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Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago.
Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche A searing indictment of concepts like “truth” and “language” Beyond Good and Evil, by Friedrich Nietzsche is a deeply thought provoking book that forms one of the keystones of modern thought and politics. In this book, Nietzsche takes the position that our subservience to fixed perspectives that are forced on us by our language and our ideals make us incapable of perceiving reality. He propounds the theory that ideals are not fixed but change over ...
The creators of My Brother, My Brother and Me and The Worst Idea of All Time review the film Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 every American Thanksgiving from now until the end of linear time. There is no escape.
This podcast is a linear telling of English History through the lives of each of their Monarchs. For lovers of historical fiction, it will fill in the gaps left by authors as well as explore the historical accuracy of those novels.
First published in 1719, Robinson Crusoe is a book that marks the beginning of realistic fiction writing in English. Its simple, linear narrative style and the semblance of being a true account and autobiographical in nature led to its great popularity when it first came out. Its original title The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York: Mariner, Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years all alone in an Uninhabited Island on the Coast of America, Near the Mouth of the Great ...
Accounted For
Everyone walks a unique career journey. No matter how "linear" it may look in their LinkedIn profile, it is never that simple. Most people that have careers you aspire to have had to struggle. They had their own obstacles and made their own luck. Some careers you dream about may not even be what you assumed it would be. All assumptions should be tested and that is what I seek to do in this podcast. Follow along as I interview people on what they actually do in their careers and why they made ...
The strands woven together in Gustave Flaubert's famous, path breaking 1856 novel Madame Bovary include a provincial town in Normandy, France, a shy young doctor with an indifferent career and a lovely young woman who lives in a fantasy world based on the innumerable romantic novels she reads. Of course there is also the story of a dull marriage punctuated by passionate, adulterous love affairs. First published in serial form in a Parisian magazine and deemed to be the “perfect” novel, Flaub ...
Hosted by Richard C. Hoagland, Exposing Suppressed Science, Cutting Edge of Science and Thought
Booking: jonathansquillacce@gmail.comHe started with 14 years ( 2001 ) in the world of music sounds as showing interest in Detroit techno or UK garage music among other styles of electronic music.After 6 years or so , mixing with vinyl, was introduced in the new technologies. In 2011 he decided to specialize more in music and began his career as a producer , working with stamps from countries like Spain , England or Colombia .Influenced by electronic music professionals as Joris Voorn , Jeff ...
Feeling stuck? Become fluid via acquired "balance."Are you seeking a keen sense of direction? Perhaps, you're a stagnant student in limbo. A professional seeking your true "predestined" calling? Are you at a crossroads or someone merely aspiring for a passion-filled life to, name a few?My mission is to implore synchronized thinkers to acquire optimal fulfillment utilizing my crafted leap of faith (carpe diem ideology) and three-dimensional perspective/philosophy to yield and sustain relative ...
Hard hitting No BS discussions about the State of Strength & Performance In the world of Baseball
How She Did It
How She Did It explores the often winding and rarely linear career paths of women of color. Hear how each woman got there - what career moves she made, who supported her, what she learned about herself - and take action towards having a career you love. Hosted by Yolanda Enoch, the show is for other women of color who are just getting started in their careers, changing careers, ready to take their careers to the next level, or curious and want to learn about other dope women in the world. Be ...
Smart machines based upon the principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning are now prevalent in our everyday life. For example, artificially intelligent systems recognize our voices, sort our pictures, make purchasing suggestions, and can automatically fly planes and drive cars. In this podcast series, we examine such questions such as: How do these devices work? Where do they come from? And how can we make them even smarter and more human-like? These are the questions which wi ...
Under The Citadel
A bi-weekly narrative podcast. In a city where science-fiction is a reality and super powers are common, one local man reports the news as he sees fit from a ham radio. He explores exotic topics like time linearity, prison quotas, and nefarious HOAs. Each episode tells a self-contained story, delving into the underbelly of a city that never sleeps.
We hear about millionaires and their success stories all the time, but what about the vast majority of us.Self-starters, creatives and otherwise intriguing people who have forged their own paths?People are doing interesting things, making great changes to their lives and creating non-linear journeys toward their own versions of success every day.I'll be interviewing these fascinating characters and lifting the lid on who they are, what they do and how they got to where they are today.
Have you ever been curious on how a computer science/software engineering major might be like? As a student of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, I'll hand you my reviews, tips, and experiences regarding the courses any aspiring computer scientist or software engineer must take in order to graduate. ITCR's curriculum is mainly influenced by the ACM guidelines. Contact: andresarriaga7@gmail.com
This is Mathematical basis for reality; a podcast to fill the void. Become a supporter of this podcast:
The best video game music you have never heard.
