Best Minecraft podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Minecraft rundown
Hey I’m an avid Minecraft player and in this podcast I’ll be talking about Minecraft
Minecraft Freak
Welcome To The Minecraft Freak Where We Talk About All The New Minecraft Updates And More!
Brandon and his friend Critter will explain how addons work and what they are.
The show that is all about Minecraft, the popular game! – Video Feed – By: GeekGamer.TV
Educator Innovator
Educator Innovator is an initiative powered by the National Writing Project and provides a hub for educators and partners who are re-imagining learning in and out of school.
CAST IT (audio)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
Jesse hosts an upbeat mix of the curious and the compelling, ranging from the stories of the day to the great questions of our time.
GAT Entertainmnet - Games and Technology - is a group of podcast hosted by Lethal Injection's Scott and Minecraft Uncensored's Walter, bringing you the latest on everything from high tech gadgets to the latest video games. GAT features 2 shows: The GATcast, which is a variety show filled with fun topics, interviews with people in the various industries we cover and much more! The second, GAT|OtC, which is a discussion show featuring special guests and discussing topics of interest in depth a ...
CAST IT (video)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
Make Me Smart is a weekly conversation about the themes of today, centered around the economy, technology and culture. Hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood use their expertise to connect the dots on topics they know best, and hear from other experts – CEOs, celebrities, authors, professors and listeners – about the ones they want to know better. As the world moves faster than ever, this podcast is where we unpack complex topics, together. Because none of us is as smart as all of us. brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.
CAST IT (video)
Meet Associate Professor Thore Husfeldt from IT University as host while he talks to other researchers about the fundations of IT. The podcast is a popular science program about foundational issues of IT hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.
My son Alden likes Roblox. In this podcast, I interview him on what he likes, doesn't like, and what he recommends everyone play.
We talked about horror stories at Saturday night
Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
Join us on our epic DnD.....well, maybe not so epic.....but, pretty cool adventure, as our family takes on the roles of our adventurers.. A Quest for Magic and Steele is our Home grown, Dungeons and Dragons podcast show brought to you by the SteeleEmpire.Amara, Shayna, Elisha, Ilana, Josiah, Brian and David play the role playing RPG game of Dungeons and Dragons. We voice act all the characters, making it an enjoyable audio to join in on. Take us to work, gym, bus, train. or anywhere you need ...
The Hero Heads
Welcome to the World of Hero Heads; a show of comic books, movies, television, and popular culture. Each episode we delve into one aspect of culture that we know the most about.
Skip the Podcast
Hey everyone, I'm Skip the Tutorial! In this podcast you'll find a comedic insight into the gaming analysis and design critiques of Nintendo games. The content is a mix of audio from my YouTube analysis series, as well as my current takes on games I record specifically for this podcast! Thanks for stopping by, and you have a good one, alright?
A family oriented, tongue in cheek show about things your father should have told and a few things he probably shouldn't. Funny, irreverent, and useful. Good for the environment and OK for you.
Emoji Nation
I love games and cant wait to get to know yall.
Edtech news and how-to’s for the 21st century learning environment.
Amusement Sparks
Theme Park Design Show
Jabber Talkies
Just a bunch of nerds talking about stuff.
This is Quest for Edlightenment, a podcast from educators Michael Drezek, Mark Drollinger and Brian Sepe. On the Quest, we'll bring about questions, ideas, and inspiration for the classroom and beyond. This is a chance for educators and learners from across the globe to share their story with the world with the aim of making it a better place!
Techlandia is always changing. The podcast started as a collaboration between Alison Anderson, Curt Rees, and Jon Samuelson. Five years later, only Jon Samuelson remains, but with a new crew of hosts. Scott Bedley, Brian Briggs, David Theriault, and Greg Garner are ready to pick up the torch with a number of different educational topics. Authentic topics from people that are trying to be authentic and tell it like it is, and not be among the #edufamous.
Nintendo Dispatch
Nintendo fanboys Michael and James breakdown the latest news, game releases, and happenings in the Nintendo universe. No topic or game system is off limits as we discuss at the Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Nintendo's mobile games, theme parks, merchandise, and whatever else awesome Nintendo is doing. Join us each week for a new episode of awesome. Now you're playing with power!
Zap Night
Zap Night was created out of our love for video games and to share our experiences to the online community through blogging, podcasting and other social media formats. Each one of us brings to the table our own opinion on each video game title we play. We encourage you to join us on our adventures and be a part of the conversation. We set a goal for a new game and review each month. No game is off limits! We play games from all genres and on any console, from new gen to retro. We will announ ...
