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Understanding Anatomy and Physiology
Physiology of Exercise - CTW - 005
This podcast is a series of lectures on Anatomy and Physiology taught by Dr. Gerald Cizadlo. For a course outline and/or Dr. C's blackboard, please visit the Web site at If you'd like to register for the free and open online course associated with Doc C.'s Intro to Anatomy and Physiology podcast, please go to The course is offered in Fall 2012.
Welcome to my free Anatomy and Physiology videos. If you like the videos here and they help you in your class please be sure to come visit my website at for the entire course. Each lesson comes with lecture videos, interactive exam reviews and printable notes.Mr. Scott Ford, M.Ed. has developed courses and taught for public schools, colleges, the FBI, the DEA, and other government agencies. His educational videos have been used and seen by over half a million students worldwide.
Intro to Anatomy and Physiology with Doc C.
A podcast focusing on groundbreaking discoveries in cellular and molecular physiology
KIN 3306 - Physiology of Human Performance
Physiology Secrets
Physiology secrets discusses the sports science behind endurance performance in bite-sized chunks using ordinary language.
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
101845 Human Physiology 101-51593 (1620 SP5 - 2016)
Professor Hallux is getting to grips with physiology!Physiology is the science of life. It’s all about how the body works and moves - and what the different parts do.Join Professor Hallux as takes a look at each part to see what fixes he can make to build a better body!
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Life Lines is a general interest monthly science podcast of The American Physiological Society. Visit us online at
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Course lecture audio materials by week
Physiology Digestion and Metabolism
This is an audio podcast of the Shenandoah University PA504 Medical Physiology course taught by Dr. Bryant and Dr. Richard during the Summer2 2012 semester.
Christof Schwiening (physiologist) and Kevin O'Holleran (physicist) take a rational scientific approach to marathon running in this 2-part talk. Neither is a sports scientist; Christof is a cellular neurophysiologist and Kevin is an physicist, but both are competitive runners obsessively concerned with optimizing performance. Some of the ideas presented will challenge current common coaching dogma.Running your best marathon involves starting at the appropriate pace and then following a plan. ...
Trust Scrici for a tell all, no holds barred exposé of the modern opera . . . well, modern as of . . . er . . . say, 1852. (Summary by MaryAnn)
Ultra marathon running physiology brought to you by the world’s leading scientists, coaches, and athletes. Science Of Ultra host, Dr. Shawn Bearden, brings you interviews and more to deliver everything you want to know about all facets of training, nutrition, hydration, environment, psychology, gear, and much more. Become your ultra best!
This podcast serves to help facilitate discussion and dissemination of research and clinical practice within the field of cardiovascular and pulmonary PT.
The A&P Professor
Explore human anatomy and physiology (A&P) teaching and learning with host Kevin Patton. Kevin is an experienced professor, textbook author, mentor, and recognized leader in A&P teaching. The A&P Professor builds on the practical approach taken in Kevin's popular blog, newsletter, and website that all share the same name. Want some ideas to supercharge your A&P course? How about some support from a fellow A&P professor? This is the podcast for you!
Interactive Body Balance presents the latest in Health and Fitness. We discuss the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and physiological aspects of creating a balanced life. We look at your subconscious programs, diet, hormones, exercise, sleep patterns, stress reduction techniques, supplementation, etc. We help people live a more fulfilled life from both a personal and professional perspective. It is all about growth and prosperity. We have been educated from the best in functional medic ...
Anatomy On The Go
In this podcast, you can learn anatomy wherever you go, driving in the car, at the gym, or doing work around the house. The first episodes will introduce you to the human anatomy systems. Additional episodes will be dedicated to directly answering your anatomy questions and providing resources to help you learn more effectively, quickly, and with less stress.
A scifi drama web series. Make the choice to make the journey. F O R W A R D is a scifi drama that explores human evolution as a physiological inevitability. Both guided and thwarted by two warring alien races, as well as by a government intent on stopping the evolution, a group of humans fight to lead humanity towards the future of the possible.
