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The Irish History Podcast brings you on a journey through Ireland's fascinating past. This podcast is not just dates but an enthralling account of Ireland's history, looking at daily life through the ages. The show is currently focused on the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s (see below), while the archive contains the stories of Ireland's ancient High Kings, Viking raiders and the Norman Invasion of the Middle Ages. The story of the Great Famine has proved the most popular to date,Between 184 ...
The Irish Times' unrivalled foreign affairs coverage, now brought to you in weekly podcast form. Hosted by Chris Dooley with regular contributors Patrick Smyth, Denis Staunton, Simon Carswell, Lara Marlowe, Suzanne Lynch, Derek Scally, Tom Hennigan, Clifford Coonan and Ruadhan Mac Cormaic.
The best analysis of the Irish political scene featuring Irish Times reporters and columnists, outside experts and political guests. Hosted by Hugh Linehan.
Podcast by The Irish Times
If you love Celtic music, then céad míle fáilte! Each week, you'll receive an hour-long award-winning Celtic radio show featuring some of the best independent Irish & Celtic music, and all 100% FREE! It is one of the top music shows on Apple Podcasts and receives over 10,000 downloads of each show each and every week. Subscribe right now! Did I mention, it was FREE?
A weekly look at business and economics from an Irish perspective hosted by Irish Times Business Editor Ciarán Hancock.
Irish Fireside
The Podcast on Irish Travel, Irish Customs and All Things Irish. We take you to some of the best Irish towns and villages. As we explore Ireland's most popular destinations, we offer our suggestions to get you off the tourist trail and in to the "real" Ireland. Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable at the Irish Fireside, and feel free to use our Episode Guides for maps, destination recaps and links to the sites and topics we discuss.
The Irish Passport
A podcast on Irish culture, history and politics by Naomi O'Leary and Tim Mc Inerney. We bring you the backstory to today's news at a moment of geopolitical upheaval with plenty of lighthearted moments. It's your passport to Ireland.
Described by George Hook as the greatest Irish player never to make it and described by everyone else who knows him as a shallow, self-obsessed idiot.
Discussion show in English for Irish language learners around the world.
The Irish Revolution
The Irish Revolution was a module taught by renowned historian Professor Michael Laffan in the School of History and Archives, UCD from the mid-1970's until his retirement in 2010. The course covers a tumultuous period in Irish history and examines the interaction of different groups (in particular unionists, moderate and radical nationalists, and the British), the causes and impact of events (such as the Home Rule Crisis, the Easter Rising, and the Treaty), and patterns of continuity and di ...
Weekly podcast covering the Notre Dame football program, player interviews and topics related to the Fighting Irish, and college football.
Celtic Roots Radio ('s a taste a' music to whet yer appetite - Celtic, folk, folk/rock, Appalachian, Breton, bluegrass, Scottish, Irish, Cajun, Cape Breton, singer/songwriter -if its Celtic, roots or acoustic music you want,you'll find it here (plus a wee drop a' Norn Iron craic!) - on Celtic Roots Radio!----------------Produced by Precious Oil Productions Ltdfor Celtic Roots Radio ( INTERNET STATION!!We also have a 24/7 Celti ...
Irish Times Travel Show
Antaine and Jarlath host a podcast show that aims to teach the Irish language in a relaxed and entertaining way. Each free podcast comes with show notes that you can easily follow. The website provides further resources to aid in your learning of Ireland's native language. We hope you enjoy our show, feel free to get in touch and thanks for listening!
Irish Times Books
Podcast by Book Club Podcast
A weekly story telling podcast exploring the life of hard living comedians Mike Cannon and Mike Feeney. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show 4 days before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code IGP to save 15% on the entire network.
Assassinations, wars and rebellions - these are just some of the topics that will feature in Ireland’s newest podcast 'This Week in Irish History'. Made by Fin Dwyer (the creator of the Irish History Podcast) the series will be covering intriguing stories from our past each week.
Located in New York City, a global capital of arts and culture, Irish Arts Center serves as a dynamic platform for top emerging and established artists and cultural creators to reach a New York, national, and global audience, and as a gateway for other institutions to access first-rate Irish and Irish American culture.
