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Video game industry news with Epicnamebro. Discussion of current trends and topics, as well as special discussions on gaming history.
"Poison is everything and no thing is without poison" - Paracelsus
A writer and physician, Charles John Samuel Thompson wrote several works on poisons which are still consulted today. He is especially informative on early historical poisons. This book discusses many cases of poisoning, famous and not so, as well as various topics on poisons and poisoning. - Summary by david wales
Poison Apple Radio
Satanism, Occultism, paganism, topical news, blogging and social issues. Intro music: Happy Apple Poison by Lovedrug,Saturday Nights, 8pm Eastern
Pick Your Poison is based out of Austin, TX. The show is hosted by Vinny, Don and Casey. A few things you can expect from each episode are a healthy dose of sports, music, movies, current events and a few stories from our everyday lives. Expect to laugh as we continue to grow the PYP empire.Follow on all social platforms @pypthepodcast
We are your best resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24/7/365. If you think that your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance, call (888) 426-4435.
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Diesel & Poison
Podcast by Diesel & Poison
Yung Poison
A comedy podcast that isn’t afraid to dive into the deep end of life
What's Your Poison is has a point if you can find it. It's buried in drinking in the afternoon, listening to records, and talking to incredible people who have lived the lives that we wish we had for ourselves. Damn us mere mortals. All we get is this damn podcast. Full shows live on the Eye (
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Warning: This episode contains chewing noisesStories this episode:-The Vagabonds-Sweetheart Roland
The Astronaut Psycho-Trip realm! This week, Mark and Jesse get into Talking With Strangers & Airplane Friendships, Advertising via Extortion, Legal Weed Dosing, and more. They also get more serious than usual while discussing a death in Jesse’s family. And finally, they look to add another industry to their Adult Bookstore Lobby. There’s power ...…
On this week’s episode Mind Poison discusses chaos at the Minnesota State Fair, Parades gone wrong, and their memories of 9/11 AKA Patriot Day (AND sidestepping 9/11 conspiracy theories). And yes, Mark discusses his favorite all-time bathing experiences in My Greatest Tub…for whatever reason! Mind Poison Podcast: A comedy podcast that isn’t afr ...…
Stories this episode:-Clever Gretel-Clever Hans-Clever Elsie-King Thrushbeard
Pop Quiz Hotshot! How would the Mind Poison Guys celebrate their landmark 25th episode? (A) Forget to mention it’s a Landmark Episode until about halfway through, (B) Talk about Cuba Gooding Jr., Birds, and What’s Weird About Podcasting, (C) Make their pitch to become America’s first Adult Bookstore Lobbyists, or (D) All of the above? Tune in t ...…
The Mind Poison Guys are LIVE from the same room for the third time ever! Okay, honestly some of it is left over from their second time ever, but that’s still kind of special, right? At any rate, in this episode Mark and Jesse talk about Youth Sports, Tru TV, and Cruise Control (sadly, not Speed 2). Jesse gives his opinion on Band Chemistry, an ...…
Stories this episode:-The Maiden With No Hands-The GriffinReferenced Article:-Bacchilega, Cristina. "An Introduction to the "Innocent Persecuted Heroine" Fairy Tale." Western Folklore 52, no. 1 (1993): 1-12. doi:10.2307/1499490.
It’s a very special episode! The Mind Poison guys are coming at you LIVE from the same room for the second time ever! They take this time to get up close and personal, and talk about Eye Contact, Talk Radio, and Taking the Back Roads. Plus, the Wine Boys make their first proper appearance! And, Mark and Jesse try to decide who is, in fact, the ...…
The Parlotones are in studio to drink whiskey, drop a single and talk about how they've managed to survive 20 years in the music business.
This week, the dastardly friends at Mind Poison talk about a Great New Sponsor, High School Jobs, and the Trials and Tribulations of Moviepass. And also – Better Call Seagal! Who would you rather have as your fearless leader? Donald Trump or Steven Seagal? Mind Poison Podcast: A comedy podcast that isn’t afraid to dive into the deep end of life ...…
Stories this episode:-Little Red Riding Hood-The Frog Prince-Allerleirauh
Fortnite Ahead! On this episode of the Mind Poison Podcast, Jesse and Mark tear apart Fortnite tutoring, discuss eye surgery gone wrong, and reflect on Garth Brooks’ failed alter ego (plus, Mark sings). They also pit farmer’s market non-organics against state fair fare, and dive into apathy in America. BONUS: Trump’s head explodes and Big Macs ...…
Simon Dingle is a tech wizard who has an incredibly good taste in music. On the show, he drinks whiskey, reluctantly talks about his new book "In Maths We Trust" and then willingly plays records he brought from home.
