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Bat Minute

Bat Minute

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Bat Minute is a podcast that originally investigated Tim Burton's 1989 movie 'Batman' one minute at a time, three days a week... and has now moved on to the next three in the franchise! Your intrepid hosts on this journey are Jon Parker and Niall McGowan! Episodes release on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the season.
Established in September 2011, is a destination for news and views from the world of advertising, media and marketing. We pride ourselves on being one of the few credible sources of content in the Indian B2B media space. Reach us at​, and now at audioboom for our digital audio avatar.
A podcast where we typically discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder, one minute at a time. Season one was dedicated to Young Frankenstein. Season two we looked at Blazing Saddles. With Season three, we moved in a new direction, taking on more of a talk-show format with guests.
Part Man, Part Machine, All Pod. A minute by minute style review of the seminal 80s classic action movie Robocop. We dissect and talk about the various topics and themes through the movie, as well as many tangents about Star Trek and Deus Ex, and as a special bonus we compare the minute to it's 2014 remake and why it's terrible.
Mission Impossible one minute at a time. This is our mission, if you choose to accept it, listen along as Jonathan and Chris discuss one of their favorite movie franchises! Fantastic guests join us every week day as we investigate our favorite spy movie, one minute at a time. New episodes Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The podcast where a bunch of us are exploring Dave Made a Maze one minute at a time. The twist: many of the participants have never seen the film, some don't even know what film they're sampling. They get their minutes (assigned mostly at random) and they tackle them as they see fit.
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In which Greg Klein of the Airwolf Years and I discuss nostalgia, aesthetics and robot voices. Read more Find Greg here: Citations Activist Post. (2015, October 26). Why is wheat such a problem in the modern diet? Einkorn, nature’s firs…
It's the BATtle to end all BATtles as our caped crusader confronts creepy creatures from stars afar! Can The Dark Knight survive THIS dark night or will he be hunted to the very end? Joining the investigation today are some first timers - the totally bodacious Scott Tofte and Chris O'Connor of TMNT Minute. GO BATMAN, GO BATMAN, GO BATMAN, GO! Or ar…
What's in Mexico? MEXCIANS! Oh and vampires. Lots of vampires. Come with us on the road trip of a lifetime as we take that death ride with the Gecko Bros all the way to the very end of all things. WELCOME TO PANDEMONIUM! Joining as Special Guest Vampire Hunters are OUR dynamic duo - it's Natasha Kermani and Zoe Cooper! The next episode follows... s…
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