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The hour is late and there's no time to waste; now is when we prepare for the return of the king. Join me, the prophecy buff who tackles the tough stuff, for deep Bible study from an independent, Hebraic perspective.
The Messianic Torah Observer is a podcast that examines the topics and issues most affecting members of the Hebrew Roots/Messianic Faith Community. The purpose and goal of the program is to inform, enlighten and edify the Body of Messiah while glorifying our Father which is in heaven. All are welcome.
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Despite Paul's admonishment that women should be silent in the Body of Messiah, we will find in this installment that women of Faith were not silent from the time of the giving of Torah forward.
This week's Torah Reading happened to coincide with the recent announcements of new, sweeping abortion laws. These actions stand in opposition to God and His Law. Our nations are in need of sanctuary. Shalom and Welcome.
What does it truly mean to call upon the Name of the LORD? Does it mean uttering the title or Name of the Lord or God? Or does it mean something else? Today we will look at this critical subject.
Was Paul's admonishment to the Corinthian Assembly of Messianic Disciples of Yeshua that their women be silent in the assembly an indicator that Paul was a subjugator of women in the Body of Messiah? With this installment we begin our discussion of Paul and the Role of Women in the Body of Messiah.
I continue to receive inquiries related to my personal perspectives on the Cepher Bible and the Divinity of Yeshua Messiah. Thus, I elected to give my last word on these two issues and topics--that is until it comes up again. Just saying. Shalom and Welcome.
What is most important for the Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua Messiah to first work out in their lives? And How did Paul portray this in his writings and teachings. We discuss in this 5th installment of the Paul and Hebrew Roots series. Welcome.
In this 4th installment of the Paul and Hebrew Roots series, we discuss further the concept of halakhah--walking out or in our Faith, and then introduce the concept of aggadah--the inward-heart part of living out our Faith. Shalom and Welcome.
In this 3rd installment of our Paul and Hebrew Roots series we complete our biographical portrait of Paul and introduce the Hebrew concept of Halakah-a principle used heavily by Paul in his teachings.
In this second part of my Paul series, we examine the aspects of Paul's upbringing; his life as a pharisee; and his personality; all of which influenced his apostleship.
Here begins a multi-episodic series on the ministry and writings of the Apostle Paul. In this 1st installment of the series we lay the ground work for understanding the man beneath the apostleship.
The question was asked and I attempt to answer the question-who or what is a Messianic Torah Observer?
This is a replay of post-Feast of Tabernacles-Sukkot 2017 where I reflect and discuss pertinent aspects of this Great Fall Feast of Yah. May you, your families and fellowships have a blessed and meaningful Tabernacles/Sukkot. Shalom and Welcome.
What spiritual and prophetic significance does Yom Kippur hold for Messianics and all of humankind today?
The Fall Feasts of Yah is upon us. Yom Teruah, the Day of the Blowing of Trumpets has arrived. What significance does the Fall Feasts and Trumpets have for Torah Observant Believers in Messiah? We discuss in this post. Shalom and Welcome.
In this third installment of my three-part series about Shabbat, I present guidelines for observing the seventh day. These guidelines are derived from Scripture alone, not from Jewish tradition. During the intro, I ask that my listeners check out the Kickstarter for my new novel, Reign of the Rebel. Here's the link to that Kickstarter: http://k ...…
Is the giving of tithes still valid for Messianics today? Are Messianics required to tithe and give a portion of their income to God? I discuss in this foundational post.
Have Messianics Been Called to Engage in Political and Social Activism? I discuss-compare and contrast our identity and calling as priests of God in Yeshua our Messiah.
I expound and comment on various aspects of this week's Torah Portion Reading Re'eh--See--I Put Before You a Blessing and a Curse.
In this week's Torah Reading, we learn the benefits of Torah-keeping and see a shadow picture of the renewed covenant and the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Did the Sabbath change from the seventh day to the first day of each week? The vast majority of professing Christians say that it has. But as anyone who reads the Bible knows, the majority is often wrong. In the first installment of this miniseries about the Day of Rest, I talked about the Sabbath being a permanent sign for the people of Adonai ...…
This week's Haftorah Reading of the first chapter of Isaiah warns us what happens when we presume to practice Torah in the midst of our sinning.
This is everything you need to know about the Creator's set-apart day. Is Sabbath (Hebrew: Shabbat) the first day or the seventh? Should Christians concern themselves with it? Did Jesus disregard Shabbat?
On today's show, I continue laying the foundation by analyzing days five and six of the Genesis Creation account. You might want to have handy a Bible and a Hebrew concordance, because English translations don't suffice when studying Genesis chapters one and two. In this episode I talk dragons, blood, and living souls. Sounds like an episode of ...…
In this 120th installment of STAR, I reflect upon Torah Portions and answer the question of Torah Portions being valid for Messianics today. Shalom and Welcome.