Every Monday, Malachy Clerkin talks sport with his Irish Times colleagues.
One Minute Irish
Learn Irish in minutes with the Radio Lingua Network
The best new music from Northern Ireland. With a gig guide, profiles on the hot new acts, exclusive tracks and festival specials. From BBC Radio Ulster.
This little book has been written and published with the main object of spreading as widely as possible among our people, young and old, a knowledge of the civilisation and general social condition of Ireland from the fifth or sixth to the twelfth century, when it was wholly governed by native rulers. The publication comes at an appropriate time, when there is an awakening of interest in the Irish language, and in Irish lore of every kind, unparalleled in our history. (Summary from the Preface)
The worlds first weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, historyand genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, themost published author in the field. Topics include: rare books;traditional music and dance; research and travel. Interviews with 'movers and shakers' and everyday Irishdescendants in America, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are included.Brought to us by the Irish Roots Cafe, and sponsored in part by the IrishGenealogical Foundation.
Hello Fada comes to you from the Irish Roots Cafeat It is the 7th podcast seriesfrom the Irish Hedge School. (Following our history,Music, Song, Travel, and genealogy podcasts).These brief chats are for you if you are interested in theIrish Language and culture generally, or if you are considering takingup a course of study in the future. Each week we meet withRenata at the end of her Irish Language class, and discuss a bitabout the language and her Irish experiences.
The premiere podcast for the University of Notre Dame from
Irish Tech News are Ireland's number one online tech publication. We are now aiming to become Ireland's number one tech podcast too.
Discussion of agricultural news and rural affairs from Ireland's leading farming and agri-business newspaper, the Irish Farmers' Journal. Every Thursday.
Podcast by Irish Examiner
A new series of podcasts from the Irish Researchers For "Who Do You Think You Are?". Designed to help and inform those with an interest in Irish Genealogy and history.
Podcast by Irish Examiner
Podcast by Irish Times Off Topic
The worlds first enhanced weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, historyand genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, themost published author in the field. Topics include: rare books;traditional music and dance; research and travel. Interviews with 'movers and shakers' and everyday Irishdescendants in America, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are included.Brought to us by the Irish Roots Cafe, and sponsored in part by the IrishGenealogical Foundation.
Being Irish
Each week alternately fueled by beer, whiskey, tea or coffee, Padraic and Patrick muse, ponder and ramble about their experiences of being Irish. A light hearted exploration of being Irish through the lens of a variety of topics with almost no research.
Learn Traditional Irish Music on Guitar
Discussion show in English all about the Irish language and Irish culture.
Notre Dame Football Talk and Other Irish Sports
The first ethnic podcast on the history of Kansas City, St. Louis and Missouri. Hosted by noted author Michael C. O'Laughlin. Michael wrote the first book on the Irish in Kansas City, plus St. Louis and Missouri, in 1984, ( Missouri Irish; or Irish Settlers on the American Frontier). This podcast series is brought to you by the Irish Roots Cafe and It is a companion to the Irish Families podcast which began in 2006, which concentrates on Irish family history and genealogy. Th ...
Ask about High King Brian Boru; pirate Queen Grace O'Malley; Irish politics and DeValera;The Great Famine; Wild Geese; Vikings; Normans; Genealogy and Family History; Travel; Irish Song;The Black Irish; The Troubles; The Dance Master; and The Seanachies, just for starters !The Hedge School, is here now, to answer your questions. Michael O'Laughlin and Peter ReillyAdams are continuing 60 years of experience as teachers; performers; and authors in the field ofIrish studies. They also include t ...
Irish Radio Canada
Stories and interviews from the Irish Diaspora
A story about the Irish, just before the onset of the famine of 1847, with all the color and dialogue of a man who lived it. (Summary by JCarson)
Podcast by Irish Times Innovation and Technology
The worlds first enhanced weekly podcast on Irish Family heritage, historyand genealogy. It is hosted by Michael C. O'Laughlin, themost published author in the field. Topics include: rare books;traditional music and dance; research and travel. Interviews with 'movers and shakers' and everyday Irishdescendants in America, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. are included.Brought to us by the Irish Roots Cafe, and sponsored in part by the IrishGenealogical Foundation.
