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Best Moyers podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Moyers podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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A regular interview program hosted by Scot diaspora Glen L. Moyer focusing on Scotland - its history, people, culture, lifestyle, music, food, drink and much, much more.
Murd Up Podcast
Just a girl reading murder stories to a boy
Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek Season 1 is focused on the disappearance of a young mother of two in Tenino WA. Nancy Moyer disappeared in 2009 from this small town. just south of Seattle WA. Follow along with host, James Baysinger as he tackles this unsolved missing person case.
Make Your Mark
With more than 20 years' experience, Mark Moyer is a successful Forbes magazine contributor, career coach, business growth strategist, and author of “Win Again!" In this podcast, Mark guides athletes and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential by supplying insight for not only retired athletes, but anyone seeking to excel. Find out more at www.markmoyer.com
The weekly Sunday morning sermon series from the Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX. http://bwaychurch.org
[of Leadership]
Expressing the relationship between the parts & the whole. We teach leadership concepts through life experiences while giving a vocabulary and framework to leadership. In addition to the bi-monthly podcast with the guys, content includes: interviews with local leaders, in-depth teaching of concepts and more.
Junction Series
An audio webseries about 4 girls and a mystery in the desert.
I Do, We Do
This podcast is hosted by Billy and Ashley Moyer, AKA Bashley, a millennial couple committed to their careers, lifelong learning, and philanthropy. Bashley believes that TOGETHER they can achieve more. This weekly show is about how they find success as a team of two in business and life in general, and how their differences make them stronger.
The newest sermons from Emmanuel Bible Church of Star Valley on SermonAudio.
Welcome to the Latitude13 Happy Hour, a podcast that celebrates everyday people and the stories that make us human. Produced in Guam and hosted by Josie Moyer.
I record an hour long live set and then put it on the Internet. I call it freq.shift. I do this EVERY MONDAY at 1PM US Eastern / 6PM UK / 19:00h Central Europe on Digitally Imported Radio Tech House Channel (http://www.di.fm).
Wayne Moyers
Living large
Hear what leading addiction and recovery experts are talking about—addiction trends, topics and challenges as well as research, practices and advances that point the most promising way forward. Author and recovery advocate William C. Moyers serves as host of this thought-provoking interview series, brought to you by the renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Listen in on Moyers' conversations with his colleagues who work at the forefront of addiction treatment, recovery and prevention, inc ...
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly program of interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.
Year One Podcast
Hannah Moyer and Mikhail Alfon bring on professionals and business owners to talk about their mindsets, values, and strategies of being giving entrepreneurs.
Join us weekly to dissect the crazy stories you send us about situations that have happened at work. We take a real-world approach to real-life issues, so you can hone and develop your leadership skills through the experience of others. Ps., we laugh a lot, too. Send us your stories! Diaryofapeoplemanager@gmail.com
Kevin Moyers delivers a short profile of an inspirational person or people from the previous week. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/personoftheweek/support
Moyers & Company was a weekly hour of compelling and vital conversation about life and the state of American democracy, featuring some of the best thinkers of our time. A range of scholars, artists, activists, scientists, philosophers and newsmakers bring context, insight and meaning to important topics. The series occasionally included Bill Moyers' own timely and penetrating essays on society and government. (2012-2015)
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly program of interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.
New for 2016! This audio-only podcast from BillMoyers.com offers compelling and vital conversation about life and the state of American democracy, featuring some of the best thinkers of our time. A range of scholars, artists, activists, scientists, philosophers and newsmakers bring context, insight and meaning to important topics, like the 2016 Election. Subscribe to the podcast for an audio version of this Web-only series.
Take Him With You
A weekly podcast with host Rick Moyer includinging music, discussion and a look at what the Bible says about life
Veteran journalist Bill Moyers returns to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, a weekly program of interviews and news analysis on a wide range of subjects, including politics, arts and culture, the media, the economy, and issues facing democracy.
Crawlspace is a true crime podcast from the people behind Missing Maura Murray. Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna continue their deep dives into missing persons cases, murders, robberies, and other mysteries. Current cases: Brianna Maitland's 2004 disappearance, the 1980 unsolved murder of Sheila Shepherd, Suitcase Jane Doe from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, Brandon Lawson's 2013 disappearance, the wrongful conviction of John Giuca. Crawlspace's full archive is available at StitcherPremium.com.
