Best Keyboard podcasts we could find (Updated July 2018)
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Away From The Keyboard is where technologists tell their stories of how they started, how they grew, how they learned, and how they unwind. Hosted by software developers Cecil Phillip and Richie Rump, Away From The Keyboard looks at the human side of technology in a fun and informative way. New episodes are released every Tuesday.
A weekly podcast hosted by Jules and Marconin, Tauren Think Tank focuses on the interpersonal issues that Blizzard gamers experience both in-game and in their outside lives. This show is an audio advice column, where listeners send in their questions asking for help about anything from interacting with other players to managing depression and social anxiety. Come sit by the fire, meet new friends, and know that you're never alone! Questions can be sent to questions@taurenthinktank, or send t ...
This series is all about Mechanical Keyboards, talking from switches, caps, DIY kits, hand-wired, cases, plates and more. If its about Mechanical Keyboards, we'll probably talk about it! As a sub-series is also the Mech Market Report, a weekly look at prices from the second-hand market on the MechMarket subreddit.
A podcast for readers and writers of science fiction, fantasy, and speculative fiction.
Keyboard Warriors
Action! Adventure! Racism!HORSE!Join four brave warriors from across 'murica as they fiercely sit in chairs and shout into microphones about various gaming and internet topics. Tune in every week to hear the incoherent ramblings of theKeyboard Warriors Podcast!!
Keyboard Kimura
The official mixed martial arts blog of The Province
Away From Keyboard
Be better than good. Be AWESOME. All caps is necessary.
Keyboard-Side Chats
Named after the Fireside chats of a great president, we present the modern-day Keyboard-Side chats. Just about any subject we want to talk about can be talked about, and ideas are welcome!
A podcast where Pat, Ponci, and Tim talk about the pop-culture things that kinda matter - Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, and sometimes current events. It’s a podcast of armchair experts that have opinions on everything, all while goofing off, telling jokes, and talking about the things we love.
Keyboard Warriors MMA Network, Keyboard Warriors, Pre and Post-Fight Shows, Specials, The Morning Toke and much more! Hit up for all video content! Sponsors:,
Welcome to the Pass the Keyboard Podcast.
Gaming, internet, television, sleep. Repeat. It's your life. We're not judging.
Inside MusiCast
Taking you inside the music, one interview at a time. This is Inside MusiCast. We interview the great session musicians, producers, writers and engineers that are the talent behind the talent in the music indistry. We dedicate our podcast to them and to you - the music enthusiasts who need to go beyond the liner notes.
Join your hosts Robert Estrin and Mike Wood as they discuss everything and anything piano. This podcast covers a wide range of topics from piano lessons and techniques, general music questions, music theory, and insights into the piano industry featuring interviews with musicians as well as luminaries in the piano world. Robert is a concert pianist and Mike is his producer. Together they created the company Living Pianos which sells restored pianos all over the world. They have produced hund ...
Future Talk
Podcast by Future Talk
Hosts Chris Davis and Loren LeVasseur discuss topics that come up for worship leaders and ministry leaders!
Beats Grind and Life is an interview based podcast for urban music producers like yourself. Each week a different inspirational producer comes on to chat with Syren, to provide valuable lessons, tips and advise so that you can take your music career to the next level.
Break It Down Show
Jon Leon Guerrero, AND Pete A. Turner, talk with artists, authors, musicians, filmmakers, warriors, athletes and creators about their processes, challenges, origins, relationships that influenced their work, and what brings them to the place where they perform at their peak.
The Caffeinated Keyboardist is a podcast dedicated to piano/keyboard players sitting in a round table format, drinking good coffee and talking about stuff they've done, like, haven't done and don't like. I swear it's good times.
In The Scope
In The Scope is a podcast going into the history of cultural norms and industry standards. We'll explain why things became the norm and also debate our cultural ways vs others with special guests in the context of the show theme.
