Best Menswear podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Welcome to the Fit Man Style podcast, where we talk about style for the fit man and various topics related to menswear from a fit man perspective.
All the best of the Parisian catwalks and a look behind the scenes at the big names in Haute Couture. Every Friday at 10.20 am Paris time.
Thinking Allowed
New research on how society works
Thinking Allowed
Laurie Taylor explores the latest research into how society works and discusses current ideas on how we live today.
The Personal Image System is podcast that helps any man discover the power of style & behavior.
Down To Business
Join Bobby Kerr for Ireland's premier business show covering all enterprise-related topics from personal finance to business news.
Discover what it takes and what it means to think entrepreneurially from thought leaders throughout the St. Louis region. Cheryl and Christy bring to you the best and most experienced trailblazers around to give you insights to unlock your pioneer potential for creativity, innovation and experimentation.
Films — Design
A comprehensive round-up of the design, architecture, fashion and graphics catching our eye.
You can't go naked right? Nicole Briggs explore those wardrobe decisions we make everyday and educates, empowers and entertains culturally through fashion and style. Say something nice!: Become a supporter of this podcast:
G Is For Gentlemen
The essence of a man is often defined by his style, attire, and overall charisma. It is our aim to help facilitate the best of today’s man with G is for Gentlemen! We bring you the latest is men’s fashion and elegance, with a focus to aid through chivalry and gentlemen-like behavior. G Is For Gentlemen represents the style, fashion, and essential accessories for today's renaissance man. You can reach us on social media at @TheSphereTV with the hashtag G4Gents.
Fashion Pod 101
British fashion, style and culture podcast digging deep into how us brits dress and our love for all things fashion.
Each week on "Fabulous Fashion", top designers are interviewed one on one with Angie to talk about their career as a Second Life fashion designer. Viewers get to see new releases and special previews from their favorite designers, and every week there is a new Guest Stylist on the show to bring you a collection of the hottest accessories that are currently out.
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There is nothing worse than opening your wardrobe to be buried under a pile of clothes, that you have never worn, and still say "I have nothing to wear!" Today's episode is about tackling that overwhelming feeling of to my choice and how to zero in and build that capusle wardrobe of your dreams.
Joining Bobby Kerr now for this week's Executive Chair is Mark Treacy, Chief Commercial Officer f...
Now there's no shortage of places in Ireland to get your hands on a good slice of pizza, but how ...
Now skincare is a massively overpopulated market place but my next guest has come up with a range...
What do Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Netflix have in common? Well they are all considered "E...
Can tidying up really change your life?“Yes” is the answer, without a doubt, according to Ve...
Why brands like Gucci fail to avoid or see the problem with blackface. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A sculpture turned couture fashion designer Madame Ğres is a designer you need to know about!
Fashion is the one of the most polluting industries in the world. Every year, the textile industry produces 5.8 million tons of waste in Europe alone - and France has one of the worst track records in the EU as far as recycling is concerned. For over 10 years now, Marcia de Carvalho has been trying to do something about that with her recycling ...…
A few of my favourite things from my wardrobe that I love & why in today's vintage #valentinesday episode 💘
Michael Jackson is back! But how is he still influencing us in 2019?🌚🚶‍♀️😂
Joining us today is Kathryn Finney, founder and managing director of DigitalUndivided (DID). Founded in 2013, DID is a social enterprise that takes an innovative, transformative approach to economic empowerment by encouraging Black and Latina women to own their economic security through entrepreneurship. DID accomplishes this goal by boldly emp ...…
Walls: A social history of the human made barrier which has divided people into those who should be kept safe and those who should be excluded. From Hadrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China to the Berlin Wall. Laurie Taylor talks to David Frye, Professor of History at Eastern Connecticut University and Wendy Pullan, Professor of Architecture ...…
Today I am sharing what I think will be a spring must have and a piece i am definitely adding to my wardrobe asap! 😀
Jumpsuits are back and set to get you big fashion brownie points for 2019. Listen on to see what to look out for and even the history of the Jumpsuit, not a sentence I ever expected to say!
