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Best Pixel podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Discussions on the latest news in video games including reviews, previews and coverage of the biggest stories in the industry.
Two artists talk about the art and news of videogames, comics and movies.
Every week Joel, John, and Connor get together to talk about one of the things we love most. Video games. Each podcast they talk about their recent games played, cover the latest news in the industry, and talk about YOUR submitted topic of the week.
Pixel x Pixel
Nerdy pals Anne and Marcus are coming straight to your ears every other week to talk all things niche and obscure video games! If you like games from Japan, retro oddities, and a dash of anime, this is the podcast for you!
That Pixel Life
That Pixel Life is a new gaming podcast by veteran podcasters that focuses on the industry and its culture.
The Pixelated Paranormal podcast delves into the strange and unusual, from UFOs to Ghosts to Bigfoot and other areas of high strangeness. Join Rob, Shawn and Preston as they take you for a ride on the Supernatural Highway.
Heavily Pixelated
Scott C. Jones talks to gamers in their most vulnerable moments — and discovers the video games that fortified them when they needed it most.
The Pixelated Sausage Podcast is a podcast about games, anime, movies, TV, art, and life in general, all of it hosted by a weirdo who's standing in front of the internet, asking it to love, I mean, listen to 'em...
Dead Pixel Live
Dead Pixel Live features discussions, reviews and interviews about video games, movies, and more video games. With an open format that has lasted for hundreds of episodes, DPL is an unpredictable and entertaining show.
Cody and Eric explore the world of retro gaming across all generations.
Pixel Radio
We do podcasts about culture (mostly video games) from an analytical perspective, trying to ask the "why" questions so we can all learn something together.
Pixel Sift
Pixel Sift is an award winning fortnightly video games show that breaks down the complex topics so you can stay informed. Each episode explores the biggest news in gaming and features a game development industry guest from Australasia and the world. Learn what it takes to make video games. Winner of 2019 Australian Podcast Awards gaming category and finalist for the 2018 Australian Games Awards. Proudly made in Western Australia,
Pixelated Audio
Video Game Music and Retro Gaming Podcast
The Pixelated Sausage Podcast is a podcast about games, anime, movies, TV, art, and life in general, all of it hosted by a weirdo who's standing in front of the internet, asking it to love, I mean, listen to 'em...
Australian Tabletop Gaming Network is Australia's only comprehensive Tabletop Gaming news and information website.Pixel Pop Network is an Australian based website designed to cover all facets of Video Games, Movies, Comics, Anime, Cosplay and the broader Pop Culture.
Pixel Power Podcast
A new podcast devoted to getting the most out of your Google-powered device. Learn beginning and advanced tips for the Google Pixel Phone, Google Pixelbook, Nest Home Hub and all the other devices powered by Google software and services. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pixelpowerpodcast/support
Pixel Hunt Podcast
Three life long gamers deep dive and analyse games, one letter at a time. World 1 - The Famicom / NES #famicom #NES #retrogaming #podcast
This is a design podcast created by Anthony and David Cavins. We are both graphic and web designers/web developers so we created a platform to discuss graphic design and web design in everyday situations. Find us on iTunes, Google Play and Soundcloud.
Dense Pixels
The Dense Pixels Podcast is a weekly show talking about everything you need to know in the video game industry. We give you news, opinionated discussion, the important info on major new releases, and lots of humor from four guys who know, love, and live video games. Hosted by Brad, Micah, and Terrence.
9to5Google covers the latest in Google. Specifically, we focus on Android, Google Pixel, Google Home (Hub, Mini, Max, and more!), Chromebooks, Google Pixel Slate, Pixelbook, the latest handsets from the various Android OEMs, and much more.
The Pulp 2 Pixel Podcasts are a series of podcasts hosted by Dr. G, Man of Nerdology and a Rogues Gallery of co-hosts exploring the superhero genre across the Media Multiverse of comics, television, movies, and video games.
Danny and Stian share stories from a lifetime of playing videogames, with an emphasis on retro games and retro gaming. We span everything from Nintendo and Sega to Atari, PC, Playstation and more, as we analyze all aspects of the gaming industry, and how it’s changed through the years.
