Best Meta podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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A Hearthstone Arena Podcast with ADWCTA & Merps of the Grinning Goat. The Lightforge is a weekly podcast that digs deep into the Hearthstone Arena meta to help you grab that 12-Win Lightforge Key. The Arena is always changing, and the Lightforge is the best podcast for staying on top of the game. Co-hosts ADWCTA and Merps are infinite Arena players since beta, averaging ~7.5 wins/run in the Arena with all classes played evenly. They are also creators of the Lightforge Arena Tier List and str ...
Mark Divine is the founder of SEALFIT and Unbeatable Mind and the host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast. Mark is a Retired Navy SEAL Commander, NYT Best Selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. The podcast deals with a wide variety of subjects, from philosophical, emotional and meta-physical to self defense, fitness and elite physical performance. They all form a part of Mark's 5 mountain training path to develop your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, and Kokoro (Heart) self. Find out m ...
Hosted by KremePuff, this weekly Hearthstone podcast talks about the meta, deck-building, theory-crafting, and general game-theory in a casual, relaxed way. This Hearthstone podcast is for anyone trying to get better at Blizzard's most popular, online CCG. This is aimed at the competitive player to help become legendary much more quickly and efficiently.
Welcome to Critical Clix: An Adult Podcast for the Competitive Heroclix Player, hosted by Scott “CramCompany” Cramton and PJ "The Kilted Clixman" Bolin. Critical Clix is a polished podcast that helps players break the meta every week. This show mixes Tier 1 player interviews with intense, high level, competitive Heroclix analysis and dick jokes. Strategies are not withheld, punches are not pulled, the hosts are made fun of repeatedly, and this happens every week with one goal in mind—to help ...
A chronological podcast of oral arguments with improved files and meta data. Hosted by Free Law Project through the initiative. Not an official podcast.
The science podcast for all curious minds who do not necessarily have an academic background. We try to bring it all down to Earth, by keeping our conversation in a plain and understandable language… Professors in astro physics are welcome, but so is everyone else! We hope you will like it!
Knights of Ren
We are the Knights of Ren coming to you live from your headphones! We are three guys talking about the newest CCG from Fantasy Flight, Star Wars: Destiny. So join us as we adventure through new cards, decks, meta and whatever else we can get our hands on in less than 12 parsecs. Find us on Facebook: we post card reviews and discuss deck ideas and much more.
That's So Meta
Meet your host Reactance, a host of interesting guests, and come on a wonderful journey together to discover ourselves and undergo any transformation we can conceive of.
Fitness is becoming trendy. Trends become devalued due to saturation. In my podcasts, I do my best to help people understand how to break the saturation, and how to develop your own brand and culture inside of the industry. Welcome to Breaking the Fitness META!
Meta Wave
Just talking about things
Why’d you like that celebrity photo on Instagram? Why’d you leave that restaurant review on Yelp? Why’d you text in lowercase, or turn on read receipts, or share your location? Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany ask real people the hard, meta, and occasionally silly questions about the way technology influences our thinking, changes our behavior, and affects our social lives. Produced by The Verge and the Vox Media Podcast Network.
A chronological podcast of oral arguments with improved files and meta data. Hosted by Free Law Project through the initiative. Not an official podcast.
A chronological podcast of oral arguments with improved files and meta data. Hosted by Free Law Project through the initiative. Not an official podcast.
If Lands Could Kill is a comedy Magic: the Gathering podcast by novices, for novices. Host Knife City along with Ryke, Samhain Crow, and Hot Sauce discuss the meta game, building decks, giving advice to new players, and how not to be a dick. This podcast has explicit language and themes, and that's just the way we like it. Along with the weekly podcast, ILCK provides a series of Deck Techs and booster box opening videos, plus Versus matchups between current tier 1 decks and home brews, all o ...
Turning anytime into philosophy time! Basically, I will be using this as a philosophical exercice to further refine my thought, before I head to Europe this summer to write my 3rd book. Existentialism led me to a meta aesthetic-ethic critique of the Capitalist Cave. Adventuring into this cave led to the deconstruction of 10 rules on How to Never Be Broke Again. Cover art photo provided by Steve Harvey on Unsplash:
The Angry Chicken is a podcast that cracks 40 packs, throws down a 1/1 chicken w/ a +5 Enrage, all the while keeping you up to date on everything going on in the world of Hearthstone . Each week the latest news, strategies, crazy game stories and your emails are covered. Garrett Weinzierl, William "Dills" Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett together host The Angry Chicken.