The show about traditional music, and the bigger stories behind it.
This book gives a brief glimpse into the social history of Ireland in the early part of the 20th Century. During his 1902 tour through the north, west and south of Ireland the author provides entertaining insights into how those parts of Ireland were in that era. Born in Ramelton, County Donegal and education at Queens University Belfast, the Author then moved to America at the age 25. He enjoyed considerable success in Banking which lead to him eventually becoming a billionaire. From his wr ...
The Irish Times 's recent posts to
The best of Celtic culture in the tri-state area. Featured tune.
A podcast about warmachine and hordes, the UKI competitive scene, and the UKI super series
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Róisín talks to Women's Aid director Margaret Martin about domestic violence sentencing and how it affects victims. The conversation comes in the wake of a case this week of a man who hit his wife twice across the head after dragging her upstairs and removing her jeans by force. The man, who pleaded guilty, walked free from court after being gi ...…
My Lady Fair, bring thee Celtic music from Childsplay, Dervish, Celia Ramsay, Fourth Moon, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Mithril, Brendan Loughrey, Donna Germano, Three Mile Stone, The Clumsy Lovers, Journey North, Murder the Stout, Arthur Hinds & the Round Table, Paisley Close, Donal Clancy. Do me a favor share this pod ...…
This week, we hear about a new beef plan movement that started via WhatsApp, talk about the legislation for the long-awaited low cost loans and listen to the opportunities that can come from agri-tourism.
On this week’s show AIB chief executive Bernard Byrne is in the hot seat to answer questions on a wide variety of topics including housing and rip-off mortgage rates, Brexit, bankers’ salaries and bonuses, when Irish taxpayers will be fully repaid for the bailout and whether he gets any hate mail. Ciarán also asks why, a decade after the financ ...…
Could Brexit be "one of those historic circumstances where you end up with something only a hardcore of loopers really wants", asks Fintan O'Toole?Fintan joins regulars Hugh and Fiach to talk about the carnival of diabolical scheming, treacherous backsliding and barmy brinkmanship that is Brexit, as Theresa May meets EU leaders in Brussels. Aft ...…
We recently discussed what’s really holding you back when it comes to learning the Irish language and in today’s Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast episode 78 we’re going to tackle a similar subject (probably scary for many) – the fear of what other people are saying and thinking about you. You may even see it as the fear of embracing what’s really ...…
Ronan talks to Katie Manor head of paid social worldwide at MediaCom. Katie talks about her background, what MediaCom does, some of the clients she works with, and how she goes about planning and executing global campaigns. Katie also talks about the different social media platforms that she uses with her clients, what social media platforms sh ...…
First: German chancellor Angela Merkel faces another potential state election disaster in two weeks time, after her CSU allies were punished at the polls in Bavaria at the weekend, shaking an already wobbly coalition. Berlin correspondent Derek Scally is in studio to explain what might happen next.Later: Saudi Arabia is reported to be preparing ...…
Reuben and Randall discuss ND's victory over Pitt and if other teams will be able to do that against the Irish offense.
Pat Leahy joins Hugh to take a look at the latest poll from The Irish Times and Ipsos/MRBI showing Fine Gael enjoy a steady lead over nearest rivals Fianna Fáil, with an average 8 point advantage over the last 12 months. The results point towards a reasonably settled political landscape, so where do voters stand on the issue of a general electi ...…
The ISD Power Hour crew discuss Saturday’s win over Pitt. Why did the Irish struggle so much against the Panthers? Have teams figured out how to stop Notre Dame’s offense? What happened to Notre Dame’s running game? How should Brian Kelly handle this week’s off week? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Power Hour.…
With 14 club championships decided at the weekend, Irish Examiner writers round up the main stories.
