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Judge John Hodgman
John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to hodgman@maximumfun.org. THAT IS ALL.
A Heritage Foundation podcast with Elizabeth Slattery & friends breaking down what's happening at the Supreme Court, what the justices are up to, and more.
Judge Jules brings 2 hours of sonic action from around the world. Each week we bring you some of the hottest global guests plus our Tried & Tested tune of the week!For full tracklisting please head to:www.judgejules.net
John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to hodgman@maximumfun.org. THAT IS ALL.
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Western Big Game Hunting Guide and Hunter Jay Scott talks tactics, tips & information with industry experts on this podcast.
The millennial's guide to faith, God and truth.
Gabe Pacheco and Sami Hamarneh dive deep into the world of cinema, reviewing movies from various genres and break down what was going down when these movies came out.
Not Guilty
What defines guilt? Should we judge the accused based on the evidence found against them? Or by the decision made about them by a jury of their peers? Each week we look at complicated criminal cases, where the evidence and the verdict don’t always line up, testing the limits of “innocent until proven guilty.” Not Guilty is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.
Media Personality, Author & Entrepreneur
en(gender)ed features stories that explore the systems, practices, and policies that enable gender-based violence and oppression and the solutions to end it. We teach feminism and decolonize hearts and minds, one story at a time.
Judging Book Covers Podcast is a podcast hosted by Meghan Griffin, featuring two new guest every month. Each guest picks a book to make the other two read and discuss, getting people outside of their comfort zone.
Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee is a 30-minute radio broadcast composed of excerpts from Witness Lee's spoken ministry that focuses on the enjoyment of the divine life as revealed in the Scriptures. The ministry portions are followed by a discussion of the portion presented, including questions and answers.
Each week Dave Pearce brings you 1 hour of the latest in Trance & Progressive. For full tracklisting please head to www.davepearce.co.ukFor demos and info email podcast@davepearce.co.uk
A podcast all about collected editions of the galaxy’s greatest comic 2000AD, hosted by Eamonn Clarke.
A podcast devoted to the UK comic 2000AD, Judge Dredd and all associated stuff!
John Hodgman's Today in the Past podcast is now The Judge John Hodgman Podcast. Have your pressing issues decided by Famous Minor Television Personality John Hodgman, Certified Judge. If you'd like John Hodgman to solve your pressing issue, simply email it, along with your phone number, to hodgman@maximumfun.org. THAT IS ALL.
Kree and yoohoo, from me to you! Join Andrew for fun in the world of SG-1!
Open Ninth
Candid conversations about current topics with court and community leaders.
Candace and Jess Judge A Book by its Cover is a podcast where every week our two hosts tell you what a book is all about. Except they don't ever read the book and they both get distracted easily. Check them out every Thursday, wherever you get your podcasts. Be sure to drop and rating and subscribe!
Running Matters
Matt and his guest co-host Paul Hadfield interview their mate and training partner Judge. Judge explains the origins of NORG (Night Owl Running Group), membership status and the unusual application criteria. Judge confesses to a beer before NORG and explains his unattainable goals for UTA50 this year. The boys critique another beer on the Stone & Wood scale while discussing the optimum amount of beverages to indulge in the day before a long run.
Mondeo Law
Comedian Alex Boardman and Barrister Chris Kehoe, discuss English Criminal Law whilst sat in a Ford Mondeo. A comedic look at some of the most famous criminal cases in English Law with legal expert and barrister Chris Kehoe, and comedian Alex Boardman. In every episode Chris will guide us through a famous area in English Criminal Law. He will explain the facts of the case, set out the legal principles the case raises and offer insight into the reasons behind the verdicts of the judges who pr ...
The Tom Woods Show
Join New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods for your daily serving of liberty education! Guests include Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, David Stockman, and hundreds more, with topics like war, the Federal Reserve, net neutrality, the FDA, Austrian economics, and many other subjects of interest to libertarians. Join us!
Just a couple guys having civilized conversation about some rather uncivilized topics. Come along as we try to determine who the REAL racists are. New episode every Wednesday! So join us and YOU BE THE JUDGE!