Meta-politics, Culture, and Philosophy for the Right
Run Last Click
Your hosts Chris, Eady and Lane have a chat about what has been floating their boat recently. Come in and stay a while. We hope you like it
1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred. Thats the premise behind Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, hosted by comedian Chris Gethard (the Chris Gethard Show, Broad City, This American Life, and one of Time Outs 10 best comedians of 2015). Every week, Chris opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, and he cant hang up first, no matter what. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical discussions and shameless self-promotion, anything can and will happen! T ...
Few names are as synonymous with improv as Matt Besser. Founding member of the Upright Citizens Brigade and a regular performer in the world-famous show Asssscat, Matt has brought his talents to Earwolf with a fully improvised weekly podcast featuring the best improvisers in the universe. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon. Looking for the archives? All episodes older than 6 months can be found exclusively on Stitcher Premium, ad-free. Go to and use promo code EARWOLF f ...
Join the Wisecrack crew as they dive into the deeper meaning and cultural significance of the most, and least, iconic movies of our age.
Masters Of The Metaverse is an RPG like no other from the minds of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment! Join the cast as they travel to strange new worlds and inhabit mysterious new avatars, all while searching for the truth behind the Metaverse.
IGN's Destiny addicts convene to talk about the joys, trials, and tribulations of life as a Guardian.
Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about tabletop gaming of all kinds: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect board game reviews, gaming industry news and round-table discussions. The Founders, Jamie, Tony, Chris, Steve and Brian, each have varying tastes in gaming to provide a variety of viewpoints. Since 2011, over 100 full length episodes and now more with our new ...
Welcome to a Warhammer Age of Sigmar And 40k podcast based in the Great White North. We cover everything about AOS and 40k from a Canadian perspective.
Friday Night Cap
Warhammer 40k in the florida meta.
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Java Pub House
This podcast talks about how to program in Java; not your tipical system.out.println("Hello world"), but more like real issues, such as O/R setups, threading, getting certain components on the screen or troubleshooting tips and tricks in general. The format is as a podcast so that you can subscribe to it, and then take it with you and listen to it on your way to work (or on your way home), and learn a little bit more (or reinforce what you knew) from it.
A Legacy Format Focused Magic The Gathering Podcast
Two guys talk about all things DC TV
String Goes Meta
I have access to LinkedIn video feature and sharing thoughts about it.
The Man That Can
For men who want to raise their self awareness and gain clarity around their identity.- My Personal stories- Stories from men all around the world - Giving YOU a voice.Turning lads into "The Man That Can"If you are getting value from my podcast please subscribe, write a view and share with people who would get some value from the episodes.If you would like to join my FB community click the link below. with Lachie:Instagram | https://www.ins ...
Welcome to Arena Sensei: Hearthstone Arena for Beginners. The aim is for us to learn together in order to improve our play and reach for that ultimate goal of a 12 win run. This weekly podcast is intended to cover the BASICS of arena and build a good foundation of knowledge and skills to improve our game.
Dota Alchemy
Building better gamers. How to get better at #dota2 gain MMR and rank up! #esports #dota #coach
FFBE Podcast
Wilmgaard and Miniado talk about the latest updates in FFBE. Come hang out with us as we talk about everything FFBE (Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius) from the good old days to what we're looking forward to in the future. Our struggles with hard trials, our joys at seeing rainbows come down from free summons, and even our salt as our 30% five star tickets turn out to be Russel.
florent.lemens uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
We are the Nintendo Jump Podcast, a weekly discussion podcast created for Nintendo gamers, by Nintendo gamers. Each week we pick a different topic to explore; such as news, music, gaming memories, events, in-depth information, and many more! We are very listener-focused. We try to have your voices and opinions on our show as well as ours, and focus our community around games and events as often as possible. In the end, we're just here to talk about Nintendo games and have fun with our community!
Virtual Expats
Is there interplay between our geographic & online lives?
Todos queremos vivir una vida significativa. Todos queremos alcanzar nuestro máximo potencial. Pero demasiado a menudo nos sentimos abrumados por el día a día. Nuestras metas grandes van quedando en segundo plano; y entonces, la mayoría de las veces quedan olvidadas. El autor y conferencista Joe Rivas quiere que los escuchas sepan que no tiene que ser así. De hecho, él piensa que este es el año en el que pueden finalmente cerrar la brecha entre la realidad y sus sueños.En Hazla en Grande, Jo ...
Bibelish is a bi-weekly podcast where two modern-day ladies share tales from the best-selling book of all time: the Bible! Lily grew up Catholic. Angela has never even cracked open the Good Book. Neither of them are religious experts, but they're here to tell you all the antics of the Bible in a way that's less like scripture, and more like a story.
The Watching Machine
A podcast about all things watchable.
Welcome to the Madden Insiders Podcast where hosts Holden Pitre and Pete "Litezout" Calefato will be discussing all things competitive Madden. Along with covering the professional circuit we will be talking in game trends, meta evolution, and will have special guests appearing regularly to provide a different perspective on the discussion topics. The podcast is certainly still in its infancy and we are excited to learn and grow as we go!
