Best Minecraft podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Minecraft rundown
Hey I’m an avid Minecraft player and in this podcast I’ll be talking about Minecraft
Minecraft Freak
Welcome To The Minecraft Freak Where We Talk About All The New Minecraft Updates And More!
Minecraft Faith
Do you ever wish you can build or rebuild the perfect life for yourself?
The show that is all about Minecraft, the popular game! – HD Video Feed – By: GeekGamer.TV
minecraft pe pro
A funny minecraft pocket edition series withno inappropriate launguage or images.I would love if you get this podcast!
Everything MineCraft!
Minecraft Pro
Tips on Minecraft
GAT Entertainmnet - Games and Technology - is a group of podcast hosted by Lethal Injection's Scott and Minecraft Uncensored's Walter, bringing you the latest on everything from high tech gadgets to the latest video games. GAT features 2 shows: The GATcast, which is a variety show filled with fun topics, interviews with people in the various industries we cover and much more! The second, GAT|OtC, which is a discussion show featuring special guests and discussing topics of interest in depth a ...
OMGcraft (Video HD)
OMGcraft is your one-stop-shop for everything Minecraft. Discover the big new tips, tricks, and stuff you should know about Minecraft. Hosted by Chad Johnson, this show will make you a Minecraft expert in no time.Although the show is no longer in production at TWiT, you can enjoy these episodes from the TWiT Archives and find Chad's new episodes on YouTube.
Turn writing into more than a hobby, make it your career. Stephan Bugaj (Pixar's Brave, Wall-E, The Incredibles), Justin Sloan (Telltale's Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Minecraft: Story Mode), and Kevin Tumlinson (Citadel, Lucid, The 30-Day Author) give you their advice on writing for books, movies, video games and more, and occasionally try to sound smarter by having on amazing guests.
Hi this is the AysoTech Podcast. It i all about MINECRAFT! Have Fun!
BOX Talk Podcast
BOX Talk broadcasts special interviews and reports on what is going on in CivClassics, the Minecraft Server.
Brodie Fisher
Brodie Fisher is a smart and comical kid who talks about topics such as Fortnite, Minecraft, WWE, and other related interests children may have.
The future isn’t random. It’s the result of the choices that we make now. We’ll be talking about technologies and industries that will define the next decade and beyond. Join our host Cristina Quinn, a science and technology reporter, as she dives into everything from Minecraft to cyber warfare. You can wait for the future to happen to you or engage with it right now and ahead of the curve on .future— a branded podcast from Microsoft, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.
The Tomster 101
hey guys. this show is about everything. pokemon minecraft interviews and much more.
Running conversation about books, cool stuff, articles on the internet, life in general, and anything else I or my friends want to talk about.
A podcast by some Canadians about videogames, life, and everything else.
Splitscreen Players Podcast, formerly known as the Lethal Injection Minecraft Podcast, is a multiplatform gaming show that discusses the latest gaming news, game reviews, new releases, retro gaming discussions and more! Recorded every 2 weeks. We also host servers for FTB Minecraft (Lite2 pack) and a World of Warcraft guild on the Zul'jin server (Horde side) called Night Shift!
Fun videos to inspire, intrigue and stir your imagination from some of the world's leading thinkers and doers onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events and partner events around the world. You can also download these and many other videos free on, with an interactive English transcript and subtitles in up to 80 languages. TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.
geologist oman
general view watch youtube geology sport 2017 2016 free unlimited hack sec goo you minecraft new femal male what how car sky water game build click hot
Off Topic
The lads and lasses of Achievement Hunter congregate each week to discuss the important questions in life. Plus drink beer. Watch LIVE every Friday at 12PM CT on Watch the free video version at
Pure unedited, untouched tangents bout STUFF that nobody would other wise talk about, haha not really. Mostly really random things- 8-bit music , nerdy things- DandD, serious things- super mario . and of course MINECRAFT. Live TV + Amateurs podcasters + a fair amount of unpredictability = THIS PODCAST I am aware that i new a new mic, when i get around to it I'll get one. This will most likely be a weekly podcast but occasionally you'll be surprised.
