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A daily round-up of the best of The Jim Rome Show
V Recordings - Bryan Gee presents the V Recordings podcast. Packed full of Drum andamp; Bass exclusives from the mighty V Recordings, Liquid V, Chronic and Philly Blunt labels. V Forever baby!
The Cardboard Jungle is a podcast all about tabletop gaming hosted by gaming friends, Anthony Racano, Paul Leoncavallo, Matthew Soares and Kevin Crowther. We hope to give our own spin on board and card games along with some input from our bullpen of contributors. Our goal is to promote the hobby and those individuals who make it up, including designers, publishers, retailers, conventions and other podcasters and bloggers. We love gaming because of all of you and we want give you your proper ...
Originally written for his young daughter Josephine, who died tragically aged six, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is a collection of short stories which were published separately in magazines before being compiled into a book. The stories are in the form of fables, where animals communicate and speak to each other as humans do and the purpose of each story was to convey a moral or message to the reader. Modern readers would be more familiar with the Disney animated version in which Mowgl ...
Reggae + Drum & Bass = Ragga Jungle. 10 tracks. 30 minute non-stop mixes. New episodes drop weekly and/or anytime I feel like it. Rudeboy Rai takes you on a wicked heart-pumping, high energy session to make your workout even more intense and enjoyable. Big ups for subscribing!
show your support by donating or buying some of our music. we dont do this for money but we have to keep things up and running, storage, bandwidth etc. for info, bookings and requests e:mail >
Mixes: Jungle
Dub & Jungle.Mixes and radio shows.Dj Lighta's Dub to Jungle ShowWWW.LEGACY901.COMThursdays 7-9pm (UK)
The stories in South American Jungle Tales center on the relationships between people and the different creatures Quiroga came into contact with on his farm in Misiones, a region of jungle in Uruguay along the banks of the Upper Parana river. Each story quickly evolves into a fantastical realm where the various animals take on familiar human characteristics. These stories, of course, are a metaphor for how man interacts with nature. They are used to show how human beings are an integral part ...
Jay presents a weekly podcast covering Old Skool Hardcore and Jungle from 1991 to 1996, Classic House, UK Garage & Breakbeat. Stream/Download shows from your favourite podcast platform here:
Jungle Tales of Tarzan is a collection of twelve loosely-connected short stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, comprising the sixth book in order of publication in his series about the title character Tarzan. Chronologically, the events recounted in it actually occur between chapters 12 and 13 of the first Tarzan novel, Tarzan of the Apes.
A story of a boy who raised by Indian wolves becomes lord of the jungle. (Summary by Jessie Yun)
This is the classic story of Mowgli, the young boy raised by wolves in India: his escapades and adventures with his dear friends Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear, his capture by the Monkey-People, his attempt at reintegration into human society, and his ultimate triumph over his avowed enemy the tiger Shere Khan. Included in the book is the story of the brave white seal, Kotick, and the tenacious young mongoose, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi who battled through the night to protect his human famil ...
What's going on World. I go by the Name Deli Meeks coming from the Atlanta Area in Georgia. Here you will find many of my sets as I take you on the journey through many areas of house music. Ranging from Deep, Soulful, and my favorite Afro house. Stay Tuned as i will release new sets each month of good vibes and good music. Lets get this ride started. Welcome to Deep In the Jungle Radio.
Capturing kirtans across NYC
Rima Danielle Jomaa is a successful entrepreneur, marriage and family therapist, yoga teacher & vegan advocate living in the beautiful jungle of Costa Rica. This podcast is a culmination of her stories & the stories of those that influence her & help her to understand the world in different ways. The ups & downs of a woman on her spiritual path, she tells her stories in a humorous, relatable way & provides motivational insights & applicable tools to help you on your path to living your dream ...
Pacific Jungle is Hawaii's Drum & Bass.
This classic children's book by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves: his escapades and adventures with his dear friends Bagheera the panther and Baloo the bear, his capture by the Monkey-People, his attempt at reintegration into human society, and his ultimate triumph over the lame tiger Shere Khan. The account of Mowgli's adventures is followed by several short stories, including the tales of the brave white seal, Kotick, and the tenacious mongoose, Rikki ...
Jungle Pilot - Author - Missiologist
This is the page for hours 3 and 4 of the Morning Jungle Radio Show!
