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Toronto Tarot Portal
A podcast on all things Tarot
Into The Portal
Myths | Legends | HistoryA podcast dedicated to all things weird, mysterious and straight up strange. From ancient lost cities to paranormal phenomena and legendary creatures Into the Portal is your gateway into the bizarre.Join Hosts Amber Rae and Andrew McKay as they approach topics you have never heard before, taking an in depth look through an alternate lens… To the other side of the portal.
DiscussIT - The South African Podcast Portal
The Nightmare Portal
A modern fantasy podcast telling the tale of a research team tasked with a very odd project—learning the secrets of a portal that can make nightmares a reality.
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Welcome to the most revolutionary, cutting edge and deeply esoteric broadcast on the internet. Portal to Ascension Radio will take you to the edge of what we perceive as reality. We exist to bring awareness to hidden ancient wisdom, our true world and galactic history, advanced technology, sound and frequency, sacred economics, conscious living, cosmic consciousness and the ascension of humanity! Neil and Sol Gaur are your facilitators for this experience. The time is NOW for the expansion o ...
Puerto Rico Portal
Welcome to the Puerto Rico Portal podcast, where we talk about all the thing the island has to offer not just news.
Sauls years behind the decks have taken him from London to literally the other side of the world and back having moved from London in 1997 to take up residency in the best clubs Western Australia had to offer. What was suppose to be a 3 month trip down under turned into a nine year stay when he was offered a residency after 2 weeks on landing with his record box. In that time he graced every decent pair of 1210’s there was and the highlight of that time in the southern hemisphere was his sho ...
Cute Pinoy Portal
Cute Pinoy Portal Podcast is an LGBT - oriented show in the Philippines hosted by two unstoppable blogger Nathan and Podcaster Allen. It became viral and most downloaded podcast due to their distinct and taboo topics that are worth listening for. This podcast is also published online via
Join author Mary Lane and her guests, as they explore the many flavors of feminine wisdom that is seeping through the cracks of a broken world. Inspired by Mary’s books, Meena, the fiery story of a heroine’s initiation, reclaiming her authentic sexual nature and her relationship with the Great Mother, and Divine Nourishment, a woman’s sacred journey with food.
A biweekly podcast about board games, card games, miniatures games and events at the Portal, a game store located at 60 Hilliard Street in Manchester, CT.
In-depth conversations with researchers, explorers and thought leaders from around the world, on cutting edge research and original ideas.
A daily news podcast. Because there's news every day.™
Каждую неделю ищите наши позывные здесь: GarageFM (Russia) Tuesday : 23-00 Moscow time MixadanceFM (Russia) Wednesday : 20-00 Moscow time
The NES Portal delivers online course bookings, distance and eLearning to health professionals, alongside Dental Vocational Training Recruitment in Scotland. Please also look at our Educational and How-To podcast streams.
To Know Jesus and Make Him Known
On a more or less weekly basis Jack Macmillan, Felix Baker and Sean Guy sit down and discuss random topics about movies, TV shows, games and everything nerd culture.Sometimes there's a kitty cat.
Located in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada - The Capitol Theatre is owned and operated by the volunteer-run Portal Players Dramatic Society. We produce our own plays, musicals & other live entertainment, and we provide educational opportunities through all our programs, & especially through our STAGES Youth Theatre program and our GLEE choral program. "At The Capitol" features chats with our members discussing upcoming shows, auditions, personal profiles and much more.
Student Portal
The NES Portal delivers online course bookings, distance and eLearning to health professionals, alongside Dental Vocational Training Recruitment in Scotland. Please also look at our Publications and How-To podcast streams.