Official Podcast from Drum And Bass HQ. Hosted by J Swif and Missrepresent. Drum and Bass HQ delivers quality content including news, features, reviews, and interviews all relating to Drum n Bass Culture to its users. For all the real hardcore DnB Heads. Throughout the coming years, Drum And Bass HQ will feature and interview people that have influenced and continue to innovate within the Drum & Bass scene. This will of course include DJ’s, MC’s and Producers but also event and festival prom ...
Welcome to the STRENGTH MENTALITY podcast, where we talk facts about fitness, personal training, sales, and more.
Leaving linear time belief systems is the challenge. To acknowledge multi-dimensional reality as already demonstrated on our Radio & TV frequencies.Our minds are the gateways that the heart may want to guide into some of these vibrations. From The Inside Out looks for those keys inside that lead out, and deeper within, simultaneously.
Unleash'd Strength
A daily update on our business as we try to grow our online fitness brand and open a gym!
Get extra help in preparing for the MYP and IGCSE coursework in mathematics
We all have blind spots… I do… But YBS? YBS your business, your family, and YBS your life. It starts with asking the question… But it’s really about living it… And that’s what this podcast is all about…
Mr. A's Math Podcast
I'm a High School math teacher, and huge math nerd. I'm creating this podcast to share math that I find interesting, as well as create a space where I can help people with the mathematics they learn in High School; Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, and Calculus. If you have a question, send me an email- and I'll try to put up a video for you. If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe, and look for me on Youtube at: Twitter @MikeAndrejkovic I also write and perfor ...
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Show Page: Blogtalk Troubles? Listen here: C. G. Jung's Global Vision Awakening the World Soul Alchemy. The Archetypes, The Zeitgeist & The Collective Unconscious Hosts: Robert Morningstar & Scott Teeters, Guests: Dr. David T. ...…
OpenAI recently created a cutting-edge new natural language processing model, but unlike all their other projects so far, they have not released it to the public. Why? It seems to be a little too good. It can answer reading comprehension questions, summarize text, translate from one language to another, and generate realistic fake text. This la ...…
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Richard C. Hoagland's The Other Side of Midnight Show Page: Blogtalk Troubles? Listen here:
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In which your podcaster digs himself into a hole and attempts to mansplain his way back out of it. Good luck to me.
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Join in for a conversation with Raphael Wong, the Director of Strategic Initiatives at Thoughtwire. On top of his role at Thoughtwire, Raph is the founder of a company with a mission to create the tools to help you succeed in what matters most in your life. He is also the host of a monthly podcast called the Canvas Series where he e ...…
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Normia recounts recent camaraderie with her circle of Spiritual Sisters evoking Sisterhood amid this reunion synchronized with Mercury Retrograde. Please listen in as Normia takes us "back to circle" via content from the homespun story she'd handcrafted alongside other fellow Spiritual Sisters during their collaboration via the Women's Book Com ...…
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Show Page: Blogtalk Troubles? Listen here: Tonight we talk about one of the most abundant substances on Earth… Water - with particular focus on ‘Holey’ Water. There is amazing potential to be liberated from water conditioned wit ...…
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Imagine you have two choices of how to build something: top-down and controlled, with a few people playing a master designer role, or bottom-up and free-for-all, with nobody playing an explicit architect role. Which one do you think would make the better product? “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” is an essay exploring this question for open source ...…
Show Page: Blogtalk Troubles? Listen here: During the fallout of World War II, the British attempted to divide India into two separate states based along religious lines. The result was the 1947 Partition of India which resulted i ...…
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Episode 67 Edward 3 – part 4 We want to get stuck into those Frenchies. Hard to get them into battle but baby Ted will get his chance. Just one problem – it’s a suicide mission.
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A course that's about NoSql databases and new technologies! If you are a techy individual who loves to learn about new technologies and new ways of solving problems then look into this one! This course was hard on me. If I could pass, so can you! Today I share two of my most painful tips; they could help you out a ton in college and in life! We ...…
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Gym planning, power lifting certification, and a new job??
Join in for a conversation with Marsha Druker, the Founder of Fuckup Nights Toronto. Fuckup nights is an international movement that started in Mexico City by 5 entrepreneurs who got together to share their fuck up and in 5 years it's spread throughout the globe. Marsha started her career in the world of corporate marketing. As the atypical hig ...…
Hello! And welcome to Who Are You, What Do You Do? My guest this episode is @brunamebs Illustrator and writer An old soul from the day she was born, with creativity in her family, her career was almost chosen for her. Working for the toughest boss she has had, herself. We talk about connecting to the soul to create with freedom. The importance ...…
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