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Baseball America
Baseball America delivers baseball news you can't get anywhere else. Covering the game from a player-development point of view, the staff of BA will deliver its take on what's going on in the world of baseball every week on its podcast, analyzing the game from the majors and minors--with an emphasis on prospects--through our unparalleled college and high school coverage.
How do you turn your personal experience into art? Why make art at all? These are just some of the questions that are addressed on HTBAA. PhD candidate Josh Simmons hosts, bringing in extensive research from fields such as music technology, VR, psychotherapy, mythology, and psychedelic drugs.
An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television’s most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.
Import This
A Python Podcast for Humans.
A podcast about the struggles we face as artists and individuals in general.
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Phillies No. 19 prospect Cole Irvin made his big league debut Sunday. Richardson talks the process of scouting Irvin, who once had the look of a first round pick before undergoing Tommy John surgery, how to trust what you see even when the velocity isn't there, convincing Phillies brass Irvin was worth going over slot in the fifth round of the ...…
Eli Attie joins us again to talk about his third episode in the trilogy of Santos campaign episodes that he wrote for Season 6. We also hear from Angelica Salas of CHIRLA (Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights) on the real story behind California’s fight over driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. For more, visit…
The college crew talks key rivalry wins for Mississippi State and Oklahoma State, then break down the conference title races/pick winners in all Power Five Leagues and C-USA.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Richard Schiff returns as our guest this week to tell us about his experience directing "A Good Day." For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
The college crew discusses Oklahoma State and Michigan joining the rankings, then debate whether a divide is forming between teams currently in Teddy Cahill's 'Eight For Omaha' and those on the outside.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Kyle Glaser and Josh Norris discuss our May Top 100 update, which was filled with movement, then Kyle talks with Blue Jays area scout Nate Murrie about scouting and signing Lane Thomas.By Kyle Glaser, Josh Norris.
This week, we’re joined by Debora Cahn, to talk about her script for "Drought Conditions," and by Richard Schiff, to talk about his heartbreaking performance in it. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
The college crew briefly talks weekend sweeps, wonders why some people feel this is a down year talent-wise for college baseball, then appreciates Mississippi State's Jake Mangum.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Is Vlad Jr. already the face of the Blue Jays? Our team discusses, then takes temperature of the 2019 Draft six weeks out.By Kyle Glaser, J.J. Cooper, Carlos Collazo.
J.J. Cooper and Kyle Glaser discuss a power surge across Triple-A, bat flips, how the Yankees are surviving all these injuries, Pete Alonso's hot start and the Rays' ability to adapt.By Kyle Glaser, J.J. Cooper.
"Tell me about Barack Obama." That's what Eli Attie said to David Axelrod in 2004, while searching for inspiration to help flesh out the character of Congressman Matthew Santos. In this episode, we talk to both of them to find out what Eli learned and how it shaped the sixth season. And David Axelrod tells us about his own experiences as the gu ...…
The college crew discusses Arkansas' series sweep of Mississippi State, how the Big 12 race is developing, Indiana rising into the Top 25 and more.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I'm finishing up my PhD here at the University of Regina. Whoo Boy, that's a big question. Um, let's just say it's a systems theory, I guess would be the one word or two words. Yeah, so systems theory. On systems theory is applied to interactive hardware, specifically stuff to do with, like Arduino and DIY hobbyist ...…
Richard Lovelady was sidearm JUCO lefty throwing in the mid-80s. But Royals scout Sean Gibbs liked him, and once Lovelady's velo spiked, he signed him. We take you inside the process.By Kyle Glaser.
Eli Attie joins us to discuss the Santos campaign, the return of Amy Gardner, and the Marx Brothers. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
The college crew talks a pair of massive jumps in our Top 25, the race for an ACC title, UC Santa Barbar's pivotal sweep and a piping hot West Virginia team.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Following the MLB debuts of Nick Margevicius and Jason Martin, Kyle Glaser talked to the scouts who initially signed them about the process.By Kyle Glaser.
Why do we fall so far short of human fulfillment? "We fall away from what we could be, namely united in love through justice and truth, because we want to draw the whole world into ourselves and our finite reality. And this is the old doctrine of the paradise story, ' will be like God,' that’s the temptation." -- Paul Tillich "Wisdom is p ...…
We’re joined by the real-life Professor Lawrence Lessig, who appears as a character in this episode, played by the real-life Christopher Lloyd. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
hello everyone welcome to import this a podcaster humans My name is Kenneth Reitz and today I am joined by the wonderful. Ew Durban the third, which is a wonderful name of the Python Software Foundation fame. And also hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, I believe. At the moment I'm in Pensacola, Florida, but I do reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of yo ...…
The college crew talks Stanford-UCLA, Georgia Tech entering the Top 25 and the state of the Big 12 race. Plus, Joe Healy declares that the Old Town Road remix "slaps."By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
We've got MiLB roster analysis, placement and more on the site, so the guys talked what excites them the most about the upcoming season from a prospect perspective.By Kyle Glaser, Carlos Collazo.