Session tracks from Glass Wings, and live tracks from BBC Music Day
Once again, the weekend just gone showed the Heineken Cup to be the competition that other rugby tournaments can't reach. From Leinster's whizz-bangery on Friday night to Munster's grinding epic in the wind and Ulster's kick-start win over Leicester on Saturday, there was endless fun to be had. Gerry Thornley and Gavin Cummiskey are in studio t ...…
This bonus episode contains the first two shows in my podcast series 'This Week in Irish history'. These shows look at the life of Ireland's most famous highwayman and Cromwell's Siege of Wexford in 1649. There is a third episode already available once you subscribe to THis Week in Irish History in iTunes…
Self-taught makeup artist Violette talks to Róisín Ingle at the BT Style Summit about her career, which led her to become Global Beauty Director of Estée Lauder. Later in the show, Niamh Maher, presenter of the Girls With Goals podcast, talks to Jennifer Ryan about the One survey of contraception and sex habits of Irish 18-24 years ...…
On October 17th, 1171 King Henry II of England landed near Waterford at the head of a vast army. He brought with him everythinga mediebval army could need from weapons to war harses. There were even prefabricated siege towers onboard the ships. So began the first and most important English royal visit to Ireland. This was in many ways began Eng ...…
The boys are back with some contentious energy this week. Cannon reflects on teaching his gymnastics students choreographed dances of the nineties. Feeney had to deal with security at Mohegan Sun after getting into it with a poker dealer on a power trip. The boys also discuss professional break dancing, debate proper swimming pool hygiene, and ...…
Mary Boyd, George Neville, Natasha CurranBy (Irish Radio Canada).
John Smith, Shirley-Ann Pyefinch, Heather Boucher-AsheBy (Irish Radio Canada).
Romaine Honey Ottawa LibraryBy (Irish Radio Canada).
Duncan Munkhouse PresidentBy (Irish Radio Canada).
Hugh is joined by Pat Leahy for a bonus Friday episode of Inside Politics. On the agenda: - Denis Naughten’s shock resignation as Minister for Communications leaves the government with a fibre optic headache. - Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin pens a 'Dear Leo' letter.By (The Irish Times).
Sorcha tells Ross that Honor has set up a review site. It’s called Rate My Playdate.By (The Irish Times).
Therese O'Callaghan previews the Cork SHC final. Plus we hear from Cork stars Seamus Harnedy (Imokilly) and Luke O'Farrell (Midleton)
Randall interviews Jerry Dipaola about Notre Dame's upcoming matchup with Pitt on Saturday.
Feminists Don't Wear Pink (And Other Lies) is a collection of writing from extraordinary women - from Hollywood actresses, to teenage activists - each telling the story of their personal relationship with feminism. The collection is edited by journalist and activist Scarlett Curtis and features contributions from Irish actors Evanna Lynch and S ...…
Celebrate the amazing women of Irish & Celtic music with me this week with music from Liz Carroll, Warbelow Range, The Selkie Girls, Shannon Heaton, Gone Molly, Melanie Gruben, Sarah Marie Mullen, Noirin Ni Riain, Moya Brenna, Ciana, Claire Roche, Christine Weir, Catriona McKay, Janette Geri, Chrissy Crowley, The Ennis Sisters, Childsplay. http ...…
This week, we give a breakdown of Budget19 and what it means for farmers, find out why Rabobank is so interesting in agriculture and hear from Corrib Lady Farmer of the Year at an ICSA protest in Monaghan.
Kyle joins Reuben and Randall to discuss Notre Dame's upcoming matchup with Pitt. Kyle is known for his extreme and overly confident predictions and this time he comes with data to prove his point.
Leo Varadkar won the Fine Gael leadership on a promise of rewarding those who "get up early in the morning". 18 months later his government has delivered a budget in which spending increases dwarf the tax cuts those early risers might have expected.To discuss the measures, the thinking behind them and the beginning of the endgame in the Varadka ...…
In this Budget 2019 podcast, we hear Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe's budget announcements for agriculture and reactions from farm organisations and the opposition.
