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Join bestselling author Jon Ronson as he traces a very strange butterfly effect. A teen in Brussels had an idea – to make porn free and easy to stream online. The consequences of that idea are mysterious, delightful, surprising, and sad. This 7-part series takes you on a journey to places you’ll never expect.
The Daily Show Podcast without Jon Stewart takes you behind the scenes with the writers, producers and correspondents who make the show. Everyone but Jon, really. New episodes every other week.
Afternoons on 94WIP
Pastor Jon Courson's Bible teachings are featured on the Searchlight Radio Program and Podcast.
The Jon Gaunt Show
The Jon Gaunt show for those bored with the bias of the Mainstream Media. Jon fires from the lip in his no holds barred show.
Facebook marketing, blogging and SEO tips, discussed by industry experts over a beer.
Trump Watch w/ Jon Wiener
talkRADIO is the league leader in original in-depth coverage of professional, local, college and international sports. And we're updated continuously, delivering the level of rich in-depth coverage Sports Illustrated fans demand, at the speed of CNN.
Internationally acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Jon Ronson (Adventures with Extremists, The Men Who Stare At Goats and New York Times Bestseller The Psychopath Test) turns his attentions to the Internet. Specifically, those people who try to control it -- for good or bad. Escape and Control: Stories About People Trying To Control The Internet It can sometimes feel like we're creating a new kind of democracy online, where we control and regulate each other instead of being told how to beha ...
Jon takes hold of Radio X to disrupt your weekend lie-in, basically, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6.30am. Expect the quirkiest humour and the most dated references to classic rock you’ll hear in a long time. If you’re interested in Jon’s career to date, see his new book, A Portrait Of An Idiot As Young Man. Go on, we’ll still be here when you get back.
Author Jon Acuff explores the creative risks we take and pass on with other authors, artists, and entrepreneurs.
The world's biggest sports radio station
SportsRadio 94WIP
Get the inside take on College Hoops. Jon lives and breathes college basketball providing him access to breaking news and insights. Every week the podcast will deliver compelling story lines of college basketball along with interviews, game picks, and scoops!
Just 2 southern comedians living in southern California making their way anyway they know how. Yee F’n Haw Y’all.
Weekly conversation with health experts, mindfulness experts on how to live a wellness lifestyle, what they have learned in the process, and practical advice and encouragement to inspire you to optimize your health and live the life that you want.
Jon Benson
The Sales Copy Samurai
For Advanced Facebook Marketers
Jon Solomon
For those of you keeping score at home...
Sam & Jon
Join intrepid Australian comedians, Sam & Jon, as they fearlessly discuss current events in their uncensored, no holds barred, weekly podcast, the Sam & Jon Show!
Jon Starkey, a big city snob and wine aficionado is reluctantly sent to represent Pluto, a dwarf planet at the edge of civilised space. There he encounters everything from hick locals to psychotic AI software to undead football teams... Subscribe and follow his weekly adventures!
Free daily devotions podcast with Jon Dyer. Also avaible to read or watch at
Nearly a decade in the college basketball world, winning national championships as both a player and coach, has given Jon Scheyer a unique perspective on the game. Join him this summer on “The Offseason with Jon Scheyer” as he visits with guests from the past and present of Duke basketball, as well as the sports world in general, to explore the intersection of playing and coaching.
Free spirited, old school podcasts on all things enterprise with Jon Reed of, along with troublemakers and/or special guests
Jon of All Trades
I’m Jon, and I love nothing more than listening to someone with an interesting or unusual job talk about the ins and outs of that job. So I created a weekly podcast that features interviews with people from all across the employment spectrum. You’ve likely heard the figure of speech “Jack of all trades” referring to someone who is versatile and adaptable to a wide variety of tasks. That’s what I hope to become by interviewing people with as many different jobs as possible. Except, I’m Jon, n ...
Jon takes hold of Radio X to disrupt your weekend lie-in, basically, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 6.30am. Expect the quirkiest humour and the most dated references to classic rock you’ll hear in a long time. If you’re interested in Jon’s career to date, see his new book, A Portrait Of An Idiot As Young Man. Go on, we’ll still be here when you get back.