I’ll provide y’all with the latest minecraft tips and tricks, and I’ll review some of my favourite films, such as Norbit. I’ll also attempt to keep you updated with the most interesting techniques to avoid getting suicidal thoughts at an early age, and if you’re beyond that point, well, then I’ll teach you the best ways to transcend without feeling any pain.
It's about news and gaming updates Cover art photo provided by Brandi Redd on Unsplash: Become a supporter of this podcast:
GamesBeat Decides
The GamesBeat Decides podcast is a weekly audio and video show for VentureBeat's gaming team. The staff takes some of the toughest questions plaguing the gaming community and gives you the answers so you don't have to think for yourself. Join host Jeffrey Grubb and his cohort Mike Minotti every Tuesday.
Tech Tent
How the technology business is transforming the way we live and work.
A community driven podcast about the stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, and under the gaming table. This podcast includes: stupid stories, a stupider host, dumb gaming news, elevator pitches for games, and some inside perspectives about running a game company. Join Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy (creators of the hit game "Two Rooms and a Boom"), along with a ragtag community of tabletop friends as they discuss pretty much anything that is remotely related to board games ...
BOX Talk Podcast
BOX Talk broadcasts special interviews and reports on what is going on in CivClassics, the Minecraft Server.
Meet Tom, and Tom. The Toms LOVE tech. The Toms love teaching consumers about tech in a down to earth kinda way. You'll laugh, cry, and learn from two of the best in this informative podcast.
John Spencer is passionate about seeing schools embrace creativity and design thinking. In this podcast, he explores the intersection of creative thinking and student learning.
Gears of Resistance: A podcast about all things DIY. From Open Source Product Design, OSHW, and FOSS to STEAM, Citizen Science, and Digital Rights. Make. Better. Perpetually.
Der Video-Podcast der Stiftung Warentest berichtet über aktuelle Untersuchungen von test und Finanztest, stellt neue Bücher und Sonderhefte vor und gibt allgemeine Tipps für Verbraucher.
OMGcraft (MP3)
OMGcraft is your one-stop-shop for everything Minecraft. Discover the big new tips, tricks, and stuff you should know about Minecraft. Hosted by Chad Johnson, this show will make you a Minecraft expert in no time.Although the show is no longer in production at TWiT, you can enjoy these episodes from the TWiT Archives and find Chad's new episodes on YouTube.
This podcast is brought to you from the owner of A custom PC buildings business specialising in Repairs, Upgrades & Custom Builds. In this podcast we are a group of everyday gamers who don't take life to seriously, we like to have a laugh and talk about the games and tech that we love. We all have our own individual areas from building to streaming and we will cover News, Reviews, Games, Custom builds and our own general views. We also run a free TeamSpeak server and commu ...
City Bible Forum
City Bible Forum explores some of life's biggest questions. Perhaps you are considering where God might fit into your life. Our aim is to explore this with you in an open manner that is enjoyable, intellectually credible and which meets the needs of professional life. We love to discuss the relevance of God and the many obstacles to faith people have. We do this in a variety of forums and discussion groups over breakfast, lunch and after work at many different city venues. We are active in e ...
Welcome to the TeacherCast Podcasting Network. Join host Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) and the worlds finest educators and educational technology creators as we discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy. Our goal is to help you find and use the right educational technology for your classroom. Subscribe today to this podcast feed to receive all of our shows in one single location.
The Nonfiction Podcast digs into the art and science of nonfiction writing. We look at one nonfiction article every episode and break it down, talking with the writers about how they researched, reported, and put their stories together.
Business and life lessons for kids and parents, together! In this fun educational show, Keoni (the son) and Pat (the dad) talk about growing up, coming up with creative business ideas, and all of the tests and challenges that can keep us from becoming the best person we can be. Keoni loves science, reading, creative building, problem solving, and video games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Pat loves business, writing, podcasting, blogging, STEM education, project based learning, Back to the Fut ...
Meta analysis of EVERYTHING: Video games and not video games
Through both audio AND video episodes, the hosts of WASD dive into the most bizarre, original and innovative releases of the indie game scene. See also: WASD Podcast: ZOMBIE MINECRAFT SHOOTER SURVIVAL PORNO MAHJONG.
A podcast about evolving technology, society and consciousness to create a better future for all of humanity. Hosted by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova, with guests. We talk about future societies, conscious evolution, future technology, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, decentralization, and how we will be affected by the exponential curve of progress.
Just two guys talking tech, Dennis and Darren are experienced hardware reviewers, gamers and overclockers bringing you some of the latest tech dirt in the hardware world.