Maura was a 21 year old student in February of 2004 when she inexplicably drove three hours from her dorm in Amherst, Massachusetts to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and vanished. At around 7:30pm her vehicle was involved in a single car, non life threatening accident at a hairpin turn on dark & desolate Route 112. She has not been seen or heard from since. Now two filmmakers set out to find answers on this mystery by diving deep into Maura's life, the region in which she went missing, ...
Actors Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin talk about their HBO series True Blood. Entering its seventh and final season, the smart, sexy vampire thriller follows a trio of star-crossed lovers dealing with a suddenly changed world.
Two friends drink and discuss the world from different perspectives.
Toying with the distinctions between reader and narrator, author and character, imagination and perception, Sir Hugh Seymour Walpole's The Golden Scarecrow, in nine chapters, presents nine stories of nine children, united by location, more or less. A tenth story of a tenth life, divided into Prologue and Epilogue, provides a different sort of unity. These gentle and horrible tales of the weird may seem suitable for young readers, then again, they may not. (Summary by Cynthia Moyer)
Learn to understand yourself better so you can make better decisions that lead to greater success with Executive Coach and Career Strategist Florence Moyer.
Reliable Sources examines how journalists do their jobs and how the media affect the stories they cover in this weekly CNN program. Full video episodes available in the iTunes store.
Rob Kall Interviews some of the world's smartest, most dynamic people on his Bottom Up Radio Show with the goal of getting them to share their wisdom and knowledge AND to stretch their vision. Rob explores the bottom-up revolution, bottom-up mind and their patterns and ideas. His guests often appear on Bill Moyers, The Daily show and MSNBC shortly before or after being on Rob's show. They have included Bernie Sanders, Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Gardner, Arianna Huffington, Joseph Nye, Clay Shir ...
Welcome to the weekly audio podcast from Tabernacle of Refuge Ministries. Ann McKibbins is the senior Pastor and Keith and Jawana Moyer are the Assistant Pastors.
Is it best that our food is Local and Organic or Big and Conventional? Our view is “Both, and..” We don’t come to the table with a bias, except that good farming like good food comes in all shapes and sizes. Farm to Table Talk explores issues and the growing interest in the story of how and where the food on our tables is produced, processed and marketed. The host, Rodger Wasson is a food and agriculture veteran. Although he was the first of his family to leave the grain and livestock farm a ...
Alfred Noyes, in the blank-verse epic "Drake", fictionalizes the historical Francis Drake, who, during the reign of Elizabeth I of England, sailed (and plundered) on the Spanish Main and beyond. (Summary by Cynthia Moyer)
Great Coffee, Casual Atmosphere, Serious Faith
The Just Fly Performance Podcast is dedicated to all aspects of athletic performance training, with an emphasis on speed and power development. Featured on the show are coaches and experts in the spectrum of sport performance, ranging from strength and conditioning, to track and field, to sport psychology. Hosted by Joel Smith, the Just Fly Performance Podcast brings you some of the best information on modern athletic performance available.
Belabored Description
A True Blood podcast.
KLBJ News Radio
On July 15th 1973, the flag was lowered on the call letters, KTBC, and raised with the new letters, KLBJ. This was perhaps, one of the few times that the presence of the President of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was felt by the radio station's staff - or its audience.In 1981 KLBJ implemented the “News-Talk” format, which is still in use today.Over the years many famous names have worked at KLBJ including Nellie Connally, Harfield Weeden (who later became VP of CBS programming), ...
Guided meditations written and spoken by Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, Owner and Doula at Sweet Stella's. Themes include awareness, pregnancy, anger, postpartum, self love, guilt, grief, deep rest, courage, compassion, bravery and more.
Matt Waldman’s NFL and college football scouting podcast.
Silvi Knows
KING 5's Paul Silvi talks all things Seattle sports.
Get the latest science and research for the wine industry with Sustainable Wine Growing. Vineyard Team brings you industry professionals and experts on resource issues and business trends related to sustainable agriculture to help you put sustainability into practice.
This Is Awesome is an informal research project with no methodology asking the question: What makes a great pro wrestling match and why? We watch the best wrestling matches of all time, suggested by you, and then we show it to a non-fan to see if it holds up!
