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She's a journalist. He’s a comedian. They make the news fun. Tune in each Monday for, as one listener puts it, “the perfect amount of news and silliness to lighten up your day.”
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The Better Husband, Father, and Man podcast is a show dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and equipping you to become exactly what our title says, a better husband, father, and man.
Susan Powell vanished on Dec. 7, 2009. Her body has never been found. From the beginning, West Valley City, Utah police suspected Susan's husband, Josh Powell, had murdered her. They never arrested him. COLD dives deep into the case files, uncovering never-before-heard details. You'll learn why Susan stayed with an abusive husband, why Josh did what he did and how the justice system failed Susan and her two boys.
Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we've tried to fix people.
If you want real perspective and insight on what’s happening right now in my entrepreneurial journey, you’ve come to the right podcast. I tell you about the challenges of fatherhood along with being a good husband to my awesome wife. It’s a juggling act to say the least. Here’s how I stay crazy yet effective in my life. Become a supporter of this podcast:
War of the Roses
War of the Roses, catching cheaters one at a time! Listeners call the Z Morning Zoo and put their boyfriend/husband to the ultimate test will they or wont they choose them. The Zoo calls the boyfriend/husband and offers him a dozen free red roses to send to anyone they want. The ultimate test is, will they choose the right person.
Join husband Travis McElroy and wife Teresa McElroy every Friday and they'll improve your etiquette week by week! Perplexed by thank you notes? Baffled by black tie? Dismayed by dinner parties? Worry no more, Shmanners has your answers! Tune in every Friday on!
As she walks up the aisle to her waiting husband, a young bride undergoes a sudden change of heart. She goes through the marriage ceremony in a daze, but refuses to talk to her new husband, a seafaring man. Her family is stunned and bewildered. After the ceremony, the bride stays shut in her bedroom. The bewildered groom departs in despair. The next day, the family receives news that the groom has been mortally injured in an accident. The bride rushes to his side on board a ship. When she en ...
Since the late 1970’s Southland artist and musician John Husband produced a daily comment piece, first for Radio New Zealand, and then on Foveaux Radio – which developed into his own long running talk show. Since retiring from radio in 2001, John has now returned to present a selection of his old scripts to show how much (or how little) has changed since the years they were first read. It’s a wonderful trip back in time, and though provoking too! “Talking in Circles” airs at 12.10pm and 5.10 ...
Husband and wife team, Dave and Amy, along their brother Chad, dig into the paranormal topics of, Hauntings, Cryptids, Spiritualism, Mediums, UFO's, and Missing Persons Cases in order to bring normalcy to the topics. We are only afraid of that that we don't know so join us and get to know that which scares you!
Jerk Mountain
A dad and a dick. A cook and a prick. A husband and a... not-husband.You're invited to join our weekly word-salad which serves to document and share conversations that have happened in private for years amongst two life-long friends. A grand creative endeavor that's similar to hanging out with your best buds who never let you talk. That's the jist of the Jerk Mountain philosophy:"an easy, breezy, beautiful radio show"
Timeless wisdom from Focus on the Family that will challenge and encourage you in your marriage.
He’s drunk, I’m not... we talk movies, music and things about stuff
Case Closed
Case Closed is a true crime podcast about the times the bad guy didn’t get away with it. Season 1 investigates the murder of Erin Corwin, who was just 19 years old when she kissed her husband Jon goodbye at the Marine base in Twentynine Palms, California, and headed to Joshua Tree National Park to scout hiking trails. It was the last time he would ever see her alive. A true story of marriage, obsession, and murder, based on the book Secrets of a Marine’s Wife by New York Times bestselling au ...
All Day Paranormal
All Day Paranormal is an off-shoot of the popular paranormal blog, Get Spooked ( Every week, host Krystle Vermes dives into topics ranging from hauntings to cryptozoology alongside her co-host and husband, Manny Veiga.
I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples. Hosted by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, I Do Podcast is all about inspiring young couples to create a fulfilling and happy relationship. Our weekly podcast will give you great advice to improve your relationship and fun ways to keep the spark alive. Each episode we will interview amazing relationship experts who share their knowledge on building successful and lasting love. Our guests wi ...
Married With Horses
Welcome to Married With Horses! This is a podcast hosted by Jackie and Lane Jatzlau. Jackie (formally Jackie Dube) is a professional barrel racer and horse trainer. Her husband, Lane, owns a construction company and is a professional barrel racer's husband. Together they raise 2 kids, 6 dogs, and herd of horses on their ranch in Central Texas. This podcast is meant to be both entertaining and informative. Jackie and Lane will discuss their day to day happenings and all that goes on in their ...
