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Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone is a comedy field guide to life, or at least a set of IKEA assembly instructions. Where else can you find advice on topics from "How To Keep a Friend" to "How To Translate Your Verizon Bill?" Or even "What do I do if I encounter a Bear" and "Should I Get a Penis Piercing?"Paula and her co-host Adam Felber bring on leading expert guests and use their unique comedic sensibility to help us navigate life in the 21st century. Along the way, Paula attempts to exp ...
Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!
Nancy Grace delivers the top crime headlines you need to know in her new daily feature ‘Crime Alert with Nancy Grace’.
Listen to weekly meaningful mentoring conversations of your peers on the innovative journey of Self-Leadership Mastery and life success!
My WordPress Blog
It’s time to wake up from your nightmares and listen to Good Mourning, Nancy! Hosted by Gracie & Abbey, long-time friends and horror nerds, this podcast about their favorite scary movies will lift your spirits and give you the strength to join the living for the rest of the day!
BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many others. © WNYC Studios
Grow in your love for the Word and the Lord Jesus as you listen to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth's twenty-five-minute program.
Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala are life-long sister friends of 29 years, Chief Visionaries of The Pillar Life, and co-hosts of their popular podcast, The Sheri + Nancy Show. Between them, they’ve had one of the most high-powered careers in television (Sheri); married, divorced and raised two children while working with Fortune 500 companies (Nancy). Each took a different path that led to the same life-changing moment — a chardonnay-inspired dreamstorming session where they decided to join force ...
A weekly, haf hour radio show / podcast covering a wide variety of topics of interest to the visually impaired
Hosted by award winning author, transformation coach, and the self-proclaimed Latina Oprah, The Nancy Ruffin show is where inspiring thought leaders, modern day influencers, & social game changers come to discuss their own personal journeys & have real conversations about the journey to success.As a modern thought leader, spiritual enthusiast, and transformation expert Nancy is committed to helping the next generation of leaders tap into their potential, ignite their fire, and expand their s ...
Nancy's Bookshelf
Each week host Nancy Wiegman talks to local, regional and national writers about their latest projects. Nancy's Bookshelf airs on NSPR Fridays at 10 a.m.
The Catholic Sprouts Podcast is a daily podcast for Catholic kids. The short episodes are designed to plant one seed of faith each day. Topics covered include Catholic Feast Days, Morality, Catholic Theology, the saints and the sacraments.
Sé animada, edificada y retada al escuchar cómo aplicar la Palabra de Dios en tu vida a través de nuestros programas diarios.
Nancy Campbell speaks personally to you from her home to yours. She shares about life in her home and on the “Hill Top” where lots of their children and grandchildren live. She also shares with you insights and treasures from God’s Word about the home, family, and motherhood. Nancy Campbell has been writing and speaking on biblical marriage, family, and motherhood for the last 40 years. She publishes Above Rubies, a magazine to bring strength encouragement to wives and mothers. You can find ...
BFF Kathy Tu and Tobin Low are super queer, super fun and ready to take over your podcast feed. Join them for provocative stories and frank conversations about the LGBTQ experience today. Because everyone’s a little bit gay. WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other podcasts including Radiolab, Death, Sex & Money, Snap Judgment, On the Media, Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin and many others. © WNYC Studios
Dr. Nancy O'Reilly
Dr. Nancy O'Reilly is President of Women Connect4Good, Inc. She is also a Clinical Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, Philanthropist and Author. This podcast features Dr. Nancy's conversations with Smart, Amazing Women.
Seeking Him
Let God transform you—one minute at a time! Bite-sized Bible teaching from Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.
Cowboy Tracks
Join Nancy around the campfire to hear authentic western music and cowboy poetry. Something deep in your soul will resonate to stories from the early wranglers, Mexican vaqueros, old West adventurers, Silver Screen buckaroos, contemporary real cowboys, and all who appreciate wide open spaces, freedom, and the western lifestyle.
