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Sit by our fire and hear tales of old and recent accounts of real beasts and monsters you thought only lived in your nightmares. Travel through the dark forest to join us each Tuesday at 8pm central, ​we promise to fuel your nightmares and entice your mind with wonder. Become our Patreon for exclusives and a more immersive experience: Check out our merchandise on threadless!
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The Frightening 911 dispatch call from Jerry Cline as a Bigfoot attacks his camping trailer
Join in and listen to the Original Radio Broadcast of H.G. Wells "WAR of the WORLDS" Presented by Orson Welles from 1938 as a Celebration of it's 80th Anniversary.
This Loretober episode takes Jennifer and Vance into stories they have discovered by experiencers that are truly disturbing.
Join us for another episode celebrating Loretober, as we speak with our host Vance Nesbitt, hear him tell his tales of his recent outing to bray road and the haunted woods nearby.
Welcome Lorefolks to our kick off to Loretober, in tonights episode we revisit Linda Godfrey as she shares stories and an experiance the weird and wonderful Walworth county Wisconsin.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
On this episode, the Caravan welcomes Sean Forker to the show. Sean is a seasoned 20 year researcher into things of a Foretean nature including Cryptids and UFOs. He is the power voice behind the vintage radio program Arcane Radio and is a personality on other media formats that are involved in this marvelous feild of research and discovery. Wa ...…
Join us on tonight's episode as we speak with author and experiancer Craig Durham.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
We are joined by Lynn and Victoria as we discuss the undiscovered world of bipedal creatures and things they may be in an unseen world. Become our Patreon and be part of the show. Share your experience with us at Music by: Ross Bugden "Mysterious and Beautiful" Poem by: Edgar Allan Poe "Alone"…
Join us as we share a frightening true account by two southern Wisconsin County deputies of their multiple encounters with an "Upright walking canid" Beast of Bong is narrated from the book Monsters Among Us by Linda Godfrey. Hold on because this is a scary account based on true events. Please check out…
Tonight Lady Ann invites you inside The Caravan to talk about haunted locations in Oregon and upcoming plans for The CaravanBy The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join Vance and Lady Ann as they make up spooky stories on the spot with the help of their patreons suggestions!By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
This episode is dedicated to those that walk this Earth currently but have traveled many of its paths in past lives. The Experience and the Science of Reincarnation is the subject discussed by Jennifer and Vance. Both share their memories of Reincarnation and asks many questions as to why such a phenomenon may exist. Enjoy the vintage commercia ...…
Join Lady Ann & Vance as they talk about dreams and what they could mean, as well as share some of their own and tips on lucid dreaming...By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Tonight Jennifer and Vance talk HORROR MOVIES. the impact of popular films of the Horror genre. The Discussion leads into sentimental memories and favorite actors. Tell us your favorite horror movie and why.By The Caravan, Library of Lore.
Christopher Garetano was born a storyteller with the passion of filmaking sparking when he was young. At the age of 4 he had The Golden Book Of The Mysterious and became enchanted by story's such as Sleepy Hollow and television shows like Outer Limits and In Search Of. Inspiring him to dive into the mysteries of our paranormal world and bring t ...…
TONIGHT! Introducing the "Stranger than Fiction" News. Recent Creepy Stories in the Headlines You Probably Missed. Also, Paranormal ExperienceTONIGHT! Introducing the "Stranger than Fiction" News. Recent Creepy Stories in the Headlines You Probably Missed. Also, Paranormal Experiences of Children. Shadow Beings and Unseen Entities as Told by th ...…
Join us in the caravan once more as we talk about superstitions from around the world.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join us this evening as we read some spooky stories sure to fuel your nightmares....By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Tonight Vance spends some time with Eric who has reached out in the past to us to share some oddities of unexplainable nature at his place of employment and other locations. Subjects covered: Objects visibly moving, Unusual noises and Other witness testimonies of Physical contact of an unknown entity. Plus an encounter with an elderly woman gho ...…
Join the caravan on a special call in episode where we get to speak with Sysco hostess of Journey Through The Gate Paranormal Podcast!By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join your hostess Jennifer Ann and her cohost Vance Nesbitt as they discuss the sea of trees at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Said to be one of the most haunted locations in the world.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
On this episode we welcome in a new guest that has been friends with Vance for 40 years. Bob Smith has served in many adventures and has experienced things of unknown origin several times. Bob currently works in a Northern Illinois hospital where he shares some Shadow People experiences. We also dive into a very profound UFO sighting, as well a ...…