Join Leland and his cast of always rotating friends as they sit down a few times a month to discuss the best holiday ever: Halloween! If you’re a fan of all things Halloween, horror, dark humor or just the macabre then this could be the podcast for you!
A podcast were our heroes discuss geek culture.
My Life in Pixels
Esports host Frankie Ward chats to friends and familiar faces from the gaming industry about how they got to where they are today.
Panels to Pixels
The Panels to Pixels Podcast
Dual Pixels Radio
Join the Dual Pixels Radio crew every week as we discuss all things gaming with a pop culture tangent or two thrown in for good measure.
Every two weeks, the Hidden Pixels Podcast shines a light on a little known story from your favorite video game series. Whether it's a mysterious side character's dark past, or a quiet event away from the main quest, we hope to entertain both story lovers and gamers alike.
Precarious Pixels
A writer and cartoonist talk and redesign retro-games, cartoons, movies and television.
Pixel-Flick TV
Pixel-Flick Entertainment (“Pixel-Flick.TV”) plans to work closely within the independent filmmaking community in their journey to develop new concepts and develop strategic alliances partnerships with companies of domestic and foreign distribution.
We are Pixels Polygons and Fun! a video game podcast, where we talk about anything under the video game sun!Feel free to follow us with our channels!: RaggingGingy's Twitter: @RaggingGingy Pegasus's Twitter: @Pegasusthegame1Colochu's Twitter: @Colochu54 The Show's Twitter: @PPaFPodcastTeePublic: https://www.teepublic.com/user/ppafpodcast1Patreon: https://www.https://www.patreon.com/ppafpodcast-We do have multiple stretch goals, any help getting us there will mean the world to us! Thank you!J ...
Digging deeper into video games, this is the podcast version of the blog Picking Up the Pixels.
Pixels is the show about games and the gaming industry for the discerning gamer. PC, Consoles, Mobiles and more !
Six Pixels of Separation - Mitch Joel’s weekly conversation with business leaders, thinkers, innovators and cultural icons. The show is about insights and provocations on brands, consumers, technology, business and how connected we’ve all become.
Geek Legacy presents the Pixelated Podcast, an informative and enlightening podcast that aims to deliver detailed insight on video game news, controversies and updates.
You can contact us at:ForTheLoveOfPixelsCast@Gmail.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/for-the-love-of-pixels/support
Pixel Beat
Pixel Beat is a video game music playlist-style podcast featuring music from both old and new games. Each episode features a collection of tracks based on an idea, theme or genre. The show will become a collection of great video game music playlists that allow the music to shine on its own.
Attack the Backlog
Attack the Backlog is a biweekly podcast where Marc Kusnierz of Pixelated Sausage goes into their massive backlog to finally play (and hopefully finish) all the games they've been meaning to get to.
Digital Noise
One Of Us’ Blu-ray/DVD review podcast breaks through the pixel barrier and takes you inside all the latest home entertainment selections. What should you buy? What should you avoid? What glorious title will win our prestigious Pick of the Week honors? Tune in and find out, on the only Blu-ray review show that encourages you to crank up the Digital Noise.
Alphabet Scoop
Alphabet Scoop is a weekly podcast from the 9to5Google team, bringing you the latest in Google news and our commentary every week.
6 Pixels Under
Gaming podcast hosted by nerdSlayer that talks about all things video games, but focuses specifically on the world of MMOs. 6 Pixels Under has a unique and fun format that makes the podcast play like a live show.
Cut through the technology news noise and hear about only the stuff that matters, and what it means. Join your hosts Owen, Frederique and Zach every week to get the lowdown on the biggest stories – including some you might not have heard anything about. We're based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a different perspective on what's happening in the technology industry.
Liz Hersh and Sandro Galindo provide commentary on all things digital marketing including social media, websites, seo, email marketing, reputation management and more!
Pixelated Audio
Video Game Music and Retro Gaming Podcast
The Android podcast for everyone. A weekly show about Android, Google, and the best of mobile technology. Hosted by Daniel Bader.
