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Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are The Brilliant Idiots. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in a style that's often idiotic, sometimes brilliant and always hysterical.
Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz are The Brilliant Idiots. Join them each week as they explore the issues of the day in a style that's often idiotic, sometimes brilliant and always hysterical.
The extraordinary child-adult Prince Myshkin, confined for several years in a Swiss sanatorium suffering from severe epilepsy, returns to Russia to claim his inheritance and to find a place in healthy human society.The teeming St Petersburg community he enters is far from receptive to an innocent like himself, despite some early successes and relentless pursuit by grotesque fortune-hunters. His naive gaucheries give rise to extreme reactions among his new acquaintance, ranging from anguished ...
Idiot Check
Work-shy freeloaders spout guff with jingles.
Every other week, we provide the real and completely made up origins of five idioms. Sandwiched between idioms are a rotating variety of segments including Portmanteau Corner, Word Advocacy Corner, and "Sports?". tl;dr Two people (idiots) talk about idioms (idioms) and other stuff.
War for Idiots
Two idiots attempt to understand the complexities of War using their own, unique senses of dark humour and complete idiocy. We can't guarantee you will learn something, but we can guarantee you'll laugh at an some point...we hope. From the team that brought you The Dead Prussian.
Idiot’s Array is a Star Wars podcast hosted by Alan Zaugg, Mark Sutter, and Ryder Waldron. We bridge the Star Wars galaxy, from the movies to the comics, the novels to Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. On Idiot’s Array we discuss Star Wars in a fun and intelligent way. We’d be honored if you’d join us at the Sabacc table! Contact us: Twitter: @idiotsarraypod Email: Facebook: Idiot’s Array Alan: @jedizaugg Mark: @MarkESutter Ryder: @RyderWaldronDDS
A comedy podcast where someone gets schooled, and everyone is entertained. Hopefully.
A podcast where musicians take us on a deep dive into a song they wrote
Join Damon & DJ as they verbally eviscerate things you enjoyed in your childhood.
Idiots of Facebook
Brought to you by SFJ
Conspiracy Idiots
Podcast by Noah Gilliam
A weekly history based podcast where we discuss lesser known moments from the past, or shine a new light on famous events, in our own distinctive British way.
Lord Of The Idiots
Two childhood friends, Ryley and Lea, talk about life, news and other non-sense and commentate on episodes of Seinfeld. It's a podcast about nothing.
Come on a strange and irreverent tour of the animal kingdom and its many peculiarities, as two animal enthusiasts battle it out in a bid to entertain and amuse their zoologically naïve friend. Email & Skype: anidiotsguidetoanimals@gmail.comYou can also find us on Twitter (@aigtapodcast), Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
A podcast specifically for Millennials, dealing with their specific life, love, career, work/balance and life purpose issues.
Try listening to this. We wish you luck. Or, just Google the Enneagram.
Some podcast are created to inspire, others are meant to instill knowledge, not this podcast. The Misguided Idiot podcast was born from the worthless ideas, debauchery and misguided adventures of Wes Griffin's true life. MIP is a true inside look at at one idiots day-to-day life.
Idiots On Parade
Idiot Comedians Nathan Timmel and Jake Vevera crack wise for 30 minutes every week. Religion, politics, and complete nonsense are covered in depth. Or marginally. Whichever.
This podcast is just a buncha rambles and loose thoughts until I clean this up and establish a real structure.
Claudio Perfetto and Calcio Joe dive deep into the soccer world for both rabid and novice fans alike. The Co-Hosts explain things that the casual fan might not know about the sport, as well as have deeper conversations for the fan who already has their team. Comparisons to American sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey are welcome. You can try and figure out who is who by listening, wouldn't want to ruin it for you!
Move Left, Idiots!
Each week on Move Left, Idiots, we bring you news and commentary covering the most important issues facing the Country from a progressive perspective.
The Idiots
Andy Julia and Ray Anthony are taking you for a full throttle ride through the world we live in. No topic is off limits, and no one is safe. Nothing but a good time filled with laughter and the asinine ramblings of two idiots. Only on Wildfire Radio
The world is stupid and we're gonna talk about it. Comedians Brian Lloyd, Rob Bowe and Justin Alonso take a look at what's going on through their satirical lens and get mad at everything in our dumb society.
This is my podcast where I bumble and rant through a variety of topics. Give it a listen and maybe you will enjoy it. Maybe you will laugh and wonder why I wasted my time and yours doing this...just kidding.