Jeff Cannata delivers the newest info, latest releases & best stuff in Video Games. Everything from Nintendo, XBox, Playstation and VR, Newest Latest Best is the everyday podcast fix for the avid gamer.
The brutal truth about digital performance engineering and operations.Andreas (aka Andi) Grabner and Brian Wilson are veterans of the digital performance world. Combined they have seen too many applications not scaling and performing up to expectations. With more rapid deployment models made possible through continuous delivery and a mentality shift sparked by DevOps they feel it’s time to share their stories. In each episode, they and their guests discuss different topics concerning perform ...
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Welcome! to the 2nd episode of lj podcast season 2 A continuación of this episode will be airing tomorrow Become a supporter of this podcast:
We'd all love to be that person who pulls out that perfect witty line, a funny quip or joke with impeccable timing. We are all witty says James Geary, some of us just need more practice at it than others.
In this week's music feature, we're off to the Carribean - Trinidad, to be precise: the home of calypso and soca and the birthplace of the steel drum. AUT musicologist Jared Mackley-Crump takes us through the music of Trinidan.
Pip tells us about books that talk back - ie metafiction.
Kiwi chef Monique Fiso is representing the country on a new Netflix food show. Not content with starring in an international show, Monique is also opening her first restaurant tomorrow called Hiakai.
Running a marathon is pretty difficult, and is no doubt more complicated if you're a women and it's that time of the month. American running legend Kathrine Switzer has teamed up with Hello Cup for her non-profit 261 fearless.
Mindful Mover was born after the Christchurch earthquake, the anxiety and stress caused by the continuous rattling. From there it's grown to help young people dealing with bullying, troubles at home, and learning difficulties.
Beachware are an Auckland based alt pop act who describe themselves as a little gang of friends who make dancey stuff. They perform their new song live
In today's world of either broadcasting or consuming information, people seem to have forgotten how to really listen. In this episode, we explore how we have arrived at this point where we can no longer listen to other people or our environment, and how to re-learn that crucial skill. We talk about different ways of listening, frameworks we can ...…
In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Jeff and Nick discuss different types of coaching styles and how a new Tech Coach can find his/her own voice within the position. The post 6 Ways an Instructional Coach can find their Tech Coach Teaching Style appeared first on The TeacherCast Educational Network.…
Azure DevOps, formerly known as VSTS, is more than just a set of tools. But what is it exactly? How does it help enterprises to deploy better code faster? Does it only work for Azure or other platforms & clouds as well? How can it be extended or integrated into existing processes and tools?Abel Wang, Sr Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, is ...…
The very first episode of Lj Podcast Season 2! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Fairfax Southeast Asia correspondent James Massola tells the story of how the world came together to save the members of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach and how they are coping after their ordeal
The new LED streetlights being installed in Auckland suburbs are too bright for many people, and University of Auckland PhD candidate Ellery McNaughton wants to figure out how the new lights are affecting birds as well.
Linda Burgess has been watching Bodyguard on Netflix which she say is fantastically gripping - but you need to pay attention
Truth, Love and Clean Cutlery features restaurant recommendations from some of the best food writers in the world, and one name on the list really stands out - It's Fort Greene - a little wee sandwich shop on K-Road in Auckland.
Over the first nine months of the year New Zealanders lost nearly $9 million to online romance scams. Bronwyn Groot is a fraud investigator and joins us to talk about how to protect yourself online.
New research out of the University of Otago suggests a strong link between a person's weight and their ability to smell, with obese people worse at detecting and discriminating between different smells.
In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we speak with Debbie Scott who created Help A Teacher, a fantastic network of educators that allows teachers to connect with other teachers to support them with their classroom needs. The post Learn How You Can Help A Teacher by Supporting Students across the Country Today! appeared first on The Teach ...…
The history and failings of the church offers plenty of ammunition to its critics. Yet amidst the worst of the church's actions, it also offers a beautiful tune of goodness and hope that brings transformation. An honest conversation confronting the big questions raised by the history of the church.