Join Rob and Pernell as they listen to great video game music!
Marvel's Secret Wars & Beyond is a Pulp 2 Pixel Podcast where co-hosts Sean and Greg read and review every Marvel title to carry the Secret Wars name. From the original 12 issue series to the most recent line wide mega crossover, the hosts will explore the House of Ideas through the lens Secret Wars.
The official podcast for the FANCY Fantasy Football League. That is to say this podcast is (only) potentially interesting to the 10 people in a specific fantasy football league named FANCY. It is not a general fantasy football podcast. Sorry.If for some reason you are still reading this and/or listening to the show, please send questions or let us know what you think by e-mailing us at podcast@fancyfantasyfootball.com.Song information:All theme songs from Free Music Archive.Theme: remix of " ...
The Pixel Scandal Nerdcast brings a group of nerds together to discuss everything nerd culture including video games, tabletop games and so much more.
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1-2 - Blodia Land: Puzzle Quest For letter B, Mark, Dan and Sull struggle (Mark and Sull do anyway) with Blodia Land: Puzzle Quest. With zero help from Google Translate do they think it's a high bar for puzzle games or a low blodia for all things cerebral? How to discharge an Arcade Monitor by David at Chattanooga Pinball - https://www.youtube. ...…
What if all your favorite game's characters decided to start playing tennis? Or maybe take a break from saving the world to focus on that collectible card game that's so addictive? We love minigames! This week's show is all about the great music that accompanies all those addictive side quests :) Joining us on the show this week is game compose ...…
Pop in with your hosts, Cal and Mike, to dive into this week's news including Osacr voters potentially avoiding Joker, Jared Leto reportedly upset over Joker, Ubisoft's unorthodox animated shows, some Playstation 5 details, Blizzard's Hong Kong Controversy and more. Then After Dark, for what we've been reading, watching and playing. This week i ...…
[2019-08-25] The Android keyboard is the most important user interface for your Pixel phone and your productivity. In this episode I talk about the default Pixel keyboard, Gboard. After listening you will learn all the tips, tricks, and settings that will help you get the most out of typing on the Google Pixel. Afterward in the Addendum, I make ...…
Welcome to episode #692 of Six Pixels of Separation. Here it is: Six Pixels of Separation - Episode #692 - Host: Mitch Joel. In case you have not noticed, I could not be more bullish on the power of Smart Audio. From smart speakers and Alexa to Google’s voice assistant technology, chatbots and artificial intelligence. This space has been looked ...…
On today's show, Marc talks about some (maybe) interesting Polymega news, more Apex Legends season 3, and their time dealing with a one night stand in a game aptly titled One Night Stand. Anyway, something-something viral and crazy like a spiral, cheers and enjoy the anime-zing(ly analogue) show. The Talking Points: The Polymega, Analogue, GBA ...…
Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite and most intriguing video game stories for the week. Sony confirmed the PlayStation 5 will release Holiday 2020Shawn Layden leaving Sony Worldwide StudiosPlayStation Now is only $10 per monthCross-play is out of beta on PS4 and open to develope ...…
This week we will be discussing Blitzchung suspended from Hearthstone and the #boycottblizzard push, details about the PlayStation 5, and Mike Ybarra leaving the Xbox team.You can catch the Pixel Street Podcast on your podcast platform of choice every Friday!Join our Facebook page for more information on our live streams and to request podcast ...…
This week join Addam and Kyle as we talk the latest games. Addam has spent more time with Call of Duty Mobile and has both good and bad things to say about it. We spend a little more time talking about Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and then talk about unique strategy game John Wick Hex. Addam … Continue reading →…
Start = 0:30Carde and N.S explaining the changes to discord and podcast - 3:00Raph Koster's Playable Worlds - 18:50Mike O'Brien Leaves ANet - 25:20CCP, Remedy, Next Games launch new MMO-focused studio - 33:50Slay Together MMO developed by a single developer and mini MMO projects - 40:45Pantheon's Lead post on forums - 51:45ArcheAge Unchained op ...…
