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Best Metalcore podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Only Metalcore
Now on Spotify!'re now available on iTunes Podcast! everyone, just so you know the format is as follows: Each week I will upload 3 songs from 3 incredible Metalcore Bands (mostly underground, new bands), the first songs will be the heaviest and the third song will be the most progressive.All the bands uploa ...
Core Nation
News, Reviews, Discussions and Interviews (with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm). Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, etc.
Getting It Out
Because we all need to get something out.
Een podcast waarin Peter van der Ploeg (NRC), Gert-Jan van Aalst (Epitaph Records) en David Achter de Molen (John Coffey) elke maand de zes tofste rock-releases draaien en bespreken.
Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast
Heavy Blog Is Heavy editors Noyan and Eden talk about happenings in the metal world.
From the Pit is a weekly podcast devoted to all things extreme music – whether it’s up-and-coming bands, killer new releases, future shows & festivals, or musings on the scene itself, hosts Phil, Mike, Sam and Frank will make sure that you hear about them. Also, we talk about beer, which is really the most important thing.
The Skinny with Mike and Adam is a music-centric podcast which takes a look at the latest news, releases, and reviews from today's music scene and beyond. Stay subscribed for track-by-track album reviews, countdowns, music news, hilarious commentary from co-hosts, Mike and Adam, and much more!
The game where no one wins. Every week using a number generator and the Rate Your Music punk charts, we pick a year, an album and an EP at random to discuss.
Focus on Metal
Since 2010 Focus on Metal has been a premier global metal crazed netcast featuring dedicated and knowledgeable fans with years of radio experience. This show features interviews with metal's most important personalities, the latest metal headlines, captivatiing topics, great music, reviews of the latest releases and plenty of segments from contributing metalheads. The weekly show you've all been waiting for is just a click away. We Focus on Metal. Everything else is insignificant.
The Vanflip Podcast
The Vanflip Podcast (#VFP) is not your typical Q&A interview-type podcast. A relaxed and in-depth conversation into the minds of some of the biggest names in the Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, and Entertainment Industry. Visit for all your news and scene updates.
We proud to be Indonesia Metalcore Family, keep moving on metalcore way, STAY METALCORE #indonesianmetalcore #idmetalcore #idmc
Rock Bottom
Every metal fan has that gateway band or album which opened their mind to heavier, harder, more aggressive music.Each week, Wally and Lauz craft two hours of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, grouping music from both genres that play nice together. Just when you are grooving to a rock song, we TURN IT UP TO 11 bringing you the best in Melodic, Death, Groove, Progressive, Djent, Metalcore, Black, and Symphonic Metal just to name a few...
All Have Fallen Podcast
En gång i månaden
Metal and hardcore up your anus each episode
The Antidote
It's been said that Christian music sucks. The Antidote dispels that myth as we explore the artistry of Christian bands. Listen to in-depth interviews and music from these faith-based bands. For unique and innovative music ranging from metalcore to indie folk, you'll hear it all on The Antidote with Dave Hawkins.
Deathmetal, Hardcore, deathgrind, black metal, metalcore for 3+ hours on Mondays
War Within a Breath
En gång i månaden
War Within A Breath is a weekly show dedicated to metal and introducing listeners to bands they may not have heard before. Enjoy our top fives and in depth album reviews.Twitter: @WWABPodcast@anthonykerr86@sturge86Facebook:
MetalsPeak is a show about metal. Every two weeks you'll hear the latest news, our reviews of recent releases, interviews with the sickest touring bands out today, and discussions on metal topics you're interested in.
Trasa 66 is a Polish radio show (broadcast on Radio Kampus in Warsaw, every Monday, 11:00 PM (CET)), where you can hear all the latest metal bands from different metal genres (metal, metalcore, post-metal, nu-metal, djent, hardcore, mathcore, experimental, progressive, industrial). Variety is the goal. So if you're a tolerant and open minded person, not sticking to one genre, tune in!
