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The BSO podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of its players and visiting musicians, and to the history behind the music that the orchestra performs.
Orchestra Geeks
I am an orchestral musician that wants to share my love of music. On this podcast you'll listen to pieces and then I'll talk about the history and theory behind them. I will most likely ramble on about this or that in between as well.
Tidepool Orchestra
You're in your car, in the drive through, but you drop your wallet. While looking for it in between the cushions of the seats, you find a dusty old tape cassette. You shrug, and place it into your neglected tape player. A female voice comes on and says "Welcome to the calming sounds of the Tidepool Orchestra. Side A."
Perth Symphony Orchestra is one of Australia's leading orchestras. Based in Western Australia, the orchestra is committed to providing orchestral entertainment of the highest standard, whilst bringing a vibrant, fresh and innovative approach to performances. Under the baton of Chief Conductor Jessica Gethin and leadership of Concertmaster Paul Wright, the orchestra performs an extremely broad range of music, with the aim of delighting the widest possible audience.
AJ Orchestra
Live performance by Andreas Jones(Roland OCTAPAD & Roland SPD-SX, 2 box, Jambe), Kot Holin (Warwick Thumb Bass, Ableton live 8, Akai APC 40, Virus TI), Valentin Tevyanskiy (KITARA), Bulat Gafarov (Ethnic instruments, vocal) AJ Orchestra Что нужно для создания НАСТОЯЩЕЙ музыки!? Люди! Именно люди, талантливые музыканты, каждый со своей интересной личной историей, объединенные общим любимым делом! Из уникального сочетания стилей, подбора музыкальных инструментов и особенно (!) исполнителей воз ...
The San Francisco Symphony’s American Orchestra Forum brings together voices from diverse cultural perspectives and the general public to explore the 21st-century American orchestra. Topics include how orchestras connect with their communities; how orchestras balance creativity and innovation with artistic traditions and practices; and what orchestras can learn about changing audience patterns and engagement strategies from looking outside their own industry.
A fortnightly podcast of interviews and music, performed and curated by London's Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. With interviews with the people behind the music, information about upcoming concerts, and excerpts from the RPO's extensive back catalogue, this podcast is the easiest way to get inside one of the world's leading orchestras. For tickets and further information, visit
Proudly Sponsored by La Musica International Chamber Music Festival in Sarasota Florida
Join host Sean Rice (Second Clarinet, NAC Orchestra) as he explores the world of classical music and its great composers. In this series of audio programmes you can look forward to hearing insightful commentary about upcoming NAC Orchestra programmes as well as musical excerpts and interviews with NACO musicians and guest artists.
Music writer and historian Aaron Joy (former owner of Roman Midnight Music label/marketing; CD reviewer, host of blogtalkradio's "Roman Midnight Music CD Reviews & Interviews" & "The Maine Music Journal") takes a weekly look at the enigma that is the popular rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Loved by some, decried by others for leaving its metal roots; a rehash of past music or braving new musical frontiers; a band or a revolving door of musicians; past ...
This podcast presents music recorded by Crosswinds Arts and Science School in Woodbury, MN.
These discussions provide an insight into the programming decisions, the music, the guest artists, and many interesting historical and musicial tidbits about the Wichita Symphony Orchestra concerts.
A classical music podcast. Join the National Arts Centre Orchestra's Marjolaine Fournier and one Canada's foremost music journalists, Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer, as they explore the symphonic form from Haydn to Shostakovich.
Wind Orchestra
Westmount Wind Orchestra Band Practices
A world-class symphony orchestra for the 21st century. London (Southbank Centre), UK & touring internationally. Led by Esa-Pekka Salonen. Our monthly series of video podcasts takes you behind the scenes with the Philharmonia Orchestra, including interviews with conductors, soloists and listening guides to famous pieces from the classical repertoire. A separate feed is available with audio podcasts. Visit
BBC Music Magazine
Welcome to the BBC Music Magazine podcast. Join us once a month for the latest classical music news, the top stories in the new issue of BBC Music Magazine, a guide to the magazine’s cover CD, plus a round-up of our favourite new recordings.
Join us in this series of podcasts to learn more about the London Accordion Orchestra.
A world-class symphony orchestra for the 21st century. London (Southbank Centre), UK & touring internationally. Led by Esa-Pekka Salonen. Our audio podcast channel will feature pre-concert talks in the 2017/18 season.
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra by hearing our podcasts.
NTU String Orchestra
NTU String Orchestra
With a reputation as fearsome as their membership is legion, the 11-piece Treacherous Orchestra have gone from strength to strength since their inception in 2003. Their latest iTunes release Origins added to the profile of this folk-rock supergroup, and forms the backdrop of this event, as the conversation and music flow on the opening night of Celtic Connections. Held at the Apple Store, Buchanan Street in Glasgow.