Paschal Donohoe’s Budget 2019 has a little something for everyone, but the goodies are spread widely across tax and welfare. The decision to restore VAT to 13.5 per cent for hotels, restaurants and hairdressers will be a hot topic, though perhaps not quite as hot as the lack of action on the carbon tax, in a week when climate change experts del ...…
When Benjamin and Robert Moore emigrated from County Monaghan to Brooklyn, NY in 1872, there was no #MeToo movement. Also, there was no pre-made wall and ceiling paint. Almost 150 years later, we are still using Benjamin Moore paint. We are still upgrading our kitchens, our living rooms, and our society. We are debating standards for sexual mis ...…
Reuben and Randall discuss Notre Dame's week 6 victory over #24 Virginia Tech. Notre Dame has an answer at running back in Dexter Williams but did Chip Long expose a weakness in the Irish passing game?
Science Editor Kevin O'Sullivan on a major new report on climate change. The report paints a dire picture of a world devastated by the effects of climate change by the middle of this century unless action is taken now.Plus: Tom Hennigan from Sao Paolo on Jair Bolsonaro's strong showing in the first round of Brazil's presidential election. The c ...…
On this episode of Power Hour, the ISD Power Hour crew discuss Notre Dame's victory over Virginia Tech. Were we surprised by such a decisive win? Which players stood out on Saturday? How did Ian Book perform on his first real road test in a hostile environment? What do we think of the Pitt game this weekend? Find out these answers and many more ...…
A game of two halves in Cork, James Horan's new media strategy and Crossmolina's fall. Nenagh legend Michael Cleary after Thurles were toppled in Tipp's battle of the towns. Plus reaction from around the county championships.
Ailbhe Griffith was 21 years old when she was subjected to a violent sexual assault by a man on her way home from work in 2005. Her attacker was caught and sent to prison, but nine years later Ailbhe decided to meet the man who had left her seriously injured and psychologically scarred. That event is now the subject of a film in which Ailbhe pl ...…
The rugby season ain't the rugby season until the Aviva is buzzing and Leinster and Munster are facing off. John O'Sullivan and Gavin Cummiskey watched Saturday night's 30-22 win for Leo Cullen's men and they're in studio to talk shoddy refereeing, the non-booing of Joey Carbery and the dawn of this season's Champions CupAfter Liverpool and Man ...…
The boys have Big Jay Oakerson in studio, to revel in mutual hatred for people who aren’t respectful in public settings. Feeney attended a Yankee game with Ari Shaffir and Luis J Gomez, and boy did Luis act inappropriately! Flagrant public smoking, spilling beer on fans… the works. Big Jay confirms with a story of his own about touching Luis th ...…
Oliver Cromwell landed in Dublin in August 1649 starting a conquest remembered for its brutality. Within a few short weeks his forces, the New Model Army, had perpetrated one of the most notorious massacres in Irish history when they sacked Drogheda. After this Cromwell marched south reaching Wexford in early October. The story of the following ...…
Tourism Ireland, together with a delegation of 13 companies from Ireland and Canada, is under-taking a three-city sales blitz to Canada this week – meeting with group tour planners and travel agents in the cities of Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax.By (Irish Radio Canada).
Ronan talks to Ciara a school girl who set up a science and space blog. Ciara explains how she first got interested in science and space, how she started her blog, and what technology she likes. Ciara also talks about her love of Minecraft, which people inspire her, what she wants to do as a career, and her forthcoming trip later this year to t ...…
Hugh is joined by Fiach Kelly and Harry McGee for a bonus Friday episode of Inside Politics. On the agenda: - It was another terrible week for Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy, with a well-attended protest outside the Dail followed by a harrowing RTE radio report featuring a teenage girl in emergency accommodation. It was the sort of interview th ...…
What would Johnny Sexton do when confronted with plotting a way through Dublin’s no-go areas?By (The Irish Times).
Randall interviews Norm Wood of the about the upcoming matchup between Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.
Feminism might not be something often associated with Maeve Binchy's writing, but looking back on her work now it's so obviously there. Ahead of the Echoes festival in her honour this weekend - in her hometown of Dalkey, Co Dublin - Róisín Ingle and Henrietta McKervey discuss the writer's 'quiet feminism'.Later, we bring you an interview Róisín ...…
Many histories of the Great Hunger refer to the famine ending in 1847. It is true that the famine did start to ease in some parts of the island in the following years. However in the west the catastrophe was far from over - some of the darkest chapters lay ahead as 1847 drew to a close. This episode focuses in on one area – Clifden in Co Galway ...…
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