Best Pilot podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Andy Daly (Comedy Central's Review) and Matt Gourley (Superego) spent months sifting through podcast pilots to curate this collection of noteworthy efforts. Together they’ll bring you pilots submitted by a beloved cowboy poet, a satanist game show host and many more. All of these would-be podcasters have, oddly enough, taken advantage of the open door policy on Comedy Bang Bang, but there is so much more to discover about each and every one of them.
A Podcast about Achieving Your Aviation Career Goals
A Good Pilot Is Always Learning
The Pilot to Pilot podcast is a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun.
Pilot Episodes
Welcome to Pilot Episodes, the podcast all about flying. Every episode Godders Parky and Dunc share their experiences about flying above the clouds. The boys between them have over 16,000 hours of fast jet experience with the RAF, Dutch Air Force and US Air Force. Talk about their experiences flying Harriers, Tornadoes, F-16s, Hawks, Red Arrows, Spitfires and in fact anything you can think of. If they haven’t flown it they know somebody who has.
Reviewing TV pilots old and newish, on twitter Launching The Pilot @LaunchingTPilot, email
A weekly podcast about social change, technology and the future of politics with Rowan Emslie, Warren Peace and Raj Thomas.
A Podcast about Achieving Your Aviation Career Goals
First Podcast Pilot
Pilot Show
I en ellers global studentradio er Pilot Med De Andre Gutta det navlebeskuende alibiet som tar en titt på mediebransjen, å lage radio og generell produksjon. Vi er en kopi av programmet Radioprogram med Gutta, som var en kopi av programmet Pilot med Gutta, som var en kopi av Dan Børges elleville liveshow Ta Sjansen!
Desert Pilot
Stories from a Commercial Land & Sea Pilot
A podcast about TV pilots that became nothin'. Those that were deemed unworthy of going to series and were "dropped" by the network before a second episode was made. Hosted by Jimmy Brown and guests. This show is not affiliated with the singer, Joan Armatrading, I just liked the title of the song.
What do your favorite movies look like on paper? Do characters still read well without the actors behind them? Does the action read clear? Does the story even 'story' well?! Matt Dernlan and Hunter Rising ask all these questions and more each week on Screenplay Book Club. Every Thursday, the two amateur screenwriters break down a film script for its themes, principles, and a few things to consider all while peppering in jokes along the way.
TV Pilot Reviews
New TV shows premiere every single week, especially with all the streaming platforms. Which ones should you invest your time into? Don’t worry, we’re to help you. We’ll sift through the various TV pilots and give you recommendations on which ones you’d love and which ones you should skip.
TV Shows from the 70s and 80s
Pilot House
A podcast about all the TV shows we missed the first time around.
A master feed for all of our shows!
Every podcast available from the Cosmic Potato Podcast Network
Another great podcast hosted by
Interesting discussions about the NFL Draft, NBA Playoffs. MLB News regarding the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Braves ; and some Champions League updates as well.
A river memoir documenting Twain’s early days as an apprentice steamboat pilot on the Mississippi River before the American Civil War. Reminiscing about his happy experiences as a young man under the instruction of an experienced mentor, the autobiographical tale depicts one of the most vivid illustrations of river life. Furthermore, the book captures the author’s nostalgic emotions through his resonant depiction of one of the most notable periods of his life. Twain begins his memoir with a ...
Talking Flight
Alaska Airlines Captain Mike Swanigan interviews the interesting people he has met during his flying career.
Jabberwocky Audio Theater (aka JAT) is a group of storytellers writing, recording, and podcasting out of Deepest Springfield. Inspired by the classic shows of Radio’s Golden Age, JAT aims to create well-crafted tales to entertain and engross modern audiences. As our name suggests, we will focus on fantastical tales set on other worlds, in other lands, and in places disturbingly similar to our own. Our travels will also take us to classic tales of adventure, where we’ll give them a fresh audi ...
Pilot Lite
Duo of binge-watching, fangirling, TV aficionados and screenwriting students. Each episode we will pick and pry apart pilots of every network.
Pilot Episode
Tail us or fade us. . . the choice is yours.
TV Pilot Watching
Kei & Clyde fell in love watching good TV. His passion for captivating content and her industry experience bring two different perspectives as they discuss what makes a great pilot. She is the Batman to his Superman.
