Best Molestation podcasts we could find (Updated March 2019)
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Official SleepyCabin podcast!Talented and handsome content creators spend ~2 hours out of their otherwise busy and miserable week to discuss food, fun, and shooting babies in the face - all with a generous pinch of self-deprecating humor!
Talk Spooky To Me
Lene educates Bunny on all things weird and spooky in their conversational comedy podcast. Covering one topic per episode, they review a related film and creepy pasta which they contrast with real life stories relating to the topic while trying not to bum you... out.
CrabDiving are comedian/actor/writer Ryan Pfeiffer, and actor/writer Patrick Viall, who live and work in Florida. On their daily, progressive, internet radio show, they laugh and cuss about politics, news, pop culture, religion and more.
The creation and building of a self sustaining sacred sanctuary and community for the North American (NA) born indigenous Blk female who has never known what it is like to have our men protect us. We do however know what it's like to be abused, exploited, molested, abandoned and yes sadly, even killed by them. It is high time, we looked down upon but very much overly relied upon melanin rich sistuhs told our own stories of what our lives have truly been like living in NA with Black men of al ...
The Michael Baisden Show Podcast
The Pope's Long Con
In 2016, Danny Ray Johnson was elected to state office. The fast talking biker-preacher known as "The Pope" paints himself as a 9/11 hero. He says he raised the dead! But our seven month investigation uncovered a much different picture: Attempted arson. Another mysterious fire. Alleged bootlegging and molestation in the church. For years, Johnson broke laws. Now he helps make them. What happens when the institutions we rely on look the other way? How does a liar slip through the cracks into ...
Emunah Series by - Rabbi YY Jacobson
Selfie Sunday
Selfie Sunday is a comedy podcast run by the one and only Pat Guilherme and Kyle O'Brien. Clever, hilarious, insightful... the perfect selfie to end your week
Journal Journeys
Journal Entries on life. Real Stories and Real Situations letting you in for a entertaining listen.
Addressing racial health disparities in the hood, barrio and rez.
Chosen vessels deliver a real-time message straight from the heart of God to the nations to encourage everyone, at the sound of her voice, to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ. Despite your past there is forgiveness in God through repentance. The mission is to introduce to some and remind others Jesus is Lord! There is nothing too hard for God. Are you struggling with sexual perversion, addictions, depression, suicidal thoughts, rage, sexual molestation, hatred, forgiveness, mental i ...
The Church Folk Revolution - Welcome to the only Radio Show dedicated to holding Preachers, Pastors, and Priests accountable for their actions. If you would like to join our revolution then please visit our website at and let’s restore honor back into the pulpit. The Revolution Will Be Televised!
This is show of William J Jackson. That somewhat mean man you may have come across in the social networks. He's a Fergusonian Negrotarian and he doesn't care bout your feelings. .
"Speak Your Truth, Create Your Path, Love Your Journey" - Amy
Wake Up With A.M.
Wake Up With dedicated to empowering you in every area of your life! Real talk about LIFE, Relationships, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality! You never know what I will say! So be sure to TUNE in!
No Sense with Nikki
Survivor of Childhood sexual abuse , Teenage mom, homeless and everyday overcoming. I want to help and empower people like myself tell their story too and create a positive community.
music cannot be held in a box & confined to limitations. The Electro-Circus is a ever changing music mash-up of Hip-Hop, Electronica, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Reggae & so much more.
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Mark Dankof: Neocon zombie Eliot Abrams rises from the dead to eat brains of Venezuela National Bugle Radio, Mar 20, 2019 Patrick Slattery talks to Mark Dankof about the Neocon zombie Eliot Abrams rising from the dead to eat brains of Venezuela, plus a digest of interesting news stories from reliable sources. ...…
Dr Duke & Kim Eriksen of Denmark on Defending the Human Rights of the Danish & Stopping European Genocide! Download Today Dr. Duke had Danish nationalist Kim Eriksen as his guest for the hour. Mr. Eriksen is the originator of a petition movement that force the parliament to vote on a bill ...…
Who knew Devin Nunes suing Twitter and his cow would be the central topic of crabby conversation on this episode of the progressive podcast? Conservative dingbats in the not-so-great state of Florida introduced a bill to disenfranchise felons and those in debt to the courts from voting. Speaking of the stand-your-ground state, GOP loons cooked ...…
Women are getting erotic massages because they aren't being touched at home! People underestimate the power of physical contact.