MeepleCore podcast
Host Tim Jennette (Metal Meeple), co-hosts Matt RoBear, and Eric Ledford talk about and discuss boardgames, video games, music, and movies. Tim is a board game video reviewer for "The Dice Tower" youtube channel and wanted to share more of this thought on boardgaming and his other hobbies. Matt and Tim met when they started the hardcore/metalcore band "Morning Augment" and have been playing music and gaming ever since!
Get on your studded belts! This is ‘A Podcast You Can't Sweat Out’, where we review albums from a simpler time, when the most important aspect of your personality was the song on your MySpace music player. We’ll be warping back in time to rediscover the records that probably made your parents shake their heads in confusion, so bust out your Converse or Vans, send a few texts on your Sidekick, and prepare to be bamboozled.
MetalsPeak is a show about metal which typically includes interviews with some of the best touring metal bands today. This feed provides a convenient way to listen to those interviews.
RAGE with Sam & Izzy
RAGE is a weekly hardcore and punk radio show and podcast presented to you by Sam & Izzy.
This is the official podcast forcelebritypunkhouse.comhosted by Dan Ramirez. This podcast will feature but is not limited to guests involved in or around DIY music.
I'm hoping to get to the bottom of what makes our favorite bands tick with insightful video interviews. I wish I could figure out why the hell these tough guys keep challenging me though. It's like they have something to prove. My appearance may be deceiving, but I'm actually a suburban dad. It's true. Thing is, I've been into death metal for decades. "They" told me it was time to "grow up" and "cut my hair" and "get a job" but I just can't. Grow up I mean. See you in the pit, man. Keep it b ...
Music Pizza & Podcast
En gång i månaden
This is the Music, Pizza, and Podcast! Where pop artist Jay Putty sits down with musicians, bands, producers, and music personnel to get the stories, trials, and tribulations of everyone and anyone involved in the music industry!
Centurion Outpost Radio
En gång i månaden
Rage of Reason
Dennis Tvrdik, singer of metal band Affiance (hiatus), talks psychology, politics, philosophy, science, and of course... music. Less of a show and more of just banter with friends and guests about the world we live in, Dennis focuses on conversations that act as a bridge between a widening gap of political ideologies and identity politics, and how it affects our personal lives. His style is laid back and playful, yet serious in content. Hope you enjoy!
More than just music. More than just talk. Issue Oriented is about rock, ideas, and compelling interviews. ISSUE ORIENTED is hosted by me, Ronen Kauffman. I've been writing at the intersection of music and ideas for years, and have interviewed dozens of influential bands and individuals. I am also in a band called Zombie Apocalypse. You can learn more about me and my work at my website, ISSUE ORIENTED began with Australian radio personality Sarah DeBorre and I discussing c ...
Metal, Corr Blimey!!
'Metal, Corr Blimey!!' is an English guy in Germany talking about the best in heavy music. The host gives his opinion on all things happening within the metal, hardcore, metalcore, rock and alternative music communities. No paid-for content, just honest and real reaction to news, reviews of singles & albums, interviews and everything in between. If you're into heavy music, you should definitely listen to this. Social networks are FB/metalcorrblimey or @metalcorrblimey for Twitter.
Ill Street News
A podcast based out of Philadelphia, PA that focuses on the hardcore and metal scene. We interview people in bands past and present, producers, record label owners and basically anyone involved in the world wide extreme music scene. New episodes every Thursday at noon eastern. Hosted by Tim Anderson Jr, Adam Schmidt and Mike Tornello. email us: illstreetnews@yahoo.comleave us a voicemail: 267-297-4627follow on instagram: @illstreetnewsfollow on twitter: @ISN_Podcastfollow on facebook: facebo ...
Eternity Metal Talk
Der Metal Talk Podcast des Eternity Magazins. Die Talkrunde über Bands, Alben, Konzerte, Gerüchte, Klatsch und Tratsch - und natürlich den Metal an und für sich!
metallic underground podcasting - Der Metal Podcast des Eternity Magazins. Mit Musik und Infos rund um Bands aus dem harten Sektor jenseits der Plattenläden. Ob Thrash Metal, Death Metal oder Metalcore. Power, Black oder Doom. Das hier ist der metallische Podcast zum underground music zine.