Kickin it with Jon and Greg is hosted by Jon Ryan punter for the Seattle Seahawks and Greg Woodman, real estate agent. We talk sports, life, beer and the differences between a pro football player and regular married guys everyday life.
Pod Save America
Four former aides to President Obama — Jon Favreau, Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor — are joined by journalists, politicians, comedians, and activists for a freewheeling conversation about politics, the press and the challenges posed by the Trump presidency.
Actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men) discusses his latest film, Million Dollar Arm - an inspirational true story packed with funny moments which celebrates teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family. Hosted by Anna Smith at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
MMA Podcasting bringing all people from MMA on to speak.
Jiggy is a comedian. Jon is a musician. Together they share stories and experiences, while living in New York City.
Spooky Jon
Podcast by Spooky Jon
Podcast by Jon Leonetti
Podcast from DJ and Producer Jon Lockley.There are plenty of DJs in the industry who isolate themselves to one style whereas Jon Lockley has the ability to deliver sets from various genres. His original style and finesse behind the decks has been revolutionizing the elements of electronic music for over a decade. In his sets, Lockley flawlessly merges the sounds of bass heavy break beats with progressive melodic house so easily and so fluidly that his peers are left in awe. His unique style ...
Jon Cronshaw shares the ups and downs of his life as a visually impaired science fiction and fantasy author. The British journalist turned independent author released his debut novel Wizard of the Wasteland in June 2017. Subscribe today and start following Jon’s author journey. Visit: for all the latest news and discover how you can claim your free novella, Addict of the Wasteland.
The new podcast about shame with Lou Sanders and Amy Annette. And guess what - we tried keeping it to 10 minutes but then everyone told us they wanted more (at least 2 people) so it's longer now but... YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT THEY SNIPPED OUT (stories for next time is what). NO FAMILY OF LOU'S ALLOWED TO LISTEN TO THIS.
An audio Podcast Series of Extreme Big Game Fishing Stories from a kayak by enthusiast and author Bluewater Jon Schwartz. You'll be captivated by "out of this world" experiences of fishing from a kayak! Learn the ins and outs in the use of gear, bait and safety devices as well as the locations of hot spots around the world where you'll find incredible big game fishing.
On this podcast we talk about innovations in life. That is, we talk about innovating the life insurance industry through technology for sure – that’s Insurtech. We also talk about business innovation in general, and innovations in living – that’s the business of you. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are in life, innovation is the key – to moving forward, and staying ahead in life and business. So we also explore the personal and professional bits that make you tick and continue innovatin ...
A minutes-long news broadcast that will keep you current on national and worldwide news of various topics including politics, Entertainment , technology, health, business and general interest just to name a few. The Jon Collier Report gives you the news with a fresh, neutral, non biased, often humorous take on what's going on in the world with out endless commentary or agenda.
JON HAMMOND Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano, Guitar Attended: Berklee College of Music 1974, City College San Francisco Languages: English, German Musician: Jon Hammond is one of the premier B3 PLAYERS in the world. Jon has played professionally since age 12. Beginning as a solo accordionist, he later played Hammond B3 organ in a number of important San Francisco bands. His all original group HADES opened shows for Tower of Power, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Michael Bloomfield. Ed ...
Jon Jon
Welcome to the Jon Jon podcast, where amazing things happen.
Jon –Jon the Dj /Producer/PromoterHe started DJ’n in 1996 , so far he has been booked to DJ in over 150 clubs and events Worldwide - including over 20 South African Club residencies .On an International scale Jon-Jon has played along side Rachel Auburn ,Anne Savage, Lisa Lashes, Fedde le Grand , Armin van Buuren , Dave Lee(Slinky), Signum ,John OO' Flemming, Adam White, Simon Eve(Reactivate), Sebastian Ingrosso, Kid Crème, Junior Jack, Judge Jules , M.N.Y.C Project , Mike Kooglin ,Warp Broth ...
I record an hour long live set and then put it on the Internet. I call it freq.shift. I do this EVERY MONDAY at 1PM US Eastern / 6PM UK / 19:00h Central Europe on Digitally Imported Radio Tech House Channel (
DC/BS with Jon Allen
Jon Allen, head of community & content for Sidewire and co-author of the New York Times bestseller "HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton," and Progressive Provocateur Peter Ogburn, take on the DC establishment to expose the hypocrisy and the hype of our current political scene. In candid, one-on-one interviews with Jon, DC insiders lay bare the BS that has become the operational norm in our nation's capital.