Late Night Whenever
From the producers of 2 Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys comes Late Night Whenever, hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau. It’s Michelle in a chair, celebrity guests on a couch, and music director Rob Lewis at the keyboard. Plus: gut-busting monologues and audience surprises! Not for TV, but just as good.
ORGAN1st Radio
Monthly radio show podcast with ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. Features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards. From Wersi to Wurlitzer, Hammond to Compton.
Band Geek
I'm Richie Castellano, I play guitar and keyboards in Blue Oyster Cult. I also make YouTube videos, read comics, and play video games. Band Geek is a podcast where I get to combine all these things. We also have a house band that tackles songs requested by our listeners and jams with our special guests. As an added bonus, we also teach our listeners how to play some of these songs in bite sized lessons. If you like music, gear, movies, games, comics or anything in between, then get in here!
"Anything that doesn't contribute to you're happiness is trivial" E.T.Drummer,Keyboard Workstations,Music Production,Audio Engineer,Tech.
Global Pillage
Global Pillage is a brand new comedy panel show podcast all about idiom, culture, customs and norms. What do the Japanese mean when they accuse someone of "having a cat on their head"? What do your friends make you do if you're unmarried by thirty in Germany? What did the acronym NORWICH mean (the equivalent of sexting jargon) if sent between World War Two sweethearts? All the oddness of humanity is explored in this hilarious new show where TWO TEAMS OF COMEDIANS take on the HIVE MIND OF THE ...
Recorded at Generations Church, we hope this music inspires and encourages you to pursue a genuine relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. For more information about Generations Church, go to
Board Makers
Board makers is two people talking about keyboards - designing them, producing them, and building them.
Become Awesome in Excel by – A podcast aimed to teach you data analysis, charting, visualization, dashboard reporting, big data analysis, Power Pivot, Self-service BI, Excel based spreadsheet-modeling, automation thru VBA, macros, project management, business analysis, interactive & dyanmic graphs, pivot tables, Excel formulas, functions, calculations, summarizing data, Excel formatting, shortcuts, productivity, application development, beginner to advanced Excel skills, excel ti ...
Musical instrument news and interviews with the industry’s top manufacturers. Hosted by Jeremy Brieske, a long-time music-industry pro, the GearPipe podcast fills you in on the most up-to-date happenings in the world of guitar, drums, bass, recording, pro audio, and more.
I love making music and I'll upload new cover songs and my own right here!
CBC Radio host Sheryl MacKay meets creative people from all around the province. Hear about their passions and inspirations. You'll visit artists and in their studios, musicians and performers backstage, writers at their keyboards and chefs at the cooktop. There's great conversation and a lot of laughs too waiting for you every weekend on North by Northwest.
Bleeding Ink
"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed," said Hemingway. Epiphany! Your fingers scuttle to the nearest keyboard, locked, loaded, evocative and vivid language at the ready. With suave confidence you strike down on that first key. Then another. And another until you have formed your masterpiece. The joy! You reread your delicious words! But something tastes funny. "No, this isn't what I meant at all." and "What was I thinking?" and "My editor will have m ...
Late Night Whenever
From the producers of 2 Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys comes Late Night Whenever, hosted by comedian Michelle Buteau. It’s Michelle in a chair, celebrity guests on a couch, and music director Rob Lewis at the keyboard. Plus: gut-busting monologues and audience surprises! Not for TV, but just as good.
The aim of these podcasts is to teach jazz and blues piano to keyboard players who already have some knowledge of their instrument but would like to improvise
Cybersecurity is not just computers and digital processes. Whether it's the threat or the response, the most important, and most interesting, part of the story is the people behind the keyboard. That’s why we’re launching The Cybersecurity Podcast, a monthly program featuring key leaders and thinkers in this space. Our half-hour podcast will go beyond the headlines to discuss some of the most pressing issues and newest ideas in cybersecurity.
