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Key Life isn't for everyone. If you want the Bible to be a "book of rules," if you think there is something unspiritual about laughter and dangerous about freedom and if you define faithfulness as conformity to Christian stereotypes, then Key Life probably isn't for you.But if you're interested in an honest, non-manipulative and thoughtful presentation of Biblical truth in the context of Christ's unconditional love, Key Life may be for you. If you need to hear the hopeful truth that God isn' ...
Each week on the Key of David Gerald Flurry discusses world news in the clear light of Bible prophecy.
Build a biblical foundation for your life through the daily teaching of Colin Smith on Unlocking the Bible. You'll discover the message of God's Word from beginning to end is a riveting story of a loving God rescuing lost people through his son Jesus Christ.
The SportsTech Allstars Podcast by SportsTechX showcases the most relevant initiatives in the global SportsTech ecosystem. The interviews cover accelerator & incubator programs, events, awards and other initiatives, as well as outstanding startups and their founders. Are you looking for innovation topics, trends or cooperation and investment opportunities? Here's where you can find them. For further info, such as reports and market overviews, go to SportsTechX is a leadi ...
Why should people be afraid to talk about God? Join Mike and Heather as they invite local pastors and other special guests in to talk about God, the Bible, the Christian life, and other topics that affect all of us. If you're looking for highfalutin jibber-jabber, don't bother subscribing. The conversations are candid, lively, and sometimes silly, but always grounded in the Truth. Mike and Heather in the Morning is a ministry of Key Radio located in Provo, Utah.
Your #1 Siesta Key Podcast! JLAG and NBEA return to cover off the second season of MTV's Siesta Key. #LOVEATYOUROWNRISK is the hashtag of the season, and Chloe reminds us there are NO secrets in Siesta Key!Follow us on Twitter @Recap_Rewind
LO-KEY - Lo-key
interviews with specialty coffee shops, local business owners and organizations .
I am a retired New York attorney now living full time in Key West, Florida. I offer my take and perspective on life in Key West and world events. Quite a stretch. Interesting and informative. Sometimes challenging. Join me.
The Siesta Key After Show breaks down every episode of Siesta Key! From your favorite couples to all the sexy goodness, stay up to date on everything you need to know!
AM is Australia's most informative morning current affairs program. With key political interviews and stories about the Australian way of life, AM sets the agenda for the nation’s daily news and current affairs coverage.
David Axelrod, the founder and director of the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, brings you The Axe Files, a series of revealing interviews with key figures in the political world. Go beyond the soundbites and get to know some of the most interesting players in politics.
This is Book 4 in the Time Traders Series, In this book Ross Murdock and Arthur Ashe continue their adventures in Time and Space on the World of Hawaika. Hawaiian and Polynesian settlers help Ross and Ashe discover the way the world has changed from the data tape to present time. Helped by a girl (Karara) and her two trained dolphins (Tino-rau and Taua)
Historical themes, events and key individuals from Akhenaten to Xenophon.
Your weekly deep dive into MTV’s Siesta Key, hosted by Garrett Clayman and Olivia Reiner.Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: siestakeypod
A Podcast dedicated to the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles.
Ohio Exopolitics
This show covers UFOs, ancient history, extra-terrestrial life and new technology. Your host Mark Snider interviews the key people in the world of exopolitics. The focus of the interviews will deal with contactees, military personnel, scientists, authors, researchers, historians and others that are knowledgeable in the field of UFO study and the many related fields.Purchase music heard on the show at Art based on a painting by Jim Nichols.
Wise Traditions
Looking to improve your health? The Wise Traditions podcast embraces traditions from the past for optimal health today! The key is to nourish our bodies with nutrient-dense food, not processed, food-like products. Health coach Hilda Labrada Gore, known as Holistic Hilda, is the host and producer of the show. She conducts down-to-earth interviews with leading health and wellness experts (scientists, doctors, farmers, physical therapists, and more) to uncover practical tips that you can incorp ...
Silicon Valley’s most revered journalist hosts candid interviews with tech execs, politicians, celebrities and more about their big ideas and how they’re changing our world. Tune in every week for enlightening conversations with people like Tesla CEO Elon Musk, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and many more. Produced by Recode and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
The Real Story
Global experts and decision makers discuss, debate and analyse a key news story.