Podcasting since 2005 and married 10 years longer than that, Adventures in Imperfect Living is your funny and thought-provoking weekly dose of helping you navigate through YOUR adventures in Life, Family, and Ridiculousness by sharing our own.
First serialized in Punch magazine in 1845, and officially published in book form in 1846, Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures presents a collection of 37 lectures delivered by Mrs. Caudle to her husband as a means of reproach for his trivial infractions. Also, the author marvelously incorporates typical elements responsible for disagreements between spouses including the antipathetic mother-in-law, the ne’er-do-well friends, and the jealous outbursts. Jerrold’s charming piece of satire introduce ...
Our podcast will probably vary on different topics. We don’t quite have a vision yet, but I believe the more podcasts we do we’ll start to get a vision! We’ve talked about doing this, but never doing anything about it. I was inspired tonight, and asked my husband, Keith. He said, “yeah” So, I guess here we are. We kind of just jumped into this podcast world: no experience or anything. Just us. Here we are world. Keith & Jessica Postema!
Although I’ve worked in corporate America for over 13 years, my passions are my son, cooking, decorating & finding ways to save money. I guess you could say I’m a House Husband at Heart!
An impoverished but loving young couple sacrifices their most precious possessions to buy Christmas gifts for each other. A tramp who is desperate to be sent to prison so he can escape the winter cold. Two depressed laborers get their palms read by a Coney Island mountebank. A yellow dog who relates the story of a fat lady and her hen pecked husband. These and other unforgettable characters form part of absolutely delightful and unforgettable short story collection, The Four Million by O Hen ...
The audio journal of husband, father, podcaster and artist, James Kennison
The nation’s most respected and accomplished Christian men share their personal stories, struggles, and strategies to help you become the husband, father, and spiritual leader God called and created you to be. These are the lessons you wish your dad would’ve taught you, but never did. Each interview session is packed with practical, proven, biblical principles you can immediately apply in your relationships, on your job, and in your community. It doesn’t matter where you started, what counts ...
Trophy Husbands
Friends sit down each week to talk about life, death, and everything that happens in between.
Join television presenter Nadia Sawalha and her husband Mark Adderley as they take you on a journey through the ups and downs of married life.Offering their insights of life from the marriage trenches, there's no holds barred with this very relatable pair as episode by episode they share the impact of everything from addiction, rehab, parenthood to marriage counselling has had on their marriage.
Sober, WPFB diet, husband, father, gamer, and an entrepreneur online with 55 video classes on Skillshare, 17 books, 613+ blog posts, 1,850+ YouTube videos, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify! Become a supporter of this podcast:
MarriageToday is co-hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Right One and Strengths Based Marriage. MarriageToday is a daily program that provides hope and help for marriage and family relationships.
The Meditation Podcast creates an extraordinary meditation experience for people in their everyday lives. Founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Jesse & Jeane Stern, the podcast uses guided meditations, binaural beats, mindfulness, and 20+ years experience in Healing Arts. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery. For our complete archive of meditations, please visit our web site or
Common Language
George Bernard Shaw is attributed as saying that the US and UK are two countries separated by a common language. In this podcast, Helen, an American woman and Gavin, her Scottish husband, explore the accuracy of this statement, try to find commonalities, and embrace differences.
Diana Bellerose is born and raised in Eastern Europe. She grew up in a working class family. As a little girl she spends most of her childhood with her grandparents. Presently, she lives with her husband, daughter and their two dogs and cat in Seattle, WA. She has finished Edmonds Community College in May 2004. Later on, she has found passion for writing about family and the obstacles they face in their lives.She enjoys gardening, photography, drawing, exploring other cultures, visiting inte ...
Husband and wife team, Craig and Jennifer Moser of Maestro Wealth Advisors discuss crucial tips for planning your successful retirement. Listen for valuable insight from professionals with unique insight and perspective on How Money Works.
Fatherhood, discussing current issues that men deal with on a daily basis relating to the family structure as a husband, father & mentor. Also special guests, authors, organizations and events surrounding our community with positive change.
Mind’s Eye
The scariest monsters are those hiding inside our own minds... Plagued by nightmares, homicide detective Kate McClay enlists her radio-journalist husband get to the bottom of her horrifying dreams. In the process, Kate fights against psychology, unsolved crimes, her own family, and even a serial killer. Will Kate's dreams ever end? Or is her nightmare just beginning? Mind's Eye is part of the Parcast Network and is a Cutler Media production.
Sue Meyer, ND, CCH explains natural homeopathic treatment alternatives to help bring healing and pain relief for mommies and their families.Sue has been helping her family attain wellness for many years now, she is the author of the book Homeopathy for Mommies.Sue Meyer is a wife and the home school mother of eleven. She and her husband, Ron, currently have 24 grandchildren, whom they dearly love and enjoy spending time with on a regular basis. Sue spends most of her free time in the study o ...
