Best Poolside podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Poolside Podcast
Here you'll find probably the best house music in the whole web mixed by different DJs from all over the globe. Various styles will show you the sensation and enjoyment of house music. We hope you will share the love for beats with us. So far with: arite.a, ABU, Tref, Artie Flexs, Maxine Hardcastle, Guy Smiley, Andrew Malewski,The V.O.S Brothers, Duncan Mills, Yves'Sifa, Jason Brooks, Tristan H, Anthony Bauer, Bastien, Craig Turner, Spiritchaser & Mike van Loon
Poolside Chat
Matt and Rob are here to answer YOUR questions on how to fix and maintain your swimming pool….
Poolside Podcast
A #realtalk conversation about all things business, marketing, social media and the entrepreneur life.
Poolside Podcast
Welcome to the Poolside Podcast, where we discuss music, movies, tv shows, and any other fun topic that comes up in conversation. Grab a drink, and sit back and relax, Poolside.
Poolside Chats
Poolside Chats is a Podcast recorded from the entertainment room of the Continuum Music Studio facility. The podcast covers all topics of music production and audio engineering while gearing the information toward the genre of EDM. Each episode is packed with a plethora of valuable information on the craft as well as questions answered from our audience. The podcast airs weekly and is jammed packed with vital info, laughs, everything you want to know about music production and audio engineer ...
Just a bunch of friends (radio and non radio people) drinking a few beers, having a few laughs and NOT talking politics.
Poolside Café
Podcast by Anton Boyar
Poolside Genius
Two guys recording by the pool, bantering about sports.
Talking about all the trending topics that you need to know about!New Episode every Monday! Going over the FIFA World Cup in Russia! Each week we give our $0.02 on the past week of one of the biggest events in Soccer History!
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Welcome to the show Emily Slaneff. Emily is the founder and owner of Crush Camp, a boutique fitness studio that focuses on running and circuit training. Emily shares her journey to opening up this studio after finding a similar workout in Nashville where she previously lived. She talks abuot her stuggle with weight loss, working out and balanci ...…
Doctors told a woman she had a brain tumor. Upon further review, it turns out it was a brain worm. YUCK! Also, dudes get together and drink their own piss, a house full of 178 cats and of course, BIRTHDAYS!
In this new episode, Derek and the guys discuss different types of fans, from anti-fans to toxic fans.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Susi Hately. Susi is the owner and founder of Functional Synergy, which is an umbrella of many businesses but focuses on helping people to feel their best - physically and mentally. We talk about how important sleep is and how our culture of hustle, exhaustion and never sleeping is getting in the way of our ambition and succ ...…
In this episode, I give you my 10 practical tips for growing your instagram if you're interested in becoming an influencer or just focusing in on buidling your personal brand.Social Media Online Course Mailing List: Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Arsheen, the founder of Daraja Foundation, a non-profit based in Calgary. Arsheen lives in Zanzibar and helps youth in an orphanage over there. She worked in the orphanage when she was over there after university. Arsheen talks about how and why she started the foundation and what her goals are with it. She shares some of th ...…
Michelle and Jeff talk about Jeff's Moon Face, horrible bosses, Amazon drones, styrofoam cakes and whiners and of course, porn star birthdays!
Welcome to the podcast Kristal Hawryluk. Kristal is the owner of Lucky Fin Mama of 2 which is a blog, Instagram and apparel line, all with one goal in mind: to raise awareness for child abnormalities and genetics. We talk about her and her husband's journey through finding out 12 weeks into the pregnancy that Brady was going to have a birth abn ...…
You've seen the picture shared on Facebook, now we're making our picks for our ultimate metal show.By Poolside Podcast.
Our neighbors were letting their dog crap on our lawn. Well, we installed a security camera and put up a nice little sign. We also discuss pool rules and cleaning your b-hole before you go in, Michelle takes a spelling bee and porn star birthdays!
Our first camping trip of the season and Michelle got a TICK! Plus, getting "the brownie pans out", Stupid things we believed as children, porn star birthdays AND tips on getting hooker blood out of your old carpet.