Overdue is a podcast about the books you've been meaning to read. Join Andrew and Craig each week as they tackle a new title from their backlog. Classic literature, obscure plays, goofy murder mysteries: they'll read it all, one overdue book at a time.
The Team LLG Podcast
The Team LLG podcast, we talk about (or try to) all gaming, but mostly Black Ops and Minecraft
A Minecraft podcast
I’ll provide y’all with the latest minecraft tips and tricks, and I’ll review some of my favourite films, such as Norbit. I’ll also attempt to keep you updated with the most interesting techniques to avoid getting suicidal thoughts at an early age, and if you’re beyond that point, well, then I’ll teach you the best ways to transcend without feeling any pain.
The Dogs of War Gaming podcast (aka DOWGcast) is a podcast for gamers by gamers. DOWG members Wayne, Sleezy, and Dterlak bring you news in the world of gaming as well as the community of DOWG.DOWG is a community of mature gamers supporting primarily squad and objective based games for both last gen (PS3, 360) and current gen consoles (PS4, Xbox One) as well as PC. Full members of DOWG are 15 years of age and older. DOWG welcomes gamers of all skill levels, providing both a casual and competi ...
An ongoing series of conversations bringing you right up to the cutting edge of Microsoft Research.
Technotopia is a podcast about how technology will change the world for the better. It is hosted by John Biggs and appears every Friday at Noon Eastern.
The Deep Dive
A new take on Top 5s, culture, world famous film reviews, guests, and the two of us.
Dirt SMP Podcast
The Dirt SMP community talks about Minecraft, Video Games, Movies and more!
Memetic Hazard
Adam and Josef take you one step closer to the Basilisk, an episode at a time.
Stories of people hacking on weird and interesting projects.
A diverse group of mature, British PC gamers discuss gaming, technology and words you wouldn't say to a vicar. We really should know better.
Ascribe & Declare
A|D is a live recorded, highly edited, podcast about giving God glory in all we do. Mat & Miranda use articles and clips to discuss practical ways to live out our faith in a seriously messed up, post-Christian world.
Last 2 The Party
What do you do when aspiring nerds who are devoted fathers with budgets to match? You launch a podcast about it! Games, movies, TV, family, we do it here.
Into The Cave
Two Guys who ramble on way to long.. we talk everything from, Video games to, News, Movies, and More.
(Formally Girl Tribe Gaming) Video game podcast with reviews and news. We sprinkle in plenty of geeky topics too. Friendly & positive community.
Podcast Right Now
Four nerd-casters from Ohio laying some serious pod! *Audio quality improves significantly starting at episode 31
Welcome to the Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Spotlight Series Podcast. If you are an educator looking to learn how to leverage the power of innovative teaching with technology in your classroom, this is the podcast for you. Each episode of the MIE Spotlight Series features a dynamic teacher, a Microsoft Innovative Educator, showcasing how they are transforming their classrooms through creative lessons and 21st-century teaching styles. This podcast is hosted by educator Jeff Bradbury fr ...
Two lapsed Harry Potter fans on a journey back through the books they (used to) love so much. Updates every Monday!
Andreas (aka Andi) Grabner and Brian Wilson are veterans of the digital performance world. Combined they have seen too many applications not scaling and performing up to expectations. With more rapid deployment models made possible through continuous delivery and a mentality shift sparked by DevOps they feel it’s time to share their stories. In each episode, they and their guests discuss different topics concerning performance, ranging from common performance problems for specific technology ...
Podcasts and interviews of local artists and other intresting people from the New Orleans area. Topics from music, photography, anime, video games, local subcultures, etc. Take a seat and jump into these intense convos with us! Don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Music and Soundcloud if you want to stay updated!
In each episode your host, Australian psychologist Ellen Jackson, interviews an expert from the fields of psychology, well being, leadership, parenting and high performance. Ellen picks their brain to uncover what they know about living well, what tips they have for you and I, and she quizzes them about how they apply their expertise in their own life.Join Ellen as we discover simple, science-backed ways to live, learn, flourish and fulfil your potential.
