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Two local, Las Vegas friends discuss life, current events, and everything else that pops into their heads. It's the Pick Me Up that everyone needs! Pop Culture and tribulations! This show is funny with a flare, never boring and always informative. Come join our family!
The official Mercedes-Benz TV podcast with all the latest reports and exciting insights into the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz. Enjoy high-quality video content on vehicles, innovations and events.
The official Mercedes-Benz TV podcast with all the latest reports and exciting insights into the fascinating world of Mercedes-Benz. Enjoy high-quality video content on vehicles, innovations and events.
Daily voiceovers for Mercedes Benz vehicles
Mercedes & Sam Make a Podcast
This is a podcast dedicated to discussions, commentary, theories, and general conversations about pro wrestling, movies, hip hop, Marvel, sports, and pop culture. Are you not entertained?! Cover art photo by Cover art photo by
Weekly radioshow by Joyce Mercedes. Selecting the finest underground Techno / House / Tech Club sounds***
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6:00- Mercedes and her husband never talk about prices on gifts 7:00- Anerson Cooper Joins the Show, Listeners came up with slogans for their part of town 8:00- JC's brother was the last hold out on AOL, Oh wow Wheel, Mercedes needs help figuring out what this invitation means
6:00- Mercedes bought something she saw as an ad on her timeline 7:00- JC needs advice on keeping coyotes away, Mercedes is grossed out by THIS family dish 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, Mercedes' youngest gives the show a topic idea
6:00- Surprise Guest #1 -- Olympic Gold Medalist/ Pro Beach Volleyball Player Kerri Lee Walsh Jennings 7:00- JC wants someone to confirm or deny these things about airplanes, Mercedes heard some rumors about Las Vegas 8:00- Mercedes realized this when she was today years old, JC loves this weird smell, JC got blood work done, Surprises Guest(s) ...…
As the morning rolled on, The Razzle Dazzle Mystery Guest Show continued. Our second GUESTS came in and really put Mercedes in a tail spin. Salt & Pepa and DJ Spinderella came in studio and talked about their I Love the 90's residency at Paris!
Usually we only have surprise guests for a special occasion-- a birthday show, another 100 shows in the books, but there's always a reason. TODAY, JC says we don't need a reason. We brought in 2 special guests to surprise Mercedes just for fun. Guest #1 was Olympic Gold Medalist / Pro Beach Volleyball Player, Kerri Walsh Jennings. One of Merced ...…
VidSummit 2018 - Short Interviews with YouTubers like Cody Wanner , SWOOP , Metal For Breakfast , Dee Nimmon , MethodBox , Alex Gasaway and many more. I won tickets to attend the biggest business networking YouTube event in the world as apart of the #nosmallcreator group. Hear what other YouTubers have to say about creating on the platform. Jav ...…
6:00- JC rebels against his parents as an adult 7:00- Mercedes tried generics, Someone got a 1 star review for the weirdest reason 8:00- JC's neice is waiting on doing something most teens can't wait to do, Mercedes is still scared of card skimmers, JC says nothing is fun over an hour
6:00- JC and his wife tried something new 7:00- Mercedes had to bribe her kid to do something, We can all explain our jobs in a depressing way 8:00- Jocelyn smells and it reminded Mercedes of a petty reason someone broke up with their partner, Mercedes wants to know if this is okay on a date, Whatcha Thinkin About?…
6:00- Mercedes wants to know who wants to fight an inanimate object 7:00- Mercedes and JC had forced family fun, JC heard someone's story about the grossest thing their kid has ever done 8:00- Mercedes is a food stalker, Oh Wow Wheel, JC misses the days when tv show theme songs did this
6:00- JC wants to see a ghost 7:00- JC was accidentally rude to someone, Mercedes got her family to give her their scariest voice 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, Mercedes gives an update on the Twitter Take Over
6:00- JC found rules to being an outlaw 7:00- Mercedes and JC want to know your thoughts on Air BnB being banned in Las Vegas, Mercedes and JC laugh at words that aren't dirty 8:00- JC takes a dark turn, Mercedes likes Lebron James, Mercedes and JC have peed their pants from fear.
Linda Weise is the Founding CEO of the Colorado Springs Conservatory (CSC). She established the Conservatory in 1994 to bring world-class performing arts education to the region.THE MISSION of the Colorado Springs Conservatory is to inspire, motivate, and challenge all students to aspire to their highest potential as artists and as human beings ...…
6:00- JC doesn't get co-ed babyshowers 7:00- Mercedes witnessed someone destroy something in the shortest amount of time, Mercedes and JC remember the most embarassing things they've done 8:00- JC is hurt someone didn't tell him they were in town, Mercedes reveals a scandal, The Mixtape Challenge
6:00- Mercedes and JC need personal warning signs 7:00- Mercedes likes to kiss other people's babies, JC and Mercedes reminisce about prom and homecoming 8:00- Mercedes and JC put together their own Mixtape Tour, Jocelyn lost something embarassing in the studio, Mercedes' friend had a small world moment in JC's hometown.…
Sorry we've been M.I.A! Follow us on Twitter @samandmercedes7 for updates!
