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Our podcast brings you readings and conversations from storytellers around the world. Hosted by Dustin M. Thomas.
In Particular
A podcast about physics and the process of discovering physics on the ATLAS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.
Hosted by Lance Jones and Matt Wilkins, The Particular Guys is a podcast that discusses culturally relevant topics from a theologically reformed perspective
In Particular
A podcast about physics and the process of discovering physics on the ATLAS experiment at CERN's Large Hadron Collider.
Does music make you feel things? Like, anything at all? If not, you might be a sociopath! If so, this might be the podcast for you! Join hosts Joel Spence and Deborah Tarica each week as they invite someone they think is very very fantastic, to pick an album that is very very important to them. Together, they listen to that album and go back in time to understand what it means to that particular guest and how it helped make them who they are today. Was it a rough year in junior high? Maybe p ...
A Podcast About Nothing in Particular
Down No Particular Road is a potpourri content podcast. Hosted by husband and wife, Josh and Vima, they talk about different topics from pop culture, today's issues and their personal observations and experiences. No topic is off limits to these two and they offer candid opinions and advice (especially if you interact with them on Facebook). Just copy and past the link below (or after this sentence, depending on where you are reading this. To get updates and sneak previews follow along on Fa ...
Petty & Particular
A mother daughter duo. We laugh and fight.
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THIS. IS….A JOEL SPENCE DEBORAH TARICA NICOLE BYER PRODUCTION. Nicole sits down with Deborah and Joel to ‘dance-sit” and talk about Missy Elliot’s 2002 album. We discuss the top two guidelines about hair - how not to dye it it and how...oh man...just don’t touch a stranger’s hair unless you’ve been invited to. Nicole and her friend John Mason w ...…
Josh, but mainly Vima, talks about the CCGSD Gender Elephant and how it is used to determined sexual identity and gender. Similar in title to the previous Somewhere Over the Rainbow, this time we are diving into it.
Drew Droege sits down with Deborah and Joel to discuss the weirdest most loveable band in the world: Air Supply. Well, the B-52s but we swoon over Air Supply too. Aside from lots of laughs, this episode has lots of love for this wonderfully original band, uncles who make mix tapes for their nieces and sitting in the back seat of the van where t ...…
Josh & Vima talk about trying new things and the mental roadblocks that stop people for trying things out. In addition they go off the rails a bit with what pushes their buttons
Alex Fernie shares his love for Ted Leo and the Pharmacists' and their thrilling 2003 album. We explore all that makes Ted Leo so great and still leave stuff out. We go back to that time when things were emerging from great national tragedy and relive our hopes and great optimism for change that ran flat into…..“damn.” We discuss what songs Deb ...…
Lennon shares her experience teaching high school French in the deep south for two years….in her early 20s The hardest thing she had ever done and a time to do some “real growing up.” She wouldn’t have gotten through it were in not for karaoke night, community theatre, the catfish served at the school (catfish that non-students would line up at ...…
Josh & Vima discuss some of the common myths and observations of having a multi generational workforce. Join us on our FB Group to share your own thoughts
Joel and Deborah feel all the feelings with Janie Haddad Tompkins as we discuss both their particular songs and then this explosive 1995 album. We hit the jackpot here with brilliant and cathartic singers. We talk about those angels that appear in our lives when they’re most needed. We talk about how heroic Alanis’ music is and how her lyrics a ...…
We’re both over it.
Josh & Vima discuss childhood memories and their importance. This episode opens a window into some the family times they had and what they take away most from some of their intimate memories
Joel and Deborah still struggle with pleasantries but then dart off in two different directions with their songs that are important to them. Deborah’s beautiful choice can make her cry and we get it. Joel’s song can make him cringe and we get it...but...oh, what the’s a foot tapper! Love whatever song you want! Be an individual. What’ ...…
Josh & Vima discuss the pros and cons of trailer life camping, as well as tips and tricks to make your camping experience the best possible... While there are no outtakes that our listeners are used to, join us after the episode and on facebook for another game!
Deborah reveals she’s the long lost daughter of Bette Midler and Joel admits he had retired from dancing by sophomore year of high school. We discuss the shocking and horrible original name for the album and ask some questions...How much under the banner of satire can you get away with? What if you don’t know if it’s satire? How can anyone be a ...…
Journey down the road of bilingualism with Josh & Vima as they discussed learning languages other than their native language and the challenges that come with it
Just running our mouths.
