Best Jaxon podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Honey Badger Radio
Female Men's Rights activists are in your politics, touching your stuff.
Everything That Rocks!
Everything That Rocks!
An Honest and Transparent Look at Mormonism’s Messiness
WRESTLE RADIO AUSTRALIA is Australia's number one longest running podcast focussing on the Australian independent wrestling industry. Every week host Todd Eastman chats with Australia's favourite wrestling personalities, gives his “unfiltered” opinion on the local industry in “Views From The East” plus find out in “Where The Action Is” where to catch the best local shows of the coming weekend. Twitter @wrestleradioau or @beasteastman
Welcome, we are thrilled you popped into our neck of the woods. Life in 22 Minutes is a podcast interviewing courageous people that inspire, give hope and bring a smile to your face in only 22 minutes. Our goal is to help you realize you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.
Taking Ship
Taking Ship is a voyage through the morass of dumbest timeline America. It's the kind of podcast that believes you can take politics and culture seriously while laughing at both. It's hosted by Elie Jacobs, Maggie Moore and Frank Spring, three political hacks who've run out of f***s to give. Each episode, they'll take a look at the political landscape, condone and condemn those who deserve it and often be joined by a guest who is smarter and cooler than they are.Taking Ship: your guide throu ...
LEO Weekly
Podcast by LEO Weekly
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show series
Jack Bonza is back to talk about the recent NJPW/Fale Dojo tryouts, how important attending seminars are to the development of a fully rounded worker, the upcoming WSW tour and the matchup against SCU and much much more. Bonza is one of the smartest workers in front of and behind the curtain Plus Todd has a vent in "Views From The East" and fin ...…
Join us on the Fireside Chat as we discuss the current state of the culture war, politics and social media with YouTuber Louis Le Vau.
For Presidents (or President's or Presidents' or Washington's Birth)Day, former Deputy Secretary of Labor, Cabinet Secretary and assistant to President Obama (and a whole bunch of other cool things), Chris Lu becomes one of the few Taking Ship repeat guests and we couldn't be more excited about it. We talk DNC (he's a member at large), we talk ...…
Join us this week as we discuss all the happenings surrounding the animation/cartoon industry, as ideological authoritarians and social terrorists take over.
What is scarier than your worst fear? The answer, for a victim identity cultist, is facing information that challenges a bias you're accustomed to treating as a balanced view. HBR Talk discusses the disconnect that happens in gender issues discussion when concepts MRAs introduce challenge the foundational attitudes & beliefs behind folks' narra ...…
Join us on the Nerdcast as we look at these new trailers everyone's talking about! Such as Aladdin, Captain Marvel's latest TV spot, Star Wars animated Adventures, Frozen 2 and more!
Join us on the HBR News show as we talk about the news of the week, including a man who hires a prostitute for a shocking reason, a woman who went to prison for misgendering someone, Chase bank cancelling the account of a Proud Boy, and more!
A lot of times people see pro wrestlers as super heroes when they are just people like every one of us, there are some exceptions though.. Imagine finding out your partner is pregnant, she loses her job and then your given news that rocks your world even more. This is what Ricky Rembrandt has been dealing with this past year, a staple of the Qu ...…
Join us on the Fireside Chat as we talk with psychologist Dr. John Barry about the APA Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Men and Boys as well as the Masculinity Report.
This podcast series features past FairMormon Conference presentations. This episode is a presentation from 2004. If you would like to watch the presentations from our most recent conference, you can still purchase video streaming. Richard Lloyd Anderson, Explaining Away the Book of Mormon Witnesses Transcript available here. Richard Lloyd Ander ...…
Jaxon and Sara return for Season 2 of Attack of the Brackets just in time for Valentine's Day! With the help of Jake Mattera, they decide on the best, no-fail gift for the most romantic day of the year.Follow us on Twitter: @BracketsPod
Join us on the week in Men's Rights as we look at some of the highlights of Trump's State of the Union Address as well as an article from Reason
Join HBR Talk as we discuss the exploitation of purported fear of wrongthink boogeymen as a weapon against political dissent
Join us on the Nerdcast as we discuss what's going on in nerddom, from Fallout 76 news to the new Far Cry trailer and more!
