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A weekly program featuring the messages given at Northpark Community Church in Fresno, CA.
Our Town
Elvie Look: Your Professional Organizing Coach who is helping people get organized with her easy tips and suggestions. These systems help the busy mom, businessman or woman, entrepreneur or student learn the keys to organizing in simple, actionable and manageable steps. She teaches how to get organized and maintain your organized space while carrying on your normal busy life. She is the author of "21 steps from Chaos to Calm."
The simple sophisticate is someone who prefers quality over quantity, sensible living over mindless consumption, personal style instead of trendy fashions, has an insatiable curiosity for life’s endless questions and a desire to live a truly fulfilling life rather than being led around by the nose. Inspired by her lifestyle blog The Simply Luxurious Life, Shannon Ables (the original Simple Sophisticate) shares with listeners tips on how to live a refined life on an everyday income. From achi ...
As It Was
Colorful vignettes dedicated to the regional history of Southern Oregon and Northern California. As It Was is an all volunteer effort -- produced by Raymond Scully and narrated by Shirley Patton in partnership with writers from the Southern Oregon Historical Society . I f you have a writing background and would like to submit an As It Was essay for consideration, email your written piece to A collection of As It Was essays is available in a high-quality paperback book ...
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Get The Woman
Guys how many times have you been rejected by a woman thinking that you were ”smooth” and all? And Ladies.. how many times how many times how many times have you been hit on by a guy that was a complete creep? Probably more times then you can count for both genders. In this podcast I will discussing various topics from how to get a girlfriend, hook-ups, dating, arguments, sex and much more. This podcast is mainly aimed towards men but it would be foolish to ignore the most amazing creatures ...
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Published in 1912, The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell is one of his most popular books. It renders philosophical issues and questions in a way in which they become relevant and accessible to the man or woman on the street, provoking them to devote time and effort into thinking about these aspects of life. Here, the great philosopher and humanist thinker Bertrand Russell examines the importance of empirical (that which can be verified by observation or experience rather than deduc ...
Do you want a hot, juicy sex life? Are you a great lover? Do you know how to get the sex you want? Can you drive your woman wild? Let us help you turn up the heat in your relationship. Dr. Lori Buckley, ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist and Doctor of Psychology, answers questions from listeners and talks about men's sexual issues in an educational and entertaining format. You'll hear how to create passion and intimacy, uncover your lover's sexual fantasies, turn on and satisfy your partner, enh ...
TJ Morris ET Radio
TJ Morris ET Radio strangely appealing! Discussions and Interviews. ACO Association of Conscience entering the Unknown seeking answers. Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Paranormal Life Immortal Souls Cosmos Connection. Super-natural, quantum physics, truthseekers, theorists, metaphysicians, We are ACO Association. Call In +1-347-945-7207. Theresa J Morris, Host/Producer. Since June 3, 2012, IT-AI Sponsored by ACO American Communications Online, TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency. Call T ...
WCCB is your local destination for news, weather, traffic and sports, including the latest on the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, Charlotte Knights, Charlotte Checkers and NASCAR.
This is the weekly show where we discuss the DC Extended Universe and all of the other upcoming DC Movies! We also talk about the DC TV and Animated Universes and some DC Comics and Video Game news as well! DCEU, DCCU, DCTV, DCAU, DCU, Video Games, and Comics! We are a proud member of the Batman Podcast Network!
ODWIRA [oh-jee’-rah] is a term from ancient Khanit and Kamit (Nubia and Egypt) meaning ‘purification’. This term is found in Akan culture with the same meaning, as the Akan are directly descendent of the ancient Khanitu (Nubians). ODWIRA, purification, operationalizes Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion. NANASOM, Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit (African) Ancestral Religion, in its varied expressions (Akan, Yoruba, Ewe, Lozi, Hoodoo, Juju, Voodoo, etc.) animates Afurakani/Afuraitka ...
Each week, Allen, Josef, and Jonathan discuss a comic book character (or team). Jonathan, a lifelong Marvel devotee, presents the character, their powers, and their history. Josef, who's only ever read one comic book and is significantly more grounded in reality, calls bull. And Allen, level headed voice of reason, mediates the mess.
Cinema Royale
The official podcast of BFCA and WAFCA film critic, Travis Hopson!
Welcome to Wellness Through Menopause where amazing things can happen Become a supporter of this podcast:
Mai Tai Happy Hour
Mai Tai Happy Hour is a no-holds barred conversation between two aging punk rockers covering the latest in video games, comics, pro-wrestling, vinyl, rock and roll, Tiki culture, movies and more. We also talk about the history of a classic cocktail and teach you how to make it.
Weekly financial and retirement guidance from Jeannette Bajalia
Marty and the Arrogant Observer discuss this week's news in 30 mins.
Yellowhammer News
Alabama’s Home for News
Fantômas was introduced a few years after Arsène Lupin, another well-known thief. But whereas Lupin draws the line at murder, Fantômas has no such qualms and is shown as a sociopath who enjoys killing in a sadistic fashion.He is totally ruthless, gives no mercy, and is loyal to none, not even his own children. He is a master of disguise, always appearing under an assumed identity, often that of a person whom he has murdered. Fantômas makes use of bizarre and improbable techniques in his crim ...