The Maplecraft Podcast is a group of LPers from the Maplecraft SMP minecraft server discussing all things maple and video game.
This is a repository for recordings of developer hangouts and other bits and pieces collected by the Beyond Bitcoin community. If you'd like to participate be sure to check and RSVP to one of the hangout threads!Email for Beyond Bitcoin Hangouts:
Throwing off your streaming suggestions since 2018. Check for all the songs we talk about each episode! brings you the 'Startup World' podcast. Stay updated with what's happening in the tech industry with daily bite-size news read to you by our bot Alice! ✌️Daily Episodes: In these episode Alice will be reading to you a curated list of news. Tips & Tools: In these episodes Alice will be sharing certain tips and tools to help you grow your business, improve your productivity and much more.
Emoji Nation
I love games and cant wait to get to know yall.
A community driven podcast about the stories we make while playing the games we love on, around, and under the gaming table. This podcast includes: stupid stories, a stupider host, dumb gaming news, elevator pitches for games, and some inside perspectives about running a game company. Join Alan Gerding and Sean McCoy (creators of the hit game "Two Rooms and a Boom"), along with a ragtag community of tabletop friends as they discuss pretty much anything that is remotely related to board games ...
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show series
Joel and Pixlriffs discuss the first 1.14 snapshot of 2019 that includes a look at the new campfire block, as well as added functionality for the cartography table and the lectern.
This week on the Game Moose Podcast we talk Bungie going independent, Gearbox weirdness, and predictions for 2019! The post Game Moose Episode 152 – Talkin’ ’bout Freedom appeared first on Game Moose.By
If you can't stand how hot these werewolves are, get out of the kitchen! This week we head back to Forks for the third of the four main Twilight books, and while we had kind of made our peace with reading these in our New Moon episode, we question the wisdom of that decision this time around.By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
The AH Crew and special guest Greg Miller sit down to talk about Resident Evil 2 Remake, math homework, eating, and more on this week's Off Topic!
Another year has past, and so we tabulate our favourite games, along with special guest and 5th Beatle, Sean Capri! Sean is the very handsome host of the Xbox Drive (a good good podcast yall should listen to). Listen to the end to hear who we name our Game of the Moose (year). The post Game Moose Episode 151 – Game of the Moose 2018 appeared fi ...…
Pixlriffs and Joel share what they are looking forward to doing in 2019 as Minecraft players and Minecraft fans in general. Plus a look ahead to Hytale from Hypixel Studios, Minecraft Dungeons and of course, Minecraft 1.14.
The Golden Compass has cute soul-Pokémon, multiple universes, and armored battle bears, so what's not to like?By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
The AH Crew sit down to talk about explaining Rooster Teeth to family, Netflix’s Black Mirror, filmmaking, and more on this week's Off Topic!
How is sex different than love? Is privacy a necessity for human identity? For political identity? DOES GOD POOP? With the help of Milan Kundera, we attempt to answer these questions and more in this bonus episode on his classic novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Also, be sure to listen post-outro to experience the horrors of a Google Han ...…
This week we're joined by friend of the show (and one half of the hit newsletter Two Bossy Dames) Sophie Brookover to talk about Vladimir Nabokov's epic literary troll novel Pale Fire. The author may be dead and the reader is most certainly bad, but that doesn't mean we can't have a great time talking about Vera Nabokov, John Shade stans, and b ...…
The AH Crew sit down to talk about Aquaman, Smash Tournament, reviewing 2018, and more on this week's Off Topic!
The whole team at Overdue wishes you and yours a very horny Christmas and a sultry New Year with Stefanie London's A Dangerously Sexy Christmas, a book that is equal parts dangerous AND sexy!By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
The AH Crew sit down to talk about gingerbread houses, diet, bad parenting, and more on this week's Off Topic!