Much like an "unprecedented economic boom" is really just "a boom that has rarely been seen before", in an unprecedented move, the crew of Salty Jason's Revenge - Maggie Moore, Elie Jacobs & Frank Spring - go LIVE on The Drive with Steve Jaxon show on KSRO. The Taking Ship crew are huge fans of Steve's and have been thrilled to join Steve and M ...…
Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the stories of the week, including the mermen against Toxic Masculinity, the week in "bitches be crazy", Youtube's possible plan for new changes, the Sandmann cometh (with his lawyer), and more!
RCW Tag Team Champions Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeros "The Parea" sat down with Todd right after their match against The Armstrongs at ReAnimated. They talk juggling training and studying, the "moves between the moves" & working their "ethnicity" into their gimmicks. Plus as always find out "Where The Action Is" this weekend around the country. Ch ...…
Join Brian on the Fireside Chat with Clary Jaxon as we discuss legal issues men face like false accusations, the MeToo movement, and more!
Join Brian and Lindsey as we discuss and look at this study(perhaps the only study) that looks at men's happiness in an honest way without the feminist talking points. what makes men happy?
This is the inaugural episode of our new podcast 99 Bottles, where we invite one local brewer to talk in detail about one of their beers. On this episode, we talk to Cumberland’s brewer Justin Vasher and owner Mark Alleier about the Barrel Aged KY Krunk, a special release that will be available at noon on Saturday, Feb. 2.…
This podcast series features past FairMormon Conference presentations. This episode is a presentation from our 2018 conference. (If you would like to watch the video of this and the other presentations from the 2018 conference, you can still purchase video streaming.) Daniel Peterson, Apologetics: What, Why, and How Transcript available here. A ...…
Moderate viewpoints aren't necessarily wrong, but what happens when an individual simply strives to avoid "taking a side" in a political conflict? Join HBR talk as we discuss the pathological nature of centrism for its own sake.
Join us on another Nerdcast as we talk about the recent Resident Evil 2 remake/remaster/reboot(?).
This week Todd returned to his home state SA where he catches up at the RCW Academy with one of his best friends and mentors in the business Chris Basso. Not your normal podcast, covered way too many topics to list here but if you like to listen to two mates catching up and talking about the business then you will very much enjoy this episode P ...…
Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the events of the week, including the layoffs and downsizing of several websites, the woman who was bullied into closing down her small business, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and more!
Join Brian and Natty as we discuss the recent good news in the world of Men's Rights such as news around the UK's Sophie Walker stepping down, and what that means.
Reunited, the crew of Salty Jason's Revenge delves into one of the dumber weeks in America. From President Good Brain Best Words having to call Speaker Pelosi "mommy" to Roger Stone's half naked body and Starbucks coffee just being the worst. This is a quick episode to start your week of off right. articles briefly mentioned: https://theconcour ...…
Join HBR Talk as we discuss the latest goalposts in the feminist "pay gap" narrative; housework, free will, and why feminists suddenly consider freedom of choice a bad thing.
Join us on the Nerdcast as we discuss the week in geek! This week we're talking trailers: Ghostbusters is back, Shazam's new TV spot and more!
Scott Recker and Nik Vechery break down new music from Natriums, Quality Cable and Tender Mercy. A full version of each song is also featured in the podcast.
Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the insanity of the week, including the CEO of Egard Watches, a bill that proposes a ban on quizzing domestic abuse victims, Trump's pick for the appeals court triggers as always, and more!