Gravity Lab Radio
Blind Pilots
From the hosts of @webusybutcreative and @heirofgrievances comes your new favorite podcast. Join us as we watch pilot episodes of series we choose randomly! t: @blindpilotspod ig: @blindpilotspodcast e:
365Flicks Podcast
The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
Beyond Brussels
"critical academics to the real world"
A view from the cockpit into the world of Aviation
Supernatural Hour
A crew of experienced paranormal investigators talk all things paranormal.
Personality Hacker teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships - a fulfilling career and happiness.Are you born with your personality, or does it develop over time? What is intuition? What's the fastest way to use your natural gifts to improve overall happiness? Join Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge as they discuss small changes in your personality and relationships that have big impact.
Failure To Launch
We’re all familiar with the idea of a pilot episode, the one-off test run of a series to see whether or not it could ever work as a television show. But what happens to the shows that never make it past that stage? Usually they’re cast aside and disappear from the public eye forever, doomed to fade into obscurity. But Melbourne comedy troupe The Consumption say “No more!” We are reaching deep into the bowels of television history to bring you back hot steaming piles of TV's many bizarre misc ...
The official podcast of SnatchyBuckles where Ben, Caryan and Adam talk movies, video games, TV, and more.
The first aviation podcast for pilots, by pilots. Join Pilot Kent, Pilot Bill, and Pilot Tiffany in the virtual hangar as they talk about aviation.
A new improvised screenplay every episode from the least qualified men in the business.
The hall is dark and the overhead light flickers. Sounds echo, and there’s a creaking and clanging which gets louder as you stand there in the semi-dark.The elevator opens and you’re offered a ride.The Lift is an homage to great dramas of the past like Night Gallery and The Twilight Zone. The Lift is a 2016 and 2017 PARSEC Award Finalist, featuring dramatic readings of stories written by multiple writers.
A new improvised screenplay every episode from the least qualified men in the business.
Glass Pyramid Films is a Film Company that specializes in bringing emotions to life. Silent Films is one of our strong points and Film Noir is what we strive for. Emotional Discrepancies is what we preach & listen to...
Orange Peel Mouth
Cody and Madeline re-watch all 121 episodes of LOST and analyze them one-by-one with special guests, experts, and the music of The Constants.
Blue Wave Podcast
The Johns Hopkins Podcast on Foreign Affairs is a monthly podcast discussing the most pressing issues in international relations. Three Johns Hopkins students in the International Studies program will discuss contemporary issues, interview professors and create a fun and lively atmosphere while doing it! This Podcast will not focus on only the Trump administration as many Foreign Affairs podcasts do, but rather, we will address world issues from an international perspective. We hope you enjo ...
Sheffield Hopcast
Unpretentious beer talk from the Steel City
The Pilot's Journey Podcast discusses aviation, proficiency and enjoying the journey.
2 Keto Dudes
2 Keto Dudes is all about the Ketogenic lifestyle. Science. Recipes. Stories. Join Carl Franklin and Richard Morris on their continuing journey from metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes to wellness.
The Christian and Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment.
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Many people see the Pro Choice vs. Pro Life debate in simple terms. Sometimes this even affects how people will vote or what political party they align themselves with. Asha Dahya seeks to change this conversation. On this episode we discuss her recently funded docuseries “Life At All Costs: Going Beyond Pro Choice Vs. Pro Life” as well has her ...…
Photo Credit: Bjorn via Flickr NEWS [25:20] FAA Probing Why Vegas Tower Airport Controller Went Silent [52:32] Air Astana ERJ – 190 ER Flight #KC1388 Reported Severe Flight Control Issues [1:07:27] UPDATE: Pilot Error Led to Military Plane Crash that Killed 9 Airmen in May [1:14:23] U.S. pilots flying 737 MAX weren’t told about new automatic sy ...…
Join us on this podcast episode as we dish on our Thanksgiving movie marathon picks. And we're not talking about the obvious standards like Blood Rage or Planes, Trains and Automobiles. For this chat, we each pick five movies that would suit our Thanksgiving line-up. Whether it's about family or food - we make our own rules and state the case f ...…
This week we cover all the announcements from X018 and The Game Awards nominees. Also Adam’s a robot. There were some technical difficulties during the show but they are resolved before the half way point.