For Idiots Podcast
The For Idiots Podcast features four friends bantering about who knows what during any given episode. Each brings a unique perspective of mid-to-late 20s life and a different brand of humor. It all blends together to provide, if nothing else, some interesting entertainment...
BSP: The Idio(t)syncrasy Files is a podcast where two idiots debate the Belief and Skepticism of different phenomena. They will cover topics that fall under different categories such as cryptozoology, the supernatural, spiritualism and more. While sipping Booze or Spirits one host will state the reason he or other people Believe in the chosen topic and the other host will state the reason he or other people are Skeptics. There will be a lot of fun, humor, and sometimes some insightful inform ...
Pop Culture Idiots
2 Idiots, 1 Cat Box, 0 Sense
From The Idiot Radio Network studios at the Brookline Pub in Pittsburgh, The Idiot Radio Network, presents a diverse mix of programming.. Our lineup is headlined by the award winning, The Double D Show. Voted 2017 Best Local Podcast for the Pittsburgh City Paper. Along with The Neil Haley Show, who interviews top Entertainment stars in the World.. And The Devereux Committee Of Pro Wrestling.. The Idiot Radio Network is always looking to add new programming to it's 24 Hour/7 days a week stati ...
Banter between two cousins and occasional guests. Frequent accusations of idiocy which usually boil down to the pot calling the kettle black. Puns will continue until morale improves.
A weekly history based podcast where we discuss lesser known moments from the past, or shine a new light on famous events, in our own distinctive British way.
Idiots With Instruments is the show that follows Red Hot Rebellion as we write and record our third album from start to finish. Come along with us as we go from simple guitar riffs and chord progressions to finished, polished, and awesome hard-rockin' anthems. Who are we? And why should you care? Good question. We're not sure but, we've been playing music collectively for decades. Our songs have been used in dozens of TV shows and movies. We've played concerts all over the world. We're super ...
Podcast by Idiots Explain
Two Bumbling Idiots engaging in discussion for your entertainment.
Two brothers (best friends) talking about who knows what, hopefully you can stop in for a laugh or two. Also tune in for info on our other podcasts we will be hosting about sports and cars.
Host Carter Nordike plies his intriguing guests with drinks, getting their honest thoughts on films and life in general. A different guest every week reviewing a different movie every week! Like movies? Like people getting stupid drunk? Like hosts who aren't as smart as they pretend to be? Then this podcast is for you!
We keep you up to date with all of the hottest hiphop music!
Critical Idiots
Podcast by Gavin Kinakin
College Idiots
Email offcialcollegeidiots@gmail.comInstagram @belcher83 & Kaylynd_Ryans Email ryan_belcher_83@yahoo.comKaylynds Email
Idiot Box
Christina Cola sits down with other New York comedians and does audio Commentary for TV episodes of their choice. It's everything you didn't get in the DVD bonus features.
Idiots' Odyssey
A Podcast about Movies
Chris Flynn & Aaron Simon bring you the latest in their depraved understanding of the events of the past two weeks, including politics, pop culture, & occasionally, what the neighbors are up to.
Gaming Idiots
Podcast by Soulmates Gaming
From wars and crimes to literature and politics, join us as we do trivia and discuss all sorts of interesting topics from history.
Wise Idiots
Life isn't always easy and every now and then you need a couple of idiots to give you some advice. Have no fear... The idiots 2.0 are here. Former MTV Tom Green Show co-hosts Glenn Humplik and Phil Giroux could be heard on the monthly 'Wise Idiots" podcast. That's until vastly superior Artificial Intelligence versions took over the program. The world will never be the same again. If you need advice on any topic and want to be part of the show visit and send the AI Robots your ...
Cinematic Idiots
A bi-weekly podcast about film, pop culture, and books. Getting a little bit smarter, one classic film at a time.Brad and Monica host a classic movie club podcast that invites you to finally catch up on all those films you probably should have seen by now.
Expert Idiots
The Expert Podcast from REAL ACTUAL DOCTOR BOIZ
Amelia Lily and Steve Rushton discuss the award-winning Broadway musical American Idiot. With music by multi Grammy award-winning band Green Day and lyrics by Billie Joe Armstrong, the musical tells the story of three boyhood friends searching for meaning in a post 9/11 world. Hosted at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London.
People you've never heard of talking about Music. Kind of.