From Sydney, Australia to the world... Key of Life is a monthly house music podcast mixed by Dj Leila Hassan. Subscribe for an hour of FRESH funky, tech, and Jackin' HOUSE each month! Socials: Shoutouts & Bookings :
In a unique weekly podcast, Edith Bowman sits down with a variety of film directors, actors, producers and composers to talk about the music that inspired them and how they use music in their films, from their current release to key moments in their career. The music chosen by our guests is woven into the interview and used alongside clips from their films. ...
This podcast talks about life situations, key factors of success and emotional, physical, and spiritual time of life
6 Minute Grammar
Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar.Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.
Best of Today
Insight, analysis and expert debate as key policy makers are challenged on the latest news stories. From BBC Radio 4's Today programme
John Pienaar shares his keen political observations, with news and interviews from key political figures in Westminster
Savor digs into how people live and how they eat – and why. Hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum interview the culinary creators and consumers of the world, exploring the science, history, and culture of food and drink, all with a key question in mind: Why do we like what we like, and how can we find more of those things?
When Carly Parker’s friend Yumiko goes missing under very mysterious circumstances, Carly’s search for her friend leads her headfirst into a ancient mysterious game known only as Rabbits. Soon Carly begins to suspect that Rabbits is much more than just a game, and that the key to understanding Rabbits, might be the key to the survival of our species, and the Universe as we know it.
Making Obama
Former President Barack Obama — along with key advisers, mentors, and rivals — tells the story of his climb from Chicago to the national stage. Season One of Making told the story of how Oprah built a media empire. Now, the story of how Chicago shaped the country's first African-American president.
Chris Hayes delivers the biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. Join him as he has brings the nation’s officials, legislators, policymakers, and local activists to the table to address key issues affecting communities across America.
What do you get when you combine one of today's most visible young conservatives, Guy Benson, with someone who has held key roles in Democratic politics, Marie Harf? You get a unique FOX News Talk Show that focuses on a fresh take of all the day's issues with a perspective from both sides of the aisle. The show will focus on politics but will also touch on the stories of the day that your listeners are talking about. Daily topics will also include pop-culture, entertainment, sports and much, ...
Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.
You spend a quarter of your life at work. You should enjoy it! Organizational psychologist Adam Grant takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most unusual professionals to discover the keys to a better work life. From learning how to love your rivals to harnessing the power of frustration, one thing’s for sure: You’ll never see your job the same way again.
Listen to the hosts as they discuss topics within the boxing world with boxers, coaches & key people from the industry. Join in with your opinion and debate the sport we share a passion for.Call the show to give the panel your opinion 01506 243 403 - Free UK landline
The MMQB suite of podcasts bring you unique, informed and immediate analysis from around the NFL. Whether you’re looking to catch up on Sunday’s football action, take a deep dive into the film or answer some burning NFL questions, The MMQB staff has you covered. With a rotating cast of hosts including Andy Benoit, Albert Breer, Jenny Vrentas, Conor Orr and Gary Gramling, you’ll finish each episode knowing more about football than you ever thought you could.
In Intelligence Matters, former acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell, speaks with top leaders of the U.S. intelligence community as they reflect on their life, career and the critical roles they play in shaping national security policies. (154991)As a central figure in the most significant U.S. counter-terror efforts of the past two decades and a former CIA intelligence analyst, Morell is uniquely skilled at taking industry leading knowledge to make connections that provide deep insight ...
Key to success
Welcome to the Key to Success, podcasting daily motivations and lessons for the viewers!
From Altruism to Wittgenstein, philosophers, theories and key themes.
Keys To Kingdom Living is a dynamic teaching ministry sharing the revelation of Christ with the nations. Through our programs, you will grow in the knowledge of Christ and be encouraged to discover and fulfill your kingdom purpose.
Keys To Kingdom Living is a dynamic teaching ministry sharing the revelation of Christ with the nations. Through our programs, you will grow in the knowledge of Christ and be encouraged to discover and fulfill your kingdom purpose. || @BTCMRKTS || Price and Fundamentals Analysis, News and Economics. The most insightful Bitcoin podcast with information about the industry and trends. || What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin (₿) is the world's first cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash sent peer-to-peer without the need for a financial intermediary. It is the first decentralized digital currency: the system works without a central bank or single administrator. Bitcoins are sent from user to user on the peer- ...
Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2009, a new class of Crypto assets built using the innovative design of the blockchain is disrupting technology and financial markets. This podcast features interviews leaders from across the crypto economy. In this podcast you will hear from crypto traders, miners, venture capitalist, investors, technical developers, CEOs, journalist and other people driving forward the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The Project Censored Show is a weekly public affairs program that airs Fridays from 1-2 P.M. Pacific time on KPFA Pacifica Radio. The program is an extension of the work Project Censored began in 1976 celebrating independent journalism while fighting media censorship and supporting a truly free press. The program focuses on The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on ...
The latest news and analysis about key cases and critical arguments before the Supreme Court. (Updated periodically)
Media Masters
Extended one-to-one interviews with the key people in the industry. Find out their tips for career success, and peek behind-the-scenes at their workplace. Candid, thoughtful and reflective - a chance to share the insight of those at the very top of their game. Presented by Paul Blanchard.
Former European Tour professional Robert Lee hosts a weekly golf podcast with unparalleled access to the top players. The Race to Dubai Show features exclusive interviews with star names, incisive analysis of the latest action, all the key news and a light-hearted look at life on tour. Robert and fellow former pros will guide you through the season from start to finish, and test their predictive skills by trying to pick the winner of each European Tour event!
The ID The Future (IDTF) podcast carries on Discovery Institute's mission of exploring the issues central to evolution and intelligent design. IDTF is a short podcast providing you with the most current news and views on evolution and ID. IDTF delivers brief interviews with key scientists and scholars developing the theory of ID, as well as insightful commentary from Discovery Institute senior fellows and staff on the scientific, educational and legal aspects of the debate.
This is an introductory talk on some of the key themes in my recent book, Somebody Else’s Problem: Consumerism, Sustainability and Design (Greenleaf UK), on the environmental impacts of everyday consumption, and the role of established systems and ‘post-cautionary ‘ forms of design and production, in locking in high carbon forms of consumption, pollution and waste. I argue that we need to ensure all environmental costs are included in the price of all goods and services consumed, but explain ...
Charles Adler is a 40-year radio and television broadcast veteran whose career has seen him tour Canada, working in Montreal (CJAD), Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto (CFRB), London, Hamilton, and Winnipeg (CJOB).In the U.S.A., Adler hosted a nationally syndicated radio show out of Tampa, hitting more than 120 markets, and a nightly primetime television show out of Boston, for which he won a Best TV Host for New England Emmy.Adler has hosted national radio and television programs in Canada, includ ...
Your weekly dose of video gaming news!
Join Nadine each Sunday night as she talks to some very special guests from the world of arts and culture, asking them about the music that matters most in their lives. From childhood memories to key life moments, or simply just favourite songs or albums, you're always guaranteed some inspirational insights - and of course, some great tunes.
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Nicolle Wallace discusses the White House’s plan for a report of their own to rebut the Mueller report. Plus, what we've learned from the many other investigations that have spun of Robert Mueller's probe, and Trump reverses sanctions his own Treasury Department had just put in place on North Korea. Joined by: White House reporter from the Wash ...…
NSW heads to the polls, with the major parties running neck-and-neck; Thailand prepares for its first general election since a military coup nearly five years ago; and thousands have been evacuated in northern Australia as two cyclones approach landfall.
In the moments following the massacre at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch, an internet-wide purge began of social media accounts linked to alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant. The remaining fragments suggest a well-travelled man who was also an avid troll, deeply engaged in a global alt-right culture.…
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has played footage of the Christchurch mosque shootings, just hours after meeting New Zealand's Foreign Minister and assuring him of the safety of Australians and New Zealanders visiting Gallipoli.
This time last week, Saturday AM was bringing you the developing news of a story that's shocked the world. Reporter Ben Knight reports on how Christchurch is coming to terms with the tragedy and what he's discovering about the alt-right culture in New Zealand.