We have so many great guests for our discussion of “King Corn” that you’re going to look at this podcast episode the way Will Bailey looks at an ice cream sandwich. We talk Ned & Ronna with Evan Arnold & Karis Campbell, we talk Turkey with West Wing writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, and Politico senior writer Michael Grunwald walks us through the ...…
The college crew discusses LSU versus Mississippi State, Arizona State and Oregon State's sweeps, three new teams entering the top 25 and a Pac-12 flavor atop our newest rankings.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
“It is by grace you have been saved.” -- Though I saw these words written by the apostle Paul long ago, I only just now feel their vibration within me. I contend that regardless of whether or not one believes in God or an afterlife, it is possible to experience the truth of these words. Setting aside any hope of future heavenly treasures or fea ...…
Follow Erin on Twitter: for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): everyone and welcome to import this a podcast for humans. This is episode I'm not actually sure we're not keeping track anymore. But today I am joined by my wonderful friend Aaron x O'Connell, who have been really good friends wit ...…
Will two consecutive World Series losses trip up the Dodgers? Who will come out of the NL East? Kyle Glaser and Matt Eddy discuss the state of the NL, make their picks and break down each team.By Kyle Glaser, Matt Eddy.
The guys preview every team in the AL, make their picks and try to find a way for a team other than the Yankees, Red Sox or Astros could challenge for American League supremacy..By Kyle Glaser, J.J. Cooper.
You sent in your queries; you know we've got answers—it's a feta compli. In the queso one or two questions, we got a little help from Allison Janney and Bradley Whitford, who sent us some really gouda answers of their own. We're always fondue these episodes, and we hope you'll think this one's grate, too. For more, visit…
The college crew tackles a significant weekend in the SEC, especially for Georgia, Vanderbilt and Mississippi State, then talks TCU and Oklahoma moving into this week's Top 25.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Hello, welcome to import this a podcast for humans. I'm here today with Stephen, Shanda. He is my favorite stylist and my personal stylist. And he is here at bells in Winchester, Virginia. And he's not a software engineer, like the other people that I interview. But I think that there's something that we can learn from him because he has absolu ...…
CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, DigitalOcean.Sign-up for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): is better than ugly.Explicit is better than implicit.Simple is better than complex.Complex is better than complicated.Flat is better than nested.Sparse is better than dense.Readability counts.Special cases aren't special enough to break the rules.Although p ...…
Sign-up for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): to import this a podcast for humans. I am sitting here and a beautiful park in the middle of Winchester, Virginia with the beautiful view of this church and this beautiful sky and I just got done skateboarding with a great pilot. Nice to that I've known since high school. Josh Crim, Joshu ...…
Sign-up for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): by
This week I just barely dip my toe into exploring the difference between Jung and Freud. With the upcoming Peterson vs Zizek debate, I'm interested in unpacking what I've learned so far ... which admittedly isn't much. Any input is much appreciated.By Tyler Murphy.
There’s only a year left in the Bartlet Presidency—and only 9 months left in the TWWW Podcastency!—and it feels like the last chance to make history. We’re joined by Tony Blinken who once held the same NSA position as Kate Harper, to talk about how hard it is to make long-term plans while you’re putting out little fires everywhere. For more, vi ...…
The college staff talks UCLA rising to No. 1, how Texas baseball has elevated to No. 4, and an eventful opening weekend of play in the SEC.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Kyle Glaser and Matt Eddy discuss how it seems the MLB Player's Association again took a shortsighted approach to the newest batch of rule changes. They then talk about the targeting of 'openers' and question whether baseball is being *too* proactive with rules changes.By Kyle Glaser, Matt Eddy.
Corey Dickerson joins the pod to discuss how an 8th round draft pick and fringe-average defender can turn into an MLB All-Star and a Gold Glove winner. Plus, the untold reason why he struggled in 2016.By Kyle Glaser.
We’re joined by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 2020 Presidential hopeful, for our discussion of “Opposition Research,” in which Matt Santos travels to New Hampshire to introduce himself to the electorate. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
The college team is back to discuss another weekend. Mike Martin makes history, Clemson surprises us all by sweeping UNC, plus we offer up three teams who have surprised us so far in 2019.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
Carlos Collazo joins Kyle Glaser to talk early MLB draft rumblings, including some serious buzz building around Andrew Vaughn. They also discuss prep stars Bobby Witt Jr. and C.J. Abrams, then focus on two rising college prospects from Mizzou and UNLV.By Kyle Glaser, Carlos Collazo.
I don't really have much to share this week. But nonetheless, I'm gonna publish something ... my happiness depends upon it!!!!!By Tyler Murphy.
Bradley Whitford joins us this week to discuss "Faith Based Initiative," which he wrote! Incredibly, his first time writing for television was this episode of The West Wing. He tells us how it all came together, as we pick it apart. For more, visit Joshua Malina & Hrishikesh Hirway.
LSU falls out of the No. 2 spot after Texas sweeps the Tigers. Plus, a look at a Shriners College Classic teeming with talent, the Frisco Classic and an impromptu food debate breaks out.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
This week I sat back and ate pizza while my friend Claire Overholt talked with Daniel Keys about childhood interests, a career in art, and how art and design touches each of our lives everyday.By Tyler Murphy.
We’re joined by Paul Redford, who wrote for West Wing Seasons 1–5, as well as Sports Night and The Newsroom. He’s responsible for some classic West Wing storylines, and we’re long overdue for a chat with him, so we’re making up for lost time with this bonus episode. For more, visit…
Ted Cahill, Dave Serrano and Joe Healy break down Week 2 of college baseball. Among the series' that caught their eye: Miss. State vs. Southern Miss., UCLA vs. Georgia Tech and Florida vs. Miami.By Teddy Cahill, Joe Healy, Dave Serrano.
The Padres landed one of the better players in the game. Now, we figure out what it means for them, the Phillies and the White Sox. Plus, what is the market for Bryce Harper? And there's finally baseball games!By Kyle Glaser, J.J. Cooper.
This week Parker Brown swung by the house for some coffee, some good conversation, and to share a couple tunes as he and I prepare for the opening of Portal at Montana Gallery.By Tyler Murphy.
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