One side effect of our national addiction to Trump’s tweets and other news cycle garbage is that fascinating issues, brilliant books and important debates aren't getting the attention they deserve. With a rotating crew of your favorite Crooked Media hosts, contributors, and special guests, Crooked Conversations brings Pod Save America's no-b.s., conversational style to topics in politics, media, culture, sports, and technology that aren’t making headlines but still have a major impact on our ...
Ryan and Tanya sound like any bickering brother and sister - except they’re unrelated and on the radio.Hear them laugh, love and loose it at each other every Saturday morning on 2Day FM.
Jon Koppel Podcast
Podcast by Jon Koppel
Don, Jon, & Dragons
A semi-retired adventurer and an ancient undead wizard discuss the ins and outs of adventuring, from forming a party to dividing the loot back at the tavern, and all the murder and mayhem in between.
Welcome to the "It's Jon Fox Show". Come along for the ride with host Jon Fox as he covers the interesting things that are happening in the world and life in general.
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The guys check the Time's Yours Line every day at 1:45pm. To leave a message on the Time's Yours Line call 215-625-6550.
Trex sits down with the Jon McMains, Mac N., and Big Matt to give their thoughts on the best and worst of the last ten years of Marvel!
Why do we love film festivals so much? The crazy activities, the below the radar movies, and the large quantities of stuff to buy are all a part of the charm, but my favorite aspect is talking to people, especially the artists. The creators can have so many interesting things to say and that’s where this show comes from. In the summer of 2017, ...…
We all love Jon Voight's completely genuine Paraguayan accent in 1997s Anaconda, and Alan Tudyks' stand out performance in 2016s Moana, so what happens when we mash these two films together in a mind blender of musical mayhem? Find out this week in Episode 68: Moanaconda - With special guest, the Big Bad Braato from More Gooder Than, and pretty ...…
The Blackout Ripper Part 2: On 10th February 1942, 34 year old Evelyn Oatley was found strangled, posed and mutilated in her flat at 153 Wardour Street in a murder strangely similar to Evelyn Hamilton, just one night before. Was this coincidence, or was there a sadistic spree-killer on the loose in Soho? Murder Mile is a true-crime podcast and ...…
Aaron Rodgers is speaking his mind...or is he? We’ll take on his contentious secret comments and the subsequent walk back. Then, why Jon thinks the Packers might want to seriously consider Dez Bryant and why Aaron Rodgers will be getting a new helmet in the near future. Plus a word about running backs.…
For our fiftieth episode, we decided to revisit the big daddy of the genre... THE THING. The Jon Carpenter film bombed on release, but found a massive following later on. Does it hold up after all these years? Our weekly horror curation consists of The Forest, Lost in Space, X-Files, Witch Hunt, Tom Riley - Paranormal Investigator, Dredd, Blade ...…
Tom Denney is my guest on this week's podcast. Most of you may know Tom as one of the founding members and main song writers from A Day To Remember, but Tom's had a crazy career away from the band, and life in general. We hear about the early days of the band, how they came across their sound, what it was like having success with the Kelly Clar ...…
In episode six of Mobycast, we introduce Part 1 of a technical series around the creation of containers. Specifically Jon and Chris teach me about base images and volume mounts. .
This is the third message in the "Jesus Off The Chain" series.