Third entry in the then-popular boys' adventure series has the Rover brothers (Tom, Dick, & Sam) heading to Africa to search for their long-missing father, after a few more adventures at their upstate New York boarding school, Putnam Hall. - Summary by BellonaTimes
Jana of the Jungle
Broadcasting directly from Rain Forest Radio in Costa Rica, Jani Jana Schulz - host of "Jana of the Jungle" and her gusets talk all things environment and wildlife, preserving earth's values - our nature. Listen to Jani live every Wednesday 11 AM PST, exclusively on LA Talk Radio (
Sydney's Premiere Strength & Movement Gym
Live from the Jungle Room in his Top Secret Eco-Pod complex high in the Cascade Mountains, join radio host Jack Velvet for an eclectic mix of music, sound bites, information and inanity. Not to be missed!More Fun than a Boatload of Bimbos - President Bill Clinton. He Looks Marvelous! - Pope Francis II
Director Jon Favreau discusses his upcoming live-action epic adventure film, The Jungle Book. Mowgli embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery, guided by panther-turned-stern mentor Bagheera, and the free-spirited bear Baloo. Hosted by Edith Bowman at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London.
The not-so-urban adventures of a dope creative going vegan and striving to keep her Zen in this ever evolving NYC. If you are looking for variety then I'm your lady. My collection ranges from all too relevant pet peeves to really mind blowing health tidbits I gather on my path to vegan bliss. The goal is to keep my rants positive as well as entertaining. Please let me know how I'm doing with that. Thank ye in advance!
Jordan and Sam are positively chuffed to be offering you these weekly, bite-sized installments of succulent absurdist sketch comedy. Have a listen, have a chuckle, but remember that 5th-century Greek painter Zeuxis literally died from laughter, so let's not get too carried away. Heavens!
Late entry in the Boy Chums series set in WWI-era Florida focuses on four working-class adventurers: young adults Charley & Walter, manservant Chris, and man of the world, Captain Westfield. Has the distinction of Chris being black; he's a stereotype for sure but is pretty much treated as an equal, like a grown-up Buckwheat -- with a dry sense of humor -- from the Our Gang comedies.. - Summary by BellonaTimes
Jungle Juice
A Podcast About Animals
Jungle Clearing
Live, online fan radio show and podcast talking all things 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here'
Mostly about my
The Jungle Book
The Jungle Book (1894) is a collection of stories written by Rudyard Kipling. The tales in the book are fables, using animals in an anthropomorphic manner to give moral lessons.
Welcome to the jungle! A ranting and raving show talking all topics from sports to weird world news!
Jungle Cast
Every Friday, join us for the top news of the week in politics, media, and around the world!
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
'The Beast in the Jungle' is a 1903 novella by Henry James, first published as part of the collection, The Better Sort. Almost universally considered one of James' finest short narratives, this story treats appropriately universal themes: loneliness, fate, love and death. The parable of John Marcher and his peculiar destiny has spoken to many readers who have speculated on the worth and meaning of human life.(Summary by Wikipedia)
Life and times of an entrepreneur launching a fresh fruit soda company among the soda juggernauts. Day to day, failure and success, good and bad.
Two flavored women straight out of Brooklyn, mixing a ta$te the Concrete Jungle can't ignore.Instagram|Twitter|Periscope: @JungleJuicinFacebook: Jungle Juice (Media)
How do elephants drink? What is the Law of the Jungle at the water hole? How does an elephant baby learn to feed and learn to swim? How do they walk under water? In what order do buffaloes drink? How do buffaloes fight the tiger? These and other wild inhabitants of the Indian jungle such as pigs, wild dogs, deer, camels, bears and birds are discussed in lively stories to entertain but mainly educate children of school age. "One of the great thinkers of the world has said that all the science ...
Jungle Safari
Go on a magical safari ride through the jungle.
Voice Of The Jungle
Voice of the Jungle: Unbiased yet opinionated thoughts on the Bengals, and football in general. Send in questions, thoughts, talking points, pretty much anything to
Welcome to the Concretes Jungle Apes podcast, where amazing things happen.
Audio Jungle
Original Music with Found Audio
For the Culture
This is JTapes audio podcast hosted by a group of audio engineers from Chicago sharing their experiences and insight on current hot topics within the music industry and studio technology. We regularly feature the recording artists we work with and our interns. Listen to House, Cruz & Ksenia weekly!
Welcome to the Jungle Funk Recordings Podcast presented by Jerome Robins & Deko-ze!