Steve King, wistful for Civil War per a meme fantasy he ejaculated into the internet, mused about which side would win a modern day battle between the states. Skeksis Barbie Kellyanne Conway’s hubby suggested Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder. The fascist president of Brazil kicked off a U.S. visit by chilling with Nazi orc Steve Ba ...…
Has your realtor, doctor, massage therapist, or business associate ever been inappropriate or is it the clients who are unprofessional? Our guests will be, Troy Stephenson, the man giving the erotic massage in this video. Fellahs, would you allow your woman to have this kind of massage? And is it appropriate for a married woman to have this don ...…
Patrick Slattery talks to Mark Collett about Brexit and the New Zealand shooting National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 3.18.19 Patrick and Filbert discuss the direction of the Trump train, the New Zealand shooting, what to do if we are invaded by China, and finally ask do we know the difference between our hineys and a hole in the ground. ...…
The Trump train, the New Zealand shooting, what if we are invaded by China, and the difference between our hineys and a hole in the ground The Slattery-Applebag Financial Report on National Bugle Radio with Patrick Slattery 3.15.19 Patrick and Filbert discuss the direction of the Trump train, the New Zealand shooting, what to do if we are invad ...…
White nationalism kills despite what our racist-in-chief says. The murderous RWNJ shooter in New Zealand was inspired to kill 49 Muslims by a far-right French journalist who feared non-white immigrants. A fascist educator found himself in hot water after mocking a student for not standing during the pledge. Conserva-twunt Bryan Fischer suggeste ...…
Michael asks his listeners to call in to share their stories about someone they were involved with who did something that was straight up crazy!
Lene tells Bunny the gripping tale of the Pillow Pyro, chock full with twists and turns!.. and Bunny in turn tells Lene about the Bell witch.
Beto O’Rourke announced he’s running and Trump had the nerve to make fun of his crazy hand movements. Shitler suggested his immigration policies at the border were incredible but still harmful… wut? Axios and others got busted for editing their own Wiki page. Twelve GOP Senators helped block Cheeto’s ridic National Emergency sham. Nancy Pelosi ...…
Why we would rather be ruled by Chinamen than Jews — National Bugle Radio, March 14, 2019 Patrick talks with callers about what role sympathetic Jews should or should not play in the movement to take back our society. Sub-issues include the college admissions scandal, the YTI (Yang-Tulsi-Ilhan) phenomenon, and why we would rather be ruled by Ch ...…
What happens when the fire goes out in your relationship and how do you get it back? How long has it been since you and your partner were intimate?
Corrupt Paul Manafort was sentenced then immediately indicted again, cuz the Manhattan DA ain’t fooling around. Paulie’s lawyer got shouted down by hecklers when he proclaimed the judge found “no evidence of collusion,” even though the trial didn’t have jack to do with Russia. Czar Trump grounded Murica’s Boeing 737s after every other country o ...…
Emperor Yang, Goddess Tulsi and Honorary Viking Ilhan Patrick and Jeremy discuss the utility of Democrats like Emperor Yang and Goddess Tulsi, and Honorary Viking Ilhan (D-New Somalia). They each bring something important to the national debate. They may reject our praise (although, to her credit, I don’t believe Ilhan has), but as long as they ...…
Can most men handle dating a woman who has more education, a bigger house, a fancier car, and a fatter bank account?