Jon Ledyard of FanRagSports joined the show to break down the Packers and the upcoming NFL draft
Steve Guttenberg / Jon Cryer / Jeff Garlin / Steve Buscemi / Tony Danza / Logan Paul / Emilio Estevez / Drake reaction GIFs / Christopher Lloyd as the Judge / Kevin James as the voice of 'Bluey the Blue Lives Matter Dog' / and introducing Mason 'The Walmart Yodel Kid' Ramsey
A new MP3 sermon from Christ Is King Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Jesus, The Life & Light Subtitle: The Book of John Speaker: Jon Speed Broadcaster: Christ Is King Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/15/2018 Bible: John 1:3-5, 1 John 1-3 Length: 44 min. Overview: An exposition of ...…
Bob Adams amp Rex Brewer talk all things high school sports and were joined by special guests Kyle Lawson and Jon Ruble from the Bellmont Wrestling team
This week on Masks and Tights, Jon and Stugots talk about the documentary and all things Andre the Giant!Masks and Tights is the weekly wrestling discussion from the Geekodrome Network with your hosts Jon and Stugots.Music for Masks and Tights is by Tagirijus. Our opening song is Stealing The Car and our closing song is Hard LandingTwitter - tw ...…
Oh yeah kids. It's real. We got Chris Jericho on the show. Ben, Drew and Jon talk wrestling, rocking and the most ambitious wrestling event on the high seas. Jericho will set sail with a roster of Ring of Honor stars this October and we talked inspiration, booking and FOZZ RAPIDS with one of wrestling's icons. Book your cabins NOW maaaaaaaan, t ...…'s Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma discusses the Broncos foolish decision to release C.J Anderson, Josh Gordon's amazing comeback, ad Josh Docston's emergence.
Glowing agro crags from space! Creepy doll heads! Mannequins run amok! And random references to obscure 80s shows! It must be the first Jon Pertwee story "Spearhead from Space!" John and Taylor continue collecting all the firsts with this 1970 classic!
TRS 276 --// Jon Rundell //Jon Rundell Live @ Time Warp 2018 (Mannheim, Germany) - 07-APR-2018// WATCH SETS ON TRIP RECORDS TV //Link: us for incredible Techno sets. Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Facebook, Instagram, iTunesyou must search Trip Records#soundcloud: @triprecordsets#mixcloud: www.mixcl ...…
On this "Jon Carter Classic" The deadline to file Taxes is once again reared it's annual ugly head and if you're one of the million's who have waited till the last day, have no fear because The Bible Brother's Tacky Tax Consultants are here with last minute advice to ease your troubles. Taking Text from "The Book of Confiscations" Billy & Bubba ...…
La chancla, which refers to a flip flop in Spanish, is a cultural discipline style that has evolved to be very symbolic. La chancla can also refer cords, cables, the belt, hangers, any item that can be used to inflict pain as a punishment. Often, it is also a trigger word and is a form of child abuse. In this special 1-hour sesión, Licensed Mar ...…
While at PAX East 2018, Alex got to play a brief demo of Underworld Ascendant! This sequel to the Ultima Underworld games is currently in development by OtherSide Entertainment under producer Paul Neurath who you may know from Ultima Underworld, System Shock 2, or Thief fame among many other games. In this bonus episode, Alex recaps the brief d ...…
Big Sarge - Justin Jordan is the author of And Then I Cried; Stories of a Mortuary NCO. Justin was the first Airman to have a service dog while still enlisted in the Air Force. Why did he need a service dog? As a mortuary affairs NCO he handled the remains of service members in places like Iraq. By Justin's own estimate, as many as 15 bodies a ...…
This week from a Galaxy Far Far Away w/ host Jon Justice -ROTJ vs The Last Jedi: If you loved ROTJ and thought TLJ was too silly you're wrong -Watching our favorite characters grow up, in life and on screen -TFA vs TLJ making each one better. Reylo works because The Force Awakens -Solo A Star Wars Story: More footage, toys released -Listener fe ...…
Show & Tell - 92 Fu Manchu - Clone Of The Universe Iron Reagan - Paper Shredder Bokassa - Crocsodile Dundee Areo Chord - Surface Harms Way - Call My Name Exclusive Trigical History Tour - My Little Ray Of Sunshine from “Aphorisms” available from Cypecore - The Alliance Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Is Satan Re ...…
Welcome to Recovery X, where experts, thought leaders and people in recovery exchange information, educate the public, and help solve the problem of addiction Coping with an addicted child with breath work coach and recovery expert, Jon Paul Crimi Watch now and let us know what you think in the comm ...…
Hi All,Here is my Starpoint Radio Show from Sunday 15th April 2018, with new releases by Ronnie Wright,Sean McCabe Ft Hanlei,XamVolo,Sir Charles Jones and Steal Vybe & Peven Everett,classic tracks by Wax,D'Bora,Muscle Shoals Horns,Komiko and GU & Black Mamba,as well as the excellent new release by local Aberdeen band JuJu,which you can find on ...… Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma discussed Deion Jones and Keanu Neal's impact. We also talked about what Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh are going to bring to the Rams. Finally we covered Rob Gronkowski's absence from Patriots off-season work outs.