In the United States, special counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his much-anticipated report to the Department of Justice, signalling an end to his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
In response to the Christchurch shooting, the NZ Government is moving swiftly to introduce new gun laws. But experts say changes to gun registration will also be crucial in preventing further mass shootings.
Today New South Wales heads to the polls. ABC state political reporter Sarah Gerathy tells AM it's an election that's expected to come down to the wire.
Voters in NSW have mixed views about projects like Sydney's Football Stadium demolition and the much-delayed construction of the city's new light rail system. AM takes a look at a project that has some Sydneysiders fuming.
The NSW election campaign has seen traditional political arguments put to the test. AM speaks with political scientist Dr Andy Marks, an assistant vice-chancellor at Western Sydney University.
Torrential rain is expected to continue in Northern Australia, with two severe cyclones making landfall this weekend. Thousands of people have been evacuated ahead of Tropical Cyclones Trevor and Veronica.
Pretzels have morphed from a religious symbol to a bar snack to a metaphor for principles of quantum physics. Anney and Lauren explore the twists of pretzel history, culture, and science. Learn more about your ad-choices at
Thailand goes to the polls on Sunday in a national election seen as a choice between civilian rule or continued military oversight. Five years after a coup, the Army's determined to retain control, but despite partially rigging the election the outcome is still uncertain.
On this episode of ID the Future from the vault, Ray Bohlin and Michael Behe discuss the limits of evolution. Does evolution innovative by building things, or does it only innovate by breaking things? Behe demonstrates the surprising answer with a closer look at polar bears. Behe is the subject of an engaging science documentary available onlin ...…
Where to find the show iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | YouTube | TuneIn | RSS Feed Download Episode MP3 File The file will open in a new window. Click down arrow to download the file. “I am always sceptical when people say someone shouldn’t be allowed to talk. Saying someone should never be allowed to talk is a lazy way of trying to ...…
We haven't featured as much horror as we'd like on Soundtracking, so it really is a great thrill for us to welcome the man of the moment in that particular field, Jordan Peele. Having forged a hugely successful career as a comedian and actor, Jordan won an Oscar and numerous other accolades for his debut feature, Get Out, which blended traditio ...…
The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on the key political, social, and economic issues of the day with an emphasis on critical media literacy.
Most of the time, death comes quietly. But Jesus spoke His last words in a loud voice. He was not going into death in defeat!
The EU has agreed to delay Brexit until 22 May if Parliament approves Theresa May's Brexit deal, otherwise it will be delayed until 12 April. We hear from Czech Europe minister Aleš Chmelař and Brexit Party MEP Nigel Farage.(Image: Theresa May, credit: Getty Images)
The terror attack on Muslims worshipping in Christchurch, New Zealand has focused minds around the world on the threat from racist far-right extremists. The man responsible cited influences from the US and UK among others, and claimed to be motivated by white supremacist ideas. So, who are these extremists? What do they believe and why? And wha ...…
With the expected Brexit date shifting, how are the oil and fishing industries in Aberdeen viewing the unfolding political drama and their commercial prospects as a result of it?
You want to know the foundational history of the Christian church? It may surprise you that it wasn't founded on some super-apostles, an ornate temple, or even an elaborate manifesto. It was founded by Jesus, and Jesus alone. After listening to Pastor Jeremy summarize this book, you'll yearn to learn more! Tremendous!…
Why does God have a college? What is the value of the unique education it provides? And how can you be part of God’s college, even if you are unable to attend in person?
Keith Mackey is an aviation expert. He provides an incredible in-depth explanation of what's going on in the world of Boeing and "optional safety features". A little later, Marke Milke gives us some insights on the Alberta election. But first, were joined by Alex Pierosn of AM640 in Toronto. she comes on to weigh in on Jane Philpott's interview ...…
Daily memo: A quick dive into the Jane Philpott interview in Macleans magazine.
