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Pep's Show Boys ELECTRO SWING - NEO SWING - JACKIN HOUSE Pep’s Show Boys offer the most elegant mix of swing music with electronic beats. This big trend, already working good nowadays in North Europe, at last is coming in Spain towards many brands ads on TV, radio, and many soundtracks. Catching rhythm and vintage melodies, a perfect recipe to create the best of the shows! Charisma and freshness united to an authentic music selection. That’s what ma ...
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Gregory M. Dowling, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research at FEG Investment Advisors, joins The Sherman Show. FEG is an independent investment consultant and provider of outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services to primarily nonprofit institutional clients throughout the ... Read More…
Paul Christopher, Head of Global Market Strategy for Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII), covers with co-hosts Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau his macro outlook for growth and inflation, the case for cyclicals, small caps and value in the U.S. stock ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
Lori Heinel, global chief investment officer at State Street Global Advisors, joins this episode of “The Sherman Show” in a wide-ranging discussion of State Street’s tactical investment allocations, the evolution of institutional and retail investing, the place of commodities ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau welcome political risk expert Lawrence McDonald, a New York Times bestselling author and regular contributor to CNBC, to “The Sherman Show.” Mr. McDonald is the creator of a finance and politics talk show on ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
Alex Shahidi and Damien Bisserier discuss risk parity versus equity-centric and “crystal-ball” investing, the hazards of the 60-40 stock-bond allocation, crypto as a diversifier to gold, the reasons to hold Treasuries even at today’s low yields, the lessons of financial ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
Gerard Minack, founder of Minack Advisors, joins DoubleLine Deputy Chief Investment Officer Jeffrey Sherman and Portfolio Manager Samuel Lau to discuss his global macroeconomic outlook and asset allocations. With U.S. stocks at or near record valuations, Mr. Minack also observes ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau welcome Dr. Ben Hunt, co-founder and chief investment officer of Second Foundation Partners, and creator of Epsilon Theory, a newsletter and website that examines markets through the lenses of game theory and history. ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
DoubleLine Capital’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau welcome Charles Schwab Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders to “The Sherman Show,” recorded on Dec. 10, 2020. Messrs. Sherman and Lau speak to Ms. Sonders about market momentum ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Sam Lau welcome Daniel Crosby, a psychologist and behavioral finance expert, to “The Sherman Show” to discuss what roles education and experience play in investment decisions and how automation can counter an investor’s worst impulses. Mr. ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
Gregory Whiteley Tours the Treasury Market Gregory Whiteley, head of DoubleLine’s U.S. government debt team, delves into the strange new world of Treasury securities, a market today priced by quasi-permanent manipulation by the Federal Reserve rather than markets. Among other topics, ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
After Samuel Lau and Jeffrey Sherman march through their mid-week macro-market-monetary menagerie, DoubleLine CLO analyst Joe Mezyk returns to the Sherman Show to discuss the state of the $750 billion market of collateralized loan obligations. In the wake of ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
For these extraordinary times, The Sherman Show has been producing weekly reviews of the financial markets, macroeconomic data, fiscal actions by the U.S. government and monetary actions by the Federal Reserve. In this episode, recorded the morning of April 22, ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
David Rosenberg, widely regarded for his decades of original and insightful research on macroeconomic cycles and financial markets, joins DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Sherman and Samuel Lau in this episode of the Sherman Show. Mr. Rosenberg is founder, chief economist and strategist ... Read MoreBy DoubleLine
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