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Advice for smart men on how to be successful with women in sex, dating, and relationships. Beautiful women give you a peek behind the curtain into what the feminine really craves from the masculine ... and how to give it to us. Personal growth is sexy, haven't you heard? Get in touch at
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In both dating and long-term relationships, there's a skill that some men have honed that makes us women fall in love. If it's not present, it's also frequently a deal-breaker. A woman who gets this from her man swoons.By Melanie Curtin.
Both men and women need relationship support, but the default couples counseling session and talk therapy overall can have limited success for men -- and there's nothing wrong with men who've been through that. Whether we're talking about sex, dating, marriage, or other things, we need to support and understand men in order to support lasting t ...…
Porn addiction has become a major issue in modern dating and relationships. Both men and women are affected, and it can destroy a marriage or relationship if it's not handled properly. Here, one couple shares openly about their journey through porn addiction and out into the other side.By Melanie Curtin.
Men, women, sex, dating, and relationships -- it's complicated. One thing that simplifies it is this relationship skill that, when guys do it well, makes girls swoon.By Melanie Curtin.
Men and women want to connect, and this relationship skill rises above the rest as critical when it comes to feminine turn-on. When it comes to sex, dating, and relationships, we women LOVE when men *drive.*By Melanie Curtin.
There's a secret to attracting the right women, whether for sex, dating, or relationships. Hint: It's not actually so much about the women as about the man attracting them. Here's how to be a skillful attractor and picker.By Melanie Curtin.
Sex in a relationship is critical, but often really hard to talk about. One in ten women say it's "impossible" to tell a man what's not working sexually. Whether you're dating or in a marriage, learning to discuss sex and improve in the bedroom makes everything better.By Melanie Curtin.
Testosterone in men helps with sex drive, motivation, focus, hair growth, and more. Low testosterone is linked to depression, low libido, and more. These are 5 easy, natural ways to boost your testosterone, which will help with dating, relationships, and women, as well as in life.By Melanie Curtin.
Whether you're a man or woman, it's hard when you're dating or in a relationship but aren't sure that person is the one you want to commit to. Attachment theory (anxious/avoidant attachment) reveals interesting concepts around how to be ready to commit to the man or woman of your dreams.By Melanie Curtin.
Dating women, as a man in the modern world, can be a challenge. Here, we cover 5 practical tips on how to ask her out, handle sex, and relationship dynamics you need to know about.By Melanie Curtin.
Men and women, or male- and female-bodied people, experience attraction based on difference, or polarity. Here's how to use polarity to your advantage in sex, dating, relationships, and more.By Melanie Curtin.
Cuddling, physical affection, and touch: both men and women need it, and not just in the context of sex, dating or relationships. As human beings, we need touch to feel connected. Cuddle party and connection expert Adam Lippin and I discuss how you can get your touch needs met outside a relationship.…
Men and women meet, date, have sex, and get married from online dating. Eve Peters created her own dating app to help make the dating process feel easier and smoother, and has some brilliant insights about the future of both online and dating "in real life."By Melanie Curtin.
Approximately 15-20% of couples are in sexless relationships (including marriages). Both men and women want satisfying sex and fulfilling dating and relationship lives -- so how do we get there? Ken Blackman, relationship expert, breaks down how to get the sex & orgasms back.By Melanie Curtin.
Whether dating or in a relationship, if a man and woman are having sex, both are affected if she can't get wet (natural lubrication). If you've ever been with someone struggling with vaginal dryness or other ladyparts issues, listen to this! We delve into the jade egg, vaginal steaming,By Melanie Curtin.
Both men and women want even better, more connected sex (who doesn't?) Whether you're dating or in a long-term relationship (or married), all couples can use help around communication in sex. This is a great episode for those who want an easy way to deepen their sex life.By Melanie Curtin.
What do most couples argue about? When "should" you go to couples counseling? Men and women can use support when it comes to dating and relationships, and couples therapists can help. Here, we go over encouraging research around attachment, and how it can provide more safety and nourishment in romantic relationships.…
Going through a breakup is difficult. Jason Lange and I talk through how men with women who are ex-girlfriends or ex-wives can reenter the sex and dating even more resilient than before the breakup.By Melanie Curtin.
Men, women, sex, dating, and relationships: things can get complex. Dating advice is often to be clear and direct, but the reality of leading a woman on is complicated.By Melanie Curtin.
What does it mean to lead someone on? Where's the line between dating and sex and rejection? When women and men connect, it can be beautiful. It can also lead to suffering. We'd love for men to approach this one thing differently when it comes to dating.By Melanie Curtin.
Sex, dating, relationships, and man/woman dynamics are complex. Polyamory can make it even more so--or simplify things. One man's journey into love beyond monogamy reveals unexpected dating dynamics.By Melanie Curtin.
Three men share their journeys from stress and anxiety around dating, sex, and relationships to ease in both dating and in life. Their truth is refreshing on having deep, healthy, and fulfilling healthy relationships with women (and dating advice).By Melanie Curtin.
Who should pay on the first date - men or women? What about after you're dating, or in a relationship? How does paying affect the sex? Money, dating, and relationships: let's talk about it.By Melanie Curtin.
On this, the week of Valentine's Day, whether you're a man or a woman, single, in a relationship, dating, or any of the rest of it -- here is a love poem just for you. Xoxo.By Melanie Curtin.
Three men get real about their sexual fantasies and how they fit in with real women, sex, dating, relationships, and more. We also go over the top ten most popular male fantasies.By Melanie Curtin.