The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators. Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee called The MAN Podcast “one of the great archives of the art of our time.” When the US chapter of the International Association of Art Critics gave host Tyler Green one of its inaugural awards for criticism in 2014, it included a special citation for The MAN Podcast.
Why Do You Care?!
A podcast about the media we love, the media we hate, and why we care.
Your Creative Push
Your Creative Push is the daily podcast that pushes YOU to pursue your creative passion. Every week, Youngman Brown interviews artists, musicians, writers, photographers, graphic designers, and other inspirational creative individuals in an attempt to get them to inspire you to put aside your excuses and START DOING WORK. Each artist opens up to YOU, revealing the things that hold THEM back on a daily basis, and how they FIGHT THROUGH IT. They then give you one final push, in an attempt to m ...
Interviews with women leaders, executives and entrepreneurs who want to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Whether it’s physical or sexual health, juggling life and work, professional development or financial success, emotional or spiritual wellness, a Well Woman is passionate about achieving her highest level of well being. Calling on the wisdom and lessons of Byron Katie, Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown and Marie Forleo, each episode is packed with tips and best practices for women who are doing ...
Charlotte Real Estate Talk
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show series
While the Enneagram is a trendy topic and there are some amusing memes about each type, it’s time to reclaim the focus to what it was intended to be: a way to discover how we operate and how we can improve while supporting others based on their type’s needs. But it’s not enough to stop at learning our natural instincts. We need to focus on how ...…
Farming no longer just happens in the country. It’s increasingly taking place in cities around the globe. Whether it’s to feed a family or generate additional income, seeds in the ground, attentively cultivated to harvest is making a difference. At home in Atlanta Rashid Nuri is continuing to promote urban agriculture as he has for over 40 year ...…
Jack Thompson was the third overall pick in the 1979 NFL draft by the Cincinnati Bengals and the first quarterback taken in that draft.The former Washington State Cougar played six years in the NFL, four with the Bengals and two with Tampa Bay. Thompson joins us on the Silvi Knows podcast to talk about a record-setting college career which WSU ...…
Craig Whitlock led the Washington Post's years-long effort to obtain hundreds of secret interviews about the Afghan war. The result: A week-long series and a database of the Afghanistan Papers. Whitlock speaks with Brian Stelter about the Post's legal battles, his main findings, and the information he is still seeking. Through this treasure tro ...…
Episode No. 423 features curator Anna Katz and artist Robert Zakanitch. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles is presenting "With Pleasure: Pattern and Decoration in American Art 1972-1985." The exhibition is the first broad scholarly survey of one of the most important art movements to emerge out out of American feminism. The exhibition ...…
"Friendship Torn Apart!" While this tagline for WrestleMania VIII may have been referring to one of our two main events, it's just as appropriate to describe the build for this episode's focus: Bret Hart vs Roddy Piper. For the penultimate prize in the game, emotions are high even if the match's placement on the card isn't. Roddy, the champ, is ...…
Hurtling down a mountain on ice skates at 50 mph in 35 seconds! Pitching his sport for the next Winter Olympics! Starting his own all-natural CBD company. And Jack Schram, this week’s #Make Your Mark guest, gives me advice on staying fit while sitting behind my computer screen, no easy task! “After awhile working at what I thought was my dream ...…
Today’s episode features running coach, biomechanist, and endurance athlete, Helen Hall. Helen is the author of “Even With Your Shoes On”, a comprehensive manual on teaching running in a natural manner based on the sensory capabilities of the human body. She is a minimalist ultra-distance runner, 6 times Ironman and credited with being the worl ...…
In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with Laurah Norton and Brooke Hargrove of The Fall Line podcast about the disappearance of the Millbrook Twins from Athens, Georgia in 1990. Follow the Fall Line: https://www.thefalllinepodcast.com/ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fall-line/id1244959034 https://open.spotify.com/s ...…
RSP contributors Mark Schofield and Matt Waldman go deep into the NFL and discuss various quarterback situations, top receivers, the NFL 100 Team, snack foods, and the Dwight Schrute of the NFL in this Week's 15 Quick Game podcast.One of the things I loved about working with Mark Schofield (Twitter @markschofield) before bringing him aboard the ...…