Scott Holiday, Rival Sons guitarist, called the WMMR studios to talk about the making of Feral Roots and their Philly show date at Union Transfer on April 7th. Scott spoke in detail about the writing, recording and making of the LP as well as how 2018 was different for him. We also spoke about the magic of muscle shoals and the energy of this l ...…
The first episode of 2019 features a mainstay in Perth's AAW, EPW and current SHWA Champion "The Australian Sensation" Craven. We talk about how he got his start, working US Indys with very little formal training, a sprinkle of FCW and how he fits his style with the Lucha Libre style of the CRASH promotion in Mexico to which he is signed. Plus ...…
Lamb of God's lead guitarist Mark Morton is unleashing an album of solo material on March 1st, though it's hardly a "solo" effort. Anesthetic features players and vocalists from just about every corner of the rock world - most notably the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who sings on the lead track "Cross Off". Mark talks with Sara on 93 ...…
Join us on the Fireside Chat with guests Kneon and Geeky Sparkles of Clownfish TV as we discuss their channel, animation, politics and more!
With Frank Spring possibly trying to fashion an axle out of guano, an iPhone charging cord and the wrapper from a rest stop microwavable burrito, Maggie Moore and Elie Jacobs celebrate National "Good Day" Day by speculating wildly (some may say irresponsibly) about the shutdown and then play everyone's favorite parlor game: "Who should play the ...…
From the latest class of inductees, the soon-to-be Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer sits down with The Preston & Steve Show
If you ask and you receive and you accept it and when people find out THEN you're embarrassed... whose fault is that? Join HBR Talk as we examine feminism's cups-and-ball-style Patriarchy blame game!
Join us on the Nerdcast as we talk about all things geek, such as The Walking Dead by Telltale Games, the new Resident Evil 2 demo, and we read through the new anti #Comicsgate Harley Quinn comic online!
This week on the HBR News show we will be looking at the stories of the week, including Gillette's new "advertisement", Ashley Judd VS Harvey Weinstein, the explosive sales of DIY at home paternity tests, and more!
Taking the week off the high seas, the crew of Salty Jason's Revenge decided to repost an old interview with one of our incredible guests: Chris Lu. Chris is currently a Practitioner Senior Fellow at the Miller Center and has been: Deputy secretary of labor in the Obama Administration White House cabinet secretary and assistant to President Oba ...…
Join me on the Fireside Chat with special guest, YouTuber and comic book enthusiast, just Some Guy as we discuss all things #ComicsGate and more!
While we usually try to focus on the positives on the Week In Men's Rights show, unfortunately this particular topic MUST be covered. Join Brian, Natty, Elizabeth and Prim Reaper as we discuss the recent Article from the American Psychological Association that issues guidelines for practices involving men and boys, by working from the "toxic ma ...…
Contributing Arts Editor Jo Anne Triplett talked with Louisville Visual Art's Executive Director Lindy Casebier about the 2019 LVA Honors.
Wanna buy some bullcrap? Don't worry... your federal representatives, your medical community, and just about the entire academic structure of your nation have all bought it FOR you. Would you like to know more?
This podcast series features past FairMormon Conference presentations. This episode is a presentation from our 2018 conference. (If you would like to watch the video of this and the other presentations from the 2018 conference, you can still purchase video streaming.) Lisa Olsen Tait, Takeaways from the Gospel Topics Essays Lisa Olsen Tait is a ...…
Join us on the Nerdcast as we talk about the week in geek! Anime that perpetuates false rape myths and how Overwatch is making it harder for girls to be taken seriously as gamers!
Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the events of the week, such as Ellie the fake gamer girl, the return of Zoe Quinn, Jesus Christ's call for help with child custody, and more!
Join us on today's Fireside Chat as we talk with YouTuber Unvarnished Void about all the things.
With one crew member off this week, Frank and Elie are joined by Aaron ____ (aka: @BobbyBigWheel) for a lengthy conversation about what lessoned can be learned from the 2018 race, how donors should be thinking about making donations and general states of play. This is a good one for all you political nerds out there.…
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