Metal Open Mind
Metal Open Mind é um projeto criado com o intuito de promover bandas e artistas da música pesada sem fronteiras. Atualmente ocupa as tardes de quartas (17-19hs) na grelha da rádio Rock Nation.
Fresh Is The Word
The pop culture podcast based out of the Detroit area hosted by Kelly "K-Fresh" Frazier delivering wisdom through great stories from the minds of bright creatives of pop culture. Through those stories, I like to promote a diverse collection of voices that includes women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community within all creative fields. Support this podcast:
Radioactive Metal
Your source for Metal news, views, tunes and interviews!
Band Meeting
Band Meeting is the podcast of the NH based metalcore band Transients.
3 friends discuss metal with varying degrees of seriousness
Yustin's Podcast
The best damn metal/metalcore podcast out there! New episode every other Tuesday - Check out the official website at
Note To Scene
From pop-punk to metalcore, the conversation starts here. A weekly conversation hosted by Matt Crane (former AltPress editor) and Tyler Sharp (former AltPress news writer) tackling all the biggest news (and drama) in the music scene. Questions, comments, rants about Oli Sykes? Email
Rock Sound Podcast
Welcome to the Rock Sound podcast! Here each and every Friday, we’ll be bringing you all the latest news, reviews, gossip and chat from the worlds of pop-punk, emo, metalcore and everything in between. Oh, we’ll also have exclusive interviews with the biggest names in the Rock Sound universe EVERY week, too. Prepare to be SHOOK.
Powerful music for a powerful God! Metal Blessing Radio plays a wide mix of Christian metal including death, black, grind, thrash, power metal, metalcore and hardcore. Music loud enough to blow the devil away!
Coming up:2019:08.03.2019 shūdan showcase @ Loft, Helmstedt09.03.2019 Ravemusik @ Kult-Bar, Braunschweig23.03.2019 Turmparty @ Kult-Bar, Braunschweig13.04.2019 shūdan showcase @ Kult-Bar, Braunschweig27.04.2019 AffenBass #2 @ Kult-Bar, Braunschweig01.06.2019 Gleisdreieck Open Air @ Kennelweg Open Air Platz, Braunschweig22.06.2019 Deep Del Sol @ Kennelweg Open Air Platz, Braunschweig13.07.2019 Fluid Chamber @ Stereowerk Braunschweig20.07.2019 Mydriasis Open Air @ Kennelweg Open Air Platz Brau ...
A lively podcast about music and ideas.
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show series
Silent Planet-Depths III by Only MetalcoreBy Only Metalcore.
FOLLOW/STREAM FRESH IS THE WORD ONLINE: Who's our guest? Josh Smith, guitarist for Australian metalcore band Northlane, who recently released their new album Alien via UNFD Central. The interview was recorded at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit during the North American leg of their Alien World Tour with Erra, Curre ...…
Carlos Ramirez has been involved in the hardcore scene for a veritable lifetime. You may know him from bands like BLACK ARMY JACKET, LAKOTA, HOPE COLLAPSE or DENY THE CROSS, but these days he runs NO ECHO, the best website for hardcore music on the internet. We had a great conversation about all the highs and lows of running NO ECHO and in doin ...…
The legendary Cirith Ungol will always have a special place in our Metal Hearts. We went full on Metal in our fandom just as CU were breaking out into the underground. As we took our first steps to the Metal selection in our local record store, the band's debut "Land Of The Dead" caught our attention. And it's stuck with us ever since. So now d ...…
On this episode we spoke to Martin from New York hardcore band Billy Club Sandwich. Martin was also formerly in Goatamentise.Songs By:EnvisionBilly Club SandwichLife's QuestionThanks for all the support and share and subscribe!!YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON....Twitter - @ISN_podcastFacebook - Group Page - ...…
Too often bands have a generic sound. Whosoever South is far from ordinary by combining hip hop with country. After a 5 year wait the band is back with a new album, appropriately titled, Backroads & Small Towns. Enjoy our talk with this unique artist.By Dave.
