm reduction policies that prevent overdoses and save lives; and we educate the public about drugs while dispelling popular myths and misinformation. Our host, Tommy McDonald, has been on DPA’s media team for 12 years and worked in journalism and radio before coming to DPA, and he’ll b ...
The bounce back.Discussing substance use and interrelated topics: recovery, employment, harm reduction, reclusive behaviour, introversion, social anxiety, general anxiety, goal setting/achieving goals, anger, resentment, revenge, and more.
Podcasts dedicated to promoting tobacco harm reduction via use of personal vaporizers also known as ecigs!
Finding Fixes
A podcast about solutions to the opioid epidemic. Each episode we focus on a different solution, including prevention, treatment and harm reduction. Season Two drops October 15th, 2019 with a new episode every Tuesday. A project of InvestigateWest, hosted by Anna Boiko-Weyrauch.
Collectively Ruby Roo and GrimmGreen have been vaping for over 15 years. Both love being actively involved in the vape community, and both have a shared passion for vaping, tobacco harm reduction, beer, and cocktails. This is what the Culture of Clouds podcast represents: life, vaping, and friendship.#mythewindbeforeverinyourmouth #dangleclacks
News, views and opinions of the harm reduction community
This series interviews experts in the addictions field, with a focus on evidence-based, cutting-edge approaches to substance abuse problems such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), pharmacotherapy, harm reduction, and many, many more. Your host Kenneth Anderson is the founder and CEO of The HAMS Harm Reduction Network and the author of "How to Change Your Drinking: a Harm Reduction Guide to Alcohol."
Century Of Lies
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
A weekly call-in show often with invited guests to discuss the latest about change: how to do it, what works best, and what science says about change. We focus on both all behaviors (such as addictions) and other change (such as relationships, workplace, etc). It is our goal to discuss change most broadly. Join us to talk about change at ChangeTalk Radio!
Covering the topics of: * Addictions * Substance Abuse * Anger Management * Harm Reduction * Domestic Violence * Health Insurance * Video Game Addiction * Gambling Addiction * Behavioral Health Specialization * Couples Therapy * Custody Evaluations * Court * Lawyers * Judges * Families * Children * Divorce * Medical Software * Running a behavioral health care organization * AND MORE!!!! (Show Intro Music by Dougie Wood and is named "Beach Disco".) DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed ...
Bright Spark
Bright Spark is a podcast about harm reduction. In this podcast series we interview people doing the bold, innovative, and necessary work that is saving lives and fighting against the stigmatization of drug use and drug users.
Narcotica Podcast
A podcast about the war on drugs and the people caught in the middle, brought to you by dedicated science and drug policy journalists Christopher Moraff, Zachary Siegel, and Troy Farah.
Harm reduction and drug law reform activism, a counter voice to current drug narratives. Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs. News, academia, and culture.
TEDTalks Health
From way-new medical breakthroughs to smart daily health habits, doctors and researchers share their discoveries about medicine and well-being onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on TED.com, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Recovery Now Radio
A show that will cover a vast range of topics on addiction and recovery. Topics that you won't hear discussed anywhere else. Anything from interviews on abstinence based modles, harm reduction models, medication assisted treatment models of recovery to 12 step based, smart recovery and religious based modles of recovery. We'll even cover controversial subjects such as safe injection sites. We'll also tackle some of societies views on addiction and what causes it. Our goal is to have an hones ...
Cover 2 Resources
The Cover2 Podcast is an ongoing series of interviews with people who are making a difference in the fight against opioid addiction. The Cover2 Podcast seeks to raise awareness and to connect users and their families with resources that can literally save a life. Listen to our most recent episodes below, and please consider donating to support this cause.
Talking Radical Radio brings you grassroots voices from across Canada. It features in-depth interview with people involved in a wide range of activism, organizing, and other social change work, and gives them a chance to take a longer view as they talk about what they're doing, how they're doing it, and why they're doing it.
Women's Healthcast
The latest on women's health, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology.
The Health Happens Podcast was born from a desire to take the formal-speak of medicine and make it into something more personal. And something more entertaining, because we can't help that we're so funny. So join us for a coffee, tea, or even a drink while we explore, discuss, and debate the facts (and feelings) of the hottest topics in health and medicine.
Boston's own father-daughter recovered team bring it to you straight, no chaser! Maegan and Bobby give an uncensored, open-minded, and unconventional take on all things addiction, recovery, and holistic health!
In this series we will look at how we can use mindful compassion to build a new life following addiction
Our interview with Nadine Doyle, a social service professional, who has worked in many areas such as Addictions Counselling, traditional and alternative Education Service, Mental Health Services, Women's Issues, Child & Youth Counseling and with At-Risk Youth will be sharing her insights into her work as an Addictions Counsellor so that you can begin to understand the challenges and pressure on teens as they navigate a world with easy access to drugs in their lives.