In episode 72, we welcome Crystal Guillory (@singleladyonamissin)to this valentines edition on this week’s G is for Gentlemen! We dive into her brand Single Ladies on a Mission ( We also breakdown the best Valentine’s gifts. Plus, we discuss tips for men and women dating in 2019. All this and more on #G4Gents!…
My fav prints that are peaking my interest for 2019
Well like it says its personal!
Mary Quant is the designer in today's #FlashbackFriday episode. Famous for taking hemlines sky high and creating clothing for the forgotten generation of young adults Mary Quant is a designer you should know about! She also is a great role model for following your dreams and putting in the hard work to get there, thanks Mary ????…
I LOVE wearing oversized clothes and very rarely ever consider the size written on the label. In today's podcast I share my top tips on how to style everything oversized, t-shirts, dresses, jumpers, shirts and yes of course coats. Thanks so much for listening, Rachael xxx
Has this 2019 shoe "trend" gone to far? ??? Thank you so much for listening! Rachael xxx
Joining us today is Ronke Faleti, Founder and CEO of korédé. korédé supports women through innovative design with modular bags that are customized to the needs of the individual woman. Women can experience the freedom of carrying one beautiful bag that's not only functional but also stylish - from boardroom to playdates and weekends away. Ronke ...…
BBC — Motorbikes: Born to be wild. Randy McBee, Professor of Labor and Social History at the Texas Tech University, considers the rise of the American Motorcyclist from its largely working-class roots to the growth in "outlaw" motorcycle culture in the 1950s through to the development of the motorcycle rights movement of the 1960s and the emerg ...…
Motorbikes: Born to be wild. Randy McBee, Professor of Labor and Social History at the Texas Tech University, considers the rise of the American Motorcyclist from its largely working-class roots to the growth in "outlaw" motorcycle culture in the 1950s through to the development of the motorcycle rights movement of the 1960s and the emergence o ...…
Who doesn't LOVE a pair of jeans! I literally live in them, and also my denim jacket when the weather gets warmer! In today's episode it is alllll about 2019s denim trends and what jeans you should be buying ?
Ahhhh my true for ever love, vintage shopping ? Listen to hear my top tips on how to vintage shop like a pro???
In episode 71, we bring you a black history month show on this week’s G is for Gentlemen! We breakdown the influences of African American Gentleman such as Jeffrey Banks in American fashion history. We also dive into 5 qualities of a black gentleman. Plus, we discuss what it means to have true gentlemanly style. All this and more on #G4Gents!…
Can we bridge the gap between sustainable shopping and modern day "mall" shopping??? Sweden are so why aren't we? ??
Layering is always cool in my books and a great way to not only stay warm but also look #instaperfect ?? No but really do you look pretty damn cool! Listen on to learn how to layer like a pro ?
Flashback with me today to the 1940s and to where James Galanos decided to start his own career. The glamour, the lifestyle, the fashion ???
Humour, rigour and know-how! Over more than six decades, Karl Lagerfeld has become one of the most recognised and admired fashion designers in the world. A brilliant stylist, an outstanding draughtsman and a skilled photographer, he has breathed new life into all the brands he has worked with. FRANCE 24 takes a look back at some of his most mem ...…
No I haven't finally gone crazy, and started to sing kids songs to Olive, I just really love pjs!...... Listen now to find out more
Nicole chats briefly about the psychological power of color in politics. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Joining us today is Markey Culver, Founder and Co-Director of The Women's Bakery. Markey sees bread as nutrition and as a business model for sub-Saharan villagers. Her social enterprise operates by the simple yet powerful mantra of, “we can, therefore we must.” The Women's Bakery teaches women how to make and sell nutritious, affordable breads ...…
BBC — Laurie Taylor explores the latest research into how society works.
The Class Ceiling: Why it pays to be privileged. Drawing on four in-depth case studies – acting, accountancy, architecture and television – Sam Friedman, Associate Professor in Sociology at the LSE, argues that the ‘class ceiling’ in the elite professions can only be partially attributed to conventional measures of ‘merit’. Instead, he suggests ...…
Even though the huge snow forcast didn't materialise her in Birmingham, UK, we still love to talk about it ?? Today is a snow wardrobe kinda day?
2018 was all about Animal print & 2019 is set to be too. Learn how you can wear animal print and what to look out for ???
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