Trex sits down with Jon and Matt to give you listeners ALL 18 movies that haves happened to get us to The Avengers: Infinity War. (In the time it takes to watch a single movie) This is just a story recap episode with almost no personal commentary about the movies, we read the synopsis of every movie hitting the main points so you don't have to ...…
Growth and Worship Pastor Jon Adams continues the series "Conversations" with his sermon on "Life Altering Conversations"
Millennials in the Workforce and Much More In this episode, Jon and Ismail Kadyrov discuss: The ups and downs that Ismail has faced How to prioritize What holds people back Giving to others to benefit on a personal level Key Takeaways and Actionable Success Principles: There are stages that people need to go through to move through hard experie ...…
Inland Church Sermon April 15, 2018 Atonement: Week 2 Jon Tettleton
Pastor Jon teaches from the book of Acts and explores a familiar story of a man that was healed after spending much of his life begging outside the Temple. In this season of Easter, God intends to refresh our lives and our ministry to our city with new ways of sharing the love of the Risen Christ. Text Acts 3:12-21…
Welcome back to The GrownUp Nerd where today we will be discussing and reviewing the new movie A Quiet Place directed and starring Jon Krasinski and also starring Emily Blunt. My good friend Josh joins in for today as our honorary nerd guest. We go over our likes, dislikes, plot points, and whether or not you should see the movie.…
SoundLab Sessions - April 14th, 2018Cities Aviv - Dimming - Raised For A Better ViewJon Bap - Queen Chimera, Pt. 1 - Yesterday’s HomilyPacific Yew - Japonica - (((trees)))Khruangbin - Mr. White - The Universe Smiles Upon YouAbstract Rude & DJ Vadim - Sumtymez (feat. Myka 9 & Aceyalone) - The Owl's CryDandu - Stu Fish (feat. Calm Alone) - Caught ...… Across the Middle Show Host Jon Kuzma discusses the latest NFL news and action. In this episode we discussed O.J Howard's spectacular rookie season, Will Fuller's impact for the Texans, and plenty of other NFL updates.
This week’s podcast is packed with pictures. There’s the new horror film Truth or Dare, followed by: the wine country tale Back to Burgundy; the new mumblecore film Outside In; the Spanish horror film Marrowbone; Ben Kingsley in An Ordinary Man; Jon Hamm in Aardvark; Borg v. McInroe; and the new, final season of The Americans. Among revivals ar ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Saturday Night Live, is a weekly “after show” for fans of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. In this episode, hosts Steph Sabraw, Amy Maestri, Kelly McInerney, and Elysabeth Alfano discuss this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. RSS Feed: ABOUT SNL: “L ...…'s Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma covered the Pittsburgh Steelers weakness, what makes Joey Bosa so good, and Martellus Bennett's latest comments about NFL players marijuana usage.
Jon & Sam do a 1 round rookie mock draft with guest and friend of the shown JonMichael Viator (@ladraftgenius). Things get a little heated over Lamar Jackson, and JonMichael claims Nick Chubb is better than Saquon Barkley. Don't forget to subscribe, and follow us @jon_margulis & @avishai41 and the show @jon_samffpod…
Prayer in Missional Community - April 8, 2018 - Jon Shirley by Gathering Network
BMA Sessions 063 with Dj Dave Scotland Recording of Live Broadcast Join me every week Live and Free on Mastah Myndz Radio BMA Sessions ft. Dave Scotland Saturdays 10pm EST (New York) or Sundays 2pm AEST (Aus) This week... "A Hard Session" TRACK LIST Get Lost - Frank Farrell & Captain Tinrib Forgotten - Trance Pennine Express Gollum - JP & Jukes ...…
Catholic speaker and author, Dan DeMatte, gives the "Three Secrets to Holiness in Marriage" by Jon Leonetti
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