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A decidedly unsettling manifestation comes out of the portal, and the team struggle to cope. (Content warning: This episode contains mentions of child abuse)
The search for an elixir of life is common across mythologies around the world throughout history, with many stories claiming the type extreme longevity found only amongst those between gods and men. However some stories are more compelling than others... Allegedly born in 1677, the infamous Li Ching Yuen was one such extraordinary man, Who’s l ...…
Hear all about it: PPDS Annual General Meeting Season Tickets now on sale Sponsorship Campaign now underway Opening Night Fundraising Gala Oct 17 Auditions: Norm Foster's "Looking" Oct 9 & 10
Boy howdy! Sit back and get ready as the brandt, Bryan, and Kathy review a whole pile of games: Villainous, Newton, Founders of Gloomhaven, Crosstalk, War Chest, and Expancity. They then talk about why they started a podcast about a store and what the goal of the podcast is. Enjoy and thanks for listening to 100 episodes!…
A scourge settled upon the people of Gevaudan in the summer of 1764. A ferocious beast of unknown type, coming from who knows where, attacking the human species, killing individuals, drinking their blood, feasting on their flesh, and multiplying its carnage from day to day… The reign of terror would last three years, and to this day the identit ...…
Saiu o FGcast do grande campeão da copa do mundo Filmes e Games. A Outra Face, de 1997 com John Travolta e Nicholas Cage.
Join Jack Macmillan, Sean Guy, Iona Francis and special guest Thomas Midena as they talk everything Mission Impossible!This episode was originally recorded on August 17th, 2018.Season 2 has officially begun!New episodes, guests, shows, lights, camera, action!CATCH UP ON SEASON 1 - NOW ON ITUNES!Subscribe for future episodes!Follow us on the soc ...…
The Wendigo has a long and terrifying history in the culture of the Algonquin peoples whose nations stretch from the Eastern Seaboard to the Western Prairies through the Great Lakes as far south as Virginia. The Wendigo is known as the dangerous spirit of winter with the ability to transform men, women, and children into a terrifying cannibalis ...…
In this episode, the brandt recalls recent plays of Fist of Dragonstones, GoTown, Hippo, Team Up!, Enchanters, Tiny Epic Defenders, and Oaxaca. Whew! He then bumbles through some things about video games... Hope you enjoy!
Join Jack Macmillan, Sean Guy, returning favourite Iona Francis and special guest Thomas Midena as they discuss the new Oscar category, Moviepass and the importance of dialogue in film. All that and more on the 16th episode of the GB Podcast.This episode was originally recorded on August 17th, 2018.Topic 1 & 2: 11:00 - The new Oscar Category.To ...…
Olivia has just got back from leave, and something isn't right.
Pra vcs que não gostam de nos assistir no youtube, segue o MP3 de mais um FGcast falando de um super clássico!
Portal Players Dramatic Society is back with a new episode of “At The Capitol” featuring special guests Brent Ronning, President; and Elliot Drew, Treasurer; in conversation with host Peter Wienold, coincidentally Vice President of the organization - recorded live in The Capitol Theatre Member's Lounge. [caption id="attachment_1507" align="alig ...…
Part II of The Lost Colony takes a look at some of the predominant theories surrounding the vanishing of the Roanoke Colonists. Special thanks to Historical Blindness for putting together an awesome comprehensive series on the Lost Colony that was instrumental in our research for this episode.
In this episode, the brandt and Bryan recount recent plays of Century: Eastern Wonders, Forbidden Sky, and Coimbra. They then discuss what to do when you get a rule wrong in a game. Thanks for listening!
In this episode, the brandt and kathy talk at length about Rise of Queensdale (no spoilers!), Catalyst, Piepmatz, and A(r)boretum. They also discuss the beautiful CT/RI shoreline area! the brandt finishes with a review of Loup Garou, a graphic novel adventure game from Van Ryder Games. Enjoy!