Podcast by Dave Higgins and Jacqui Kassulke
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Topics: LeSean McCoy, Kellen Winslow, Brad In Corona Guests: Terry Francona, Luke Walton, Rashaan Evans
If you like you old skool disco with a new beat then this is for you so please share on all social media and leave a comment and a big massive shout to you all
Topics: LeBron James, Boston Red Sox, Phil Mickelson Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Marc Stein, Bucky Brooks
House & Ksenia break down if Drake's Scorpion Format (Full Album plus many more tracks) or the 7 Ye Theory (EPs) is better to release in order to garner the most attention as a new recording artist. Future recently dropped Beast Mode 2, and he went on a twitter rant about how he deserves recognition for fathering the new generation of rappers. ...…
Мощный, качающий джангл микс.By DJ Ornament.
Topics: LeBron, Alex Bregman, LeSean McCoy Guests: David Forst, Charles Robinson, Joel Sherman
July 11 show. Rebroadcast of May 23-18 show.By (CiTR 101.9 Vancouver).
Topics: Manny Machado, Jay Cutler, Costco Guests: Aaron Nola, Malik Beasley, Ben Golliver
Topics: LeBron James, Daniel Cormier Guests: Deandre Ayton, Nick Nurse, Bruce Feldman
Help me understand how you deal with being born of this country and still be shunned because you are some shade of brown. I’m a legal outsider (had to put that out there Cuz don’t need those people knocking on my door if you know what I mean) but truthfully would love to understand the Black experience a lot more. The fact that this is a topic ...…
Live session at the epic Cross Club in Prague, one of my fav clubs to play at as it's basically the set of Bladerunner that's been constantly evolving since it started many years ago! If you like the podcast please do give us a comment & review and remember you can get more shows here as well as some exclusive mixes:…
Topics: Kawhi Leonard Guests: Ice Cube, Lee Jenkins, Kevin Iole
Topics: LeBron James, DeMarcus Cousins Guests: Daniel Cormier, Isaiah Pead, Jarvis Landry
Bryan Gee steps into the mix once again this month for the 67th V Recordings Podcast! Bryan kicks off the show with a 2 hour selection, jam-packed with new material from the likes of Alibi, Kings Of The Rollers, DJ Patife and Vangeliez as well as shining this months spotlight shines on Suburban Base Records. In addition to all of this we have a ...…
Best Buy started to phase out sales of CDs starting July 1st, 2018. Does this mark the end of CDs as profitable merch for independent artists? Is duplicating CDs still a worthy investment? Drake - Scorpion album caused a bit of a stir on spotify with it's users. They were annoyed with the amount of promo material on the app to celebrate Scorpio ...…
Rebroadcast of May 30 show.By (CiTR 101.9 Vancouver).
LeBron James is taking his talents to Hollywood to play for the historic Los Angeles Lakers and the city is going crazy! Mom and Dad call in to give their reactions to the Lakers acquiring the best basketball player in the world. This episode is nothing but Lakers talk. We discuss a little bit of the Dodgers, and do some Dwight Howard bashing, ...…
Full review of Drake's latest album Scorpion, by Tony (Drake supporter) and Morgan (Drake detractor).It's been a whole month since the last episode, so like Lil Wayne always says, "Sorry For The Wait." June gave us plenty of new hip-hop music to enjoy for the summer. Drake and Kanye West are in the forefront, so we give you our reactions to wha ...…
Topics: Jameis Winston, LeBron James, James Kelley Mean Tweets Guests: Dave Stewart, Jon Morosi Jenny Vrentas
This week is an all vinyl show mainly based around 1994 Old Skool Hardcore with a sprinkle of Jungle for good measure! If you like the podcast please do give us a comment & review and remember you can get more shows here as well as some exclusive mixes:
Topics: Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James Guests: Cris Cyborg, Eric Wood, Daniel Carcillo
House and Ksenia reveal their theories on if Childish Gambino really stole "This Is America" from ATL rapper Jase Harley. Did Donald Glover steal, bite or was he just inspired? They predict the next wave in Hip Hop now that it is the number 1 consumed music genre in USA! It even beat out rock! Check out what they have to say about what instrume ...…
Topics: Magic Johnson, Archie Bradley Guests: David Price, Mike Hazen, Miles Mikolas
Topics: Bill Russell, Carmelo Anthony Guests: David Joerger, Tom Verducci
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