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Featuring Ross Mathews as the go-to guy for anyone who needs a BFF to give them guidance, direction or a good ole' slap in the face, Straight Talk (Advice & LOL's from the Gay Best Friend You Wish You Had and Know You Need) might be the most interactive podcast ever. Tackling relationships and dating, friendship and beyond, no topic is off limits or too taboo.
Pop culture expert Ross Mathews breaks down the top ten stories of the week and debates them with his friend and co-host Trish Suhr. From celebs to sports to scandals & beyond - nothing is off limits! This podcast is full of POV’s, LOL’s & OMG’s. Join the fun every week!
Preface by W.S.B. Mathews: I have here endeavored to provide a readable account of the entire history of the art of music, within the compass of a single small volume, and to treat the luxuriant and many-sided later development with the particularity proportionate to its importance, and the greater interest appertaining to it from its proximity to the times of the reader.The range of the work can be most easily estimated from the Table of Contents (pages 5-10). It will be seen that I have at ...
Through the centuries, the world has been witness to an unbroken trail of heroes--men and women who braved privation, danger, and death to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the darkest corners of the earth. Some are well known, others long forgotten, but all belong to the same indomitable band of torch-bearers. Join a few of these heroes as they face cannibals, battle slave traders, and care for sick enemies, always with one mission at the forefront--to serve their Lord and bring others int ...
Finding Your Way Back to Love in Trying Times. In this podcast, we will explore how to live our personal and business lives bravely with love, forgiveness and courage, even during the hardest days in our businesses, as parents and as family and community members. Life on this planet is so beautiful, but it can also be so confusing, scary and discouraging. My hope for this podcast is to help you find your own courage to live a life less ordinary, even when you are doing ordinary things.
Closing Arguments with Joshua T Mathews is a KMBZ radio show focusing on the legal issues that affect you, your family and your finances
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It sure was a busy week! Ross, Trish, and CJay discuss Selena Gomez being ill, and Justin Bieber's reaction to it all. Plus, the political climate in 2018 gets even weirder as Taylor Swift voices her opinion on Instagram, and Kanye West makes an appearance at the White House!
It's our 250th Episode and Ross plans on celebrating by...bringing out the Ouija Board! Listen to hear what spirits come through, and what answers the Ouija Board has for our Straight Talker's questions!
Mark redeems himself for being absent on Ross' birthday by bringing him a surprise gift from Comic Con. Plus, it's been a while since we made Nikki gag, and Ross knows exactly what smells will do the trick!
It was a week full of drama as Ross and Trish discuss Rosie O'Donnell on "The Talk", Stormy Daniel's description of the President's junk, and Kanye West's SNL rant. Plus, Ross discusses what he thinks of prenups, Trish sees right through Lindsay Lohan's Russian accent, and CJay breaks down why Tina Turner's new musical is worth discussing!…
Find out why Michelle Obama is selling out arenas, what has Ross and Trish worried about Facebook, and who the two would love to hear perform at the Super Bowl. All of that, and the Top 10 stories from pop culture on this week's Pop Talk!
America needs a hero, and Ross is here to be just that! He announces the start of his political career, and holds a press conference to get all of his skeletons out of his closet. Plus a snack attack, a STWR favorite calls in with a dilemma, Fagsy goes Balls Deep, Nikki with an UnNikkiBelevable, CJay with the Blackness, and JRod gets Saucy!…
It's Ross' birthday and the STWR crew has come with gifts! Ross picks out his favorite gift, and the crew delivers their birthday eulogies for his living birthday funeral!
Listen to Ross' Davidson Valentini Award acceptance speech at the 2018 GLAAD Awards!
Fresh off of his victory at the Emmy's, Ross is feeling good as he and Trish bring you the Top 10 stories of the week! Find out what star is having ANOTHER child, how Ross and Trish feel about Julie Chen leaving "The Talk", and what the two think of 2 fictional characters and their sexuality!
Ross Mathews and Trish Suhr bring you the Top 10 stories of the week in pop culture! Mac Miller's untimely death, the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj beef, and Serena's meltdown at the US Open. Plus Ross lays the groundwork to match John Legend to become an EGOT winner, and Trish discusses DWTS!