China has rolled out its latest effort in maintaining control of the population Zhima or Sesame Credit. This is a system designed to rate how good of a citizen you are based on the whims of the Communist Party. It tracks your credit - like western systems - but goes deeper into what you buy, what you post, and who your friends are in an attempt ...…
To wrap up 2018, Joel and Pixlriffs dig into listener submitted Chunk Mail questions over the past few weeks and weave them into a chat about everything from the latest snapshot, new blocks and Minecraft's development future.
This week on the last episode of 2018, we talk about what we’re excited about for 2019, Below, Souljaboy, Smash, and more! The post Game Moose Episode 150 – Souljacast appeared first on Game Moose.By
This week's episode is a recording of our live episode from the New England Library Association in Rhode Island in October. We talk about Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, which you may also remember from the Disney movie of the same name.By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
The AH Crew and special guest Fiona Nova sit down to talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Achievement Haunter, being a parent, and more on this week's Off Topic!
Joel and Pixlriffs are joined by special guest Fixxitt who is here to talk about The Realm of Vasten, a long standing survival multiplayer world where players share resources and collaborate to build huge fantasy projects in a world rich in history and lore.
When a parent is sent to prison, the unintended victims of their crimes are their own children -- without stability and support, kids are at higher risk for mental health and development issues. In a heartfelt talk, Alan Crickmore explains how the charity Storybook Dads is keeping families connected through the simple act of storytelling.…
This week we talk Mutant Year Zero, The Game Awards, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC, Darksiders III, and more! The post Game Moose Episode 149 – Dux You Sucker appeared first on Game Moose.By
Naomi Novik's Spinning Silver successfully melds and renews a whole stack of classical fairytales in a story that is anchored by women and deals with real-world anti-Semitism without ever feeling too heavy.By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
The AH Crew sit down to talk about Smash Bros Ultimate, the Game Awards, diet and exercise, and more on this week's Off Topic!
Domestic workers are entrusted with the most precious aspects of people's lives -- they're the nannies, the elder-care workers and the house cleaners who do the work that makes all other work possible. Too often, they're invisible, taken for granted or dismissed as "help," yet they continue to do their wholehearted best for the families and hom ...…
The hour grows late and Joel and Pixlriffs are found discussing big plans in Minecraft, Snapshot 18w48b showcases the grind... stone, and The Minecraft Survival Guide showcases the Ender Dragon fight. Plus, a special guest announcement for next week!
This week on Game Moose Episode 148, we discuss the fallout from the release of Fallout 76. We also predict the new game announcements from the Kinda Funny Games Showcase and The Game Awards. Drew has finished Hitman 2, Ryan is in love with Dead Cells and Brock played Pokemon! The post Game Moose Episode 148 – Fallout 76 Fallout? appeared first ...…
Minecraft, one of the most popular games on the planet, has lots of lessons to teach us! Lessons about persistence, about ingenuity, about punching trees. In this kid-friendly novel, Max Brooks details the "true story" of his own experiences on a Minecraft island, weaving together nuggets of wisdom with the game's particular flavor of discovery.…
The AH Crew sit down to talk about Bethesda, Red Dead Online, vacationing, and more on this week's Off Topic!
The boys are back in town! Odysseus and Telemachus make it home to Ithaca in this episode of our show-within-a-show, which covers books 12-15 of Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey. We've got sirens, vaping, swineherds and some god-granted old dude cosplay. Remember, some Patreon supporters get these episodes early every month. Find out m ...…
Pixlriffs and Joel ponder the new Pillager Outpost, speculate on spawn mechanics and evaluate texture evolution in Snapshot 18w47b, then articulate their opinion on Minecraft automation.
A new episode of Game Moose Side-Ops has arrived! Ryan sits down and gives his predicted winners at The Game Awards 2018! GO BEYOND, PLUS ULTRA!!!!!! The post Game Moose Side-Ops! Ryan Predicts The Game Awards 2018 Winners! appeared first on Game Moose.By
The Wheel of Time turns, and we release a new podcast episode. This week, we close out Remember November with a look at the first book in a, um, fourteen book fantasy series with which Andrew is intimately acquainted. The Wheel Of Time has its issues but if you want to talk about extremely detailed magic systems and meticulously crafted fantasy ...…
The AH Crew and special guest Dan Gruchy sit down to talk about thanksgiving, gaming mishaps, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more on this week’s Off Topic!