We start with Deborah relaying an experience that makes Edgar and I nearly die of jealousy. But then we go deep on Edgar and this mesmerizing album. We also go deep on Kanye and end up just as confused as we we were when we started. How could anyone have clarity on that man? Without a caterer for hot food and a caterer for cold food how can you ...…
J.P. says goodbye with one final What Pushes My Buttons and talks about some of the reasons he started his podcast. Join us one last time before we journey down no particular road!
We talk about EVERYTHING: Lauryn Hill, T-Pain, naming your mix tapes, Snopes, Ben Schwartz’s leaky Chevy (oil leak? Nope! Rain!) karaoke, admitting that “Greatest Hits” and “Best Of” albums are great, the idea you can know the lyrics to a song for all your life and never know what they mean and, of course, The Darkest Hour. We do NOT discuss St ...…
J.P. talks about the "Dual Income No Kids" lifestyle with his future co-host Vima. This episode is like listening to a conversation between a husband and a wife, but in a good way! The friendly banter and explanations are just what is needed with the social pressure of having a kid
The introduction to the rebrand which will go live in August. Be sure to join us with the same great content but with a new co-host and new title "Down No Particular Road"
Whitney was THAT GIRL!
Erin threw a few albums at us and we accidentally picked the one she was scared to talk about! The twists and turns of Erin’s father’s fascinating life loom over the hour, and we’re grateful that Trent Reznor was there for Erin when not much else was. We learn Deborah would’ve never been the person to slam her door and say, “Leave me the f*** a ...…
J.P. brings up the seldom mentioned male body positive issues. Interestingly enough there is a side rant on sociability and civility, but we will let you listen to that
Will Hines share his love for Phair’s debut 1993 album. Despite the coolness of the music played, your hosts reveal a…. “cool deficit.” Deborah admits that once in high school, while her friends were partying in her house, she went and cried in her car. On the debut episode of his own podcast, Joel praises... a guitar solo? On This Particular S ...…
J.P. brings back popular co-host to discuss the stigmas and anxieties of shopping for sex toys! In this NSFW episode we go from getting through the threshold and what to look for, also, why people are either afraid or have a particular feeling towards mainstream, sex positive stores.
Does music make you feel things? Like, anything at all? If not, you might be a sociopath! If so, this might be the podcast for you! Join hosts Joel Spence and Deborah Tarica each week as they invite someone they think is very very fantastic, to pick an album that is very very important to them. Together, they listen to that album and go back in ...…
J.P. talks about dividing your time using importance, urgency and other aspects. Not always a one size fits all solution
J.P. does another cohosted episode with his wife. This episode talks about D.C Pride Parade and the importance of understanding the Pride movement
J.P. shares a bonus episode on what pushes his buttons, this includes a few messages from our Facebook Group and has a special guest! Caution: Strong language at times
J.P. talks about how the word no has become such a taboo word and some tips and tricks on gaining confidence using the word
J.P. shares his experiences with several hobbies that eventually became too much, and hopefully will leave you thinking about your own hobbies and how to evaluate them to ensure you continue to get the most out of them. Some of the conversation is personal to J.P. and we'd be happy to hear your own experiences!…
We talk about and around the 1980's.
J.P. brings to light, from his perspective, several outstanding issues that have always been there, even if they seem new to us, or perhaps we have ignored them.
Season premiere of Queen Sugar Part 1.
J.P. co-hosts this special episode with his wife and talks about the planning and difficulties in maintaining their marriage while living in geographically different areas. Everything from making the decision to temporarily relocate for work, communication, intimacy and scheduling. Although no two relationships are alike, hopefully everyone wil ...…
J.P. talks about how partisanship infiltrates normal life and how to combat it.
J.P. rants on about the effects of coffee and how people take it and how it relates to a bygone era of actual social interaction. He also adds in the social stigma of smoking, don't forget to stay for the outtake
J.P. introduces his podcast (Since the launch of the podcast we have revised the introduction to be more in line with the tone and expectations for the audience)
Kane Wilkinson shares his own journey of exploring music from his youth and more, during a special birthday episode.
Kane Wilkinson dedicates the latest episode to rock icon Jack White's new solo album.
Kane Wilkinson keeps things short and sweet with the latest from Jeremy Messersmith and Albert Hammond Jr.
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