I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. My wife Lea and I have been married for 25 years. We are doing our best to raise our 4 boys, who are all growing up way too fast.
I'm just a black man/husband/father/son that's just trying to give his two cents, and make a difference. Become a supporter of this podcast:
RESPECTABILITY, n. The offspring of a liaison between a bald head and a bank account. BEAUTY, n. The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband. LITIGANT, n. A person about to give up his skin for the hope of retaining his bones. If these caustic definitions catch your fancy, you'd enjoy The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce. He was a columnist with the San Francisco News Letter, a weekly paper which was a business publication aimed at the corporate sector. However, it ...
In Retrospect
In Retrospect is a podcast looking at life's lessons through the clear lens of hindsight. Most episodes are interviews with my close friends and family, while others are my own thoughts as a husband, father of five, and ER physician. The intended audience is anyone from any background who wants to feel courage, comfort and camaraderie in this amazing journey called life!
Bible News Radio
Bible News Radio provides listeners information about current events and the bible from a traditional conservative point of view. This unique, husband and wife duo, of Randall & Stacy Harp, use their biblical knowledge and research coupled with common sense, humor and a direct approach that gives listeners the ability to engage without feeling uncomfortable. Bible News Radio often addresses issues that are biblical in nature, and some may consider "fringe" or conspiratorial but aren't. We th ...
Welcome to Certifiably Catholic! Each episode a Catholic priest, stay at home mom and a husband/parish minister discuss how we strive for heaven in the midst of this crazy life.
George Eliot's seventh and perhaps most famous novel almost didn't get written! It took birth as a short novella titled Miss Brooke but she was unhappy with its progress and finally in despair, she decided to put it aside for a couple of years. Meanwhile, personal problems intervened and when she took up the project again, it was with a renewed sense of creativity. Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life first appeared as an eight-part serial novel in 1871-72. In 1874, it was finally compile ...
The Outlander After Show recaps, reviews and discusses episodes of Starz's Outlander.Show Summary: After serving as a British Army nurse in World War II, Claire Randall is enjoying a second honeymoon in Scotland with husband Frank, an MI6 officer looking forward to a new career as an Oxford historian. Suddenly, Claire is transported to 1743 and into a mysterious world where her freedom and life are threatened. To survive, she marries Jamie Fraser, a strapping Scots warrior with a complicated ...
WifeSavers Podcast
Ramona Zabriskie, multi award-winning author, celebrated marriage mentor and global educator, founder of Wife for Life University and the WifeSavers Education Membership, answers real wife questions alongside her husband of 41 years, Dale Zabriskie. Their entertaining conversations about the challenges and intricacies of the marriage relationship are full of actual experience and powerful, proven advice. Thousands of wives in over 70 countries are learning how to better resolve their worries ...
A geocaching podcast based in the UK. Hosted by husband and wife team Pete and Tracey Mason.
If you've enjoyed watching the 1998 BBC television miniseries, you'd probably want to renew your acquaintance with William Makepeace Thackeray's 1847 novel, Vanity Fair. However, if you're unfamiliar with what has been dubbed one of the Best 100 Books in English Literature, you certainly have a treat ahead. Miss Pinkerton's Academy in Chiswick Mall in London is where young ladies with ambitions of making a good marriage are sent by their socially aspiring middleclass parents. Two young ladie ...
10 million people in the World have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Yet, so few people seem to know much about it. Join me, Larry Gifford, as I share my personal journey into what it’s like to live and work with Parkinson’s disease as a 40-something husband and father with a career.
Listen in on how reading the bible every day is changing my life.I am a husband to 1 & a father of 4 great children. My life is crazy and has zero time to waste. Taking time out of my day to spend time with God and meditate on His Word was always something I wanted to do but couldn't find time.I was reminded, that if it was important to me, I would MAKE time... So I did. Now I record how it has and is impacting my life in hopes you will do the same. Thanks for listening and connecting with m ...
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More great books at
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Are You a Jealous or Envious Christian with June Hunt from Hope for the Heart
This week on Sawbones to celebrate the Maximum Fun Drive we've got a special crossover episode with Shmanners! Let's talk about broken heart syndrome (which is exactly what we'll have if you don't donate!) DONATE NOW! Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers
The Etcetera Kid makes music improvised from scratch live on Twitch using requests from viewers! Want more of his music? Watch the ETCKID create music live on Twitch at Listen to ETCKID's music with us at Join the conversation while the show is offline on Discord at https://discord ...…
After SPECIFICALLY asking her bf Drew to stop texting his ex, Kathryn catches him doing it again! Is there something more going on that just texting??