Imagine talking with some of your favorite musicians about the story of their songs, what inspired their passion for music, what challenges and obstacles they’ve overcome, and what drives them today. Well, we imagined that too, and said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that!” Join us as we get the musician's story! You’ve Heard The Music, Now Hear Their Story! Engaging, Entertaining, and Educational Audio & Video Podcast Interviews with Artists from the World of Music, from All Genres, Local to Global, Help ...
Top Clack
Top Clack; we talk about keyboards and stuff.
TCPD Podcasts
Welcome to our audio programming page in which we'll be providing links to MP3 audio files of interviews and commentaries involving Thornburg Center associates and other experts on educational technology from around the world. Some of these productions are created by us, and some are created by others. They all provide interesting insights we think will be of interest to educators, worldwide.
A podcast about mechanical keyboards!
Campfire Wisdom
From keyboard to campfire, Greg Stuetze invites you to experience the joy of waking up beneath the stars.
Almost two years in the making, Abbey Road engineer, producer, and recording artist Alan Parsons, and Keyfax NewMedia, release the first sections of a 'behind-the-scenes' look at the recording process entitled the Art and Science of Sound Recording. Individual sections can be streamed or downloaded from Debuting Jan 2010, monthly podcasts will feature substantial excerpts plus exclusive, bonus footage from this series. Each month a separate recording application ...
Control Issues
Three homies and a keyboard talking games, hunting trolls.
Running Story
Life is full of surprises—both good and bad. Every person has a way of dealing with daily ups and downs. One of those ways is running. For many, running is more than just exercise. It’s an escape, a personal oasis of controlled release from the daily grind. Just as no runner is exactly the same, neither are their stories. Join host Amanda Loudin (from popular blog, as she steps away from the keyboard and picks up a microphone, to share incredible running stories.
Follow along as veteran copywriter Omar Khafagy explores the art of writing novels, short stories, poetry, and any other form of writing he can get his hands on. For the next year, let him start your weekday, and inspire you to pick up your pen (or your keyboard!) and write. From Monday to Friday, let Omar add a little boost to your day. And don't forget to visit YearOfWriting.Com for other great writing resources.
JVonD Radio
JVonD is a one of a kind Trance/Ambient recording artist who plays a custom keyboard called the BEATOMATIC. Watch as he jams with the best musicians around, explores the environment, and searches for positive vibes.
A curated discussion focused around guitars, amplifiers, pedals, effects, and keyboards. Featuring demos of Vintage & Boutique gear with Interviews from Musicians, Luthiers, Techs, Builders, Collectors and more!
Pianist Jung Lin has been acclaimed for her poetic and virtuosic pianism. She has given two solo recitals at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center during last two seasons. Other recent New York appearances have included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bargemusic, and the International Keyboard Institute and Festival. She is also frequently heard on the New York Times' radio station WQXR, and on "Performance Today" on NPR. Her recording of The Complete Medtner 38 Tales in 2 CD set will be releas ...
A podcast featuring the music of the band Turning Point. Dave Kneeves - Megatar, Guitar, Keyboards, VocalsDaryl Ropp - Bass, VocalsJoe Purrenhage - Drums and Keyboards
Hello, gamers. I talk about new hardware, consoles, monitors, controllers, mice & keyboards and of course games!