6:00- JC was hurt when he heard THIS about his baby 7:00- Mercedes says she saw THE cutest thing in the world yesterday, Mercedes and JC want to know the biggest thing your kid has destroyed 8:00- JC guesses what movies Mercedes is trying to describe in 5 words, Oh Wow Wheel, We've all been hurt observing sports…
6:00- There are certain songs that would make Mercedes and JC just walk out of a bar 7:00- A little thing about JC's milk man is bothering him, JC tells us what some women don't know about men 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, We would all blow $400k on these random items
6:00- Someone blew a job interview 7:00- Mercedes had a parent fail, Mercedes and JC honored these businesses in the Las Vegas graveyard of wonderful places 8:00- Jc wants to know the last nice thing you did for your spouse, we share mom's home remedies, Mercedes is making her debut tonight
Colin Ross is the first Full-Time YouTube Creator that I have met. At the time of recording this his channel, CCMegaProductions, has 715k subscribers. The podcast highlights the life and times Colin as a creator, everything from the challenges of daily vlogging to creating practical content that pays the bills is cover in this episode. Javier M ...…
6:00- Mercedes uses business cards outside of their intended us 7:00- JC had temporary amnesia, Mercedes and JC are ready for Halloween already 8:00- Mercedes and JC both got into fights with their spouses last night, JC has a question for ladies that wear THIS, Mercedes and JC play the sped up song quiz…
6:00- listeners reflect back on the day 1 year ago and how the city has changed and come together 7:00- listeners reflect back on the day 1 year ago and how the city has changed and come together, Checking in with Jocelyn at the UMC Vitalant Blood Drive 8:00- A Special 1 October tribute
We will always remember the 58 souls we lost on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. Our city will be forever grateful to the first responders and the thousands of citizens who came forward to help. Today, we honor them, reflect, and we grow #VegasStronger
6:00- The Davis Family is giving back to those that lost their loved ones on 1 Oct 7:00- JC basically gave away free money, Mercedes was jealous of her sister 8:00- Someone gave Mercedes a weird compliment, Oh Wow Wheel, JC thought the mementos someone carried around were nice
6:00- JC is fascinated by a rumor he heard about a haunted place in Vegas 7:00- Mercedes had to turn around and go home to grab something she forgot, Everyone has a petty ex 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, JC bets not ONE person can guess the best part of living in Nevada
6:00- We honor our September Kid of the Month 7:00- Teachers voice their opinions on a new grading policy, JC introduced Millennials and Gen Z'ers to someone special 8:00- Mercedes and JC run their smear campaigns against each other, Mercedes wants to know if you "Teigened", Jocelyn experienced something late in life…
Jeff Bartsch edits TV full-time in Hollywood for ABC, NBC, Apple, Universal, Disney, ESPN, MTV, and currently for American Ninja Warrior. He has over 20 years experience telling stories through video. His YouTube channel, Story Greenlight, uses creative video editing and powerful storytelling to help video creators tell the stories you care abo ...…
6:00- Mercedes and JC debate over mouthwash 7:00- Deryk Engelland joins the show, Mercedes wants to know the one hit wonder of all time 8:00- Everyone has a claim to fame, Sophie scared us all, Some kids just don't understand how things used to be
This morning Deryk Engelland joined the show to talk about this upcoming season and his Vegas Born Heroes Foundation. Listen to it all here!
6:00- Mercedes saw someone with a kid habit 7:00- Mercedes and JC will never get sick of these songs, JC did a cleanse 8:00- Mercedes is a bad Las Vegan, people have weird misconceptions about radio people, JC injured himself
6:00- JC explains the pain a man feels when they get hit in their parts 7:00- Mercedes updates us on the rat traps, JC tries to guess where people are from and what they do based on their voices 8:00- Mercedes and JC were victims to the "no offense", Oh Wow Wheel, JC killed the mood with Laura
6:00- Mercedes is happy for the little nothings in life 7:00- Jocelyn had an instant connection to a coworker, Mercedes found something gross in her backyard 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, JC never played Megaman
6:00- Mercedes and JC are guilty of making the cliche jokes for everyone's job 7:00- JC saw a kid completely freaked out over something people use everyday, Mercedes is curious about psychic readings 8:00- Mercedes and JC share the most creative punishments they've received, JC did something for his wife that WASN'T part of his vows…
After having a conversation with Zack Arnold, I can personally say that he has changed my perspective on how efficiently I should approach all aspects of my work. We cover topics like giving yourself permission to fail, removing the word "problem" from your vocabulary, asking yourself why/what is your purpose for what you do? This is a podcast ...…
6:00- Mercedes and JC want to know your thoughts on a school eliminating THIS 7:00- Mercedes is getting mixed up with someone else online, JC wants to know why women ____ 8:00- Mercedes and JC want to know how you dealt with bullies, Mercedes and JC construct what they think should be each other's last message to the world, Mercedes and JC shar ...…
6:00- Mercedes had an awesome celebrity encounter 7:00- A listener's baby experienced something through the womb, Mercedes wants to drive a TRUCK 8:00- We need ideas for new show shirts, We all believed weird stuff as kids, JC got his wife a non-romantic gift
6:00- JC talks about his horses 7:00- Everyone is trying to guess each other's passwords, Morning Show Karaoke 8:00- Dan Reynolds, Oh Wow Wheel, Mercedes and JC want to know what songs give you goosebumps
6:00- Mercedes and JC want to know feelings on the age gap for dating 7:00- JC found an old song that is new to him, Mercedes ended Morning Show Karaoke 8:00- Radio Truth or Dare, JC is looking for his holy grail
On this solo edition of A.Y.N.E., I give my thoughts on Eminem's latest album, Kamikaze. How does it match up to his previous projects this decade? What is Joe Budden's issue with Slim Shady these days? Check out the full audio via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts!
"Lights Down Low" singer Max joined Mercedes and JC to talk about his upcoming performance at Bite of Las Vegas this Saturday!
Mercedes and JC got to talk to Chad and Ian of A Great Big World about their upcoming performance at Bite of Las Vegas on September 15th!
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