Leaders and scholars from the classical music field, and beyond, gathered in San Francisco in 2011-2012 to discuss the many issues facing American orchestras in the 21st century. These videos present the live events in their entirety. The American Orchestra Forum is a major initiative of the San Francisco Symphony’s 2011-2012 centennial season.
Chinese Orchestra - Lunchtime concert highlights
Art of the Score
Art of the Score is the podcast that explores, demystifies and celebrates some of the greatest soundtracks of all time from the world of film, TV and video games. In each episode we’ll be joined by Andrew Pogson, Dan Golding and Nicholas Buc as we check out a soundtrack we love and break down its main themes, explore what makes the score tick and hopefully impart our love of the world of soundtracks.
Chickahominy Middle School Intermediate Strings Orchestra located in Mechanicsville, VA. Director: Melissa Sunderland Jones.
Chickahominy Middle School Advanced Strings Orchestra located in Mechanicsville, VA. Director: Melissa Sunderland Jones.
Chickahominy Middle School Beginning Strings Orchestra located in Mechanicsville, VA. Director: Melissa Sunderland Jones.
A collection of Iain Kelso's film music recorded with 71 members of the Filmharmonic Orchestra in Prague, Czech Republic.
How to Record an Orchestra
Impromptu with The Philadelphia Orchestra is a podcast hosted by Orchestra President & CEO Allison Vulgamore dedicated to Compass 2022, the strategic framework to continue advancing our art and deepening our connections to our local and global communities.
Eric and Eric discuss, give songfacts, and the history of a song a week by the Electric Light Orchestra.
These discussions provide an insight into the programming decisions, the music, the guest artists, and many interesting historical and musicial tidbits about the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra concerts.
From Hollywood, film composers Deane Ogden and Brian Ralston discuss news and opinions on the state of the media music business and issues relevant to film, television and video game composers, orchestrators and musicians.
After CSO concerts at Music Hall, the place to gather is the Green Room. It's where CSO fans mingle with Paavo, the musicians and the artists. It's the behind-the-scenes place to be! The CSO Green Room is the online backstage lowdown on all things CSO. Download today to learn more about the inner workings of this world class orchestra.
Join RSO Music Director Steven Larsen as he interviews musicians from the orchestra.
UC Davis Symphony Orchestra & University Chorus
How did the NAC Orchestra become the world class organization it is today? Veteran broadcaster Eric Friesen chronicles the unfolding drama of the NAC Orchestra from its earliest days in 1969 to the present time. With his charming personality and a host of probing questions, he interviews conductors, orchestral musicians, guest artists and administrators about the Orchestra’s beginnings, the challenges it faced, the tours it made all over Canada and to many foreign lands, and the kind of indi ...
The leaders of America’s top orchestras talk about the many challenges – and opportunities – facing orchestras in the 21st century. These video compilations are taken from live and behind-the-scenes interviews. The American Orchestra Forum is a major initiative of the San Francisco Symphony’s 2011-2012 centennial season.
Atlee High School's String Ensemble & Chamber Orchestra are located in Mechanicsville, VA. Director: Melissa Sunderland Jones.
The PEPS Recordings & DJonTV Audio/Video Podcast, directed by Julien Ferment (Oldschool Orchestra) for you. &
Senor Coconut and his Orchestra release a new album called Yellow Fever!
Contrabass Conversations features interviews and performances from top leaders in the world of the bass. Podcast host Jason Heath dives deep into what makes these world-class artists tick. With 1.6 million downloads and counting, Contrabass Conversations is the most popular podcast for double bassists. Join the community and experience life on the low end of the spectrum!
Creative Strings is for musicians and music-lovers, especially violin, viola, and cello players, looking to live creatively, whether in your musical education, projects, music career, in the practice room, classroom, onstage, or on tour. Each interview is edited carefully and mixed with a blend of musical clips from the Creative Strings community curated by jazz violinist Christian Howes. . Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outrea ...
A weekly euphoric trance music radio show by Ahmed Romel, bringing the best of the euphoric & emotional uplifting Trance music.
Tent Show Radio
Tent Show Radio featuring New York Times Best Selling author and humorist Michael Perry, the Blue Canvas Orchestra and special musical guests.
Nationally-recognized NPR Morning Edition music commentator Miles Hoffman (and NSO alumn) takes us on a tour through classical music in the United States from the 1720s to today. In this 3-part series, follow the development and impact of classical music in the United States from its humble beginnings in the new colonies through its role in concert halls and Hollywood in the 20th century, to discover how this European tradition helped shape, and in turn was shaped by, American culture, compo ...
Enjoy the music even more by listening to CSO Program Notes before and after the performance. Notes describe the works being performed and the histories and personalities behind the music. Written by Phillip Huscher and read by Rich Capparela. Available in other formats at
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In this episode I'll be talking to players of the London Accordion Orchestra about our trip to Slovenia and the pieces that were programmed for our concert at the Slovenian Philharmonic Hall.