Join Jack Macmillan, Sean Guy, Iona Francis and special guest Michael van Berkel as they talk everything Ant-Man and the Wasp!This episode was originally recorded on July 22nd, 2018.What did you think of Ant-Man and the Wasp? Is Luis the best character in the MCU? Was Ghost a decent villain? Let us know in the comments!Subscribe for future epis ...…
Download Show Here One Act Plays - Auditions Portal Players is producing a series of two one-act plays in November and invites people interested in acting in them to audition. Two more nights of auditions will be held for “Take Five” and “This Is A Play”, both comedies, about which you can read more below. Auditions are being held on Sunday, Au ...…
The enduring American mystery of Roanoke and its vanished inhabitants remains unsolved to this day and has become an pivotal, intriguing case with clues pulling the search in many different directions. Join us on Into The Portal for an all new adventure steeped in a myriad of conflict between indigenous populations, warmongering privateers, and ...…
Join Jack Macmillan, Sean Guy, returning favourite Iona Francis and special guest Michael van Berkel as they discuss the new trailers that came out of Comic-Con, the James Gunn controversy and sequels. All that and more on the 15th episode of the GB Podcast.This episode was originally recorded on July 22nd, 2018.Topic 1: 1:02 - the 'Glass' Trai ...…
In this bonus episode Into The Portal investigates additional evidence, theories and revelations surrounding the unusual sightings of large predatory cats in Australia.
It’s the inaugural episode of At The Capitol with Portal Players, the new podcast all about our theatre company and where we perform and play. In this episode, we chat with Carrera Schroeder, director of Little Shop of Horrors; and with Melissa Lowe, a member of the trio in the show. Recorded live at Denman Island on August 13, 2018, we learn t ...…
Since the 1800's there have been stories of massive predatory cats roaming the forest lands of the Australian outback. And even earlier indigenous folklore told of creatures such as the Yarri, a dangerous marsupial cat that perhaps once inhabited mountainous areas thousands of years ago. To this day there are reports from witnesses who have spi ...…
In this episode, the brandt is recovering from GenCon and he recounts recent plays of Raids, Jurassic Park: Danger!, Root, Villainous, and Maiden's Quest. He then discusses review and demo copies of games. Enjoy!
Estamos de volta para falar de mais um super clássico, excelente para muitos, nem tanto para outros, Highlander, O Guerreiro Imortal de 1986, com Sean Connery e Christofer Lambert.
Join Jack Macmillan and Sean Guy in this review/recap of Solo: a Star Wars Story.Jack does his best to recap the movie to Sean.This review was originally recorded on June 26th, 2018, the anniversary of the first GB Podcast.Season 2 has officially begun!New episodes, guests, shows, lights, camera, action!CATCH UP ON SEASON 1 - NOW ON ITUNES!Subs ...…
A short preview episode introducing Portal Players' new podcast, At The Capitol.
In this episode, we present our annual "driving home from GeonCon" format. Bryan, the brandt, Larry Plano, and Gary Pope (from latetothetable) tells us all about their GenCon 2018 experience and all the games they played. Enjoy or longest episode to date!
Join Jack Macmillan and Sean Guy as they talk about their favourite Movies so far from 2018, the lead up to Avengers: Infinity War, Felix's departure from Giant Blue and what the future holds for this channel. All that and more on the 14th episode of the GB Podcast (or Season 2, Episode 1).This episode was originally recorded on June 26th, 2018 ...…
The UFO phenomena is an incredibly dense and complex subject, one that often leaves us with more questions than answers. In some unique cases, we are left with material traces from close encounters with the unknown. Join Into The Portal as we explore such cases as presented in a comparative survey by prominent Ufologist Jacques Vallée, and disc ...…
In 1947 there were a series of bizarre encounters with Unidentified Flying Objects across the United States. Roswell, New Mexico became a household name. In Washington, a spree of sightings would unfold bringing to the modern world the concept of the ‘flying saucer’ and possibly the first instance of Men in Black. Join us on Into The Portal as ...…
Voltamos a falar de uma das melhores séries de terror de todos os tempos, A Hora do Pesadelo, com o fantástico Freddy.Desta vez dissecamos o quarto filme da série, A Hora do Pesadelo 4.
In this episode, the brandt recounts recent plays of Noxford, Prowler's Passage, and Hellapagos. He then discusses his "Don't miss! OK games." Enjoy and thank you so much for listening!
So many explorers have fallen through the cracks of history, shunned away into the dark places that lie somewhere between reality an myth. The tales of early Irish Christians spoke of one such man name St. Brendan, who sailed the North Atlantic establishing very real monasteries along his way. But legends also tell of Brendan embarking on anoth ...…
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