This is it! We're finally rounding off our 3-part "Star People" series, and doing so with quite the interesting revelation. So join us, won't you, on this here intriguing ride. And don't forget to grab a snack and something to drink before hitting play 'cause we've got a very smooth ride coming your way.Cheers and enjoy the show! Voicemail: 707 ...…
Frankie Ward chats to Danish Counter-Strike pro Niels-Christian Sillassen, aka NaToSaphix, about how he made a career from CS:GO. Originally a content creator, Sillassen made his name in pro CS in 2018 as part of the Sprout roster, before joining Heroic for a few months in 2019. Now looking for his next opportunity, the young player also discus ...…
About: The race is on, but not yet! This episode we have a bundle of tracks from racing games, but not from the actual racing moments. These themes all spawn from the tracks you hear during menu selections, car modifications, car shops or the in-game garage. Artwork: 'Gran Turismo 1 Honda Shop' by RIP_Bust from Gran Turismo Sport 00:00 - Menu [ ...…
This week the guys talk all about their favorite Halloween candy. Lets be honest… we talk about all the candy! Please join us, listen, laugh, download and subscribe.� Read OnSpookeasy Episode 13: Halloween Candy!By Pleek.
This episode of Pixel x Pixel is off the charts! Marcus if off to Japan this week, so we have an extra-long episode to tide you over in case our next episode is delayed. Marcus receives a special package in the mail, Anne possibly traumatizes herself with a Junji Ito manga, and both extol the virtues of GiantBomb’s Burgle My Bananas feature. Al ...…
This week Brad and Micah discuss their thoughts on the first week of the new Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep and how much we're digging the new content, an insane week at Sony including the departure of Shawn Layden, Cross-Play now being "out of beta", and the PlayStation Now price drop, what the point of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is, and more. Use ...…
Like three ships passing in the night,, without a lighthouse... the guys finally collide for a full show! This week we talk about the Joker movie, Cat Quest 2, What the Golf, Card of Darkness, Gears 5 and Control. Oh yeah, we also talk more about the Avengers game Crystal Dynamics is working on.By That Pixel Life.
Join us as we talk about the Gameboy Advanced Video! We are Pixels Polygons and Fun! a video game podcast, where we talk about anything under the video game sun! Feel free to follow us with our channels!: RaggingGingy's Twitter: @RaggingGingy Colochu's Twitter: @Colochu54 The Show's Twitter: @PPaFPodcast TeePublic: https://www.teepublic.com/use ...…
Featuring: Michael "Boston" Hannon John “Musim” Beauchamp, and Lora “Mina” Lennon Running Time: 1:16:16 Music by MusiM: Homepage | Bandcamp Livestream: YouTube This month we chat about Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Daemon X Machina, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XV, Zanki Zero, Epic Seven, Destiny 2.…
The End is Here! Listen to Steve and I recap Preacher Season 4 Episode 10 “End of the World”. I suggest you watch the show before listening to this podcast. This is a spoiler filled podcast. This is the last of the reviews of Preacher. The show has come to it’s end and we had a great time talking about this show. Please leave any feedback you h ...…
Jason is a nerd from the U.K. who, thanks to his mother, grew up with a gigantic computer in his bedroom. Then Jason met a girl named Paola. The two fell in love and got married. Then Paola contracted a rare, life-threatening illness that would change both of their lives forever. Though they were housebound for 20+ years, Jason and Paola were a ...…
We finally did it! Here is the beginning of Passion for Pixels' list of our 50 favorite videogames of all time. Stian and Danny compare number 50 to 46 on their individual top 50 lists in this initial episode. Join us down memory lane as we reminisce about our favorite gaming experiences from the 1980's until today. Also, one of Danny's choices ...…
Alexander Perrin and Joshua Tatangelo are the Co-Founders of 2pt Interactive the studio behind Heavenly Bodies, a game about two cosmonauts navigating the the challenges of a zero gravity environment. It uses a clever control scheme with each stick controlling a character in this hilarious physics based puzzle game. The National Film and Sound ...…
Dead Pixel Live doesnt have friends in this episode. Derrick discusses the issues brought up in the last episode. He explains why he's not that excited about the mini Genesis. Derrick complains a little about the state of the world while explaining why he doesnt see the listeners as friendly.By DerrickH.