This is a podcast from the London Accordion Orchestra.
Jeff channels his inner Marvin on the third single from E.L.O. With special guest commentator John Lennon. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
Listener comments, news, and out takes about the songs we covered from Electric Light Orchestra II.
“Bright and vibrant and energetic – exactly how I planned it.” – Hannah Kendall, composer British composer Hannah Kendall on her music, her love of teaching, and on growing up in London – what inspires and drives her as an artist. Following the Philharmonia Orchestra’s world premiere of her new piece, Baptistry, in May, we’re looking forward to ...…
The secrets of ELO's longest song revealed. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
Bourby Webster meets with Adrian Kelly (AK) - trumpeter, composer, arranger and all round extremely talented musician! AK will be performing in the upcoming 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered: the music of Stevie and Aretha' concert as well as having arranged the majority of charts. He speaks to Bourby about his process for arranging and the challenge ...…
Dark lyrics from Jeff Lynne, and we discover a style of Metal. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
In this film, Nigel Woodhouse introduces the mandolin. The mandolin has been used by many composers across the centuries to give special colour to the orchestra, often evoking folk music. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:00 Orchestral Extract: Mozart, Don Giovanni, Deh, vieni, alla finestra 00:46 Composers who wrote for the mandolin 01:08 The Neopolitan m ...…
ELO takes another person's song, and makes it their own. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
A beautiful sad song. (9:11) (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
PSO Executive Director chats to Soprano Prudence Sanders and trumpeter Jenny Coleman - two soloists performing with Perth Chamber Orchestra on Saturday 12th May in Armadale for 'Baroque by Candlelight'.
It's a story about knights, queens, deep green forests, and clean air In Old England Town. (Or not.) (11:08) (Also available on Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn.) (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
50 minutes of listener comments, commentary outtakes, and an altered version of "Battle of Marston Moor."
We made it! It's the last song from the first E.L.O. album. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
"You expect Frank Sinatra to sing this sort of music, these sorts of harmony changes. But it’s a Prokofiev Violin Concerto." - violinist Pekka Kuusisto on Prokofiev's First Violin Concerto Pekka Kuusisto takes a very personal look at Prokofiev's light-filled First Violin Concerto, which he performs with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by ...…
The first E.L.O. album contains filler and meat by-products (Songfacts music "Sunday Morning" from
The Philharmonia Orchestra’s Principal Conductor and Artistic Advisor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, chats with journalist John Florance ahead of a concert of Mahler’s 1st Symphony and Beethoven’s 2nd Piano Concerto at De Montfort Hall in Leicester on 10 April 2018. Topics cover Gustav Mahler and Jean Sibelius’s famous encounter in Finland and their diffe ...…
Hear Perth Symphony Executive Director speak with Amy Manford, Soprano. Amy has sung with PSO many times over the years from private functions to large scale concerts to 5000+ people. Amy speaks about her journey after graduating from WAAPA and moving to London to continue her studies, which has ended up with her landing the lead role as 'Chris ...…
Expanding the orchestra beyond 15 overdubbed cellos, and ELO's involvement in hardcore '70s porn. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
“Strauss can be conducted by an orangutan and it still sounds pretty nice. Mahler... not so.” Esa-Pekka Salonen reveals why so many conductors fall in love with Mahler’s enigmatic music. Join us as he brings to life the raucous First Symphony in Leicester, Basingstoke and London next week: ...…
A man's relationship with technology. And we unmask the song's backwards masking. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
Mason Williams rips off E.L.O., and Eric puts out the question has Jeff Lynne ever had a job? (11:24) (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
“There is no boundary or difference: even different skin, different religion or different culture – we are all children of the stars.” Music to expand your horizons: mystical, echoing, otherworldly, Unsuk Chin’s The Song of the Children of the Stars sets 13 poems spanning centuries and continents, contemplating our place in the universe. Hear h ...…
Voices of Revolution: Russia 1917 Series Advisor Martin Sixsmith speaks to musicologist Marina Frolova-Walker about the different ways Soviet era composers navigated an increasingly volatile system, one that could be unpredictable, especially when it came to evaluating music. Profiling composers featured in the Philharmonia Orchestra's Royal Fe ...…
Groove Terminator aka GT aka Simon is the creative brains behind Ministry of Sound's 'ORCHESTRATED'. Hear him speak with PSO Executive Director Bourby Webster about how we plan to blur the boundaries between a dance floor in Ibiza and traditional concert hall at Kings Park this weekend.'Orchestrated' Opus 1 comes to Perth Saturday 24th March at ...…