Mrs Brightside
Comedian/Host Lacretia Lyon is Mrs Brightside, where she takes on a subject that might not always have the most positive reputation and turns those frowns upside down with her guest.
Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot, email
A Game of Thrones fan podcast based on both the show and books.
Yellow Card
Stephen Brandt talks soccer
The Untold History
The stories they don't tell you.
The Pulpit Podcast & is a multimedia platform that offers entertainment, motivation, advice, current events, & etc for the black community. The owner,creator, and personality “Minister Jap” designed this platform for brothers and sister to freely discuss issues we face in the black community without being filtered or censored.Minister Jap has become an internet sensation with his harsh delivery and witty perspective of different topic dealing with black people. Raised on the ...
Hold My Hijab
Hosted by ya girls Kay and Dee ranting about the bulls**t that comes with being a Black Muslim woman.
Love beauty feminine energy
Single guy life
I advise and get personal! I join Tombo Combo and talk about dating, meeting woman, and everything a single guy's life entails. Funny and engaging, we are real and honest and may afford at times. Grant M Lewis
Thirty-something, single woman sharing the trials and tribulations of dating at this stage in the game. Sharing this journey...
The Too Busy To Eat Show is dedicated to improving the lives of busy people by providing them with inspirational stories from high achievers. During each show tactics, tips, and routines are revealed to help those striving for success to reach their goals. The Too Busy To Eat founder and CEO, Greg Zuffelato is the host of the show. For more information about Too Busy To Eat go to
Woman Up! Podcast
Dead Pixel Live features discussions, reviews and interviews about video games, movies, and more video games. With an open format that has lasted for hundreds of episodes, DPL is an unpredictable and entertaining show.
Yurick Life Coach
Yurick is life coach and entrepreneur who will help you with all your needs. Voted best Life Coach in 2012- 2017 by Trippy Advisor. Call him, or write to him for all your Life Coachings.
Marty and The Arrogant Observer discuss TV, what to watch and what to not.
We Like To Watch
Welcome to "We Like To Watch", the podcast where we talk about all the things we've been watching over the week. From Movies to TV and everything in between!
The eight to 10 minute movie guys. Fridays at about 8:35 a.m. on Radio NL 610AM Kamloops. Stick with us!
Comedians Andrew Ivimey and Diana McCallum ( creators of ) break down and discuss a different superhero movie or TV show every week, with drop-ins from special guests and comedians.
The Podcast Detroit Network
MAEKAN's Weekly Podcast exploring the latest news in creative culture.
Nerd to the 3rd
The 250
Andrew and Darren host a fortnightly exploration of the Internet Movie Database's Top 250 Movies of All Time.
contactpraveen2001 uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
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An animal rights group is calling for a man to be charged after he was filmed seemingly forcibly blowing cannabis smoke into a kitten's face and joking about it. Warning, you may find some of the images in this video disturbing.
Urgent talks between Air New Zealand and unions are underway in a bid to avert a one-day strike that one travel agency says would be almost unprecedented. The strike by the airline's engineers on Friday 21 December would affect nearly 42,000 people, some of whom are now scrambling to make back-up plans.…
Stephen Barclay only took on the job in May, but he hasn't been at work for weeks. Housing Minister Phil Twyford won't comment on his absence, but RNZ understands it relates to an employment dispute.
The man accused of murdering Grace Millane appeared for the first time in court today, and while he lost his bid for interim name suppression, his name will remain a secret while his lawyer appeals the decision.
Struggling to maintain her composure, the Prime Minister has described the overwhelming sense of hurt and shame that the country feels over the killing of British packpacker Grace Millane.
Comedian Kevin Hart has been fired from his Oscar-hosting role after homophobic tweets from the past resurfaced. Is it foolish for public figures to expect missteps from their past to go unnoticed?
Guests at Jesse Paley-Atkins' Gentle Annie Seaside Campground awoke to a fabulous surprise on Saturday morning - $200-300 fastened to their vehicles! About $6,800 was dished out overall, but nobody knows who did it ...
John Fraser lives in the suburb of Fairfield in Dunedin, and he's decked out his house in the most Christmassy way imaginable for the festive season.
Stanmore Bay School in Auckland has been criticised for its Christmas nativity play.
What the panellists Alexia Russell and Damian Christie want to talk about.
Researchers have been tracking an increase in narcissism in the young, in tandem with a decline in support for democracy.