Halloween Spooktacular continues with our good fiend Gory Cory as we talk about the Misfits - Project 1950 & Secret Shame - s/t Misfits live footage: Misfits bass cover: Misfits meme 1: Misfits meme 2: https://www.ins ...…
Michael Sweet just put out his latest solo release “Ten” via Rat Pak Records. This week we’ll get the story on that one direct from the man himself. After that we sit down with Ricky Warwick to talk through Black Star Riders latest “Another State of Grace”And as always Focus On Metal…Everything Else is Insignificant.…
Episode #130: HYPERIA!!! One of the most exciting young bands in Calgary's metal scene join Wally and give a sneak peak of their new album!! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens (ROCK BOTTOM Theme) Riot City - Burn The Night Skull Fist - I Am a Slave Traveler - Up to You Hyperia - Dystopia Hyperia - Mad Trance Hyperia - Fish Creek Frenzy ...…
Leprous - Alleviate;Torche - Admission;He Is Legend - White Bat;Killswitch Engage - The Signal Fire;Slipknot - Solway Firth;Shadow Of Intent - Dirge Of The Void;Vale Of Pnath - Accursed;Pijn and Conjurer - Endeavour;Baroness - Borderlines;Tool - Fear Inoculum;By Piotr Gebethner.
Cunts, Never Ending Game, Obsequiae, Funereal Presence, Generation Decline, Shit Coffins and more featured on this week's episode! From the Pit is a weekly podcast devoted to all things extreme music – whether it’s up-and-coming bands, killer new releases, future shows and festivals, or musings on the scene itself, hosts Phil, Mike, Sam and Fra ...…
Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Yes, I censored the title. Deal with it. This week, we talk about Cynic, the artist formerly known as Haarp Machine, Ten Second Songs doing Slipknot, Thrawsunblat, Babymetal, Machine Head, Cattle Decapitation, Insomnium, Oxxo Xoox, Periphery, and Covet. Then, cool people time with Gemini Man, Destiny 2, and The Gurkha a ...…
The Menzingers recently released their sixth album 'Hello Exile'. And it just so happens to be the follow-up to both of our 2017 Best Album of the Year. Needless to say, we went into this album with high expectations, despite our best attempts to keep them tempered. After sitting on this record for a couple of weeks now, we finally sit down and ...…
Who's our guest? Troy-Jeffrey Allen, who is a comic book writer and a member of the Consumer Marketing department for Diamond Comics Distributors. You might have seen him in the PREVIEWSworld Weekly videos on YouTube, along with being a contributing writer for a variety of online publications, a co-creator over at Rexco Comics, and he is also i ...…
Host Tim Jennette (Metal Meeple), co-hosts Matt RoBear and Eric Ledford, begin the show with first impressions for the board games: Rise of Tribes (Breaking Games), Jetpack Joyride (Lucky Duck Games), and the Chicago Express expansion and queenie (Queen Games) They go through over 30+ games that they are excited to see that will make their debu ...…
Dennis McGonigal is the vocalist for IRON PRICE, CANCER PRIEST, and DEAD & BURIED, but on this episode of the podcast we were semi-focused on the upcoming memorial shows for our friend Jason "Jay Money" Calhoun. The shows are going to take place on October 19th in Phoenixville, PA and November 16th in Trenton, NJ and featuring several bands fro ...…
Happy October! We love this time of year. The Halloween season seems to bring out the ghouls and goblins in us all. At the forefront of all this wickedness is our good bud Mr. Matt Harvey. His main plague bringer Exhumed is starting off this macabre month is fine fashion. Their latest platter of splatter "Horror" is still fresh meat on the new ...…
On this episode we sat down with Jimmy Ferrari from The Brooklyn Blast Furnace Podcast and Dark Satellite Media. Songs By:ManipulateIll BillQuicksandSick of it AllThanks for all the support and share and subscribe!!YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON....Twitter - @ISN_podcastFacebook - Group Page - illstreetnew ...…
Two are always better than one. The Antidote meets with a pair of outstanding bands, South Carolina’s up and coming hard rock band, Collision of Innocence. Then Shiny Penny presents us with their new EP, “Here In The Open”.By Dave.