Anatomy, Physiology and more
Presenting events, problems and data that accompany the topics of my environmental and Human Anatomy&Physiology lectures. Intented as food for thought and discussion.
This podcast is about Intensive care pharmacology and physiology. This is created to prepare intensive care trainees for their primary CICM exams. However, it will be of benefit to anyone who works in intensive care and keen to acquire new knowledge or want to refresh their memory.
The Guru Performance ‘We Do Science’ Podcast is hosted by the Guru Performance Institute’s founder and director Laurent Bannock, and features a wide variety of leading experts, practitioners and researchers in sport and exercise science – with a special focus on Performance Nutrition. The primary purpose of the podcast is to discuss important and cutting edge developments in sports nutrition and exercise physiology, often tackling the latest research with the actual scientists conducting and ...
Dr Matt Barton and Dr Mike Todorovic are University lecturers and researchers who love discussing the anatomy and physiology of various human systems and explore important clinical correlates.
The Body of Knowledge is a serialized podcast featuring stories from the intersection of science and fitness. Each story is born in a conversation about quality of life and incubates until it can grow into actionable insight. The show is hosted by former comedian and lifelong human performance coach, Kenny Kane and Professor of Exercise Physiology at CSUF, Andy Galpin. The show is produced in volumes and the chapters of each volume are released weekly.
Anatomy, Physiology and more
Auscultation of various heart sounds as they relate to the anatomy, physiology and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.
This dharma talk was delivered at Marin Sangha on May 31, 2015. I was asked to talk about the Buddhist psychology of addiction. The talk covers quite a bit of ground including childhood trauma and its physiological and psychological role in teen/adult addiction. The talk also has instructions for landing in the aliveness of physicality as it is.
We are Lecturers and Researchers from Griffith University in Australia that love teaching about the Human Body.Dr. Mike TodorovicDr. Matt BartonMr. Grant Williams-PritchardFacebook: Dr Matt & Dr Mike's Medical PodcastTwitter: @gubiosciencesThese brief concept captures are designed to supplement student learning for the following subjects:- Anatomy- Physiology- Pathophysiology- Pharmacology
Know Thyself
History, anatomy and physiology, philosophy, psychology, anthropology. The podcast that attempts to resurrect sense and meaning from the dust of a billion factoids.
What makes some people develop an addiction while others don't? Could genes or social environment influence addictive behaviours? In this album, scientists in the US and the UK explore the psychology and biology of addiction by subjecting a recovering alcoholic and his sister, a non-addict, to a range of physiological, psychological and genetic studies. The results raise interesting questions about brain patterns underlying addictions, and how addiction should be treated. This material forms ...
We might think we know what ageing is, but it’s surprisingly difficult to pin down. In this album a 70-year-old fashion model and her 17-year-old grand-daughter take part in a series of scientific tests to see whether it is possible to distinguish between them. The results give an insight into what contemporary science can tell us about what happens at the molecular, genetic, cellular, physiological and psychological level during the ageing process. This material forms part of The Open Unive ...
This course covers basic organic chemistry, biochemistry, and some aspects of physiology; Primarily for nursing and allied health students.
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In this podcast, Maddi and I discuss the commonly used neuromuscular blockade agents in intensive care. Having the knowledge about these agents is crucial for day to day practice and for passing of the exams.
How much force would it take to pull the horned head right off the neck of a triceratops? Crocodiles have the highest bite force ever measured in nature, how do they compare to T. rex. Today we speak with a recognized expert on Tyrannosaurs and all things dinosaur, Dr. Thomas Carr. We dig deep into why he won't be seeing Jurassic World and wher ...…
Join me in episode 13 and make your study and review more efficient by learning on the go. In this episode, you will learn about the female and male reproductive systems. I tie it all together with a pathway of fertilization.
Today we look at something that I practice every day and what has scientifically been shown to improve your health and emotional well being. Enjoy the show.