Chef Marc Murphy’s debut podcast, Food 360, is a true celebration of the culinary world. With a little help from historians, fellow celebrity chefs, food writers, and more, the Chopped judge and restaurateur examines food culture from every possible angle, shedding new light on even the most familiar culinary topics. He’ll explore questions like: Why does food taste better on a white plate? How do menu layouts affect the way we order? And what does it really take to open up a restaurant? Lis ...
Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.
Radio Diaries
First-person diaries, sound portraits, and hidden chapters of history from Peabody Award-winning producer Joe Richman and the Radio Diaries team. From teenagers to octogenarians, prisoners to prison guards, bra saleswomen to lighthouse keepers. The extraordinary stories of ordinary life. Radio Diaries is a proud member of Radiotopia, from PRX. Learn more at radiotopia.fm
Utilizes narrative storytelling, archival audio, and immersive soundscapes to explore true stories of white-collar criminals, con artists, and corporate evil. From corruption and fraud to Ponzi schemes and environmental disasters, these financially motivated crimes have shaped our world in unimaginable ways. All in the name of greed.
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"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.
Tom Bradshaw pres. Killswitch Radio It's time to flick the switch, Taking you on a journey through the best Uplifting,Tech Trance & Techno... In the mix
Judge Movie
The podcast putting film culture on trial.
The Lawfare Podcast features discussions with experts, policymakers, and opinion leaders at the nexus of national security, law, and policy. On issues from foreign policy, homeland security, intelligence, and cybersecurity to governance and law, we have doubled down on seriousness at a time when others are running away from it. Visit us at www.lawfareblog.com.
When I decided to write a book, my wife, Shelli, asked me two questions. Why was I writing it and for whom? After a great deal of thought and introspection the answers were clear. I wanted to use my many years of experience as a trial lawyer and the experience I was getting as a judge to help the public deal with the anxieties and stresses that come from an involvement with the legal system. Most people know little about how the legal system really works. When exposed to it, they are faced w ...
A space for moms to talk openly about their journey through motherhood and life without being judged. Some conversations leaves us thinking and others inspired.
In an overwhelmingly woke comedic landscape, right-leaning stand-up Geoff Norcott is a rare beast. In WMPT he gets to the heart of what ordinary people think about social and political issues. Whatever the contentious subject – he’ll be honest and blunt, but without being a dick. Mostly. Geoff has appeared on Live at the Apollo, Mash Report, Question Time, Mock the Week and pops up frequently on UK political debate programmes. He’s also written for shows ranging from Have I Got News For You ...
One Bad Mother
A comedy podcast about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. We aren't all magical vessels! Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging, and more laughing.
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday. CNN.com/TheSituationRoom
Reflecting History
Reflecting History is an educational history podcast that explores significant historical events and themes without losing track of the ordinary people involved. Covering a wide variety of topics, it is a narrative driven podcast that delves into the connection between history, psychology, and philosophy on a personal level.
Behind The Trial
How do the most celebrated trial lawyers of our generation convince 12 strangers? What are their secrets of persuasion and tricks of the trade? "Behind the Trial" will take you to the front lines and reveal how it all works when lives, fortunes, and reputations hang in the balance. Presented by Benchmark Litigation in association with McKool Smith, the Behind the Trial podcast series features in-depth discussions with the nation’s most iconic trial lawyers. Behind the Trial captures the uniq ...
Don't Judge Me Podcast
A show about the intersection of thoughtful conversation and nerdy pop culture. We'll share our reactions to everything from movies to board games.
Nothing is off limits here. All we ask is that you have an open mind and don't judge us! And if you do... well, you'll find out.Send inquiries and questions to:DontJudgeMePod@gmail.com
Judge Dawson is the Administrative & Presiding Judge of the East Cleveland Municipal Court. He is a Author, Speaker and Yoga Teacher. His goal is to provide tools for leadership and to help break cycles. www.JudgeDawson.com
RTÉ - Judging Dev
Re-evaluating Eamon De Valera and his legacy from a 21st century perspective.