Who's our guest? Joe Corallo, comic book writer and editor. Corallo co-created and wrote the comic book She Said Destroy along with comic artist Liana Kangas, which ended it's five-issue run via Vault Comics last week. Corallo also organized/co-edited the Eisner nominated/Ringo winning Mine!, editing the GLAAD nominated Oh S#!t It's Kim & Kim, ...…
Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come to say goodbye. We hope you will enjoy this final episode where we rank EVERY single album we have ever reviewed in Core Nation's four year run. As well, we revisit some classic pre-episode skits and listen to some highlights of conversations we've had in the past years. Thank you to all who has tuned in ...…
Anne Lepore from the Machine Shop returns to continue our month long Halloween Spooktacular. We talk about the Guana Batz first album, Held Down... At Last. Then we follow that up with Gods on Voodoo Moon, the debut EP from White Zombie. ...…
October Metalcore Festival Is Here! (Silent Planet-Thus Spoke) by Only MetalcoreBy Only Metalcore.
A deep dive this week as we talk separately to both guitarists in Kingdom Come. So this week we’ll be talking with Rick Steier and Danny Stag about the first two Kingdom Come records as well as what the reformed band’s plans are right now. And big thanks to James Kottak for putting this whole deal together for us.Keep up with the band at Kingdo ...…
EP 129 - THE ROCKTOBER EDITION! Rocktober enthusiast and good dude Seth Leon is Guest Programmer on tonight's episode! It's a party, pals! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens (Rock Bottom Theme) The Spits - Witch Hunt No Problem - Circling the Drain Government Warning - Shirked Obligations Brutal Knights - We Have a Website Outlaws Of Ra ...…
The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer (Easy Girl Remix);Benjamin Weinman - It Is Nothing;Tides From Nebula - Dopamine;Rosk - In Nomine Pestis;Uneven Structure - Creator;Car Bomb - Fade Out;Car Bomb - Vague Skies;Devin Townsend - Hear Me;Opeth - Charlatan;By Piotr Gebethner.
Deathmetal, Hardcore, deathgrind, black metal, metalcore for 3+ hours on Mondays:By The Reverend.
Blank Look, Takafumi Matsubara, Celestial Sanctuary, Tulpa, xCELESTIALx, xFISTFUCKx, Bovice, and more featured on this weeks episode! From the Pit is a weekly podcast devoted to all things extreme music – whether it’s up-and-coming bands, killer new releases, future shows and festivals, or musings on the scene itself, hosts Phil, Mike, Sam and ...…
Episode 14 of Tim's Metal Show! This is my first band submission episode and it features songs by:Ov ShadowsCruel BombDisappearBurn Our HometownLife After LastPutrescineComb The DesertPath To WarMind PowerHell Of SelfInfinityViolet ColdOutrageous BehaviorCircle BackListen On:iTunesSpotifyStitcherSoundcloudFollow me:Twitter @timlsdInstagram @tim ...…
London's BOOZE & GLORY have been at it for a decade now and they're about to unleash their fifth album "Hurricane" in a couple weeks. Mark has handle vocals and guitar for the band since day one, so he took some time to talk about the new record and much more! Music by: State Drugs - Booze & Glory - http://www.b ...…
After our QDF trip and a slew of heavy metal home games, we were due for some hardcore. TX bashers Kublai Khan fit the bill perfectly. On tour now supporting their latest Rise Records album "Absolute", we caught up with KK vox MaTT Honeycutt. Mr. Honeycutt is a soft spoken man but don't let that fool you. On stage he rages! We discussed the new ...…
On this episode we spoke to James from Chicago hardcore bands Harms Way and Hate Force. James was also in Few and the Proud. Songs By:Hate ForceHarms WayShadow of IntentThanks for all the support and share and subscribe!!YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON....Twitter - @ISN_podcastFacebook - Group Page - illstr ...…
On this episode we spoke to Dominic Romeo from Integrity, Pulling Teeth, Slumlords and A389 Records.Songs By:Creeping DeathIntegrityMourningThanks for all the support and share and subscribe!!YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON....Twitter - @ISN_podcastFacebook - Group Page - illstreetnews Instagram - @illstree ...…
Josh White has long been a part of the music scene, both as a member of Telecast, creating music as Pilgrim, and as a solo artist. The Antidote asks Josh “What should dominate; music or ministry?”By Dave.
