Best Manosphere podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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A critical analysis of Christian marriage counsel and some of the bestselling complementarian theology behind it. Hosted by a sinner saved by grace intent on publishing my theological journey thru 18 years of deceptive marriage & 2+ years of Christian counseling to Proverbs 27:16
The Pressure Project is a podcast based movement inspiring men to re-embrace their masculinity through honor, brotherhood, and the pressure to succeed.
The Onyx Truth Podcast Network is a weekly podcast in which society & intelligent ratchedness are discussed.
Sound of Sanity
Every week on Sound of Sanity our heroes argue through a different topic from everyday life, reminding regular Bible-believing Christians that we're not the crazy ones, and having some fun along the way.
The Red Pill Generation, an audio dose of The Red Pill, helping open the eyes of young men of action, modern conquistadors if you will, everyday. We analyze and share our own experiences on a broad range of subjects like self improvement, starting your own business, passive income, traveling/living abroad, women, sex, relationships, fitness and more. Click to tweet:
A deep dive into weird and wonderful corners of the Internet. Each week, your hosts Kelly Pyzik and Meghan McDermott investigate a unique subculture online and tell you about its most fascinating pieces.
Angryman Radio
The best way to describe The Angryman is a force of nature. Since 2015 Angryman hit the public square on YouTube and various social media platforms and has been growing ever since. A well-traveled man with a wide diversity of life experiences, The Angryman has dedicated himself to helping frustrated men all of the globe achieve their goals and become better, stronger men. As a content creator and influencer, The Angryman has help to change dozens of lives. Regardless of how much his celebrit ...
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Talking about the Black Manosphere.By
Talking about a post I saw on The Root’s Facebook page today.By
Talking about the black manosphere & Obsidian Radio getting his channel terminated.By
Nagging Thoughts on Christian marriage advice, idolatry & women preachers.#Complementarianism #Idolatry #WomenPreachersBy Gisele Noel.
Talking about billionaire Jay Z.By
Talking about the situation surrounding Brandon Webber of Memphis Tennessee.By
Houston Texas Morton Ranch High School secretary Bennie Solomon caught hooking up with a student.By
Talking about Foxy Brown being booed off the stage at Kandi Burruss event in New York City.By
Rapper DaBaby security & entourage hand a fan that work for simply wanting a picture.By
Billionaire Robert F. Smith promises to pay off $40 million worth of student loan debt for Morehouse College class of 2019.By
Nagging Thoughts on "What I Wish I Knew Before Marriage." Marriage hindsight from two divorced Christians.#Christian #Marriage #TheologyBy Gisele Noel.
Michael Webb was caught after he kidnapped 8 year old Salem Sabatka in Fort Worth Texas.By
Lamar Odom admits to cheating on drug test to make the 2004 Olympics basketball team.By
Our heroes discuss what's going on and why you haven't got an exciting episode of this podcast lately and what all they have in the pipeline, including a new children's show and Tim Bayly show.By Warhorn Media.
Darrius Steve Roberts of Tulsa, Oklahoma allegedly faked his own kidnapping to get sympathy from his ex-girlfriend.By
Talking about Coach Keanon Lowe tackling a potential suicidal student at Parkrose High School out in Portland Oregon.By
Talking about if ADOS culturally appropriating Africans.By
Talking about Thug Day at Memorial High School in Texas.By
Somebody created a petition to the White House for biracial & multiracial to be classified as our own race.By
Nagging Thoughts on The Transformed Wife Jumping to the WORST Conclusion Without Details.Jumping to the WORST Conclusion Without Details End Of The Spear #Marriage #TheologyBy Gisele Noel.
Comedian Mo’Nique thinks all black men should have side chicks.By
Talking about Billy Chemirmir of Dallas Texas who might be the most notorious serial killer of all time.By
Talking about Pamela Turner down in Baytown Texas.By
The Pressure Project is a podcast based movement inspiring men to re-embrace their masculinity through honor, brotherhood, and the pressure to succeed. http://www.ThePressureProject.comBy THE PRESSURE PROJECT.
Talking about Instagram model Courtney Barnes (Ms. Miami) & her 59 inch derrière.By
Talking about Rashod Stanley & how he started a fashion line in prison.By
Talking about the communitah being all in its feels over the Loqueesha movie directed by Jeremy Saville.By
Talking about Maleah Davis, her mother Brittany Bowens & her step-dad Derion Vence from Houston, Texas.By
Talking a woman named Bettie Jenifer from Baltimore, Maryland and her 2 husbands: Kedrick Jenifer & Chris Attoh.By
Talking about an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University who just happens to be an Uber driver by the name of Richard Lomotey.By
Talking about NBAYoungboy’s drama in Miami outside of a Trump hotel resort.By
Talking about the Loqueesha movie written & directed by Jeremy Saville.By
A biblical exploration on the idea of guaranteed mutual reciprocity in Christian marriage. The answer can be found in meditating on Matthew 19:10, Saul, David & Uriah.Meme mentioned in video: #Marriage #ReciprocityPlease help me cover the hard costs of self- ...…
Talking about how black women are not impressed with Kim Kardashian helping to get black free from prison.By
Talking about China taking over Africa.By
An examination of 1 Corinthians 7:27-28 to answer the question, "Does the Bible forbid re-marriage for a divorcee of a living spouse?"#Bible #Remarriage #MarriagePlease help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion by:Watching for free on Amazon Prime: by send ...…
Reading comments on my last video about Ayesha Curry.By
Talking about Ayesha Curry longing for some new loving.By
Talking about how our ADOS Pookie brethren is smarter than I gave him credit for.By
Talking about Kim Kardashian helping to get 17 people free from prison over the last 90 days.By
A biblical exploration on the topic of divorce. The focus of part 7 is 1 Corinthians 7:10-11 to address the question, "Does God Only Want Solitude Or Reconciliation After Divorce?"Please help me cover the hard costs of self-promotion by:Watching for free on Amazon Prime: ...…
Talking about if whether or not Pookie & Ray Ray could possibly benefit from the US military.By
I was watching some old clips of Minister Farrakhan on the Phil Donahue from back in the mid 80s and early 90s earlier today and I got to tell you, Minister Farrakhan is probably the only pro-black out there that I honestly respect and admire. The reason is because, unlike most of your favorite pro-black […]…
Alright y’all…got some feedback from a dude who goes by the name of Darkpaw1 in regards to my last Pookie video… Aight so shout out to Darkpaw1 for that. I’m telling you, when I initially read it, I almost cried 2 man tears bruh…just 2…that’s the legal limit before things become a lil suspect. But […]…
We're continuing Sanity at the Movies, but as it's own podcast. Subscribe today to hear our many thoughts on Avengers: Endgame.By Warhorn Media.
In today’s low IQ knee grow news we have a gentleman by the name of Jason Fredieu who has decided to share these kind words with me… Shout out to Jason Fredieu for these low IQ knee grow words of encouragement. So Jason Fredieu says that my channel sounds like that of a white supremacists. […]By
You know what you never hear in these Pookie and Ray Ray vs the educated lame debates? You never hear all of these Pookie defenders advocating for Pookie to get his crap together to go fix the hood that he & Bonquisha are directly responsible for making look like absolute filth. You never hear these […]…
The Pressure Project is a podcast based movement inspiring men to re-embrace their masculinity through honor, brotherhood, and the pressure to succeed. http://www.ThePressureProject.comBy THE PRESSURE PROJECT.
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