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Today on the Priority Queue, we re gonna hide some information. Oh, like route summarization? Sure, like route summarization. That s an example of information hiding. But there s much more to the story than that. Our guest is Russ White. Russ is a serial networking book author, network architect, RFC writer, patent holder, technical instructor, ...…
On BeyondPodcasting episode 4, Allan Tépper converses with Cielo de la Paz (in English) about Adobe’s new Project Rush cross-platform app, how it compares with LumaFusion and other software and hardware for mobile audio and video production. Cielo de la Paz is an award winning multimediographer and the creator of The Storyographist. Project Rus ...…
Eric Rosenberg is a finance, travel, and technology writer in Ventura, California. He is a former bank manager and corporate finance and accounting professional who left his day job in 2016 to take his online side hustle full-time. He has in depth experience writing about banking, credit cards, investing, and other financial topics, and is an a ...…
Dan Truman is the keyboard player for the Grammy award winning group Diamond Rio. In this episode, Dan talks about how he got his start and why he never gave up on his dream of getting a record deal. He addresses the topic of suicide and depression and encourages us to find the good all around us rather than focus on the negative.…
Bluestacks Quite simply, Bluestacks runs an Android emulator on your computer by basically creating a new phone on your computer. You set it up like a new phone or tablet with your Google account, you get access to the Google Play store, and you install the apps you wish to use. Why Would I Use An Emulator Instead of My Phone? So why would you ...…
In this episode of the podcast, Christine interviews Christian and Ronnie of Aquarium, a kinda-surf-rock band based in San Diego. We talk about how the band started as a solo project of Christian’s, and how he created these really cool low-fi tracks with GarageBand and a Casio keyboard, even using a computer keyboard to emulate different instru ...…
Into this Morning . . . What a difference it makes when we start each day by inviting the Lord Jesus, who dwells within the heart of believers, to direct and lead us each moment of each day . . . May this song, that Megan sings so beautifully, serve as a clarion call to remind us to clothe and arm ourselves in the Lord’s peace and presence so t ...…
Hey-o! Welcome back to another episode of KeebTown! This week Dixiemech and Wokechill interview Evan of TheVan Keyboards and discuss his life in as a keyboard designer and vendor, the rise and fall of his HuB profile Kickstarter, and his upcoming board, the Kumo. After the interview, we break into an INCREDIBLY wild week in mechanical keyboard ...…
Healing happens when we make a transaction with Jesus. In this podcast, Cyndy will guide you through a series of prayers that will help you make these transactions and receive the healing Jesus wants you to have. If you want immediate relief in your suffering, you’ve come to the right place.
This is episode #011 of the Digital 100 show with your host Patrick Wagner Episode #011 of the Digital 100 show – I get called out on how to make a chromebook boot from a USB via social media. Yesterday’s episode covered the benefits of Chromebooks and the option for booting any computer into a chromebook via a usb. A great idea of which I have ...…
We have another guest! Our friend Anand tells us about a bot developed by OpenAI made to be the best at Dota 2. Also Allison, the biggest sports expert of them all, quizzes Justin and Anand on some obscure sports history and trivia, written using a Botnik keyboard! Check out and their wonderful predictive text writing tool! Twitter: ...…
Eddie Law is joined by Ash Lamprey to talk everything that went down at UFC 226
The Keyboard Warriors breakdown UFC 226 and the action to come!
Star Citizen with a updates on ESP and Patch 3.2.1b on the PTU, a summary of CaDs with Item 2.0, QT Speeds, AC Changes & Mission Difficulty Intentions as well as a couple of other bits in the news with the cutlass and server player caps.CALLING ALL DEVS | STAR CITIZEN NEWSLETTER | https://mailch ...…
Indeterminate Podcast - Episode 8 - Gladiator and Buttered Toast In an episode that Alan didn’t edit, we hear two keyboards a lot, talk about an epic film from the turn of the century, and argue about whether games are too complicated. Den blomstertid nu kommer (2018) - IMDb Trailer for the film Gladiator (2000) - IMDb Ridley Scott - IMDb Subsc ...…
This one was a special thrill. I DEFINITELY took it to THE TOP of the country music business with this guy! He came on our morning radio show in Albany NY years ago (he looks alot younger, and I had hair). A few years after that, we had a country music festival in Saratoga, NY, and he invited me to go onstage and accompany him while HE sang! Ho ...…