What are famous Australians like as parents? It doesn’t matter if you’ve sold out a massive arena, been named Australian of the Year, or stepped onto Centre Court at Wimbledon. As a parent, you’ve still got to wipe bums. You still feel judged when your kid bites another kid at day care. And you still lie about how often you let them watch the iPad.Join comedian and mother-of-two Terri Psiakis as she noses her way into the parenting lives of high profile Australians; uncovering the secrets, c ...
The Vocal Fries
The podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people's speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk.To join our email list and get updates on new episodes and announcements, click here
Cases and Controversies, from Bloomberg Law, brings you the latest from the Supreme Court. "Sneak Peek" episodes preview each week's oral arguments at the high court, while "Deep Dive" episodes explore a critical legal issue from all sides, with in-depth interviews of top Supreme Court advocates, law professors, lawyers, legal journalists, and judges.
Challenging verse-by-verse teaching of scripture from www.versebyverseministry.org
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
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show series
This is program 12 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
Is ANYTHING better about the 2019 live action Aladdin, compared to the 90s Disney classic cartoon? …no. Nothing. Nothing, and we complained about it for a really long time.By Rachel and Becky Judge Things.
This week, Judge John Hodgman and Bailiff Jesse Thorn are in chambers to clear the docket with special guest Paula Poundstone! You've heard Paula as a frequent guest on NPR’s weekly comedy news quiz, Wait Wait...Don’t Tell Me. She also hosts the Maximum Fun podcast Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone with co-host Adam Felber. Paula P. joins us t ...…
Can money buy love? How much money do you need to ruin a happy couple’s relationship. Let’s dive into this 1990’s adult-contemporary romantic melodrama about a bored billionaire Robert Redford who plays love games with a fresh faced couple played by Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore. Joining us on the Pod is Andrew Harriss.…
This episode is dedicated to Chris. Happy belated birthday! We finally get a relaxing break and decided to read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams! We also discuss A Simple Favor, another book that you should see the movie first. What IS the question that has the answer 42?! Next Week: A memoir Find us on the web: Website | T ...…
KCAA: For The People With Judge Herb Dodell on Mon, 7 Oct, 2019By KCAA Radio.
Hey guys, we don't have a full episode this week, but here's a little message explaining why. We will post our next full episode on Oct 17th. See you all then!By Candace and Jess.
At the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, Benjamin Wittes sat down in front of a live audience with Judge John Bates, a senior district judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Bates has served on the court since 2001, and from 2009 to 2013, he served as the presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (F ...…
Anonymous senior Trump admin official who wrote explosive New York Times op-ed coming out with new book about Trump; U.S. diplomat testifies he was told "everything" depended on Ukraine announcing investigations that could help Trump; As top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine testifies in impeachment inquiry, Trump calls the constitutional process "a lyn ...…
9:00 Diplomat worried Trump would stiff Ukraine after leveraging favor 9:21 Trump increasingly exposed as walls close in on Ukraine scheme 9:30 Demings wants Sondland to 'clear up' contradictions with Taylor 9:38 Chicago prosecutors reveal new thread in Giuliani associates case 9:44 Trump reaches end of legal rope on 'executive immunity' excuse ...…
Peter Schiff interviews me on economic history, Keynesianism, and state nullification. Show notes for Ep. 1519
In 2014, the precipitous fall of the ancient city of Mosul signaled the sudden rise to power of the Islamic State, a group that would soon declare a new caliphate from Mosul's Great Mosque. Two years later, Mosul served as one of the group's last major enclaves in Iraq and became the site of grinding, brutal urban warfare as Iraqi forces sought ...…
DROKKTOBER CONTINUES! Flint is back from Ireland. Burdochs or Beshoffs? Book hunting. John Wick 3. Death McDonald. Burdis Bunker. Your Smart Meter is Listening! Barking Dogs and The Witch Joke goes over Mr. Ross' Head! All this and, of course, the Prog review!