Podcast by Idiot Wind
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Our first guest, Katrina, takes us through the vibrant world of Pop Punk.
What if TV’s actually turned your brain to slush. And took away your face when it did. Poor Gramma. Plus it’s our twentieth episode(not sure if that super important but it feels like an accomplishment). Joins us as we discuss electricity trying to reincarnate really bad looking TVs and more.
Spin: Don’t Be An Idiot Paul Ryan Quits Tarantula Burger Washington State Manure The Tiger is out Toronto’s Raccoons KUB’s Raccoon Explosion Deep Dive: Revenge Porn WWE Is Getting It Wrong.
Having lost control of their lives, Adventure Boys and self-proclaimed idiots, Conor & Oisín, attempt to comfort themselves by reading children books and choosing their own adventure.The boys have chosen their next adventure and Oisín will be leading Detective Conor on his search for the lost jewels of Nabooti.Along the way, the boys live their ...…
Guest: Shahram Hadian. Topic: David Platt: “Useful Idiot” & Mouthpiece For Neo-Marxism. (Part 1) Brannon has warned for several years about the Neo-Calvinists such as social justice warriors David Platt, Matt Chandler, John Piper, Tim Keller, and others who make up their Neo-Calvinist cabal. Platt made news a few years ago for using his SBC mis ...…
Table of Nonsense: Intro: Office Space 2:30 - 18 year old John working at Blockbuster & Best Buy 6:50 - Chris suggests a really shitty way to quit 7:50 - Divine gas 9:00 - John’s Best Buy interview 10:20 - Chris thinks he can make his farts smell like blueberries by eating 5 pounds of blueberries. 14:27 - “Bad Girls” takes over our podcast for ...…
Four Lions (2010), comedy/crime, directed by Chris Morris. A group of idiotic jihadists set out to train for and commit an act of terror.We discuss the film (very light spoilers), how it's a VERY GOOD movie (and often HILARIOUS) but it misses an opportunity to be an AMAZING movie (some of the humor falls flat and the drama is mostly wasted but ...…
KEY & KEV Episode 1. With domestic violence being a large topic in the public eye, Key & Kev uses the current case on the rapper Fabolous and girlfriend of many years Emily B to bring awareness to subject within the community and discuss the on-going domestic dispute charge.KEY & KEV Outline: Topic: Domestic ViolenceSegments: Fucking Idiots, Co ...…
Musings Include: Office behavior. Breasts and the many uses there of. Bodily fluids in my sink. Breast milk is not like regular milk. Cube belching. Citizen Kane. The Idiots Review.
Jerks. Bullies. Creeps. Idiots (or worse). Call them what you will. Then consider whether the name fits someone you know. (Gasp!) ... Could this even be YOU? ...
SEGMENT 1: One minute of The Ben and Bethany Show podcast. SEGMENT 2: Follow up on sending texts to the wrong person. SEGMENT 3: Violence and injuries in baseball last night. SEGMENT 4: EZS MHM - Paul Ryan. SEGMENT 5: Dude from the Packers is an idiot at the airport. SEGMENT 6: There was a near natural disaster in the straits of Mackinac. SEGME ...…
Be sure to visit the direct link to watch a full video of this podcast in High Definition: Running a business is not just about selling a product or pushing a service. It's all the admin bullshit and the infrastructure behind it that keeps it moving. If you want t ...…
If you've listened to my podcasts, you've heard me talk about Mexico a lot. I always say I'm going to do a podcast on that experience and some of the stories associated with it, but I haven't until now. So in thinking about what to write, I have decided to make it high level of what I learned about life through that experience so here goes: Eve ...…
This week, the boys pull the greatest prank of all: respect for our idiot listeners. Michael breaks down a fishy intraoffice food crime, Mike reveals the only slippery slope he's likely to slide down, and everyone gets banned from this Dunkin Donuts.Highlights include: The Greatest Fools [1:00]The premo place for porn [9:40]Shrimp Fried Crime [ ...…
Nathan and his wife had a short struggle with infertility. As soon as they became parents, they were out of the infertility club.
Here, two local idiots gab about the Philadelphia Phillies. A good time was had by all. Say hi to @Notkerouac & @Long_Drive on twitter. Go Phils!