Join us as we listen to one of our long time listeners stories and personal encounters with spiritsBy The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join Jennifer in The Caravan as we talk to one of our long time listeners Tom. He has been a story collector for many years and shares with us, some personal and collected tales about life from beyond.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Come, step back inside The Caravan. In this special episode we ask YOU the listeners questions we would love to know the answers too. We talk about dogman, werewolves, werelions and Norse Berserkers! We also have a new outtro song, sung to you by the amazing Shawn James.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Welcome, back inside The Caravan, tonight we have with us Sean Forker from Forker Media and host of The Existence Of Strange Things with Radio Memphis as well as the well known Vance Nesbitt co host of The Caravan and Paranormal News Man with The Existence Of Strange Things. Tonight we talk about Sasquatch, UFO abductees, Strange dreams as we a ...…
Come, step up inside The Caravan as we adventure into The Grand Lodge a remade Freemasons home that now houses a restaurant, several bars, theater and many rooms on 4 floors to stay the night in. We peak inside their ghost log as well as talk about a local cemetery that may have sent something home with your hostess Jennifer.…
Join Vance Nesbitt as he reviews the latest movie from Small Town Monsters- Flatwoods Monster.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join us tonight as we speak with Tom Sewid, Sasquatch researcher about the different ghost stories he has heard around Vancouver Island.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
On tonight's episode we dive in deep with our special guest MJ Banias. MJ has been featured on several different podcasts including UFO Podcast, Somewhere In the Skies with Ryan Sprague, The Paracast and many more. He also writes for Mysterious Universe. So Join us as we look into Mothman and Ghosts from a consciousness perspective.…
Join The Caravan, as we celebrate National Ferris Wheel day! Learn how this unofficial holiday came about and what makes it spooky. Hear tales from Amusement Parks and Carnivals if you dare!By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Welcome back inside The Caravan, sit by our fire and listen to legends of Vampires and Werewolves. On tonight's episode your host Jennifer Ann brings her sister on to share with you their strange passions and interests they have had since they were children.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join your host Jennifer Ann as she takes you on a journey of possibilities. Do you believe in the supernatural or paranormal? Have you seen or experianced a ghost, sasquatch or other entity?By The Caravan, Library of Lore.
On tonights episode we take you back in time to the days of the acrylic ranch when we spoke about UFO's.By The Caravan Of Lore.
This episode looks into the latest flying humanoid flap out of Chicago with Lon Strickler. He also shares the strange events going on at the Farm in Lancaster County PA. Some activities are simular to Skinwalker Ranch UT. Look for Lon's newest book release: Mothman Dynasty Chicago's Winged Humanoids Find Lon Strickler over on Facebook / Friends ...…
Join us Tonight as we speak with renowned Sasquatch researcher Tom Sewid. Tom has been an avid bushman most his life and is on a mission to find Sasquatch and share the legend with the worldBy Caravan, Library Of Lore.
On tonight's episode we have the pleasure with speaking with Sean Forker, Bobby Reich and Jera Best. We discuss the current on goings with facebook placing Shannon Legro of Into The Fray Radio into a lock down as well as hearing several brand new and recent experiences.By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Linda Godfrey the renowned author and researcher of Cryptids and paranormal subjects shares some time with us at the Caravan to tell a couple tales from her latest book 'Monster Among Us' Find her books at and most Brick and Mortar stores. Visit her for more info at lindagodfrey.comBy The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
Join us for our Loretober Halloween Special. In this episode we talk Halloween Lore, Traditions, and Halloweens past. Candy, Costumes, stories and favorite Halloween movies! Join us as you wind down from your trick-or-treating as we are sure to give you one last scare!By The Caravan, Library Of Lore.
This is our second to the last special month long Halloween celebration; Loretober episode. Tonight we talk about Witches. Are they real? What are the different types? Common misconceptions and more! So brew up some cider and settle in as we bring you Loretober- Witches!
Tonight we are joined by the one and only Shanpire Legro. We talk about Vampire Movies, The failure of watching Stranger Things and the waffle, The movie IT, John Wayne Gasey pogo the clown paintings, Ryan Sprague and the Plaid Man, Jennifers 5 star dinner, Shake-N-Bake, Brurning Man high Drunk and Naked, Phobias and Antonia Banderas on a Unicorn.…
Welcome to another episode of Loretober on this episode we will be covering the reality of Zombies! Have you ever experianced or seen a real zombie? Or perhaps an apparition of one? Tune in and make sure to leave your comments!
Join us as we speak with L'aura about the beings and spirits that are here to help us and the light energy within Mt. Shasta.By The Caravan, Library of Lore.
Join us as we speak to a fellow Chicago native about something strange he saw in the sky that still upsets him to this day.By TheCaravanofLore.
Join us as we take a trip down memory lane, to a dark night when we learned that everything is not always as it seems.By The Caravan of Lore.
Welcome to our first episode of The Caravan, Library of Lore. Vance and Jennifer are paranormal experiancers and truth seekers. In this first episode you are taken on Vance's journey that led him down this paranormal road. So sit back and enjoy as we step into, The Farmhouse. Intro/outro music credit Ross Bugden…
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