This week we discuss fixable keyboards, new data filled maps and a bucket of rumours for the coming year. Show Notes Keyboard Service Program for MacBook and MacBook Pro Apple is rebuilding Maps from the ground up – TechCrunch Bloomberg Piece on Apple vs. Samsung iOS 12 Beta: Our Favorite Tidbits and Hidden Features (So Far) – MacStories macOS ...…
Feedback: Send Us Some Feedback Tweetback: Send Us Some Tweetback Links: Apps Ferrite Just Press Record Anchor Podcasts Through My Lens Causality 22: Chernobyl Web: Anchor Hugo Apple Keyboard Service Plan Mumble Discord Statamic
On Episode 57 of the Touchdowners, we get off our keyboards and take it to the streets in the following 4 Downs: Sleeping in with Post Malone - We hit snooze with the perpetually tired generation. Lockdown Corner Opens Hearts at the Border - Wait, Josh Norman is a decent human being? Paws, Cat Calls, and Litter Boxes - : A Jerry Richardson Stor ...…
Star Citizen Monthly Report, I am going to omit most of the 3.2 work the studios did as we literally have it in our hands now, I’ll be focusing on what they are working on for 3.3, SQ42 and beyond. STUDIO REPORT | | ...…
Star Citizen News, with a 3.2.1a ptu update, recap of the weeks shows & a bit of a rant about some of the changes they have planned for AtV.LATEST STAR CITIZEN NEWSLETTER | | - CLOUD GAMING PCs | T ...…
In Episode 159 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss: Updates to Audio Hijack More on Dark Mode iOS beta Shortcuts and Photos The Braille Me Braille display The FlickType Third-Party Keyboard Shelly’s CMD-D session The next episode of the Parallel Podcast The Dot To Dot Podcast Our Summer Hiatus Knights on this episode: ...…
Neil Fitzsimon and Bee Brogan were both members of the band, Pretty Blue Gun, who were signed to an indie label licensed to Sony. They released two albums which were critically acclaimed. Some of the gue musicians included members of The Art of Noise, Dave Bronze (Eric Clapton’s bass player), Tobias Boshell ...…
Career Overview The 1970s: Carrack's recording career began with the progressive rock band Warm Dust between 1970 and 1972. Carrack was the keyboard player for Warm Dust Carrack and Warm Dust bassist Tex Comer helped to found the pub rock band Ace. Carrack wrote and sang "How Long", Ace's debut single and a hit on both sides of the Atlantic in ...…
Release Date: July 6, 2018 In this episode Vicki chats with local farmers Tiffany & Andy of Graise Farm Hello and welcome to Hotdish the Just Food Co-op Community Podcast. Our goal is to facilitate an open line of communication about your food, where that food comes from, and how it is being used to nourish our town and its members. /////// Tif ...…
This is the Daily FRO for July 5th 2018. The great debate on what computer setup I should get for home and the office. Do I get myself an iMac Pro for the home and take the old iMac to the office? Do I wait for the next macbook pro 15 inch and get myself a monitor and home and a docking station so I have one computer that goes with me back and ...…
Star Citizen with some more info on The Salvage Mechanic and The Vulture Small Salvage Vessel.STAR CITIZEN VULTURE Q&A | | - CLOUD GAMING PCs | THE CODE BOREDGAMER FOR A DISCOUNTGET STAR CI ...…
Some Star Citizen Fake News, John Pritchett Senior Physics Programmer recently left CIG & someone left a fake GlassDoor Review | | - CLOUD GAMING PCs | THE CODE BOREDGAMER FOR A DISCO ...…
Click to Download Audio “Who’s stupid idea was this anyway?” It definitely wasn’t the first time I had asked myself this in the last six months since declaring that my #1 goal for 2018 was transforming From ‘Dad Bod’ to American Ninja Warrior. I was asking myself this question this particular instance after having just woken up at 5am on a Satu ...…
Bluehole Drops Lawsuit?Razor making xbox compatible keyboard and mouseMass Effect Andromeda not a bad game?Cross Play Matter?Activision out EA's EA
On episode 125 of the BSP, I talk about YouTube launching the miniplayer on desktop, YouTube disabling custom thumbnails, VidCon launching a grant program where you can receive $2000, Twitch updating stream discovery, HaveIBeenPwned integrating with Firefox & 1 password, Twitter allowing for physical 2fa tokens, a Contractor trying to sell surv ...…
When you live in the presence of genius, it’s allure and power are undeniable. When a true artist creates, unhinged from the confines of Big Brother, the results are irrefutable. When you play the new Kojumbo game (can we even call it that), the effect it has on your soul is nothing short of a miracle. But you didn’t need me to tell you that. I ...…
It’s the latest details for Apple’s next-gem AirPods, HomePod and over-ear headphones. What’s going on with the AirPower mat? Apple’s looking to build a subscription service of their own and they are finally repairing MacBook butterfly keyboard issues.