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
Table of Nonsense: Intro: Road Trip 1:30 - John and VPOR 5:30 - John challenges Chris to name 10 football teams... oh boy. 10:00 - John challenges Chris to name 3 UFC fighters.. oh boy. 11:20 - Weird Swingers @ Razzo's in NOLA 16:30 - John's past interaction with the one and only Jenna Marbles 23:40 - Sex parties and swingers and chris's sexual ...…
The long, long looooooooong overdue return episode! We recorded this back in Feb..I can’t be bothered typing out an episode breakdown, just listen to the bloody episode.The boys watch season 3 episode 4 “The Library”.
Hey beautiful people here is the latest instalment of Nate Max Tv YouTube & PodCasts. We solidified the connection between these mass shootings and mind control, how its carried out and the process that takes place. We spoke about the Spy Ops with D a vi d Ho g g the crisis actor "operation hog wash", the disarmament of the American public & ho ...…
Mega-sized episode! Carter sits down with two devoted Christians to discuss the mega-franchise, God's Not Dead, and its latest entry. The trio discuss why these movies are so bad, the nature of Christianity in modern America, and why Christian willingly eats packets of picante sauce! Carter might not get out of this one okay, as he's in some fo ...…
We're back at it episode eight. Here's what's up: Student Tyrone Hankerson allegedly scammed Howard University out of nearly half a million dollars of financial aid "Hot felon," Jeremy Meeks just hit the ultimate come up How do you get five years in prison for voting? Texas sucks New Olympic sport Special guest calls in Artist of the Week Villa ...…
It's our first Podcast!!! Josh, Jordan, and Tyrell are here to talk WW1 and serial bombers. Josh talks about the Battle of Somme and the introduction of tanks. Tyrell talks about George Metesky, The Mad Bomber.
Sean RasBy (Ras Radio).
Claudio and Calcio Joe are joined by their first guest, WFAN's very own John Jastremski. Topics include: World soccer development through youth academies v. youth development and collegiate sports in the United States - (2:28), The guys ask John about his knowledge of soccer - (14:00), Does the USA not making the World Cup affect his chances of ...…
Tell me a little about yourself and how long have you or served behind the front line for? In What capacity? I was on active duty for over 13 years and served in several capacities. My first 2 ½ years was spent on a 210’ vessel out of Galveston TX. Our major operations were patrols looking to counter drug and migrant smuggling and illegal fishi ...…
This week, we briefly talk about the Stormy Daniels 60 minutes interview and how little we care, Facebook's continued PR woes, and in honor of Passover and Easter, we have a long ranging and controversial discussion on religion.
Johnny Rocket Launch Pad #139: Semi-Idiotic (w/Daniel Blanchat) Show Summary: Since all these school shootings have occurred I think it’s paramount that we talk about guns. Are guns bad? Do we need to ban them or is all this a way for the state to take advantage of a good tragedy? This week I am speaking to the producer of The Sherry Voluntary ...…
Welcome back guys to this weeks episode of College Street. Join us as we talk about climate change, extinction of bananas, and Martian colonization. Disclaimer: We're idiots, most of the stuff we say may not be factual. As always like or review if you dig our stuff!Check out our website: ...…
Why are American youth being used as “useful idiots”? Have you paused to wonder why the average American young person cannot intelligently answer the questions, “What is Communism? What is Socialism? Who were Marx, Lenin and Stalin?”Today’s guest is Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, an American college professor who survived being born in Communist Rom ...…
For Episode 24, I try to figure out why I haven't been motivated to pick up Star Wars: The Last Jedi on Blu-Ray yet and the guys do a terrible job of convincing me to get it. Chief compares one big moment to his utter disappointment in watching Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. We talk about the delays for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and New Mutants to 2 ...…
There are a few schools of thought on sharing your vision. Sometimes all people will do is talk about it, and never take any action. Some say to write it down and schedule it. I think it's also important to let the people around you know what's going to be happening. The reason you might be worried about telling people is simple (and there's on ...…
We're back with another instalment of nonsense in our very silly panel show.Chris and Matthew are joined by Danny O'Hara, Steve Keyworth, Kahn Johnson and Katherine Frost.