Marlene Giandolini, PhD and Sebastien Pavailler, PhD are biomechanists who work for Salomon. Today, they bring us insights from their research and the applied intersection of biomechanics, trail running, and shoe design. We discuss everything from trail runner kinematics to shoe drop to foot swelling. So much valuable and new information in thi ...…
Transcripts, captioned audiograms, & more! (7.5 min) Intro to featured topic (1 min) 49 tricks for retention & success in online courses (32.5 min) Connecting with this podcast (1 min) If you cannot see or activate the audio player click here. Follow The A&P Professor on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Nuzzel, Tumblr, or Instagram! (0:41) We've rea ...…
A biggest-picture history tour, from the Big Bang to the KT extinction event that starved, suffocated, froze, and basically snuffed every four-legged animal heavier than 25 kilos (55 pounds) out of existence. Oh, except for two or three. Life, never easy, got a lot harder 5 different times in our planet's inhospitable past. So hard that it almo ...…
Today we look at how you can alleviate your symptoms that occur after childbirth. This could include weight gain, depression, brain fog and fatigue. Enjoy the show.
In episode 12, you will learn about the integumentary system, including the layers of the skin, its role in waterproofing, protection, thermoregulation, and other functions we may not even think about on a daily basis.
Today we look at two concepts that contribute to longevity that most people have never heard about. Enjoy my great team. Mike.
Today we look at five markers you can ask your doctor to run if you are not feeling well and are not getting the answers you require. Enjoy the show.
Mechanism of cyanosisCentral cyanosisPeripheral cyanosisBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
Gianluca Vernillo, PhD is one of the world's leading scientists studying mountain ultra trail runners. Today he brings a vast amount of science and practical insight from his years of studying the uphill, downhill, and other physiologic features of extreme endurance running in the world's toughest mountain courses.…
Lung bud developmentDiaphragm developmentThorax developmentBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
Today we look at GDF11 and how it will potentially benefit your health in the future. Enjoy the show.
Heart failure medicationBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
Why does METS prescribe 5 zones for endurance athletes instead of 3, 6, 9 or 11?More free resources at
How many genes in the human genome? (3.5 min) Free book of brain facts (2.5 min) Expand the reach of this podcast (3.5 min)Why students should read A&P terms out loud (10 min) Binge much? (1 min) If you cannot see or activate the audio player click here. Follow The A&P Professor on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Nuzzel, Tumblr, or Instagram! (0:43 ...…
Today we look at healthy alternatives to wheat and gluten. Enjoy the show.
Paul M. Sutter offers a mind-blowing rundown of our current understanding of the Big Bang, dark matter and energy, cosmic voids, singularities, etc. Paul is a brilliant astrophysicist with a gift for communicating with the unwashed masses (like me) with wit, humor, and enthusiasm (not the annoying kind, either). Dr. Sutter will help you truly u ...…
You will be hearing a great deal more about these two supplements in the coming years and how they can improve your cells, energy levels and cognitive function. Enjoy the show.
Arteriosclerosis and its typesRisk factors associated with atherosclerosisPathogenesis of atherosclerosisBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
By (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
In episode 11, you will learn the basics of the immune and lymphatic systems. The content includes innate and adaptive immunity; how cytokines, stress, and exercise relate; blood cells and what they do; and lymphatic circulation, lymph nodes, the spleen, etc. Join me and learn some more anatomy!
After hearing about 3 deaths and one attempted suicide in a one hour time period, I felt compelled to offer this advice on a larger scale. Enjoy the show.
Where did the earth, sky, and stars come from? Where did WE come from? In this series on origins, you will see that a lack of real information never stops us from being certain we know the answers to these most inscrutible mysteries.
Why is it easier to hold power cycling uphill compared to on the flat?More free resources at
How can training camps be leveraged to maximise performance?More free resources at
In this podcast, Maddi & I discuss various anti-hypertensive agents used in intensive care units and their pharmacology. As an ICU trainee, it's important to have a basic understanding of these agents.
Today we look at genetic testing and what your predisposition is for specific diseases. Enjoy the show.