In this week's Torah Portion--Parahshah 38--we read of Korah the Levite's Revolt. There are many Messianic lessons to be gained from the Revolt of Korah. Shalom and Welcome.
Rod and Hilary Thomas discuss two common impediments that can get in the way of our understanding things of the Faith and God: the absences of discipleship and the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers. They offer insightful solutions to successfully combating these impediments. Shalom and Welcome.…
The writer of the Book of Hebrews described Yeshua as Apostle and High Priest. What does that mean for the Torah Observant Believer today? I reflect upon this wonderful Truth in this STAR Minutes. Shalom.
Let's have a frank conversation about impediments that block our understanding of the things of the Faith and of YHVH. The first impediment to consider is Bible reading and study. Here we will examine the "love-hate" relationship many of us have with our Bibles and then consider solutions to combating those impediments to our understanding the ...…
What meaning does Shavuot-Pentecost-Feast of Weeks hold for Messianic Believers today and how should we keep it?
Are Torah Observant disciples of Messiah obligated to make pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the 3 pilgrimage feasts despite the Temple having been destroyed in the 1st century C.E.? Some in our Faith Community strongly believe and teach that all Messianics must attend the 3 pilgrimage feasts in Jerusalem in obedience to Deut. 16:16. And what lesson ...…
In this reflection post, we consider the example of the requirements and expectations given in Torah for service in the Levitical Priesthood, which is a shadow of the expectations Yeshua has for every true disciples. A life that is beyond the norm for all humanity.
Is Biblical Illiteracy behind the Anti-Hebrew Roots Agenda these days. In this post I reflect upon a recent experience I had on Facebook that suggested to me that Biblical Illiteracy may, in part, be behind the animus Christians have towards our Hebrew Roots Community?
By virtue of our role as disciples of Yahoshua Messiah (Jesus Christ), we are called to be a united and unified body of believers in every respect. Just as Master was united with His Father, we too must be united with the Father, our Master and with one another in the Body of Messiah.
What is the Day of Firstfruits all About and How Do We Keep the Sabbath Holy--is playing organized sports allowed on the Sabbath?
What do Star Trek, Monty Python, and Airplane have to do with each other? Not much, but you're going to get dosed with all three. Oh, and you'll learn more about the Book of Genesis, or whatever.
We reflect upon our very first Passover in Egypt as recorded in Exodus 12 and 13. How does this amazing story apply to us today--if at all? Shalom and Welcome.
Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you my friend Taylor Joseph. We met while he was living in Central Texas last summer. He's since moved back to his home state of California, but he came to visit Amanda and I for a few days prior to Hear the Watchmen 2018, where he functioned as Lead Coordinator for Mike and Jeannie. In this special hour-and ...…
What does it mean to observe the Month Aviv. How do we go about observing--keeping--guarding the Month Aviv as Father commanded us to do? We tack this wonderful instruction of Father as we approach the Messianic New Year. Shalom.
In this installment we reflect upon current world events from a Hebrew Roots/Messianic Perspective-the end of the sacred calendar year-and upon Torah Portions: are they relevant to the Body of Christ/Messiah. Shalom and Welcome.
In this installment we examine current world events from a Messianic perspective as well as reflect on the true meaning of one of Paul's challenging passages where he proclaimed all things are lawful for me. Shalom and welcome.
In this installment we reflect upon the supposed pronunciation of the true Name of God and on understanding the Shema. Shalom and Welcome.
Part 2 of the series on the Godhead; current world events from a Messianic perspective; and answer whether one should learn Hebrew.
We return to the much debated question of whether the Father and the Son are one and the same person, beginning a multi-installment series.
Reportedly, there has recently been a surge in the number of Messianics and other Christian Israelites who are denying that Y'shua is Messiah. This is a tragedy of the highest order, for it is written, "A man who disregards Moses’ law dies without compassion on the word of two or three witnesses. How much worse punishment do you think he will b ...…
In this installment I discuss five things about Christmas that every believer should consider.
Mr. Bruce Malone, founder of Search for the Truth Ministries, visits to share his wisdom concerning the age of this wonderful rock we call Home. Is it meeeeellions of years old? Hardly. I used to be an old-earth creationist, but I switched sides several years ago. It's easy for us humans to arrogantly impose our ill-informed ideas on the script ...…
In this installment of Sabbath Thoughts and Reflections, we reflect upon the importance of Hanukkah as it relates to the Spirit-Filled Torah Observant Believer in Yeshua Messiah.
The question has been asked many times: When Yeshua Messiah returns, will we go to live with Yeshua in heaven for all eternity or remain here on the earth? We reflect and discover the true answer to this question.
The question has been posed: Should Torah-Keeping Believers in Yeshua Messiah Celebrate Thanksgiving? Some say no. We reflect upon some truths surrounding this holiday.
In this installment, I reflect upon something I call the wilderness experience that when applied, will go a long way towards helping us understand our call and purpose.
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