After our heroes confront Cameron Thyckdyk and meet a new mysterious threat, they seek out information and their rewards. While on their quest, Jasper gloats, Kes parties, and Jack sucks at basically everything. Andrew Knapp, host/gamemaster, leads his idiot friends Joe Fogarty, Ernie Johnson, and Jake Perusich through his homebrew campaign tit ...…
Weekly podcast presented by Bill Brewster, wit, DJ, raconteur, idiot. Featuring a mixture of brand new dance music, mixed with classics of all styles, put together in Brewster's inimitably incompetent style. This week features new music from Mr Fingers, Nu Guinea, HiFi Sean and David McAlmont, Daniele Baldelli and loads more.…
Skippy dares to read the latest poetry by actor-turned-idiot Sean Penn. Meanwhile, Jason and Leo from Conroe Coffee drop by to talk about their new biking venture. This episode of Mornings with Lone Star is sponsored by Conroe Coffee: Clean Sweep Office Cleaning: Centurion Wealth Advis ...…
Interview with Kay Koch and Juliana Valente about some of the best-loved jukebox musicals (Jersey Boys, Beautiful, Mama Mia), revues (Ain't Misbehavin, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story), rock operas (The Who's Tommy, Green Day's American Idiot and Jesus Christ Superstar). We even get into The Beatles' Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hea ...…
Maggie and Anna dish on upcoming shows: The Invisible Hand, American Idiot, Urinetown, Newsies, Into the Woods, and Crimes of the Heart. Trigger warning: sexual assault. Fresh thoughts on theater, trust, betrayal, and #metoo after speaking with a local actor about her experience with sexual assault. Resources for Sexual Assault Department of Ed ...…
This week @mike_shaw5 and the gang discuss The Chris Brown/Lil Dicky Freaky song also the Migos Walk it how we talk it which is better the breakfast club 69 interview logics and so much more. Don't for get to check out my social media youtube channel : Mike Shaw VlogsAdd me on Snapchat Instagram and Twitter ! Username: @mike_shaw5…
This week Charlamagne Tha God gives his thoughts on the Tekashi 6ix9ine Breakfast Club interview, him and Andrew discuss the return of Rosanne, Stormy Daniels interview, #WhoBitBeyonce, Killer Mike and the NRA, and more!!!
This week Charlamagne Tha God gives his thoughts on the Tekashi 6ix9ine Breakfast Club interview, him and Andrew discuss the return of Rosanne, Stormy Daniels interview, #WhoBitBeyonce, Killer Mike and the NRA, and more!!!
Penis-Shaped Lipsticks are Back! • Webcam Girl's Sex Tips - (yawn) • ORGASMIC Birth? • Low-Cost “Bikini Airline” Launches New Route • The Science Behind Why People Have Bizarre Sexual Fetishes •Dick pic revenge • Naked Dining - it's a thing • Male Birth Control Pill that Also Boosts Libido – Available Soon! • Starbucks Suffers Epic Fail • Essen ...…
Enjoy this extended episode with The Three Cool Cats up to their usual tricks. Its the dues date for Steve’s first born and that can only mean one thing, a podcast. This is Steve’s last chance to cram in preparation for the birth of his son. As well as resident midwife Cheryl giving tips and information on feeding a newborn baby the episode fea ...…
A heated hypothetical debate about commanding respect and birds, nerdiness abound, Cross Kirkland Corridor on beautiful days, an interesting interview and a new job, dipping into our funny anecdote coffers, a visit from shitty podcast past/present/future. Spoilers: The Sopranos, Seinfeld, God of War 1, Seinfeld again Thanks to Royalty Free Musi ...…
In this episode of Crit Chat we talk about how to run your very first session of D&D, how Lord Farquad is the symbol of the true unknown, and why we are hypocrites and idiots.Your Crit Chatters this week are Alfred Clark, Emily Kuklinski, James, and your host Ismay Hutton.LINKS:TO LISTEN TO CRIT CHAT LIVE: DISCORD: discor ...…
I discuss being an idiot, the injuries to Kyrie and Steph and what they mean, Burnout Paradise, and all the regular features from each week.
The Michaels are joined by the Bromuda Triangle! All the way from the Quad Cities, we welcome Josh Sun, Jason Willits, and Michael Crane. They drink beers, talk ultrarunning, go on many tangents, and one person signs up for a race.Idiot of the Week: David FailingOlsdog's SOTW: Down On The Corner by CCR…
The boys are back after their own international break, topics include: International Break recap discussing Italy, Argentina, Germany, Brazil & the USA - (1:10), Serie A talk breaking down Juventus v. Milan & Bologna v. Roma including betting odds - (6:00), Champions League preview and betting odds - (12:38), What to watch in the Premier League ...…
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