Who's our guest? The Dallas-based synthwave duo of Krisluv and Danni James known as PRIZM! They released their self-titled debut EP earlier in 2019 where it would soon catch some buzz around the synthwave world and later lead to their signing with the independent synthwave label FiXT Neon. The pair continue to work in the studio with pretty muc ...…
That's right, it's the return of our Halloween Spooktacular. For the entire month of October we are only discussing horror punk, psychobilly, goth rock, and death rock. This week, Paul Dechichio of Tor Johnson Records, re-joins us to discuss the psychobilly legends, Nekromantix and their album, What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell. We also tallk ...…
A couple of great guests this week. First up we have Steve Grimmett of Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper. On October 11th these guys will be putting out their latest “At The Gates” and Steve will give us all the info on it. Also this week We welcome back Dug Pinnick. Primarily Dug is on the show to talk about the new KXM release “Circle of Dolls” bu ...…
Episode #128: THE LOST INTERVIEW: Wally's 2018 interview with Vancouver's hyper-thrashers Nylithia!!! Playlist: Little V - Reach For The Heavens (Rock Bottom Theme) Kobra and the Lotus - Burn! Malacoda - Pandemonioum The Offering - Ultraviolence Little V - Killer Instinct Nylithia - Pyrymyds (Earth-Exit) NOK NOVUM - Haga Doesn't Marta Nylithia ...…
Deathmetal, Hardcore, deathgrind, black metal, metalcore for 3+ hours on Mondays:By The Reverend.
.gif from god, Ithaca, Emulsified, Scumguts, Cold Shoulder, Ekulu, Self Loathing, and more featured on this weeks episode! From the Pit is a weekly podcast devoted to all things extreme music – whether it’s up-and-coming bands, killer new releases, future shows and festivals, or musings on the scene itself, hosts Phil, Mike, Sam and Frank will ...…
Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we have Nick! Also some news. Kadinja‘s new album DNA, covering nu metal classics. Metallica‘s recent tour cancellation, Morbid Angel guitarist Richard Brunelle passing away, and the This Patch of Sky situation. Also new material from Babymetal, Leander, and Blut Aus Nord. Drewsif‘s video on creativity. The Di ...…
After taking a few months to recap the past decade of life and music, we're back this week to talk about 2019 things! On this week's episode, we go down the list of all of this year's albums that we've been listening to thus far since our last regular episode back in March. Not only that, but we check in with our music draft that we started in ...…
Who's our guest? Kiana June Weber, a classically trained, Celtic fiddler born and raised in Chelsea, Michigan and attended the University of Michigan where she studied violin with Stephen Shipps. She previously performed with the violin-based ensemble Barrage and the Celtic band Gaelic Storm. Currently, Kiana June Weber plays the fiddle on the ...…
CREEPING DEATH just dropped a bomb in the form of their debut full length "Wretched Illusions." Their guitarist, Trey Pemberton joined in this week for a conversation about the band, their record, Texas hardcore, and a whole lot more. Music by: Arcline - Creeping Death - https://creepin ...…
The Radioactive fallout from our trip to the Quebec Deathfest continues. Hardcore legends Dropdead played to a packed house and proved to be a highlight of the whole damn Fest. It was a golden opportunity to scratch another one of the old interview "bucket list". We caught up with vocalist Bob Otis. We discussed some new and upcoming releases, ...…
On this episode we spoke to Carlos from hardcore/metal website No Echo. You can check it out at www.noecho.netSongs By:SerrationHands of GodThanks for all the support and share and subscribe!!YOU CAN FOLLOW US ON....Twitter - @ISN_podcastFacebook - Group Page - illstreetnews Instagram - @illstree ...…
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