We talk about iOS and macOS public betas, and lament the dearth of new Mac hardware. LINKS How to Disable the Typing Animation in Office 2016 or Office 2013 iOS 12 public beta is out for all iOS 12 Beta: Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Download It macOS Mojave Public Beta is now available 6,399 reasons why I haven’t yet replaced my iMac The sad ...…
Monthly radio show podcast with ex-BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton. Features old and new recordings of theatre organs, electronic organs and keyboards. From Wersi to Wurlitzer, Hammond to Compton. This show features tracks from: Hady Wolf, Ditmar Lampe, Mark Shakespeare, George Blackmore, Douglas Reeve, Don French, Vic Hammett, Don Clayton, Craig K ...…
We record an early podcast this week before Norm leaves for New York, and discuss Apple's keyboard concession, the Echo Combat beta, and Mario Tennis Aces. Plus, a deep dive into the baby tech that looms in Norm's future, with sage advice from Jeremy and Kishore.By Norman Chan.
This is one of the most thoughtful podcasts I have done. You can hear the thinking. Hear when my guest Jo Wainwright (@jo_coaches) and or I are paying attention, listening and supporting each other. There will be a temptation to listen to this episode on 1.5 or 2 times speed as there are some pauses and gaps in speech. Instead, I implore you to ...…
Join Mark, Jon and Danny as they continue traversing the P section of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Philip Pope Philip Pope recorded a character voice in the Starship Titanic video game, wrote the Krikkit song and voiced one of the masters of Krikkit in the radio series. He's also partly-responsible - along with Richard Curtis - for a p ...…
Vaughan tried to fix his keyboard and failed massively, This Is Why I'm Fat and what can't you stay away from?
Jessica Simpson is yet again the target of parenting expert keyboard warriors for letting her son swim in a pool with a cast on. Does that really make her a bad mom?
In this week's episode of Freedom in a Cage Bob welcomes Chris Anstey as a co-host while Adi Brown is on a family holiday. The boys start off by measuring levels of World Cup interest levels 01:16; dissect the Club's close loss to North Melbourne 02:32; Chris' traditional group chat with this brother and Dad during a Bulldogs game04:43; Bob tri ...…
What’s next for the future of gaming? To find out, Dona Sarkar chats with Joe Neate, Executive Producer of the hit pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves. Joe talks about major gaming trends that are influencing Sea of Thieves and the expansion of the game’s rich storylines. Next, we explore the growing popularity of game streaming by chatting with M ...…
Episode 16Big shout out to Texas blended whiskey for making some of us feel some type of way tonight. we apologize if we went over board, but I hope you all enjoy it.And yes we went to Waffle House. Pics will be posted on social media.Quick bites:-Wi-Fi security is starting to get its biggest upgrade in over a decade: WPA3 security.-iOS 12 publ ...…
Podcast highlights: 12:45 What is the Bobble keyboard? 28:00 Does Ankit think Asia is a bit more narcissistic in social media? Will places like Europe or Latin America also hop on that train or is it something unique or heavily used in Asia? Also, does Ankit feel that this social media trend will continue and if so, what's next after emojis? 49 ...…
Podcast highlights: 12:45 What is the Bobble keyboard? 28:00 Does Ankit think Asia is a bit more narcissistic in social media? Will places like Europe or Latin America also hop on that train or is it something unique or heavily used in Asia? Also, does Ankit feel that this social media trend will continue and if so, what's next after emojis? 49 ...…
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