Summer schedule reminder (< 1 min) Giving slides to students (6 min) Update on the TAPP APP (1.5 min) Catch up with sleep on weekends (3 min) Commit to caring for our A&P students (19 min) If you cannot see or activate the audio player click here. Follow The A&P Professor on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Nuzzel, Tumblr, or Instagram! You've proba ...…
Foetal blood circulation before and after birthShuntsBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
In this interview we speak with Rachel Herz, PhD., neuroscientist and author of "That's Disgusting: Unraveling the Mysteries of Repulsion" and "Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship With Food." Topics Include: -Can eating certain foods affect, or even effect, your personality? -Why exactly do we like some foods and find ...…
In episode 10, you will learn the basics of the urinary system. We will discuss the kidneys; what the nephrons do; and how our kidneys help us thrive at high altitude and use our own energy to sustain us during prolonged starvation or fasting.
Today we take a deep dive into how you can determine if your body can process marijuana, fats, proteins and carbs. Enjoy the show.
Anatomy of the thyroidBlood supply of the thyroidNeighbouring structures around thyroidBy (Dr. Mike Todorovic).
Dr Mike discusses the thyroid gland and function of the thyroid hormones (T3 and T4).This video includes:- Role of iodine in thyroid hormone production- How T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) is produced- Role of the hypothalamus (thyrotropin releasing hormone)- Role of the anterior pituitary gland (Thyroid stimulating hormone)- Role of s ...…
Today we look at four natural ways to balance your hormones. Enjoy the show.
It is the ultimate act of aggression and dehumanization. Cannibals from New Zealand to Syria, from Fiji to Japan show their contempt for vanquished enemies, inspire terror, and bond with their comrades through extreme, transgressive acts. We also delve into the emotion of disgust -- something that arguably evolved as a "behavioral immune system ...…
Today we look at three fundamental areas you must check before making serious health decisions. These can save you a great deal of time and money. Enjoy the show.
What is pain? How is it transmitted to the brain? How is it different to touch? What medications can we use to treat pain? Do other animals feel pain?
In episode 9, I introduce the basics of the digestive system. You will learn about the overall purpose of the digestive system, the pathway of the GI tract, parasympathetic control of digestive physiology and the microbiome, and some key accessory structures that support digestion.
Everything you need to know about pain! Well, nearly...- Pain pathways (spinothalamic) versus fine touch (dorsal column) pathway to the brain.- A delta versus C fibres- Painful stimuli (mechanical, thermal, chemical)- Brown-sequard syndrome (clinical implications)- Pain gate theory- Endogenous Opioid system (endorphin, enkephalin, dynorphin)- N ...…
Today we look at some natural ways to heal your body by boosting these very important cells. Enjoy the show.
Welcome to ICU Primary Prepcast. In this episode, Maddy and I discuss about various diuretic medications and their pharmacology. They are very commonly used medications in ICU setting and every trainee needs to have in-depth understanding of these medications.
TAPP APP now available! (2 min) Introduction to Paul Krieger (2 min) Contour drawing for anatomy with Paul Krieger (19 min)Change to a biweekly podcast schedule (1 min) If you cannot see or activate the audio player click here. Follow The A&P Professor on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Nuzzel, Tumblr, or Instagram! Jean Fernel once wrote, "Anatomy ...…
How do the best endurance athletes partition their training? Most of understand what it is to go out for an easy run, but what about intervals. How do the best in the world do it? And, what does the science show about how you should design your interval workouts? What should you do for work duration, rest duration, total work, frequency, and ef ...…
In episode 8, I introduce the basics of the endocrine system. You will learn about endocrine glands; cells with endocrine function; how exercise improves insulin sensitivity, thereby improving the effects of diabetes; and what your favorite spirit does to a particular hormone in your body.
Luke discusses how altitude training, EPO, and blood doping improve VO2 max.More free resources at
Getting ready for the annual conference of the Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS)? Long-timer Kevin Patton gives some tips on how to get the most out of your experience, including Kevin's Law of Professional Development. If you cannot see or activate the audio player click here. Follow The A&P Professor on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Nuz ...…
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