False teachers everywhere, they were around when Peter was warning the church and are still around today. There are those who teach falsely maliciously and then there are those who teach falsely by mistake. Either way, the best way to vet them out is if you yourself are in Gods Word regularly!…
This week it’s me and the (snarky) boy just hanging out and talking about J stuff. The post 95: J appeared first on Nobody's Listening Podcast Community.
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Howdy MwH Fam! This episode of the show is with barrel racer, Jordan Bassett-Kircher. This Arizona cowgirl grew up in the horse industry. Her family has been in the horse business for decades. Her granddad was a world champion team roper in the 40’s. Her dad is a legend in the sport of quarter horse racing; winning the All-American Futurity and ...…
Hello Internet and Happy MaxFunDrive to all! We've got a very special episode this week all about BREAKUPS AND HEARTBREAKS! Plus, our sister show Sawbones is doing a companion episode all about BROKEN HEART DISEASE! Enjoy and please consider visiting and supporting the shows you love!…
Living the life Christ has called us too is not easy. Sure there can be advantages to living your life in a selfless loving way as scripture instructs us. Are you a Christian because of what you get out of it or because of what God gets out of it?
How should husbands respond to the topic of "submission" in marriage? Greg Smalley has some great advice. Featuring Lucille Williams. Find us online at or call 1-800-A-FAMILY. Podcast users, find today's related broadcast resources here: ...…
STANDING STRONG IN BABYLON 1. When God raises you up, expect people to tear you down. * When you do what’s ______, expect people to _______ you. 2. Kneeling to pray is what gives you the strength to stand. * YOU WILL BE ABLE TO STAND BEFORE PEOPLE and do what’s right, if you’re willing to __________ before the presence of the Lord. 3. When you ...…
How do you add new streaming channels on and which platforms should you stream to? In this video, I talk about my thoughts on the best places to stream live. Want access to more videos from this course? Join in at Want to watch every video course on hacking that I've made over the years? Get acces ...…
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Was Trump Wrong for Signing Bibles?
A new MP3 sermon from Bible For Today Baptist Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Numbers 5 Subtitle: Numbers Bible Study Speaker: Daniel Waite, M.A., M.Div. Broadcaster: Bible For Today Baptist Church Event: Bible Study Date: 3/15/2019 Bible: Numbers 5:1-31 Length: 98 min.…
A new MP3 sermon from Coram Deo Reformed Presbyterian Church is now available on SermonAudio with the following details: Title: Husbands, Love Speaker: Patrick McNeely Broadcaster: Coram Deo Reformed Presbyterian Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 3/17/2019 Length: 37 min.
The History of Cloffices, Katherine tricked us into going to Confession, DMV Craziness, A Positive Turn with Meds, and the inaugural recording of the all new Cloffice 2.0By (Greg and Jennifer Willits).
In this week’s episode of Homeopathy for Mommies, you will discover an excellent remedy for Lactose Intolerance. Aethusa Cynapium is an amazing remedy! This remedy is one of the most important remedies for milk intolerance in infants. Milk is vomited in large curds, and then the child will become very drowsy and go into a deep sleep. He will cr ...…
The Etcetera Kid makes music improvised from scratch live on Twitch using requests from viewers! Want more of his music? Watch the ETCKID create music live on Twitch at Listen to ETCKID's music with us at Join the conversation while the show is offline on Discord at https://discord ...…
Marty Miller is a lifelong disciple of Christ. His career path has been primarily in the field of education having served in both public and private sectors. He has held positions in all levels of education, including being a elementary school principal, a middle school and high school teacher, a nature center director, educational consultant, ...…
Marty Miller is a lifelong disciple of Christ. His career path has been primarily in the field of education having served in both public and private sectors. He has held positions in all levels of education, including being a elementary school principal, a middle school and high school teacher, a nature center director, educational consultant, ...…
Being a believer, in most of the world, is not that difficult. There are a growing number of areas that persecute Christians, but most of those in earshot of this podcast are not experiencing it. Peter denied Christ when things got tough. How would I react in that situation?…
Are you religious and your partner is not? Maybe the other way around? The landscape is changing and you don't have to share your partner's religion or be religious at all. Listen to today's episode and learn how to navigate religion in your relationship. It will be valuable whether you're an atheist or a devout follower! In this episode we dis ...…
In this episode we dig into Voodoo. We look at the history of the religion, how it was able to evolve and stay alive even after it had been outlawed. We also look at the effects it has had on our culture in movies and music. We also try to dispel some of the stigma that has been placed on the religion. Be sure to follow us on all the social med ...…
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