Paul talks with people exploring the stuff that bonds us together.
Hey, it’s Julie. Thanks for listening (or considering listening to) my podcast. Something With Substance is a multidimensional exploration of a subject that, in my opinion, needs to be talked about differently: substance use. The podcast will run approximately 30 minutes and I’ll have a new one up every two weeks.
Bright Spark
KBOO Radio is a community-powered station in Portland Oregon
This Week in Drugs
A podcast about all things drugs: news, policy, science, health, and more!
Amy Talks
Amy Talks is a podcast discussing issues that are important to people or society, with comment and analysis from those in the field and beyond.
WUNC Youth Podcast
The 2017 WUNC Youth Podcast is the result of a summer long exploration of the question
Say Know Podcast
The Say Know Podcast works to bridge the gap between academic research and knowledge earned from the street; in the areas of drugs and addiction. We interview policymakers, researchers and people with lived experience. Our host, Matt Ingrouille, has been a cop for the last 12 years and uses his knowledge and experience to pull interesting, hilarious and often heart wrenching stories from our guests. The Say Know Podcast will give you insight on what is happening on the streets and what we ca ...
Inside Eyes
Inside Eyes is a podcast that focuses on the use of psychedelics & entheogens to heal from sexual trauma. This show looks at healing and trauma through a spiritual & political lens.
The Harper Decade
The Harper Decade is a digital series featuring expert commentary on the changes that have occurred in Canada over the past decade of Conservative rule.
LPP Podcast
Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads answer questions and provide practical clinical advice for those who wish to outsmart their addiction problems and move forward with their lives, as practiced in the Life Process Program-- an online addiction program.
Health Geeks Radio
Health Geeks Radio is providing health conversations that don't suck, aren't boring, and inspire. This is more than just eat than an eat your kale and be happy show. We are the health revolution. *All information is not intended to replace personal medical advice*
Tune in every month for highlights and summaries of key articles from each issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry (https://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/), the official journal of the American Psychiatric Association.
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The Drug Policy Alliance has spent years developing a completely new take on drug education: a curriculum based in harm reduction and science, not a fear-based abstinence-only approach. It’s called Safety First, and it’s now freely available for the first time ever. We sat down with DPA’s Safety First Program Manager Sasha Simon to get the brie ...…
In episode #341 of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh interviews Bryce Koch, a registered nurse in Winnipeg and a member of the board of directors of the Harm Reduction Nurses Association. They talk about the many ways that nurses are taking up harm reduction practices in their work, and about the association's advocacy for governmental and ins ...…
This is the last episode of Season 2. For people addicted to heroin and other drugs, how do we keep them safe and prevent them from overdosing? We look at the idea of harm reduction and focus specifically on needle exchanges. Those are hundreds of places across the US that hand out clean equipment, the overdose reversal medicine Narcan and othe ...…
The Massachusetts Legislature's Joint Committee on Mental Health, Substance Use and Recovery held a hearing recently on harm reduction sites and supervised consumption facilities, so on this edition of Century of Lies we hear from MA State Sen. Cindy Friedman, Fenway Health...By KBOO Community Radio
Coming up this tonight on Vaping and the Mic Guest: Bill Wikstrom The industry has become very proud of the signs being seen everywhere. "We Vape, We Vote" is more than just a rally cry, it is becoming the truth and movement of the nation of vapers. None can be more pointed in a recent example of how vapers voting can change an election more th ...…
Dos Mil DieciNueve Podcast de resolución y prevención de conflictos en días festivos ¡Felices fiestas a todos! Espero que disfrutes de la calabaza condimentando todo y todos los otros sabores festivos en estas fiestas. Este podcast de vacaciones de Dos Mil DieciNueve tendrá que ver con la prevención y resolución de conflictos en esta temporada ...…
Earlier this year, Greg interviewed bestselling author Beth Macy in a series on her book, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America. It’s a compelling account of the opioid epidemic in our country and profiles the over twenty-year history of the opioid crisis as it emerged in the state of Virginia.Recently, he caugh ...…
By the end of 2018, the European Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction was monitoring 731 new psychoactive substances. This week on Century, UNODC's Gilberto Gerra, MD, discusses new psychoactive substances, plus we hear from EMCDDA Director Alexis Goosdeel about the release o...By KBOO Community Radio
Executive Editor Michael Roy speaks with Antonia Kaczkurkin, Ph.D., and Theodore Satterthwaite, M.D., about their research on how different measures of brain structure (cortical thickness and volume) in youths are associated with various dimensions of psychopathology. What this study aimed to achieve [3:19] Dimensions of psychopathology identif ...…