Welcome to the show Jason Smith. Jason is the owner of Bow Developments, a community minded company. Their latest project is Scarboro on 17th Ave in Calgary. Jason shares advice on both home buying and business owning. He talks about what you need to think about as a first time home buyer, how he builds a trusting relationship with customers an ...…
Were the "Punk Goes" albums good? Did the labels and bands effective in using pop music to promote their own? We dive deep in the pool of thought to consider these things. This isn't a true crime episode, but we sure as hell treated it like one. Kidding. Sit back and relax.By Poolside Podcast.
We're on Episode 11 and this week we talk about Kate Gosselin. She's looking for a new hot dog to throw down her hallway. Farm lovin' leads to prison. Some new intros and the birthday segment will make you rock hard.
Welcome to the show Salima Stanley-Bhanji. Salima is the CEO of Humainologie which is a charity that promotes and focuses on empathy and inclusion. One of the ways they do this is through sharing human stories, especially through film as well as a podcast and blog. They recently opened a social enterprise gallery and store where all of the prof ...…
On today's solo episode I talk about how to optimize content creation while you're on vacation for a quick weekend getaway. I go through how I prepared for my Toronto trip, how I initially gathered all the content and what I did to turn 3 days in Toronto into 5 blog posts, multiple instagram posts, instagram stories and IGTV (plus this podcast) ...…
This week, we talk about a guy that shot himself in the wiener. Bugs in your ears and of course, a little bit of poop.
Welcome to the podcast, the ladies of Choice Words. What started as a project for International Womens Day has turned into a bigger movement. Choice Words reframes harmful traditional sayings and cliché statements by cutting-out negative language. All profits raised from the sales of their merchandise are donated to UN Women - they talk about w ...…
We talked about some cool, new, very interesting, groundbreaking stuff.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Mercedes Byrnes. Mercedes is the founder and owner of Wolf & Pine a natural, vegan skin care company. Mercedes talks about how she took her passion for foraging and turned it into a business. All of her products contain ingredients that she and her partner have foraged for, making it very natural, organic and handcrafted wit ...…
Metal music is the fastest growing genre? Music streaming and vinyl are hurting the environment?? Tool has a Spotify and Apple account??? THE OFFICE IS LEAVING NETFLIX?! Woodstock 50 is definitely the next Fyre Festival and we talk about some new music that came outBy Poolside Podcast.
Brian from 95.7 The Rock in LaCrosse, WI and his wife Araysa stopped by to hang out, have some beers and tell us about the time he took a stripper to prom. We also talked about the fate of Jeff's leather mug, Rock Fest fun and Dustin dropped by too!
Welcome to the show Lizzie MacNeill. Lizze is the head of parnterships at Later, a media and marketing platform to help people organize, plan and schedule their social media content. She has worked in PR and social media for 10 years and started social media accounts and strategies for businesses like Beakerhead, the University of Calgary, Saje ...…
Jeff got Michelle an early Mother's Day gift and she's not too happy about it. Greg wants his $7 AND Jeff is definitely going to Hell.
If you're looking for dry milk, you've come to the wrong place.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Bobbi and Phil, the co-founders and owners of Tribe of Lambs which is a non-profit jewelry company that is raising money to fund projects for HIV positive children in India. Bobbi and Phil share how they met and why they decided to pursue this mission together. They want to end the stigma that impacts HIV positive people, es ...…
Thanos did nothing wrong.By Poolside Podcast.
On Episode 7, we talk about swearing, a guy sues his parents for destroying his massive porn collection, funny porno titles, bad Christopher Walken impersonation and an EPIC Johnny Depp meet & greet prank.
It's a new week, and this is a news weekBy Poolside Podcast.