On this episode of the Mind Poison Podcast, Mark and Jesse talk about Drugs (the Bad Kind), therapy, and aliens. Plus, they might have just landed 5.7 million dollars. And – which of the Mind Poison Guys is Born to Shush? Tune in to find out! Mind Poison Podcast: A comedy podcast that isn’t afraid to dive into the deep end of life. Jesse and Ma ...…
The incredible Andy Lund, a highly underrated musical genius with a global career, joins us in studio to drink coffee and play vinyl from his collection.
Did you ever want to know just how good you are at Tetris? Or maybe how much time you’ve spent in a truck stop bathroom? If so, check out the Spreadsheets of Heaven AKA Tetris Master to see where you rank! On this episode of the mppodcast, Mark and Jesse joke about God’s spreadsheet for your life. They also get into the scourge of High School R ...…
This week on the Mind Poison Podcast, Jesse & Mark talk about their best and worst road trips and failures in the pursuit of creative endeavors. Woot! Mark tells a story about an encounter with mega director Michael Bay and both discuss the best way to kick a bear’s ass in the woods! Hint: punch ’em in the throat. They also discuss caves for so ...…
Do you like Esoteric Weeks of Delight? If so, this might be the episode for you on the Mind Poison Podcast! Mark and Jesse Get Deep while discussing Meditation and Veganism. But they also get to some dumb stuff, like Competitive Eating, Favorite Movies, and Bikes.Drop us a line at: email us at mindpoisonpodca ...…
This week we head to the NH seacoast and talk with the guys at EARTH EAGLE BREWINGS about their awesome beers...some without HOPS....wait what?!?!?!? 165 High St, Portsmouth, NH 03801, (603) 502-2244
It’s the 4th of July, so crank up some Mind Poison Podcast at the Family Barbeque! This week, Mark and Jesse talk about Air Conditioning, Good TV Gone Bad, and the new hit film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Also, they try to answer one of the Big Questions - Is Mark a nerd?Do *you* think Mark is a nerd? Let us know at mindpoisonpodcast@gmail. ...…
This episode we sit & sip with Michael & Mark at BEARA BREWING COMPANY 2800 Lafayette Rd Portsmouth NH 857-342-3272
This week, your dearest friends at Mind Poison discuss Getting Angry While Getting Handy, Hail, and Bad Immigration Laws, amongst other things. And if you ever wanted to hear people talk about maybe talking about Jurassic Park, this is the episode for you.Drop us a line: email us at: ...…
This week we visit Dave at the NEW location of WHITE BIRCH BREWING 460 Amherst St., Nashua, NH 603-262-5260 find them on facebook Jim found his Bacon Beer Nirvana!!!! Fun podcast...ENJOY!!!
The Mind Poison Podcast guys face their toughest challenge yet when Mark’s power goes out. But these two are the strong, committed types that overcome *all* obstacles - or at least the ones that go away on their own after a few minutes. Eventually they talk about World Peace, Net Neutrality, and Buildings Named After Racists.Help Jesse remember ...…
It’s a very special episode! The Mind Poison Podcast guys are coming at you LIVE from the same room for the first time ever! They take this opportunity to get knee deep in nostalgia, and get emotional reminiscing about their long and storied history together. Just kidding - they mostly talk about Mark’s lava lamp. They also talk about superstit ...…
Hey! It’s week twelve of Mind Poison, and the fellows talk Memorial Day, 5-star reviews, and finish up their World Cup Quiz. Plus, Mark explains why he takes a knee during our theme song.
Can Lebron upset the Warriors?Will the king win a game in the Finals?Vinny takes the Cavs in how many games?How a Lady Can Approach a guy!ASK FOR HER NUMBER!