It's a battle of the cellos, Bevan, and Wood in "Battle of Marston Moor (July 2nd 1644.)" (Songfacts music "Sunday Morning" from
It's the sad truth of an actress' life beyond the footlights. (Song Facts music, "Sunday Morning" by Nicolai Heidlas from
“It’s a wild piece by a wild young man, and should not be treated with any kind of reverence” – Esa-Pekka Salonen shares his thoughts on how provocation turns to nostalgia in Mahler’s First Symphony. Join us in April for a world of klezmer, Austrian countryside and even Frère Jacques – “with a few kicks here and there”:…
Not only is "10538 Overture" the first song recorded by E.L.O., but it's also the first track on their first album, their first single, and the first song we examine on "Face the Music." (Songfacts music "Sunday Morning" composed by Nicolai Heidlas from
In this film, Philharmonia Orchestra Principal Trombone, Byron Fulcher, introduces the euphonium, an instrument that is an occasional visitor to the orchestra. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 00:18 Meaning of "euphonium" 00:40 Choices when buying a euphonium 00:59 The emergence of valved brass instruments 01:25 UK brass band history & the euphonium 02:22 "T ...…
Hear PSO Executive Director speak to Johannes Luebbers, who will be joining us on the weekend to Direct 'Faith & Freedom; the music of George Michael' with the Perth Symphony Strings and WAAPA Gospel Choir. Not only will he be on stage in front of 12,000 people in the City of South Perth, but he also arranged the charts! This is one talented man!…
Welcome to the show... Eric & Eric introduce the Podcast, and themselves. This is like a backstage interview before the real show starts. So don't judge the Podcast on this one episode.
Hear Bourby Webster, PSO Executive Director and Tav White, PSO Production Co-ordinator talk about how we prepare to bring music to almost 10,000 this weekend with two huge community concerts - Romance on the Green (Rockingham, Sat 17th Feb) and Music @ Murdoch (Murdoch Uni, Sun 18th Feb. What goes on behind the scenes and what does it really ta ...…
Arcadia revisited: heavenly musical landscapes in Mendelssohn, Strauss and Mahler.
"Everyone can find a link to Mahler’s music" Hear that unique human connection in his Fifth Symphony, live in concert with our Principal Guest Conductor Jakub Hrůša:
Hear Executive Director Bourby Webster in conversation with Ezereve - a fantastic local singer songwriter who will not only be supporting Perth Symphony's string section in Sorrento Quay Boulevard on Valentine's evening, but also performing with the ensemble later this month.
"What is an orchestra for, in our world as it is today?" Find out, in our new season - on sale now: (Soundtrack: Ottorino Respighi, Pines of the Villa Borghese from Pines of Rome. Hear it in concert on 28 Feb 2019:…
In a guest episode from our friends from the fantastic 'Above the Basement', RPO's Lisa Rodio and Fraser Gordon talk to Chuck Clough and Ronnie Hirschberg about RPO Resound's community work: including Strokestra and the Lullaby Project. Search 'Above the Basement' in your podcast provider to check out the rest of their episodes.…
RSO Music Director Steve Larsen talks about the organ and our upcoming concert with organist Hector Olivera.RSO Music Director Steve Larsen talks about the organ and our upcoming concert with organist Hector Olivera.
Love of nature, a strong civil society, great coffee... What defines Finland today as the country turns 100? Philharmonia Orchestra Principal Conductor & Artistic Advisor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, reflects on why it is refreshing to come home regularly to Finland after living abroad for over 30 years. Filmed on location in Finland in the summer of 20 ...…
Art and music were central to the development of Finnish national identity and helped to bring together different cultures under a single Finnish flag. Philharmonia Orchestra Principal Conductor & Esa-Pekka Salonen shares composer Jean Sibelius's role in Finnish nation building in this film shot on location in Finland in the summer of 2017. Fin ...…
Exactly what does an Orchestra's Librarian do? In Episode 6 Patrick Williams talks us through his role in supporting the RPO. We also hear an interview with violinist Sali-Wyn Ryan, and music from Sondheim, Holst, Rutter and Respighi.By (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).
This episode is titled "Exceptional Performances." Who better to speak to this than Jamie Bernstein, daughter of legendary and exceptional composer Leonard Bernstein who joins Orchestra President & CEO Allison Vulgamore for this episode.
In this episode titled "Audience Development," Orchestra President & CEO Allison Vulgamore speaks to actual patrons of The Philadelphia Orchestra for a pre-concert chat. This was a very special moment because these five people come from different backgrounds and stages in life, all with one thing in common…their love for The Philadelphia Orchestra.…
This episode of Impromptu is titled "Interfacing Art & Technology In Building Audiences." Orchestra President & CEO Allison Vulgamore loved having Jeremy Rothman, the Vice President of Artistic Planning at The Philadelphia Orchestra join her for this chat about LiveNote and other new forms of technology being used by the Orchestra.…
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