On this solo episode, I talk about the dos and don'ts of being or becoming an influencer. I share how I got started and how my blog evolved into the "influencer" on Instagram that I am today. How I determine who to work with, how to reach out to brands, how to negotiate your cost and why valuing your time, content and audience is so important.…
On Episode 6, we talk about spring cleaning our offices, Michelle's got a mouth like a trucker when it comes to moving her desk around, Kung Fu fighting at Walmart and some dirty jokes.
EPs = short, sweet, and to the point. Most importantly, at band writing at full capacity. Albums, however, are a fan favorite. How do these releases compare?By Poolside Podcast.
"Welcome to the show Julie Harrish. Julie is the co-owner and co-founder of 6ix Cycle, a spin studio in Toronto. Julie shares her journey of starting in the fitness industry, competing and eventually teaching spin which leads her to open her own studio in a new city. She shares the challenges of starting a business in Toronto while still living ...…
The title says it all. Was this album good or bad? And most importantly, did you hail Stan?By Poolside Podcast.
Episode 5, we hear from Chewbacca...sort of, Jeff is done being nice, VOICE MAILS and Jeff does his best Statler Brothers impersonation.
Welcome to the show Shawn Freeman. Shawn is the founder and CEO of TWT Group. In this interview, Shawn shares his story on how and why he started his own IT company, when he knew it was time to make the leap out of his 9 to 5 and why he wish he would have done it sooner. He talks about how fear is the biggest limitation for people trying to rea ...…
Jeff and Michelle talk about an unfortunate incident when Jeff THOUGHT he was taking Ibuprofen and it turns out they were stool softeners, farting on a bus in Dollywood, Beans (Jeff can't stand them) and MORE!
We discuss The Office, Slipknot drama, the infamous Steve Wilson's predictions about Greta Van Fleet, Captain Marvel, the efficiency of TV talent shows, and the difference between a critic and a casual fan.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Aja Horsley. Aja is the owner and founder of Drizzle Honey, a local honey company changing the honey game. She shares how she took her side hustle bee project and turned it into a business. Aja talks about the pivotal moment of the business when she became allergic to bees and had to reshape her supply chain which allowed he ...…
We’re joined by our good friends, Kirk and Kristi talking about pole dancing in front of your parents, Nashville, tight pants and a LOT more, over a few beers. Cheers! Editors Note: This one goes off the rails a few times but we still had a blast!
We all know the winner here.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the show Steph Nichols. Steph is the founder and owner of Sweat Society, an online and pop up boutique that focuses on ethically made active wear brands. We talk about what she was looking for in active wear that led her to start sourcing her own brands, how she has reached a consumer audience through studio pop ups and why having a ...…
In episode 2 we talk about who wears the pants in the house? Jeff wants to clean the kitchen. Broken toes, wearing women's under garments, camping and a bunch of other stuff.
Welcome to the show Michelle McGrattan. Michelle is a barre instructor and a nutritional coach. On this episode, she talks about her fitness and nutritional journey from playing competitive and varsity sports, to bikini competitions to being a fitness instructor and nutrition coach. She shares her favourite healthy meals, what you should be eat ...…
On the first episode (Which we didn't plan to do today) we talk about our trip to Mexico, peeing in the pool (not ours) and rude people. Then things go "brown".
Welcome to the show Mike Wenzlawe. Mike is the co-founder and co-owner of Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, a local coffee roaster who has built a strong outdoor/avdenture lifestyle brand along with delicious coffee. Mike shares how the idea of starting the company happened out in the backwoods while camping with his business partner, how they ...…
Tons of new music this month, and plenty of movie news.By Poolside Podcast.
Welcome to the podcast Jeff and Mack. These two guys are the owners and founders of Aylmer Nelson Cannabis. They have known each other since they were 10 and have started multiple businesses together so they have learned a thing or two about finding the right business partner and what it takes to start a business. We talk about the cannabis ind ...…
Welcome to the show Julia Barnes. Julia is the owner and founder of Honubelle, a premium swimwear line. Julia always wanted to be a fashion designer growing up and she started an apparel line which transitioned into Honueblle that focuses on swimwear for active women. She shares the challenges of running your own business and how to get out of ...…
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