Nick n James London Podcast about philosophy, astro / meta / quantum physics, neuroscience, new age information and tech. Collective and super consciousness, the shift is happening NOW.
Artificery Cast
The Artificery Crew talks Star Wars: Destiny.
Mentalidad Y Negocios
The importance of drafts.
Welcome to the Revival ministries podcast, where we talk about the fundamental principles of a follower of Jesus Christ, apostolic prayer, fasting, reading the word and being in fellowship with one another.
JAWG Podcast
Twitch, Gaming, Yugioh, complaining, and everyday life all in one podcast! *sigh* let's see where this goes... 😄👍
Eddie Saenz
After 10 years on network marketing, I got the secret to success. As a matter of fact, I knew the secret, just didn’t understand it. The Secret to success is not a secret at all. To achieve massive success in any aspect of life you must help others achieve success. Giving and not keeping score will put you on the top of any network marketing company.Eddie Saenz was introduced to network marking at the young age of 18 years old. Being a baby in this powerful industry, he was very open and coa ...
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This week we have a special guest & seasoned pro, @PapaJasonHS, to discuss Hearthstone's latest competitive tournament format known as SPECIALIST. In this episode we discuss what the Specialist format is, how to build a lineup, what lineup is currently the best, how to counter that lineup, and much much more! Stay tuned until the end of the epi ...…
While smoking a bowl in his garage, a stay at home dad talks to Gethard about parenting. They share stories about protective dad instincts and recognizing mistakes. This episode is brought to you by Neou Fitness ( code: STORIES), Third Love (, Talkspace ( code: BEAUTIFUL), and Joybird ...…
Episode 38 of the Nintendo Jump Podcast, a weekly Nintendo-based podcast created for Nintendo gamers, by Nintendo gamers. This week we feature our 4th Music Episode, recorded Live in front of our Discord audience! Playlist for all of the Music Episode tracks: Find us in the follow ...…
Welcome to Television from the Multiverse, our DC Comics TV podcast where we discuss the new episodes of The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and Black Lightning. While the shows are off season we'll look at some classic DC series! Episodes discussed this week: 06:14 - Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 4 'Cult Patrol' 21:53 - Supergirl Season 4 ...…
Hey, psst... what are you wearing? ;) Get ready for sexy love poem time in this totally out-of-character Bible story! We're playing "hot or not" as the narrator tries to woo his lover with compliments like "your hair looks like goats" and, "I'm gonna feed you, like, SO many raisins." Don't forget to snag a spot on our Patreon for exclusive acce ...…
Today I was joined by Scott Pearson who I have been following on Instagram for a while now. @theboywhodranktoo . We had a great discussion around social pressures of alcohol, addiction and how it effected his mental health.
This week we talk a little about the challenges with gearing different unit types. Doga’s Grotte, the FFIII exploration went live this week and brought with it the very nice Eureka Key. Gumi makes an announcement, but it was an accident. And finally, Cid arrives and we do a bit of a review of everyone’s favourite jet-pack dad, what makes him gr ...…
In this episode of CanHammer Darren and Chris talk about Adepticon prep. Listen and as usual: Enjoy, Email: Twitter: @CanHammerChris @CanHammerYT Itunes: CanHammer YouTube:
2:52 - Pulling with a weak core 7:11 - When to jungle as a carry 16:34 - When to push a tower as mid laner 19:31 - Supporting in a bad lane 30:50 - How to play when you get heavily countered in draft 35:13 - What role is best for me? 36:00 - How to communicate better 37:00 - How to go high ground vs better team fight 45:00 - Should I stop playi ...…
Now that we've seen a majority of the features added with Season of the Drifter we discuss what works well, what needs to be improved, and what we'd like to see added in the future.By (IGN).
Save 10% on your first Greats shoe purchase at using promo code: SHOWME. Get your MUBI 30-Day Free Trial by visiting and we'll see you at the MUBIs!! Thanks to Greats, and Mubi for sponsoring this episode. Join Jared, Alec, Claire, and Greg as they discuss Netflix's documentary, 'Behind the Curve ...…
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Jessica McKenna, Horatio Sanz, James Adomian, and Jon Gabrus join Matt Besser LIVE from SXSW! They’ll take audience suggestions that inspire scenes about dogs performing famous movie scenes, a Boy Scout going for their drone merit badge, and an engagement ring-themed dinner. Plus, a cool kid loses his frosted tips, a focus group works on improv ...…
This week StevenSensei and Schwal talk about mulligans. You need early things to establish board presence and this all starts with the decisions in the mulligan.
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