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Have you ever felt like your diet or food choices left you isolated or alone? Diet culture creates community but it also separates us. From our favorite foods, from connection to our bodies, from friends, family, or social gatherings. This podcast showcases the stories of people who have embraced intuitive eating and a non-diet approach. Join host Cara Harbstreet, founder of Libre Connections, for conversations with experts and everyday people. She's a registered dietitian who loves to blend ...
Interesting places to travel to and go fishing. Outdoor activities of all kinds as well as current fishing information, live on the water reports, best places to stay, fun things to do outdoors around the world.
Down With Lucha Libre
This is Down With Lucha Libre and we are a podcast about anything and everything. The name may make us sound like a pro-wrestling podcast but we are not, we are just a podcast.
Completo y sin comerciales!
dj tres dos and modrums share music that defies borders, crosses oceans and moves the people
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Our guest for Episode 7 of the "You Can Eat With Us" Podcast is Amy Reinecke. She has struggled with binge eating disorder and negative body image since she was in elementary school. In the last 3 years Amy has embraced her brokenness and learned how to find beauty in her story. She began sharing her weight loss journey on Instagram in 2015, on ...…
We welcome Weston Bergmann to the podcast for Episode 6. Wes is an active angel investor in several hundred startups across the midwest. He's also a mainstay character on MTV's The Challenge for almost fifteen years. His hobbies include soccer, weightlifting, and playing with puppies. He's married to a yogi.Given Wes's background as an athlete, ...…
Our guest on this episode of "You Can Eat With Us" is Sierra Maguire. She is a Kansas City-based certified personal trainer and the founder and owner of MACfit. She's grown a supporting, empowering community using fun and a balanced approach to overall healthy living that is exclusively for women. Her recovery story is one of self-discovery and ...…
Dietitian and blogger Amanda Lambrechts of Spilling the Beans Nutrition joins us for Episode 4 of “You Can Eat With Us”. She shares her personal story with intuitive eating, including the way social media messages have been both eye-opening and helpful in healing her relationship with food and her body. She also shares her wisdom on how we can ...…
Haley Goodrich is a registered dietitian based in Pittsburgh.She is currently pursuing her Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) certification while also staying busy with her private practice, INSPIRD Nutrition, and serving as the co-founder of INSPIRD to SEEK, a community-based learning experience for nutrition entrepreneurs. ...…
Join me for a conversation with Rachael Hartley, a Columbia, SC-based non-diet dietitian. She joins us to share an overview of intuitive eating and what it means to start rejecting the rules of dieting. She also shares her love for one of her favorite foods (and we totally get the excitement!) and some of the tools she uses to support people th ...…
In this "teaser" episode of the "You Can Eat With Us" Podcast, join host Cara Harbstreet to learn what's to come in Season 1. Plus, hear more about her background as a registered dietitian and the story behind the name.Show Notes:- Follow Libre Connections on Instagram: Find Libre Connections on Fac ...…
From Cuba to Brazil, Nigeria to South Africa, the '80s happened everywhere. Zona Libre DJs tres dos and modrums mix some of their favorite '80s jams, recorded live at Mixtape Shop in Bed Stuy BK, 6/15/2018.Track List:"Ekun Lo Pe'Ran Ninu Oko" - Akanni Animashaun"Muso" - Mandingo"Get Ready" - Tony Tuff"Rassemblé" - Larose & Missile "¿Quién Ha Vi ...…
The first Zona Libre Listening Session is an informal history of konpa and kandans, from Nemours Jean-Baptiste to Exile One, D.P. Express to Skah Shah and beyond, tracing the transnational migrations of sound and people from Haiti to the D.R., Colombia, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica, and NYC, Miami and Montreal. Special guest Jude D ...…
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