Trish Suhr joins the podcast! Ross calls for a Straight Talk Detox, and gets tips from a anonymous Sttaight Talker on how to win at a casino. Also, Fagsy goes Balls Deep, CJay with an important installment of “The Blackness”, and J-Rod tries a new food combo!
On our debut episode of Pop Talk with Ross Mathews, Ross and Trish run through the top-10 stories in-and-around the world of pop-culture this first week of September. Lady Gaga could be bound for Oscar glory following the sparkling reviews of A Star Is Born…what was Ariana Grande talking with Hillary Clinton about? What’s buried in Ross and Tri ...…
You've waited patiently. The day is finally here. Ross and the STWR crew go in-depth on the most anticipated date of the century!
Debuting September 6th, Ross Mathews (host of Striaght Talk with Ross) and Trish Suhr will run down their top-10 pop culture stories of the week on Pop Talk! Nothing is off limits for these two, they'll break down the stories that really matter each and every Friday to get you pumped for the weekend.…
Friend of the Podcast Trish Suhr fills in for Nikki, Ross and CJay show off their karaoke skills from their vacation in Mexico, and the debutt remix of a popular Straight Talk fan favorite with the help of Big Dipper!
In this very special special edition special of STWR, Ross is joined by a special listener who offers his services for one of the STWR co-hosts, and Ross issues a challenge to all Straight Talkers!
Ross holds the first ever Biore Olympics, pitches new segment ideas, and directs a food court edition of Snack Attack. Plus Blanche won't stop showing up on the podcast!
Ross conducts an exclusive one on one interview with a special guest, and brings back the hit game show "When Did Dat Did It Happen?". Also, more UnNikkiBelievable's, Fagsy Goes Balls Deep, CJay blesses us with the Blackness, and JRod gets saucy!
Tater Tot is in the studio! Ross tries out new sound effects with "Yesh or Mesh", and the crew celebrates Nikki's birthday!
Ross has another sauce for J-Rod to try, answers an Email of the Week, and is joined by a familiar spirit thanks to Thomas John the Seat Belt Psychic! Plus Fagsy goes Balls Deep, an UnNikkiBelievable, and Blackness!
Ross allows Mark to take over the production duties for a special 4th of July Blarktesticle Festicle! Blark offers up a Snack Attack, 2 Truths and Ju-Lie, and many failed attempts at trying to fill Ross' shoes!
What EXACTLY is "Black Leonard?" Plus, Ross' construction at home, an update on the 4th of July Blark-testicle festicle, Nikki B trending, Balls Deep, Minute Mark, and the Blackness!
Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it. ~ The Talmud In this episode, Jessica deals with the overload of negative news in the world today, and how we balance our many sides in this complex, inter ...…
The one and only Marissa Jaret Winokur joins us in studio to reveal her and Ross' soon to be hosting Big Brother's "Off the Block"! Plus, Nikki B is trending, C Jay gets into the Blackness, Fagsy goes Balls Deep, Mark gets his minute, and a very special caller checks in to say thank you and send his love to all the Straight Talk listeners!…
It's Blark's Burfday and we celebrate as only we can! (And how drunk does Diana have to be to put up with it?) Plus, Nikki Boyer is back and she's bringing Nikki B Trending with her! Plus, listening to family arguments, Sissy and Ebert take 2 (oh my God!), the Blackness, and balls deep!
Ross debuts an important new segment with a special caller. Ross takes a page from J-Rod's book and tells us about a weird sauce he tried. Then, Ross debuts HIS new segment Sissy & Ebert! (Surprise, CJay thinks the theme is dumb.) Plus, Balls Deep and the Blackness!
Trish Suhr is back in studio and Fagsy reports on a crotch watch dilemma. Plus, CJay calls from Toronto, people have a field day with Mark not being able to find the slide. But most importantly...Ross talks to Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam hosts of the hit podcast, "Watch What Crappens!"
Trish Suhr joins us in studio! Ross is back from the Royal Wedding and talks about it with a press conference and an abridged version of AYSTM. Plus, we yodel up some tongue twisters with Yodel Yolo Yoga Yoga. It's complicated. JUST LISTEN!
Ross and the gang bring you a special presentation of STWR from DragCon LA! Plus, a VERY special surprise segment featuring some exciting judges.