The Secret Wars boys take a quick break from their coverage of all things Beyonder to review and discuss the seminal Squadron Supreme mini-series by Mark Gruenwald and Bob Hall. Often referred to as "Watchmen before Watchmen", this comic takes a hard look at what would happen if superheroes stopped fighting villains and tried to actually save t ...…
In the first of three episodes for the Haunted Pixels Podcast, we explore the origins of the monsters from Bloodborne and visit a queen with a dark past. If you like what you heard, please rate and review the podcast! And make sure to follow all of our pages: Facebook: HiddenPixelsPodcast Twitter: @HiddenPixelsPod Instagram: @HiddenPixelsPodcas ...…
Comic Con is Here!!!!!!!!!!!! and Ghost Recon, Child's Play, and the Untitled Goose Game.By Tim.
This week we talk about the crazy deluge of Pixel 4 leaks we dropped this week, Pixel Buds 2 are happening, and Microsoft's Surface Duo. Alphabet Scoop is available on Google Play, Google Podcasts, iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, and through our dedicated RSS feed for Pocket Casts and other podcast players. New episodes of Alphabet Scoop are r ...…
Pixels 118 - Animal Analogy Alliteration On this episode we discuss: PlayStation State of Play and The Last of US Part II Oculus Connect 6 and changes to the Oculus Quest Untitled Goose Game, Noita, Link's Awakening, Destiny 2 Shadowkeep XBox and Playstations love voice assistants, xCloud and PS Now news, NPD numbers... And more! More info on t ...…
So we were going to watch the latest Rambo movie and review it in this podcast, except nobody actually went to see it at the cinema. We can at least discuss its ratings, reviews, and controversy. Join Toby, Ethan, and Jacqui as they talk about the latest TV show and movie news, trailers, rumours, and gossip, before diving into the topic of conv ...…
Pixelated Audio is excited to bring Megan McDuffee into the studio to chat with us about her work for the recently released River City Girls! River City Girls is a classic action beat-em-up with light RPG elements, building on the long legacy of the River City (or Kunio-Kun) games started by Technos in the 1980s.… Read More »…
All of the new Pixel 4 live wallpapers!APK file: http://bit.ly/2nVzJIISubscribe ► http://bit.ly/9to5G | Read full article ► https://wp.me/p9SZ9T-1jPv🆓 Get a FREE month of Amazon Prime! 🆓🇺🇸 USA: https://amzn.to/2I3v7GJ🇬🇧 UK: https://amzn.to/2vNxuekWant to sponsor the next 9to5Google video? Get in touch: ads@9to5mac.com## Follow ushttp://twitter. ...…
We're back with Episode 19 - In this episode Cody and Eric catch up on what they've been playing and adding to their collections. Plus, in our 6 Good Games segment, we cover SEQUELS! Episode Guide ----------------- Quick Questions - 2:32 Catching Up - 23:11 Eric's Take - 1:27:10 Big Review - 1:37:22 Cody's Corner - 1:38:06 6 Good Games (Sequels ...…
We're back this week and were all in on the TGS reveals. Final Fantasy VII Remake being the highlight of the show, we dig deeper into the trailer. Death Stranding and Capcom Adult Presentation what was that all about? Find out on this weeks DPR, so sit back and relax.By Dual Pixels Staff.
PAX 2019 was fun! We talk about that a bit and about what makes a genre over-saturated.By Pixel Radio.
In this episode we talk about new programs we are using like Adobe XD. We then discuss career progression for designers and what your job title should be. We then talk about the struggle designers have when creating for themselves and the underlying reasons that it is so difficult. alienmuffin.com Social: instagram.com/alienmuffin twitter.com/a ...…
Robin steals from the rich and gives to Marian.By Talking Pixels.
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