My journey into true crime began when my mom's sadistic and abusive step father had his DNA tested within the Golden State Killer case. Since his clearance, I have discovered just how many monsters had fit the mold of the East Area Rapist turned Original Night Stalker/Golden State Killer in California alone, This shocking discovery sparked my interest for true crime and my desire to help victim's family members get answers at long last, by sharing unsolved cases of the missing, murdered and ...
Uncommon Sense
The podcast where we talk about all things Chesterton, which includes everything, and everything else. Learn more about Chesterton, his life, his books, his way of thinking.
Oh You Nancy Huh?
Sweater wearing, kitchen idolizing, wine drinking hosts Kelly Hill and Meaghan Devine love Nancy Meyers. Like really love her. This is a Nancy Meyers breakdown podcast where we will watch, analyze and discuss all things Nancy Meyers (related and non-related.) The main goal of this podcast is to find our own version of Eli Wallach and do water aerobics together.
Join us as we explore the Feminine Genius! Each episode features a different Catholic woman sharing her "just one small thing"--the bit of wisdom she has discovered and how it has changed her life. It is our quest to rally together as Catholic women and together discover a path to holiness that is 100% Catholic and 100% feminine. Listen in and we'll laugh, cry and grow together.
I’m So Nancy
Welcome to the I’m So Nancy podcast, where amazing, random, crazy things happen. My life is just too funny not to share with you guys.
Ordinary Vegan Podcast - Are you sick of being sick? Do you want more energy? Do you want to treat yourself with more compassion? Ordinary Vegan addresses all aspects of eating and living healthfully. Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including food, cooking, recipes and nutrition. This unique podcast empowers and inspires the listeners to live a long, healthy life that is also kind to the planet and animals.
SciShow Tangents
Introducing the lightly competitive knowledge showcase from the geniuses behind the YouTube series SciShow. Every Tuesday, join Hank Green, Ceri Riley, Stefan Chin, and Sam Schulz as they try to one-up and amaze each other with weird and funny scientific research... while not getting distracted. There will be tangents about video games, music, weird smells, surprisingly deep insights about life, and of course, poop, but it always comes back to the science. WNYC Studios is a listener-supporte ...
Weekly News Roundups and Conversations with California’s Leaders in Politics and Policy.
The Art Zone with Nancy Guppy podcast presents the best in arts and entertainment video from Seattle. Featuring bands, artists, dancers, writers and more.
Learn how to maximize business revenue using the most effective systems and processes so you gain back valuable time for what's important in your life. Don't be the CEO - Chief Everything Officer! Learn tips to stop being overwhelmed and overworked in your company. It's time to automate, systemize, and delegate so your business does the heavy lifting, not you.
Rory Sauter
Rory Sauter (2010-09-05 12:13:13 +0000 UTC)
Nancy Colier
A meditation to get out of your head and into your body, a shift from doing to being.
HOW DID WE GET HERE are stories from all corners of the planet, flipping ideas of how we move through this life and what's really going on here.Part Accident | History | Comedy | Tragedy | Family Saga | Economic Sojourn | Environmental Hustle | Political Battle | Technological Travail | Wonder | Grace | Triumph of Chance & Will | Refuge | Prayer | Survivor Tale | Gathering.Meet the experts, guests, and storytellers @
Nancy Telfer, a Quantum Light Coach & Channel, is the creator of... 'Time for Change'. This podcast will motivate and inspire you to take action to transform your life into what you would like to experience. Nancy will cover everything from the food that you eat, the thoughts that you think and the vibration of all of it combined. You will learn and experience processes that when you implement them into your life, as well as receive messages from Spirit. As a Light Language Channel, Nancy do ...
The official Nancy Drew Podcast by Her Interactive with your host Tammy Tuckey.
Seattle's own 'action figure librarian' and best-selling author Nancy Pearl sits down each month with top writers from around the country for conversations about books and the process and art of writing. There's no one better qualified than Nancy to discuss books and writing, bringing an informed reader's perspective to lively conversation and in-depth dialogs about all things literary.