The one and only Bella Biscotti is in studio with us! Then, J-Rod drops a bombshell on us about his sauce experience. So naturally, we make him do a blind taste test and we discover the title of our episode. Plus, Balls Deep, the Blackness, and Nikki B Trending!
Why is everyone called Papa? And how does it inspire a drag name for Ross? Plus, everyone takes their shot at Mark's important show intro, Ross passes on a white party, Mama Mathews leaves week old fish in her purse, and Fagsy goes balls deep!
It's Fagsy's birthday and we're celebrating in style! But not without letting Mark off the hook when he goes Balls Deep with him about the...vasectomy. And Trisha is back so we go through our NCAA March Madness winners, finally. Plus, a special listener calls in!
Ross is back from Mexico! And Jackie Beat is in studio and she's in love with C Jay AND single. Plus, a HUGE announcement...something is going on with Mark. And with that being said...FREE CRUNCHY!
C Jay takes an adventure to the food court to bring back Snack Attack! Plus, we spend a lot of time with the return of America's favorite game, "Question Mark"! (?)
Mark is sick and is going to make everyone in the studio sick. Ross is going on vacation and he's PLANNING HIS NEXT BOOK. Plus, Nikki drops a bomb that she was on Unsolved Mysteries, gives us Nikki B Trending, and we go Balls Deep.
Ross has a confession to make. Be careful what you pray for. Plus, what does Ross' CBB Tutu smell like? And the return of KISS KISS AND TELL!
Ross needs relief. Nikki sings the "ButchRicky" eulogy song. We discover Sergio Mendez covers that talk and talk and talk and just say nothing. PLUS, we go Balls Deep and get into The Blackness.
The one and only Cookie Olaphante returns to the studio with a MAJOR announcement. Plus, Daria is back and our teen talker Jordan joins us on the line for the return of Straight After. Also, we Mark's sex dreams feature big wet holes? And of course, Fagsy takes us balls deep and Mark gets his minute.…
Daria is back!! Where has she been? But most importantly, Mark drunkenly hosts a fundraiser and becomes obsessed with winning a waffle maker. Plus, we go balls deep with Fagsy and get the dish from CJay with The Blackness.
Ross is making a change. A little change, but a big change. We talk to his realtor Arlene to find out what it is. Plus, at risk of having his gay card revoked, Fagsy finally starts watching Sex and the City! And you wonderful Straight Talkers send LOTS of love to Mama Mathews. Thank YOU!
The gang is back to together! Ross, CJay, Nikki, and Fagsy talk to fellow CBB bestie Ariadna Gutierrez calls in, Trisha is feeling a little under the weather, a possible social media change, and listener calls!
He's baaaaaaaaaack! Fresh from Celebrity Big Brother, Ross returns and he's bringing his new bestie in tow...Marissa! Plus, we hear from a few other celebrity voices on the phone! And we go balls deep with questions about Ross' time on the show.
It's another CBB recap hosted by Nikki Boyer and joined by Fagsy, Trisha, Mark, and special guest Karamo Brown! How has Ross been doing and what do the remaining episodes have in store for him? He could, go, all, the, WAY!
We recap Ross' action on CBB this past week with the help of co-host Josh Wolf and special guest, Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick! Plus, Salvador is here to offer his professional Big Brother analysis.
In this episode, Jessica deals with the question we all ask, "Is this all there is for me?" and challenges us to acknowledge our unique potential and gifts, and how we can begin to embrace them and express them in our daily lives, instead of living an uninspired life in lockstep with everyone else.
Nikki B takes over hosting duties while Ross is in the Big Brother house but is joined by Fagsy, C Jay, and Mark. PLUS! We welcome special co-host Heather McDonald to help go over the season premiere of CBB!
In this episode, Jessica deals with the issue of how to make sure you are setting your team up for success as you launch and grow your business. Often, our insecurities, fears, or lack of awareness can cause trauma, stress or frustration for our staff or team, even when we don't mean for that to happen. Jessica talks about how to make sure it d ...…
In this episode, Jessica deals with the common situation, especially for business owners and entrepreneurs, where the initial excitement of your business or project dies off and you lose your energy and motivation that you had at the start. The solution to this is very simple, which is great news because it means you can put it into practice im ...…
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