Boeing sold 737 Max 8 aircraft with optional safety features. Both aircraft that crashed in the past six months were not fully equipped. Aviation expert Keith Mackey gives us an in-depth explanation of everything going on in the world of Boeing and "optional safety features. Guest: Keith Mackey - Aviation Expert…
Disturbing new details about the President's top aides with concerns about how they handled classified information and how they communicated with foreign leaders. The investigation into Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. What to expect when you're imminent end of the Special Counsel investigation. Plus - a rebuke of Republican attempts to snatch p ...…
The Benson and Harf Show on FOX News Talk! Download, enjoy and please give us a review! And remember to listen to The Benson and Harf Show LIVE Monday through Friday 6-8 pm Eastern! Find out more at
More great books at
Nicolle Wallace discusses Washington and the rest of the country anxiously awaiting the release of the Mueller report and what to expect once he hands it over to the Justice Department. Plus, the House Oversight Committee presses the White House on Jared Kushner’s use of WhatsApp to communicate with foreign leaders, the president speaks out aga ...…
A day of mourning begins in New Zealand, a week after the Christchurch massacre; UK military mobilised as fears grow of a 'no-deal' Brexit result next week; and research on the elusive night parrot now dismissed as "more fake news."
The French President has warned that, if Theresa May's deal doesn't pass the House of Commons next week, a disorderly no-deal Brexit next Friday is likely. Over 3,000 British troops have been put on standby as the prospect of a no-deal Brexit next Friday increases.
A day out from the NSW election, hundreds of thousands of the state's electors have rushed pre-poll centres to cast early votes. It's a sign that a significant chunk of the state voters have already made up their minds about who they want to form the state's next government.
One day out from the New South Wales election, Labor Opposition Leader Michael Daley speaks with AM's Sabra Lane. He says his party won't make parliamentary deals with the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, despite a deal giving ALP preferences to the SFFP in two key seats.
As burials continue for the people killed in the Christchurch shooting, NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a plan to ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons and to commence a gun buy-back scheme. But will it actually work?
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will again travel to Christchurch for a day of mourning and remembrance. Friday prayers will be held in a park across from the Al-Noor mosque, where a suspected white supremacist gunned down 42 people a week ago, including a three-year-old boy.
The outback Queensland town of Longreach will today hold its first cattle sale in nearly five years. Six thousand cattle will go under the hammer, but with the drought still biting in central-western Queensland, few locals are in a position to buy.
The Australian Wildlife Conservancy, one of Australia's largest conservation groups, unknowingly published evidence that was misleading – and in some cases fake – over the course of a two-year fundraising campaign.
With eight days to go until the UK is due to leave the EU, Theresa May is trying to get the EU to agree to a delay. We speak to Tory MPs Sam Gyimah and Sir Oliver Letwin. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt says cancelling Brexit is possible but unlikely. We also hear from German MEP David McAllister. (Image: Theresa May, credit: Getty Images)…
Our special correspondent Jim Naughtie has been talking to Sir Anish Kapoor about his new exhibition at the newly restored Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, and how current world affairs are influencing his art. He says he's helping to fund a campaign to restore Shamima Begum's UK citizenship and says if she's committed crimes, she should be tried in ...…
Death on a cross may seem a strange thing to be joyful about, but when you consider all that Christ accomplished, we have reason to rejoice!
Brexit turbulence has strangely left the pound almost unchanged – why?(Image: British pound bank notes are seen with an European Union flag. Credit: Getty Images)
John is the Gospel with a purpose statement! Pastor Matthew Anderson helps us navigate through this transformative book, and shows us that it's not enough to have belief ABOUT Jesus, but to have belief IN Jesus. It's not just a matter of semantics, dear friend!
Columnist Martyn Brown comes on to tell us about his new piece in the Georgia Straight that paints a grim picture for the Prime Minister. Later, Animal lawyer Rebeka Breder joins us in studio for a conversation on Canadian people selling Canadian horses to overseas slaughterhouses. But first, Conservative MP Candice Bergen joins us to discuss h ...…
Canadian common sense - Martyn Brown has strong words for PM Trudeau
The status of the Special Counsel's investigation and all the other inquiries into the President's behavior. Plus - new calls to investigate Trump's biggest financial backer. What a Joe Biden candidacy would mean in the democratic field and are Republicans in Florida about to pass a modern-day poll tax? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit m ...…
The Benson and Harf Show on FOX News Talk! Download, enjoy and please give us a review! And remember to listen to The Benson and Harf Show LIVE Monday through Friday 6-8 pm Eastern! Find out more at
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