This week your dearest friends at the Mind Poison Podcast talk about mass shootings, how to fix a broken United States Government, and sandwiches. And buckle up kiddos - Jesse’s got actual audio from his neighbor’s noisy light!And there’s that pesky e-mail again - Write to it, won’t you?…
Don has a life changing announcement!The Perfect Cookout Plate...Who's your favorite artist all time?National Wine Day!
Shop at one store for the rest of your life?Chick-Fil-A Closed on Sundays...Can you still be friends after you've had sex?Define a Friend!
This week, your devilishly handsome friends at Mind Poison are celebrating their 10th episode. That’s right, DOUBLE DIGITS! They talk about the (probably not-happening) North Korea/US summit, the Jurassic World trailer, and the dating apps the kids are using these days. Plus, Mark went to the library and didn’t get kicked out! And finally, Jess ...…
LebronYoung Abe (@youngabe5)Post Sex SnacksSummer Travel Plans
Right now, in this very special episode, the boys of Mind Poison try to figure out Mansplaining and get into natural disasters (sadly, NOT the tag team from the early 90’s). Jesse talks about those odd conversations that straddle the line between discussions and fights, and Mark took a bad flight back from a rad wedding.Oh, hey… is that an e-ma ...…
ECF Game 1: Lebron Loss? Brad Stevens Win? Is Moscato a Panty Dropper?WCF Preview and Predictions!Tag Your Mom if she look good!
We revisit STARK BREWING & DISTILLERY and talk with Paul about their fine spirits crafted in Manchester, NH 500 Commercial Street, Manchester, NH 03101 603-625-4444
In this here episode, your friends at Mind Poison Podcast talk about the demise of Toys R Us and dancing at weddings. Plus: Jesse doesn’t know much about Twitter, Mark went to a high school play, and they both get more and more belligerent as the show goes on.And hey! Do you like e-mail? Do you listen to the show and want a near guarantee that ...…
We had a fun and very informative time hanging with Andy at DJINN SPIRITS (the "D" is silent) 2 Townsend W Suite 9, Nashua, NH 03063 (603) 262-1812 Cheers!!
It’s episode 007 and the Mind Poison guys miss a golden opportunity to discuss James Bond. They DO talk about 4/20, Confederate Memorial Day, and the awful hit CBS series “Blue Bloods,” amongst other things. And remember… Fly balls fade in the wind in left field on any given night, and all dreams die.Let us know your questions, concerns, and gr ...…
We had a lot fun with the Bob, Chuck & Ken from HERMIT WOODS WINERY 72 Main St, Meredith, NH 03253 (603) 253-7968 - There's not just wine up in them there woods....check it out!!
Here in episode six, Jesse gets sad about the weather and Mark gives dating advice. They try to avoid negative spiritual energy while discussing the SB7 Spirit Box, and read a letter about Extreme Rail Gleaming. And... Mind Poison Movie Scoop Alert: Mark knows who plays Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!…
It’s episode number Five, and Mark and Jesse get into Rasslemania, the World Cup, and saying “thank you” to cashiers.
Buckle UP...It's time to "LIVE AN ODD LIFE" with Bill from ODDBALL BREWING 6 Glass St, Suncook, NH 03275 (603) 210-5654...ENJOY!!!
In Episode Four, Mark and Jesse talk about the Harlem Globetrotters, underage smoking, Costco, and much more.
Hanging with Dave at the newly opened BLASTY BOUGH BREWERY 3 Griffin Road, Epsom, NH 03234 Find them on Facebook (603) 724-3636
This episode we're at the kick-off party for DRAFTFEST 2018!!!! Sunday 4/8 -Friday 4/13 Different Craft Brewery with different independent films. We talk with the organizers, brewers, artists & some repeat fans!!! More detail on this event celebrating NH Craft Beer Week...check out DRAFTFEST 2018 on Facebook HERE. ENJOY!!!…
In this episode, Jesse and Mark talk self-driving cars, being a murderer in a dream, and SB7 spirit boxes.
Charlie is back this week (thanks for fill in Ed), so we figured we would take on mud season and truck on out to CANTERBURY ALEWORKS and check in with Steve. 305 Baptist Hill Road, Canterbury, NH 03244 (603) 491-4539
Jesse and Mark are at the apex of podcasting in episode two. They discuss the Olive Garden, Funerals, Donald Trump’s eating habits, and more. Good times!
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