Executive Editor Michael Roy speaks with Antonia Kaczkurkin, Ph.D., and Theodore Satterthwaite, M.D., about their research on how different measures of brain structure (cortical thickness and volume) in youths are associated with various dimensions of psychopathology. What this study aimed to achieve [3:19] Dimensions of psychopathology identif ...…
Another inflammatory topic from the HHPcast. Find out how a couple hilarious NDs approach one of our most common skin conditions.By Health Happens
Full Podcast Episode: Kevin Petersen🎤Talks Spanish, Addiction, Parenting, Co-Dependence & More!🔥 Kevin Petersen owns Petersen Family Counseling, a group practice complete with telebehavioral health located in Denver, Colorado founded in 2014. Kevin specializes in working with families and individuals struggling with addictions, codependency, an ...…
We've waited a long time to stab into this one. But finally, Mike and Chris are ready to talk about a highly polarizing topic: Vaccines. We will dig into some of the more common questions people have about vaccines. What are they? Are they necessary? Do they cause more harm than good? What about mercury and autism? So roll up your sleeve and ge ...…
This week on Century of Lies, a conversation with comedian, activist, and journalist Ngaio Bealum.By KBOO Community Radio
It’s difficult for a non-addicted person to rationalize the addicted mind, and the societal stigmatism around addiction doesn’t make that any easier. How can they keep making these decisions if they know they’re wrong, and why won’t they make choices that lead to recovery?The truth is, an addict isn’t in complete control. Like cancer or diabete ...…
In episode #340 of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh interviews Rachel Huot. She is a mom of three kids in the west end of Toronto and a parent organizer with West End Parents for Public Education and the Ontario Parent Action Netowork. They talk about the cuts that the Conservative government under Doug Ford is making to public education in O ...…
Addiction is a family disease and family members of people with addiction need help, too. Research shows that helping family members helps their loved one who has an addiction. We look at an approach that is more effective than an intervention or Al-anon to get family members into addiction treatment. It’s called CRAFT, or Community Reinforceme ...…
Welcome to the Culture of Clouds Podcast, Episode 143! Our main topic this week is all about a bunch of stuff! It's time for another free ballin' episode where we just talk about anything that we feel like! We'll be trading off on different topics both vapey and non-vapey. ENJOY! Thanks for listening everyone!Ruby & Grimm…
Aphrodisiacs are powerfully attractive for a reason. Sex is, after all, crucial to the survival of our species and it feels fucking amazing, so using chemicals that can make sex last longer, feel better or otherwise enhance the act is going to be like candy to a bunch of horny primates. But the term chemsex—using drugs, or chemical enhancement, ...…
Sometimes it’s best to get advice from people you don’t know at all.
When industries and disciplines overlap, even when you don’t necessarily want them to.
Four years ago, actor, writer, and Akron Ohio native, Jeremie Campbell, was unaware that the opioid crisis was continuing to ravage his hometown. Following his high school graduation, the former all-state football player left Akron for Hollywood. In part to pursue his acting career, landing roles in Spartan, Bicycle Dreams, and Dangerous Words ...…
Part 3 of 3: Kevin Petersen 🎤 Talks Addiction & Co-Dependence. Kevin Petersen owns Petersen Family Counseling, a group practice complete with telebehavioral health located in Denver, Colorado founded in 2014. Kevin specializes in working with families and individuals struggling with addictions, codependency, and parenting. Kevin was previously ...…
In episode #339 of Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh interviews Burcu Emeç. She is a performance artist and also the outreach and communications coordinator at articule, an artist-run centre in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montreal. They talk about articule's efforts to challenge oppressive systemic disparities through organizational change w ...…
Emergency rooms are the last safety net for the sickest, most marginalized people. People with addiction often end up in emergency departments following an overdose, during withdrawal, or with other health problems. A new approach is linking people with addiction to drug treatment from a hospital emergency department, instead of just sending th ...…
Welcome to the Culture of Clouds Podcast, Episode 142! Our main topic this week is all about the final trailer for the final Skywalker saga Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. We'll be doing a basic trailer breakdown along with our reactions, and concluding the episode with some hopes, fears, and predictions about the film. Buckle up! Thank ...…
Part 2 of 3: Kevin Petersen Talks Divorce, 👪 Co-Parenting, Conflict, Parental Alienation & Family Dynamics! Kevin Petersen owns Petersen Family Counseling, a group practice complete with telebehavioral health located in Denver, Colorado founded in 2014. Kevin specializes in working with families and individuals struggling with addictions, codep ...…
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