It’s been estimated that as many as 27 million Americans can trace their lineage to the Scots people. A 2017 American Community Survey found 5.4 million respondents claimed Scottish heritage while another 3 million specifically identified as Scots Irish, or Scotch Irish – indicating they are descendants of immigrants who originated in Scotland, ...…
Hello gorgeous Well Women, on the show this week, I talk to Kathleen DesMaisons, who coined the term “sugar sensitivity” and is the world’s leading expert on sugar addiction. Her bestselling book, Potatoes Not Prozac, continues to demystify very complex processes and she has more than thirty years of experience working in public health, nutriti ...…
Welcome to Crawlspace. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with Sarah Cailean on Missing Lauria Bible & Ashley Freeman Follow Sarah on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaileanSarah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Lauria_Bible_and_Ashley_Freeman Come see us with True Crime Obsessed in March 2020! https://www.truecrimeobs ...…
Time to take a trip back in time to our worst year together as a married couple. We have shared a lot on this podcast about how we are better together, that we often collab and how we are great communicators. We have an awesome partnership, but year one of our marriage was not great. It was tough. In this episode, we share why the year was so d ...…
Comedian Steve Bhaerman AKA Swami Beyondananda says, "Main thing I am focusing on that weaves both my humor and political / evolutionary brand is the connection between comedy and evolution, helping us evolve past the this or that, dueling dualities ... how "seeing funny" changes our perception, opens our hearts and minds..…
Follow us on Twitter: @murduppodcast Follow us on Instagram: @murduppodcastBy Murd Up
Come, thou long expected Jesus, born to set thy people free--from our fears and sins release us, let us find our rest in thee.-Israel's strength and consolation, hope of all the earth thou art--dear desire of every nation, joy of every longing heart.By Tim Moyer
Plus, Trump's hypocrisy about anonymous sources; a British researcher shows how phones are changing news consumption; and a Harvard professor argues that America has "lost its mind." Irin Carmon, David Frum, Olivia Nuzzi, Carl Bernstein, Liz Mair, Damon De Ionno, and Thomas Patterson join Brian Stelter. via Knit…
“Meat” doesn’t necessarily have to come from animals any more. Protein alternatives from plants have been in the market for decades and have become popular of late as restaurants and their consumers are finding plant based meat products are appealing for a number of reasons. The next new thing in protein options will be meat produced in laborat ...…
Subscribe to the Belabored RSS feed here. Subscribe and rate on iTunes here or on Stitcher here. Check out the full Belabored archive here. Tweet at @dissentmag with #belabored to share your thoughts, or join the conversation on Facebook. Belabored is produced by Natasha Lewis. How do we reach across borders to build a truly international labor ...…
The media bears partial responsibility for the assault on reason that is crippling American democracy, Thomas Patterson says. The Harvard professor's new book on the subject is titled "How America Lost Its Mind." He talks with Brian Stelter about how media divisions and party polarization have threatened "collective rationality." As for those m ...…
Progressives need to work to fight Big Ag in rural areas. So says George Goehl,the director of People' s Action and the People' s Action Institute a federation of community-based organizations across the country that bring poor and working-class people together to win economic and racial justice.By Rob Kall
Rookie Scouting Portfolio contributors Dwain McFarland and J. Moyer deliver in-depth analysis on Derrick Henry, Saquon Barkley, Rashaad Penny, Derrius Guice, and more in their seventh episode of The Fantasy Film And Data RSP Cast.This week, Dwain and J spend an hour breaking down some skill position players that have exceeded fantasy expectatio ...…
The Quote Machine! One pearl of wisdom after the next, and my guest on today’s #Make Your Mark podcast, Lauren Brill, shows very clearly why she was such an impressive sports reporter, and why she is making such a positive impact with her new company, The Unsealed. It’s hard enough to put it out there that you have gone through a traumatic even ...…
Episode No. 422 of The Modern Art Notes Podcast features artist Martine Gutierrez and curator Mari Carmen Ramírez. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is exhibiting Martine Gutierrez's work in a "Focus" show that spotlights Gutierrez's 2018 Indigenous Woman project. Indigenous Woman is a 146-page fashion magazine-style publication for which Gut ...…
Today’s episode features Erik Korem and Keir Wenham-Flatt. Erik Korem is the associate athletic director for student athlete high-performance and Keir Wenham-Flatt is the coordinator of football performance. Erik and Keir are a veritable all-star team of athletic development, with knowledge spanning all arenas of performance that transfers to t ...…