This is program 11 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
Bad guys. Black hats. Evildoers. They are the bane of every hero’s existence…and the subject of Parcast’s dastardly new original series, VILLAINS. Every Friday, VILLAINS dissects the greatest foils from history and fiction—uncovering origins, analyzing impacts, and exploring the complexity of character and motive. In this clip, we explore the c ...…
Trump: GOP needs to "get tougher and fight" impeachment; Trump defends Doral G7 plan despite reversal; Top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine to testify in impeachment inquiry; Furious Kurds pelt withdrawing U.S. troops as Trump defends decision to abandon ally; House Republicans push to censure Schiff over whistleblower comments; Wolf one-on-one with Be ...…
9:00 Trump wields DOJ as Russia, media reprise 2016 roles for 2020 9:32 State Dept witnesses make case clear in Trump impeachment inquiry 9:41 New bragging points for several 2020 Democrats since last debate 9:46 Klobuchar takes in $2 million building on strong debate showing 9:53 Klobuchar touts advantages of public option built on ACA 9:59 Tr ...…
The official line of the regime and its media accomplices is that presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is a "Russian asset." Isn't it funny how all the Respectable People suddenly and in unison all have the same opinions about everything, down to the lingo and the talking points? I discuss this creepy phenomenon. (And yes, I know, Tulsi is not ...…
Now Terri and her guests have made you feel a bit better about your own parenting, you might be thinking "what's next?". Well if you're looking for some common sense, practical tips for raising your kids as they grow from toddlers to teens, look no further. Parental as Anything, with Maggie Dent, one of Australia's favourite parenting authors a ...…
Sexual abuse can have psychological , emotional. and physical effects on a survivor. Affects aren't always easy to deal with, but with the right help and support they can be managed. Grace shares her story on how she had the strength to turn her story around from being sexually abused as a child and now having her own child and how it plays a p ...…
This is program 10 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
It’s February 6, 2018. Don McGahn is back in the Oval Office with President Trump and the new White House chief of staff John Kelly. The New York Times has just published a story reporting that, back in June of 2017, Trump had directed McGahn to have Mueller fired and that McGahn had threatened to resign rather than carry out the order. The sto ...…
This is program 9 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
This is program 8 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
Trump tries to downplay Mulvaney quid pro debacle, as sources say he's angry and Pelosi calls it a "confession"; Deadline tonight for Rick Perry and White House to produce Ukraine documents in impeachment probe; Sources: Pompeo feels frustrated & victimized amid impeachment controversy, feared Trump would fire him; Dems slam Trump decision to h ...…
It's been a horrible week in northeastern Syria. The U.S. abandoned its Kurdish allies after the president had a conversation by phone with Turkish President Erdogan and pulled the plug on the stabilizing U.S. presence in the region. The Turkish government began a major incursion over the border, which has produced significant casualties and ma ...…
9:00 Criminal case overlaps uncomfortably with Trump impeachment probe 9:12 Oligarch used Giuliani as means to gain Trump's favor: reports 9:28 Watchdog caught contractor donating to Trump SuperPAC: ProPublica 9:37 Trump self-dealing on G7 summit would boost failing Doral resort 9:47 Trump's G7 self-dealing ploy could become article of impeachm ...…
Madison biographer Kevin Gutzman joins me for a discussion of the Madison nobody knows. Show notes for Ep. 1517
Steph has an impressive trail running resume, just this year her results speak for themselves: •UTA 22 in a time of 01:49:12 -1st female •Tarawera 100km in a time of 09:49:23 – 2nd female •Six Foot Track marathon 3:48:22 – 1st female •Alpine Ascent 50k 04:19:15 – 1st overall •Brisbane Trail Ulta 60k, 06:04:58 - 2nd overall and 1st female She ta ...…
Introducing Article II: Inside Impeachment, a new podcast from NBC News. Seven witnesses have now appeared before Congressional committees to share what they know about the Trump administration’s dealings with Ukraine. But why is so much of this process behind closed doors? Will the public ever learn what was said? Julia Ainsley, NBC News Corre ...…
Listen as Jay Scott talks Brian Rimsza about his archery Elk Hunt in Utah and Moose hunt in Montana. https://www.instagram.com/brimsza/ Sponsors of the JSO Podcast https://www.gohunt.com/ Cody Nelson "Glassing Guru and Optics Authority" Optics Manager at goHUNT.com Gear Shop-Call Cody directly for info and sales at (702) 847-8747 Ext #2 or emai ...…
The U.S. Supreme Court's first oral argument session of the 2019 term is in the books, and Cases and Controversies hosts Kimberly Robinson and Jordan Rubin break it down on this Deep Dive recap episode. The hosts dive into the contentious arguments on whether federal employment discrimination law bars discrimination against LGBT employees, a cl ...…
Amber T. Bogan is a wife, mother, corporate professional, real estate investor, and self-proclaimed business enthusiast who aspires to inspire. Originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, Amber, along with her loving husband, Darrion, and their spunky daughter, Emery, currently reside in the Metro STL area. Amber earned her bachelors of business ...…
This is program 7 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
S4-E3: Love Made Her Do What?! by Isaac AmeyawBy Isaac Ameyaw.