Nancy Kranzberg talks with artists, performers and movers and shakers in the arts community. Interviews cover music, visual arts, dance, literature and performance.
Sheri Salata and Nancy Hala are life-long sister friends of 29 years, Chief Visionaries of The Pillar Life, and co-hosts of their popular podcast, The Sheri + Nancy Show. Between them, they’ve had one of the most high-powered careers in television (Sheri); married, divorced and raised two children while working with Fortune 500 companies (Nancy). Each took a different path that led to the same life-changing moment — a chardonnay-inspired dreamstorming session where they decided to join force ...
Midlife Mixtape
For the years between being hip and breaking one
Do you want to bid on government contracts but don’t know where to start? Are you presently a federal contractor but have questions that no one seems to know the answer too? If so, then Federal Contracting Made Easy is for you. Listen in and learn: How to find Federal Agencies that use your products or services, or how to find opportunities before they are placed on Fed Biz Ops. Obtain Knowledge Fast, Learn at your pace. Our 20-minute podcasts are aimed to give you the information that you n ...
Welcome to the Diary of a female entrepreneur, the podcast that shows women everywhere how to start, grow and sustain their own businesses while handling life's challenges like a BOSS! True experiences, not photoshopped versions! Support this podcast:
Nail The Sale
Rick and Nancy developed Nail the Sale sales training for entrepreneurs that struggle with making enough sales to sustain their business. We provide training, tools and resources to help anyone gain the skills necessary to succeed in selling. The podcast is broken down into ten to twenty minutes segments on topics that you can apply right away. One on one sales consulting is available for the entrepreneur or their sales team that would like personalized consulting.
This podcast is all about empowering others take charge of their own health while gaining awareness, perhaps learning how to think out of the box and discover new ways to do that. Some episodes, I will be sharing the latest research, answering health questions while removing confusion. My special shows are the ones that I will highlight an amazing wellness warriors who took charge of their own health. The goal is to empower others looking for their health breakthrough on the path to optimal ...
Welcome to the What’s Next! Podcast. I’ve met so many brilliant people as I traveled the globe and have had some fascinating conversations that I’ve wished had been recorded so I could share them with you - this podcast was a way for me recreate those moments and let you in on some fantastic insights. My current conversations center around one objective: what's next for companies and individuals as they look to innovate and grow. I hope these conversations inspire you as much as they have in ...
The PR Maven® Podcast uses a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events t ...
You can listen to casual conversations with Certified Kitchen Designer, Nancy Hugo, and designers and product experts. We will talk about the newest trends for the most important rooms in your home, the kitchen and bath, of course. What are the differences in countertop materials, what sink and faucet should you have and what window coverings are some of the topics we will cover.
Nancy AF
Nancy Anderson (M.S. Kinesiology) is a certified fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, pre and postnatal expert, and the Founder and CEO of Nancy Anderson Fit, Move Your Bump, and Treadthrill. She is fired up and passionately motivated about helping moms and moms-to-be live their best and healthiest lives, and is literally living her dream job helping women all over the world do just that.
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The parents of missing and presumed dead mom Susan Powell suing Washington state Department of Social and Health Services for the deaths of their grandchildren. The two boys were murdered during the father's court ordered supervised visitation. Joining Nancy Grace to discuss the civil trial: Darryl Cohen, former Assistant District Attorney; Jef ...…
Arizona state trooper under arrest on sex charges. Pair pulls gun at fast food location because of cold burgers. Couple collects hundreds of pigeons in Texas Learn more about your ad-choices at Crime Online.
1938 Victor Reader Trek (Sep. 18, 2019) Show Notes The Victor Reader products from Humanware are digital reading devices for print impaired individuals that come in handheld as well as desktop models. Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with product manager Robert Panetta about the differences between the various models with a focus on what is sp ...…
Barclay DeVeau is a writer, producer and director who has won several awards for film production including two Emmys. She tells the story of her career as a child actress and fledgling movie maker, famous directors who mentored her and how gender bias holds women back in the movie industry in spite of the statistics that show women-led movies s ...…
I welcome my sister, Kate, again today. Kate was never able to have her own children, but she shares the beautiful story of adopting Promise from China—just in time!By Nancy Campbell.