In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with Jennifer Amell to discuss the mysterious disappearance of Dale Williams. For more info go to http://whereisdalewilliams.net/ and https://www.facebook.com/missingdalewilliams/ Follow Private Investigations For the Missing https://investigationsforthemissing.org/ https://twitter.com/PIF ...…
California has seen another challenging and sometimes devastating year of fires. Smoke from these events can cause unwanted flavors in wine. In this interview, Eric Herve, Research Scientist at ETS Laboratories and Matt Brain, Leader of the Sustainability Team at Crimson Wine Group and Associate Winemaker at Chamisal Vineyards, discuss how wine ...…
In episode five of Matt Waldman's RSP Scout Talk with Russ Lande, Russ and Matt dive deep into the evaluation and management of prospects with high-risk behavior off the field, discuss successful NFL players that taught us valuable insights about scouting, and reveal two more 2020 NFL prospects who have caught their eye.Tuesday night, I read Ge ...…
It's time to lay off Mike Leach.The Cougars head football coach has taken entirely too much grief over one response he gave to a reporter after the Apple Cup. Leach held roughly 50 media sessions throughout the season and answered, and this is a conservative estimate, between 750 to 1000 questions from reporters in that time. He had one respons ...…
On the show this week is Rajshree Patel, a mind and meditation expert and an international self-awareness coach, trainer, and speaker. Over the last 30 years, she has taught hundreds of thousands of people in more than 35 countries the power of meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, and other ancient tools for accessing the innate source of energ ...…
Welcome to Crawlspace. In this episode Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with filmmaker Jennifer Amell about her continuing coverage of the mystery of Suitcase Jane Doe from Downingtown, Pennsylvania in 1995. Check out https://www.suitcasejanedoe.com/ for more info. Follow Jenn on Twitter and Instagram: https://twitter.com/amell_jenn http ...…
Treatment for alcohol and other drug addiction comes in many different varieties. So what are your best options when you or your loved one need help? Addiction recovery expert Christopher Yadron, PhD, joins host William C. Moyers to discuss today's most-effective addiction treatment programs, including: specific treatment modalities for opioid, ...…
Rupert Sheldrake has celebrated and vilified for his book, A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance, which proposes that when a behavior is manifested in the universe, the more it is manifested the more likely and more easily it will appear again.By Rob Kall
**This Audio Is Pulled From the Twitch Stream Originally Broadcast on 11/27/19** The Unofficial AEW Dynamite Post Show. Originally a podcast binging, recapping, and annotating YouTube’s favorite pro wrestling show Being the Elite, the scope of WTE has now grown to cover every aspect of All Elite Wrestling. Streaming live (most weeks) after AEW ...…
What are the pitfalls and pillars to good parenting? Oh how this podcast will sound different as Zac and Alex become parents. Listen in for this and more, as we help identify the roles and priorities we spotted in our own upbringing while gaining perspective! John shares some advice too that he thinks is imperative! (And you know how we feel ab ...…
Follow us on Twitter: @murduppodcast Follow us on Instagram: @murduppodcastBy Murd Up
He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having become as much superior to angels as the name he has inherited is more excellent than theirs.-Hebrews 1-3,4…
In this special Thanksgiving episode, we chat about how we have tried to have an Attitude of Gratitude in 2019 even with the curveball we were thrown at the beginning of the year. We are thankful for each other, our families, our jobs and our new son, Lincoln. We hope to continue having an Attitude of Gratitude into 2020 no matter what life thr ...…
Dahlia Lithwick, Caroline Polisi, David Zurawik, Rebecca Davis O'Brien, Andrea Bernstein, Kathy Kiely, Peter T. Coleman, and Angela Denker join Brian Stelter. via KnitBy Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter
The 15th Club 11 - 30 - 19 by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
The End Zone Club 11-30-19 by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
Money Talk With Carl Stuart 11-30-19 by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
Saturday, November 30, 2019 Hour 2 by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
Saturday, November 30, 2019 Hour 1 by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
Saturday, November 30, 2019 (Sheryl McLaughlin fills in) by KLBJ News RadioBy KLBJ News Radio
In this episode, we give you a preview of a podcast we're currently obsessed with that's all about the stories behind serial killers, and why they became the way they were. Click on this link to listen to Serial Killing: A Podcast on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts: https://anchor.fm/serial-killing. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podca ...…
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