Source: Mulvaney's Ukraine quid pro quo admission is "not helpful", Trump legal team is "stunned"; Turkey agrees to 5-day pause in Syria assault, denies it's a ceasefire as Trump and Pence claim; House Intel Chairman on Mulvaney's admission on Ukraine: things went from 'very bad" to "much, much worse" for Trump; U.S. Ambassador breaks with Trum ...…
9:00 Maddow: Elijah Cummings 'genuinely, humblingly inspiring' 9:05 Trump helps Putin tick through Russia's world affairs wish list 9:33 Yang: No easy answer to fixing Trump's disaster in Syria 9:45 Yang: Universal basic income should be in Democratic politics 9:53 Perry, in Trump Ukraine scandal spotlight, resigns in video Learn more about you ...…
On July 28, 1945 an Army bomber pilot on a routine ferry mission found himself lost in the fog over Manhattan. A dictation machine in a nearby office happened to capture the sound of the plane as it hit the Empire State Building at the 79th floor. Fourteen people were killed. Debris from the plane severed the cables of an elevator, which fell 7 ...…
In a special episode, Elizabeth Slattery sits down with the legendary Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit to discuss the eagle collection in her chambers, her love of Julia Child and making aspic, and a run-in with Elizabeth Warren. Follow us on Twitter @scotus101 and send comments, questions, or ideas for future episodes to scotus101@herita ...…
Biz and Theresa wonder if and how our use of the internet in relation to parenting has changed. Looking up “rash” is never a good idea, but is looking up “dangers of social media” any better? However, we also find communities and support on the wild, wild web. In a time when isolation is a real experience for parents, the internet may be the vi ...…
Join comedian Dan Ahdoot as he talks with other comedians, writers, chefs, and more to discover what they love about food and how it informs their lives. Season 1 is underway and features conversations with Hasan Minhaj, Michelle Buteau, Paul Rust, Iliza Shlesinger, Scott Aukerman, Chef Ignacio Mattos, The Sklar Brothers, and more. Learn more a ...…
In this "Reflections" episode,Teri and Michael reflect back on episodes on the weaponization of motherhood - Episode 67: Bethany Johnson and Maggie Quinlan on “You’re Doing It Wrong! Mothering, Media and Medical Expertise,” Episode 68: Indra Lusero of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women on Reproductive Justice as a Human Right, Episode 69 ...…
In this "Reflections" episode,Teri and Michael reflect back on episodes on the weaponization of motherhood - Episode 67: Bethany Johnson and Maggie Quinlan on “You’re Doing It Wrong! Mothering, Media and Medical Expertise,” Episode 68: Indra Lusero of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women on Reproductive Justice as a Human Right, Episode 69 ...…
Sheldon Richman, author of the new book Coming to Palestine, joins me to discuss the rights and wrongs of Israel and the Palestinians. Show notes for Ep. 1516
This episode we talk to comedy lone wolf Alistair Williams. Al has a fascinating story to tell about his brush with comedy's thought police. He took it right to the limit, sharing a stage with a certain Nigel Farage. Luckily he's lived to tell a fascinating tale. We also look at Trump, Extinction Rebellion and gender fluidity. And of course the ...…
This is program 6 of the Life-Study of Joshua with Witness Lee.By Living Stream Ministry.
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