Episode 16 of the beloved Christmas kids radio serial The Cinnamon Bear. Follow Judy and Jimmy with the Paddy O'Cinnamon through Maybeland to find the Silver Star for their Christmas Tree!EPISODE 16 - Oliver Ostrich Snapper Snick is near-sighted but he can "read" any writing by eating it. The queen's note tells them they need to go to the Wishi ...…
Some vineyard owners are choosing to tear out the grapes in favour of apples, citing the continued corporatisation of winemaking in New Zealand and the prohibitively high price of releasing your own wine, as well as better profitability. Philip Barber of Petane Station joins us to discuss whether the grapes are off.…
About 100,000 children live in poverty in New Zealand - and Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft wants to halve that number by 2028. Is that a realistic goal? Judge Becroft joins us to discuss
Home detention for the young Northland man who punched a much older man, a grandfather and left him to die after a road rage incident
Aircraft engineers at the national carrier are still planning to strike on December 21st, the busiest flying day of the year. However Air New Zealand says those striking - maintenance engineers, logistics staff, and so on - are already well-paid, earning more than $100,000 a year on average. The panellists discuss where their sympathies lie.…
The investigation into Grace Millane's death continues, with local and international media following every move. Her family is clearly devastated, and there's a lot of societal outrage, sadness, and anger, that such a thing can happen in a country like New Zealand.
Researchers have been tracking an increase in narcissism in the young, in tandem with a decline in support for democracy. What the panellists Alexia Russell and Damian Christie want to talk about. Stanmore Bay School in Auckland has been criticised for its Christmas nativity play after an upset parent posted objections on social media. But the ...…
The investigation into Grace Millane's death continues, with local and international media following every move. Her family is clearly devastated, and there's a lot of societal outrage, sadness, and anger, that such a thing can happen in a country like New Zealand. Aircraft engineers at the national carrier are still planning to strike on Decem ...…
Two stories about people planning events and then being ridiculted for their over the top attitude.
What are these curious worms on my deck? How do musicians play music they hate? And is Creative NZ going back on its word?
You may not know the name Nell Scovell, but if you have watched any TV in the last 30 years you know her work. As a writer and producer for comedy shows, she's worked on everything from The Simpsons to Murphy Brown.
Australia accused of crimes against humanity on Nauru and Manus; Pacific people are backing calls for mental health services to be overhauled; Tuna Commission set to decide on skipjack levels; Climate finance needs to empower Pacific nations to adapt to a changing climate not trap them in debt, the Pacific Community says; Niue is suing a Swedis ...…
Refugees in Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island are accusing the Australian government of torture and crimes against humanity.
Pacific people are backing calls for mental health services to be overhauled.
The body charged with conserving and managing fish stocks on the Pacific's high seas holds its annual summit this week in Hawaii.
For our expert feature today we're taking a closer look at the modern butcher. Reuben Sharples is the reigning New Zealand butcher of the year and has over 25 years experience in the profession.
What Happened Miss Simone, Tricky Dick and the Man in Black, Billy and Me.
The Someday Challenge is an annual film competition where young New Zealanders make movies about what they care about.This years standout winner is 14-year-old boy from ACG Strathallan College in South Auckland.
Last week our regular farming commentator Steve Wyn Harris highlighted the work of the QE11 National Trust. The trust partners with land owners to protect the habitats of native species on private land.
The Medicinal Cannabis bill is expected to pass its third and final reading tomorrow. Recent surveys have found most New Zealanders want more access to medicinal marijuana but are worried this bill won't go far enough.
The trans-tasman jazz band Antipodes is currently making its way around the country in support of their new album.
Singer songwriter Kendall Elise is about to release her second album and has just completed a short tour. She joins us to perform one of her new songs.
This Week on 'Africa On The Move,' Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 7 PM EST, features the theme: 'We Have The Power: We Rule!' You can listen or call in at (323) 679-0841, or go online for current or past programs at: Join Us!
The state-owned farmer, Pamu, has launched a partnership with South Korea's top pharmaceutical company Yuhan to supply deer milk for the manufacture of cosmetics.
The Warriors coach Stephen Kearney denies there was a personality clash with former halfback Shaun Johnson and says claims he didn't like the playmaker are untrue.
The outgoing chief executive of TradeMe .. Jon Macdonald is staying on longer than expected as the company faces a potential bidding war.
The troubles that have caught the online trading platform Halifax illustrate the dangers of high risk investing.
The troubles that have caught the online trading platform Halifax illustrate the dangers of high risk investing.
Investors are being warned to be on their guard for companies trying to disguise their loss making, poor performance.
Corbel Construction's ability to pay back about four and a half million dollars it owes to sub-contractors and suppliers will depend on whether it can recover what it's owed from its projects.
Christchurch-based telecomunications equipment maker Tait has sold a 40 percent stake in its international business to a Japanese company.
The man accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane appears in court. Urgent talks are underway to avoid Air New Zealand engineers striking before Christmas.
The problem with saving our modernist architectural heritage is we often can't agree on whether it's any good or not, says Bill McKay, Senior Lecturer in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Auckland.
Every whanau has a favourite recipe. The Napier Central School community has put a whole heap together to come up with a treasure trove of family recipes from the kitchens of Hawke's Bay. The result is Neighbourhood Eats. The idea was to produce a high quality cook book as a fundraiser to save the school pool. Kathryn Ryan talks to Rebecca Mose ...…
Veronica helps busy overwhelmed entrepreneurs deal with the ever day challenges of life that can drain their energy, interfere with productivity and hamper their success. You don’t have to struggle in with your interpersonal relationships situations or circumstances, instead you can work with her using her “ninja stress busting” techniques, to ...…
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