Episode 142 is the re-imagining of the Bionic Woman Jamie is riding in with her fiancée is hit by a truck. But help arrives in the form of a top-secret government team, led by the shady Jonas Bledsoe, who saves Jamie's life by having her severely damaged legs, right arm, and right eye and ear replaced with million-dollar bionics which give Jami ...…
Waiting in the wings, Jamie and Doug are shocked by that they're seeing. This city slicker with a horrific voice suddenly breaks into a duet with the greatest singer that NYC has ever seen. They were explicitly told that this was amateur night and that there were no other duets playing. FU also assured them that the hecklers would boo this cab ...…
DJ​ is on the road this week but the show must go on! GLR will come you from Skydive Spaceland Dallas​ with our guest David Pugin​. David is a full-time skydiver and like many instructors, has lived an eclectic life. David is taking his good buddy Sean from 22kill on a tandem skydive to help raise support for organizations supporting our troops ...…
Deeply indebted poker player, Jimmy Harmon, is desperately trying to evade the clutches of his investor: shady Las Vegas gangster Wiktoria Sałkiewicz. After coming up short in his attempts to restore his bankroll by calling in old debts, he moves quickly to leave town. But his plans are stopped cold when his friend, Will Archer, goes to get Har ...…
"The Greatest Disease", by C. Bryan Brown. Zachary Williams is in a dark place as he comes to terms with his fate. A visit with Victoria might be just what he needs to see beyond himself and avoid undesirable blow-back. Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes: Amber Collins Main Narration: Graham Rowat Old Woman / Melinda Williams: Cynthia Lowman Carlton D ...…
Today on TV Pilot Reviews, we discuss YouTube Premium's new scripted drama Origin, which follows a group of strangers stranded on a spacecraft bound for a distant planet. The abandoned passengers must work together for survival, but quickly realize that one of them is far from who they claim to be.We all know the struggle of trying to decide wh ...…
Magical streaming, a round with no wrong answers, and back-up Chrises. Tonight's guests: Virginia Pickel, Jen Rubio, and Joe CroweBy (
A betrothed caveman is zapped forward in time to modern-day New York City. He'll have to use his primitive wits, his dinosaur pal, and his cheese-grater abs to get back to his lost love.By (Ed, Tom & Rueben).
Castle, Beaker, and DeAnn sit down and talk about recent investigations, the haunted potato masher, and vampires. Yes, vampires! The real history behind everyone's favorite blood suckers.
Kevin has been planning this episode of Indie Talk for some time now and he finally made it happen. That's right character actor, director, producer and all around awesome guy Craig Conway is finally on the show. Get ready for two guys chatting you may not understand. Showreel link: We sit down to talk about some of ...…
This week the boys go all commercial and get trained up on the A380 simulator at British Airways training headquarters at Heathrow. Enjoy!
Adam and James are reunited for November's Half Pint and try out beers from Brewdog, Loka Polly and Blue Monkey BreweryThere's a lot of news to get through as they talk new venues in Sheffield, moving venues in Sheffield, a venue celebrating a birthday and one celebrating a top honour in Sheffield, plus news about Brewdog and Mad Hatter.Ooh, an ...…
We're a bit late for a Halloween episode...ah, screw it! We discuss the pilot to The Haunting of Hill House, a new Netflix horror series.By (
Brian digs himself out of the walls to take with Stephanie Crawford (The ScreamCast) about two seminal TV Movies from the 1970s: BAD RONALD (Warner Archive) and TRILOGY OF TERROR (Kino Lorber).
This episode we take a look at The Great Muta and review 3 of his matches!By (
Shane and Virginia watch and review The Best Years of Our Lives.By (
Rick, John, and Virginia talk about the newest Short Trek, Calypso.By (
Mike and Sarah are still without a computer to edit new SPLATS...please visit and buy some merch; it will help us get a new set up. Any little purchase is appreciated. Thank you all!This week we present a recent episode of the always wonderful podcast ERIC ROBERTS IS THE FUCKING MAN. Mike joins Doug Tilley and Liam O'Donne ...…
We're looking back at Pam Anderson's VIP from 1998 and we're looking forward to our Thanksgiving special: the Thanksgiving Promise from 1986 starring Jason Bateman and the entire Beau Bridges clan! As part of the Wonderful World of Disney, ABC aired The Thanksgiving Promise, a tv movie based on a book, starring Beau Bridges, Lloyd Bridges, Jeff ...…
Corporate Flying and Networking With Matt Rutowski. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Today I have a special guest to discuss networking and corporate flying. Before begin a few announcements. Announcements: You can find the Scholarships Guide, Career Coachi ...…
Corporate Flying and Networking With Matt Rutowski. Welcome to the inspirational, informational, and transparent aviation careers podcast. Today I have a special guest to discuss networking and corporate flying. Before begin a few announcements. Announcements: You can find the Scholarships Guide, Career Coachi ...…
In this episode, Joel and Antonia talk about the book American Nations by author Colin Woodard and how seeing North America through this lens could be another access point for healthy dialog.