The Crabs covered the crazy college bribery scandal which involved faked SAT scores and heads photoshopped onto the bodies of athletes. Felicity Huffman and Aunt Becky from Full House were charged in the college admissions fakery shenanigans. EU aviation regulators suspended flights of the Boeing 737 Max due to unexplained recent crashes. Trump ...…
Why do people use their children and child support for revenge?
FOX pond scum Tucker Carlson is under fire as recordings surfaced of him saying typical Trump supporter-type stuff. Speaker of the House Pelosi doesn’t want to impeach Trump. Racist squirt dumpster Judge Jeanine Pirro of Faux News foghorned that Representative Ilhan Omar’s hijab is evidence of her allegiance to Islam over the United States. Pre ...…
Women challenge men to step their game up inside and outside the bedroom. And men give other men advice on how to approach women.
Even though he didn’t write the book or is remotely Christ-like, Trump signed Bibles in Alabama in what had to be the most bizarre tornado relief effort ever. Legal types poo-pooed the insanely light and inequitable sentence of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. A judge said Dandy Roger Stone used court filings to promote the sale of ...…
Michael opens up the phones lines and asks his listeners to call in and put people on blast who have Nasty, Filthy, Funky Homes. Is being nasty, unorganized and messy a deal breaker?
This week on Talk Spooky to Me, Bunny tells Lene about all-round POS serial killer Larry Eyler.
The Trump administration list of journalists and activists smells of stinky fascism. Shitler threatened America with one fewer televised debate for the next presidential election. Facts and figures say Americans are making less since the financial crisis. The EPA and Texas gave a hard no to NASA’s offer of their super fancy air pollution-seekin ...…
What are the benefits of being the other woman? How many women play the role knowingly and how many are oblivious to the wife or girlfriend? And is the side piece to blame for dealing with committed men or is it the cheating man’s responsibility to be faithful?
As the Democrats debate rebuking Ilhan Omar, Bernie weighed in, defending the Representative from Minnesota. Hypocrite GOP leader Kevin McCarthy once financed an ad accusing a political opponent of being a terrorist. Most voters polled said they believe Trump committed crimes before moving into The White House. The trade deficit climbed to a re ...…
Why can’t people move on from unhealthy relationships? Is it fear of starting over? The pressure from society and religious institutions? Or are people simply staying for the sake of the children and their own insecurities?
Michael takes calls about the documentary and discuss celebrities, clergy, and family members who sexually assault children.
Have you or someone you know been molested as a child? What are the warning signs? What did you learn as a parent that can help other parents from going through this hell? And how did you get past the guilt, shame, and blaming yourself?
What are the challenges of dating outside of your culture? And how is this still controversial in 2019?
We have a storysode for you guys to make up for the lack of them recently.. complete with sound effects and shoddy accents.
Would you consider staying if your partner told you straight up, “I’m Gay?” And why do people think it’s easier for a man to accept his woman being bi than a man. Is that true?
Based on my book, Woman Up! Ladies, when it comes to yourfailed relationships, is it always the man's fault?
Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Was Allegedly In A Massage Parlor Morning Of The Playoff Game: Should Prostitution Be Legalized?
R. Kelly indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, a class two felony, involving four alleged victims. Do you still think R. Kelly is Innocent and will you still buy his music?
Has your partner ever broke in your house or hid in the bushes?
Lene tells Bun about the conspiracy theories surrounding the alleged suicide of late Nirvana front man, Kurt Cobain.
How do you react when you catch your partner in the act of cheating? How did you recover? Or can you?
Michael talks about the changing role of men, how they approach women socially and are they handling their business inside the bedroom and the boardroom?
Have you had a friend, parent, spouse, or co-worker try to kill your dream of starting a business? And why are people afraid to step out on faith to live their dream?
What do you think of the Jussie Smollett story and what’s the impact of faking attacks on minorities and gays?
What are your biggest complaints about dating after years of being in a relationship? And is dating economically unfair for men?
Bunny tells Lene all about Bill Wilkins, with constant interruptions from a baby because Lene couldn't get a babysitter...
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