What's *your* sexual fantasy? We talk about whether we fantasize about the men we're dating or in relationships with, and what our ideal sex is in our fantasies (including the taboo ones).By Melanie Curtin.
Most men aren't raised to be able to access both their heart and their power, and their dating lives suffer. This is one man's riveting journey of transformation around power, that led to healthier relationships not only with women, but relationships of all kinds.By Melanie Curtin.
Finding your purpose: both men and women want it. Here's how one guy did it. We also touch on how does doing what you love (and getting paid for it) affects your sex, dating, and relationship life.By Melanie Curtin.
When it comes to sex, dating, and relationships, can you intentionally attract a healthy, giving, loving partner? The short answer is yes. The long answer is this episode, which outlines a 2-step process to magnetize the man or woman (or men/women ;)) you really want.By Melanie Curtin.
What do you do when sex hurts? What if it hurts for your partner, but not you? A woman describes her life as a newlywed and then a young married woman for whom sex was painful ... and how she and her husband negotiated that.By Melanie Curtin.
In the age of modern dating, it can be hard to know when to text vs. call vs. FB message vs. Instagram DM her... women and men, guys and girls, everyone differs when it comes to HOW they like to be communicated with. Sex, dating, and relationships are better when communication is clear and easy.By Melanie Curtin.
The personal development world is obsessed with men being "on purpose," and there's a lot out there about how that impacts the guy's sex, dating, and relationship life. But what purpose really mean, and is it really realistic for the masculine to "find" it?By Melanie Curtin.
Both men and women need alone time in a relationship, but how do you get it without hurting your partner's feelings? It's a critical dating and relationship skill--and impacts the sex in a surprising way, too.By Melanie Curtin.
In addition to casual sex, we talk about catching feelings, play the "how single are you on a scale of 1-10" game, and discuss men, women, sex, dating, and relationships outside monogamy ones.By Melanie Curtin.
Ever had a hard time communicating about what you like (or don't like) in bed? Maybe you didn't want to hurt your partner's feelings or didn't know how to say it. Men, women, sex, love, dating, romance, and partnership are complicated -- here's the best of my sex research so far to help.By Melanie Curtin.
Casual sex, friends with benefits, and hookup culture between men and women: what does it feel like when it goes well, and what happens when it doesn't? Prepare for some entertaining and sometimes cringe-worthy stories of sexual escapades and the surprising love that can come along the way.By Melanie Curtin.
Maintaining the sexual passion in a long-term relationship is one of the more important and most challenging parts of the equation. We break down the barriers to hot sex for men and women and how to remove them, so the sparks keep flying.By Melanie Curtin.
The Big Sexy Data Set delivers, with 9 women sharing personal stories of times men were allies to them, whether in a professional, dating, sexual, or safety context. This one is an acknowledgement of the masculine. <3By Melanie Curtin.
In light of everything going on between men and women, right now, I wanted to share personal stories of times men have been allies to me. Whether in dating, friendship, sex, relationships, or professional contexts, I've loved how these men showed up.By Melanie Curtin.
What's the best to support a woman who tells you about sexual abuse/assault? Here, two women share their personal stories of men who've done it poorly, and those who've done it exceedingly well. Not to be missed.By Melanie Curtin.
What is it really like to go to couples counseling? A real couple shares their personal journey of navigating sex and partnership, and how a couples therapist has been an invaluable addition to their relationship. Both men and women will get a lot out of this one.By Melanie Curtin.
Flirting is an art ... and one we adore! Here we discuss the men who've flirted well, and what they did. Whether in dating, sex, or a relationship, flirting is one of the best parts of life and should be celebrated!By Melanie Curtin.
Monogamy is the default in most relationships, but is it what's really best for couples, or men & women individually? This week's guest says polyamory (aka non-monogamy) feels the most freeing for her, and she experiences even more fulfilling sex and love as a result.By Melanie Curtin.
The pickup artist scene (PUA) is the entry point for a lot of men looking for how to get better with women in sex, dating, and relationships. Here, we explore the positive and darker sides of the pickup scene.By Melanie Curtin.
Masculine presence is like catnip to women. Whether on a date, in a relationship, or during sex, the more present a man is, the hotter it is. Here, we discuss how a man can quickly but permanently get more present -- a state that's not only more relaxing for him, but is super sexy to her.By Melanie Curtin.
Sometimes it feels like men and women speak different languages. Masculine and feminine communication is distinct, but it doesn't have to break us (up). Strong, healthy relationships - including the sex part - rely on good communication.By Melanie Curtin.
What's it like to be a man on Bumble, versus a woman? How do you respond as a guy when your date starts telling you about her possible Tinder threesome sex? All that plus the question of what we're all doing on the apps in the first place. Is it really about hookups, love, and relationships, or something else entirely?…
Tinder, Bumble, and J-Date, oh my! We get down and dirty on our thoughts & experiences with sex, hookups, men, women, relationships, and the rest when it comes to the dating apps. Whether it's MeetMindful, Hinge, or Match, we leave no online dating stone unturned.By Melanie Curtin.
Betcha didn't know there were 3, did ya? ;) Both men and women typically only know about clitoral orgasms, but there are several more pleasure-filled adventures to go on. We delve mostly into a third (and more unknown) one in this especially sexy episode.By Melanie Curtin.
It's a phrase we throw around a lot, but what does it actually mean? The fear of commitment is intimately related to a fear of something else that's both unexpected and critical to address when it comes to having healthy sex, dating, and relationships.By Melanie Curtin.
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