After a short delay we are back! This week we are meeting Jim Rockford for the first time on The Rockford Files. A young woman, played by The Bionic Woman herself, Lindsay Wagner, wants Jim’s help to solve her father’s murder. Jim is reluctant and actually quits several times, but finally takes the case after notices some dummy tailing him in a ...…
Professor Jake Kushner talks with Richard at Low Carb Down Under about using ketogenic diets to treat type 1 diabetics.
We all have an idea of how we expect to live our lives, what we plan on doing each day, and even anticipating what’s next. What we don’t ever think about are the random occurrences that throw our lives completely off course. Terry pulls up a seat to tell the story of the unlikely friend his son made while recovering from a traumatic car acciden ...…
At Failure to Launch, Halloween's not over yet!* Closing out this extended spoopy month is The Omen, a mid-90s attempt to serialise the 1970s film. In this version, Hotshot Reporter JACK MAN and two other people we don't care about because their names aren't JACK MAN team up to fight some sort of... possessey, flying, snakey... thing? Also it h ...…
Photo Credit: Nick Anderson NEWS [30:57.022] Skylease Cargo B744 at Halifax on Nov 7th 2018, Overran Runway on Landing [34:57.186] UPDATE: UTAir B738 at Sochi on Sep 1st 2018 [50:12.079] UPDATE: Lion Air Incident – AvHerald Update [1:05:19.315] Accident Bell 206B JetRanger N417WT, 04 Nov 2018 [1:09:44.925] First husband-and-wife duo to fly B-2 ...…
Owen Ward joins me to talk about the first attempt at an American remake of cult British show, Peep Show. The main problem is, they forgot the "peep" part of the show and this failure is not filmed in a point of view style. So, it's just a generic mid-2000's sit-com and a messily structured one at that. The pilot, like all that we cover, can be ...…
Here is some bonus content to hold you over until Season 2 premieres! Chuck and Brady were recently invited to present at the Ethical Society Mid Rivers in Saint Peters, MO. They shared the history of the podcast and discussed topics commonly tackled on the show, such as indoctrination, spiritual abuse, religious trauma syndrome, and religious ...…
Episode 141 is The Twilight Zone (1985) Bruce Willis Is have a bad day when is life is being take over by Bruce Willis. Shatterday: Peter Jay Novins calls his home, only to hear himself answer at the other end. This episode all so includes a lot of waffle
2018 marks a rise of journalists deaths and a century of modern reporting of conflict. From debates on ethics and responsibility, to the impact of changing technology, and the role of propaganda and disinformation… plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose? A World Solidarity Forum & Beyond Brussels event at the Press Club of Brussels. SPEAKERS: ...…
The group kicks off the night talking about the positives to their forsaken flavors of the Church.
Hank the Tank!! Hank comes back to tell more stories from the wild world of tandems and WW-AFF, let's get ready to TUMBLEEEEEE! Hank is the lead STP instructor at Skydive Spaceland Houston and an Examiner for The Ratings Center. Gravity Lab Radio is hosted by DJ Marvin and Nick Lott with our favorite lab rats, Justin Grubbs and Ben Nelson. You ...…
Coming up short in his attempts to call in debts from veteran poker player “Big Mike” Dalton, Jimmy Harmon has resolved to leave town before his chief creditor, Wiktoria Sałkiewicz, catches up with him. But when he encounters quirky fellow poker player Peeps, a sudden and dramatic turn of events may set him along another path.…
Blizzcon news aplenty, and the fans are not happy. Joins us this week as we cover everything from Overwatch to the reboot of Shrek.
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