Sony is skipping the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show next year. This is the first time PlayStation won't have a presence at the event since it began 24 years ago. On this week's episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, hosts Jeffrey Grubb and Mike Minotti dig into this news. What does it mean for Sony? What does it mean for E3? We kno ...…
In this episode, we talk about our experiences with the digital nomad lifestyle and how it has shifted our perspectives on the world over the past six years. This modern-day nomadism also relates to the tribal nomadic lifestyle that humans led for thousand of years before agriculture was invented. We discuss the benefits and downsides of this k ...…
In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we broadcast LIVE from the 2018 ISTE Creative Constructor Lab and discuss the topics of Creativity and Collaboration in today's classrooms. The post What does Creativity Look Like in Todays Classrooms? A Reflection from the @ISTE Creative Constructor Lab appeared first on The TeacherCast Educational N ...…
The social giant used a PR company to discredit its critics and downplay its problems. Plus, a controversial app for hospital doctors created by artificial intelligence firm DeepMind will be taken over by Google, leading critics to say the company has broken its promises over health data. And, as part of the BBC's "Beyond Fake News" week, we vi ...…
Pill millipedes are shorter and wider than other millipedes - living in the soil/leaf litter, they don't travel above or below it, but instead bulldoze through it with their robust bodies!
Michael Cooper has just launched his 27th annual wine guide today, and says trends in consumption are affecting local vineyards and exports
In this episode of EdTech in the Classroom, we welcome Shmoop, an online educational publisher that covers everything for test prep to online courses for all grade levels. The post Learn why @Shmoop is the best online educational publisher that covers everything for test prep to online courses for all grade levels. appeared first on The Teacher ...…
Through the magic of fermentation, cabbage and salt can be transformed into sauerkraut, which is great for our gut bacteria, says food writer Kelly Gibney. She shares her recipe and some other suggestions for things to make and give away as Christmas gifts.
Richard reviews They Shall Not Grow Old and The Girl in the Spider's Web.
Did you know New Zealand had an official international women's handball team? Neither did we! And as it turns out, they're heading to Japan for the 2018 Asian Championships in a couple of weeks time.
Sam Moore is better known online as uglyīnk - he's a Christchurch-based artist and illustrator whose People of New Zealand drawings, which satirise familiar Kiwi "templates", are hugely popular online and on social media.
The GO Club is a girls-only after-school group based in Paraparaumu and Paekakariki where primary school aged girls go to learn more about science, technology, engineering and maths subjects.
Team Sevan (Seth and Evan) play their first game for the Zap Night podcast! We talk about Halo for the original Xbox! Scoring TableEvanSethStory10/1010/10Graphics6/106/10Gameplay9/109/10Music10/1010/10Overall10/1010/10Totals45/5045/50Grade90/100 A Thrift Shop Game review: For this episode 'Team Sevan" plays Nicktoons Movin' on the PS2 with EyeT ...…
Raewyn Lesa did her PhD thesis at the University of Otago whether simulated situations can help with medical training. She explains what was involved.
Today we discuss The Whale Baby by Sarah Ell. The writer of the best email about the story wins a copy of her book; Ocean: Tales of Discovery and Encounter that Defined New Zealand Our guest is Lucinda Birch whose own short story, In a Bottle was chosen for our Short Story Club Live session at Litcrawl 2018. She'll tell us a bit about that, and ...…
Mary Holm discusses reverse mortgages, which can be a good way for retired people to make use of the money they have tied up in their homes.
Deirdre Tarrant is with us from our Wellington studio to talk about the Royal New Zealand Ballet's latest production - The Nutcracker.
Whether you subscribe to it or not, acupuncture has definitely captured a lot of people's imaginations. John Black runs his own acupuncture clinic in Nelson and joins us to explain a bit about this ancient practice.
Mindfulness is a therepeutic technique which involves focussing on the momen. Jen Sievers wants children to benefit from it, and she's written a new book to that end - Just Breathe: a mindfulness adventure.
The world's fastest electric motorcycle now lives in Auckland along with the woman who built and rides it - and she's confident her next bike design will be faster than any on earth.
In this episode we talk about adaptability as one of the most important skills to have for the future. The current chaotic state of the world often leaves people feeling scared and helpless. We discuss how to move into a more resourceful mindset. We talk about mental flexibility, self-sovereignty, modern nomadism, minimalism, the need for retoo ...…
Flexible pathways in digital music We had a chance to hear from student digital audio producers at Randolph Union High School, in Randolph VT. They, along with innovative educator Raymond Cole, shared what makes this project-based learning class such a hit. A full transcript follows below. In this episode of The 21st Century Classroom, […] The ...…
This week we have all kinds of good stuff to talk about! We discuss the Pokémon Let's Go launch, YouTube, the Nintendo Holiday Experience, Overwatch, and a new Zelda coming to Switch!? We also have a big week of games including Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu / Eevee, A great Super Mario Party bundle, Sid Meier's Civilization VI and more! Follow Us Mi ...…
Comedian and writer Sarah Cooper spent years working in the testosterone fueled tech industry for companies like Yahoo and Google. She's just published a tongue in cheek guide to the workplace called How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men's Feelings
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