HOME DESIGN CHAT WITH NANCY Nancy chatted with Jem Funk, lighting Diva and interior designer at Premier Lighting in Scottsdale. Jem explained her role at Premier Lighting …and what changes she has seen in the world of lighting in the last 5 years. What impact has LED had on the traditional design and how integrated lighting systems work. This p ...…
Art Zone has traveled a lot of ground since 2008. Nancy Guppy and her talented crew have featured more than 1,000 local artists and over 500 musicians and bands. This beautifully produced segment, narrated by Dennis Bounds, celebrates 10 years of obsessive coverage of the Northwest art scene! Created by Ralph Bevins, Peggy Lycett, Chris Barnes ...…
Fresh off the State Fair vending trail, Sharon Richards-Noel fills us in on how West Indies Soul Food sustains its 15-year presence at Minnesota’s State Fair International Bizarre stand. You can get a taste of her Carribean creations by catering an event and by purchasing her famous sauces. Bring Carribean Island flavors into your kitchen....…
For busy working parents, time management can seem like a myth. Between work, family, self-care, friends, dreams, passions and everything in between, finding time to do it all can seem like an unrealistic goal. In this episode, Nancy shares her time management tips and how they help her make the most of her time. ------------------------------- ...…
Nancy Pearl sits down with author Karl Marlantes to discuss his new novel, Finland's political history, reading, and his writing process. "Deep River" is a family saga about Finnish immigrants who settle in a Pacific Northwest logging town in the early 1900s. Marlantes talks about his inspiration for the story, including his own childhood in a ...…
On the anniversary of 9/11, Commentator Richard Parker has some thoughts about that event in US history. In 2012 Chico Neurosurgeon Jeffrey Lobosky published I t’s Enough to Make You Sick: The Failure of the American Health Care System and a Prescription for the Cure . Since then Dr. Lobosky has continued to research solutions and brings us an ...…
How could something so beautiful be so evil? That's what we'd like to know! Here's our episode about the cult classic directed by John Hancock! Topics of discussion include: lesbianism in the 1970s, Baudelaire's poem entitled The Flowers of Evil, the image of death, and Godlike husbands.---Thanks to Lily LeBlanc for our theme song: www.lilythec ...…
Guest Peter Columbatto with the Live at Lindenwood Series sops in to tell about the origin of the event, how it's grown over the years, and what special treats are in store for this year's upcoming edition.
Air Force Captain, ICU nurse, and single mother, Nonnie Ann Dotson, went missing on November 19th, 2009, in the Denver suburbs of Littleton, CO. In the middle of the day. I cover the timeline of Nonnie's disappearance, case theories, and had the privilege of speaking to Nonnie's sister-in-law, Aimee. Aimee shares memories of Nonnie and answers ...…
In today's episode we're going to jump right into a few of the more nitty gritty details about postnatal depletion syndrome, particularly as it relates to the following topics: inflammation, autoimmune disorders, so-called "baby brain," hormones, depression, and the placenta. So much interesting and more in depth information in this episode to ...…
Welcome to Unlocked, the official podcast of Nancy Drew games by HeR Interactive. 2D game artist Ayu Othman joins host Tammy Tuckey to share her work on Games #5 to #17, the dossier series and more! Visit Ayu's official website here: Visit us: http://www.herinteractive.comFollow us:'Like' us: htt ...…
Discovering that Period Bypassing™ has infiltrated our everyday lives, including her own, De’Nicea Hilton, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (specializing in Oriental Reproductive Medicine) and Holistic Period & Fertility Strategist, is on a mission to raise awareness about this epidemic. In order to reduce the impact of Period Bypassing™, it begins ...…
People who memorize large portions of Scripture aren’t necessarily smarter than the rest of us. We all have the ability to memorize.
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