We illuminate our listeners with the first look at the lantern in Snapshot 18w46a, chunk mail about what coloured lighting might look like in Minecraft and a discussion on vanilla vs. modded as the lines are becoming blurry.
This week on the Game Moose podcast: Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee, Hitman 2, Battlefield V, Tetris Effect and gummy bears. The post Game Moose Episode 147 – Let’s Go Weezing! appeared first on Game Moose.By
Travel with us back to the Jazz Age and meet Irene and Clare, two women who practice "passing" to get by in New York City. The tragic characters of Nella Larsen's insightful novel Passing show us how suspicions and social status can conspire to bring about a terrible end between friends. Other talking points include the Harlem Renaissance, Arby ...…
The AH Crew and special guest slowbeef sit down to talk about Boss Baby, weird foods, Fallout 76, and more on this week’s Off Topic!
Pixlriffs and Joel speculate on illager patrol mechanics, give first impressions of the new scaffolding block, and shed light on a few other things including the newly teased lantern block.
This week on the Game Moose Podcast, it’s Inside Xbox 2018 reactions, more Red Dead, Battlefield V, and more! The post Game Moose Episode 146 – Live from Mexico City appeared first on Game Moose.By
When we talk about judging books by the standards of their time, we’re usually dealing with books that have been written many many decades ago, but Lynne Reid Banks’ The Indian In The Cupboard isn’t far removed from our own childhoods. It’s easy to see why the book resonates with kids, but it’s also frustrating to see Banks acknowledging the ga ...…
The AH Crew sit down to talk about Extra Life, the midterm elections, cat videos, and more on this week’s Off Topic!
Adults tend to think of kids as "future citizens" -- their ideas and opinions will matter someday, just not today. But kids make up a quarter of the population, so shouldn't they have a say in what the world they'll inherit will look like? Urban planner Mara Mintzer shares what happened when she and her team asked kids to help design a park in ...…
Pixlriffs boots up his brand new PC to join Joel in talking about the new Minecraft snapshot, ten new blocks coming to the game, and Mojang has released version 3.1 of the new default Minecraft textures.
This well on the Game Moose podcast: more RDR2, horse talk/play, Bizzcon, Diablo, Warcraft 3, and lots more. The post Game Moose Episode 145 – Diablo Horse Stuff appeared first on Game Moose.By
Remember November commences with us revisiting John Knowles' A Separate Peace. This book about a broken leg boy bored Craig to peaces in high school, but it turns out some books resonate more strongly than you might think. Tune in for a conversation about male friendship, stairs and trees, and Kurt Vonnegut's fourth cousin Norb.…
The AH Crew sit down to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2, retirement, YouTube, and more on this week's Off Topic!
What's spookier than doing a CYOA book with a live bonus episode audience? CHANGING THE COURSE OF HUMAN HISTORY! Actually, this adventure wasn't TOO spooky but we did meet our least favorite passenger on the Titanic: Jessica.By (Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting).
Pixlriffs and Joel take a look at some of the new features coming to Minecraft 1.14 in the latest snapshot like running from illager beasts, questionable walls and some fishy sand.
It’s an extra SPOOKY SCARY episode of Game Moose, filled with Red Dead Redemption 2, Starlink, Horror Games, spooky Netflix shows… and Knuckles. The post Game Moose Episode 144 – The Chilling Adventures of Sonic and Knuckles appeared first on Game Moose.By
This week we revisit a classic Spooktober trope, the haunted house! Richard Matheson's Hell House definitely does not belong in the upper echelon of haunted house fiction - though it's a page-turner that forwards some interesting theories about the causes of haunting, it's also gratuitously sexually violent in some ways that don't feel great!…
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