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Mountains of the Costa Dorada. Audioguides.
We've got issues. College friends Andrew and Zanthe find themselves twenty five years later in different "tribes", on opposite sides of the political and gender divide. They decide to stop arguing on social media and hash things out face to face. But in a nice way.
Check every week the best of Tech house music , with dj E.X.Pfor more infos
Mountains of the Costa Dorada. Audioguides.
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So many triggers, so little time. And we went a whole hour this time. We also debut a new game, which needs a title (Toby).
This weeks episode, Milquetoast Apologist comes after an exhausting week of Kavanaugh. We talk about that a bit, and map out the upcoming Civil War II.
Don't download this one. And don't stream it, either on podbean or itunes. There is a MONSTER at the end of this podcast!
This week, we tackle the big story, Elon Musk.... and is Melania a great first lady, or the greatest first lady. Also you know, gender stuff.
This week we talk Infowars, discuss our meeting John K Delaney presidential candidate, and we start to craft the Democratic platform on immigration. (You are welcome DNC).
Z to A college reunions edition, episode 17: We play Not my Tribe with moderate success. And the cost of political wins in today's divisive climate. And by climate, we mean rain.
This week we are coming in hot. Not my Tribe synchronicity! Jinx! And are liberals to blame for Trump?
This week we have Not My Tribe, where we talk Cohen, Kanye, and Coral Reefs. And then, of course, Sex Robots. Discussion question: Porn Star vs. Prostitute, compare and contrast.
Who is the real untouchable, Trump or Comey? In episode 14 we tackle the G-man archetype and prep Zanthe to grill James Comey. Plus: Not My Tribe, the most original and groundbreaking game in the history of streaming media.
In Episode 13 Zanthe and Andrew play Not My Tribe!, and we go deep deep deep on the NYT Obituaries.
Abandon All Hope. Zanthe and I discuss the Oscars, Hope Hicks, and practically no bodily fluids whatsoever. Did I set a trap for Zanthe or did she walk right into it? You decide.
We are really sorry about the title, let's say that right up front. This week we fight about the Olympics and (somehow) that other thing. And ... why would anyone work for the government? (The travel perks, obviously.)
A deep track, our White Album, the one that signaled exhaustion with the usual, and a change up ahead. For the Z to A purist it could be everything you ever wanted.
In Episode 9 Zanthe and Andrew take on immigration, Oprah2020, and imagine what Trump's Dungeons & Dragons character sheet might look like.
Our year end wrap up show. We cover Kirsten Gillibrand, Steve Bannon and Satan but you shouldn't necessarily draw any conclusions from that.
What does Al Franken have to do with espresso? We bet you can't guess. We play Not my Tribe. And Andrew thinks Zanthe might be right (about what episode this is).
We play Zanthe's new game, Whatabout my whatabout. And we make podcast history by linking mantis shrimp and Gwyneth Paltrow.
We play Not my Tribe!, we look at the harassment backlash, and we wonder what Andrew means by decoupling.
Our first guest! Comedian Bill Dawes stops by to play Not My Tribe, and gives us his professional take on Louis CK. Also, women take over the Greenwich elections. And Zanthe thinks our problems always seem to involve men.
In Episode 3, Zanthe puts Andrew on the spot for Not My Tribe!, we talk about why we fight, and we agree that Trump is perfect for the job he was hired to do (!!!?).
We talk about "me too", whether sexual harassment is really all about power, and of course, Not My Tribe. And Andrew doesn't really kick a dog.
Hi , enjoy this new liveset 1 E.X.P - mute 2 Mark prades - get down 3 Mark prades - khalil 4 Mark prades - the vibe 5 Mark prades - light cycle 6 Audio - billy say go ( .E.X.P remix ) 7 Rocket Surgery - Dum (E.X.P remix ) 8 Mark Prades - Manderlay 9 Mark Prades - Natalia 10 Mark Prades - Kadja 12 A boy and a radio - Continuum ( E.X.P remix) 11 ...…
1 E.X.P - New level Intro 2 E.X.P - Villa Rouge 3 E.X.P - Manderlay 4 E.X.P - Gateway 5. E.X.P - Vibe 6. E.X.P - Light Cycle 7 E.X.P - Khalil 8 Kdrive & Giman - Ready for sorrow (E.X.P remix) 9 Patrice Bauemel - Roar ( E.X.P remix ) 10 E.X.P - Natalia 11 E.X.P - Roll the Dice 12 E.X.P - Come on down 13 E.X.P - Plume 14 E.X.P - Ninkasi 15 E.X.P ...…
1 - intro2 - E.X.P - Mute3 - E.X.P - Prommer4 - Ready For Sorrow pt.2 E.X.P remix )5 - Continuum ( E.X.P remix )6 - E.X.P - What the fuck7 - Roar ( E.X.P remix )8 - Circle in my mind ( E.X.P remix )9 - Billy_says_go(E.X.P remix) 10 - Dum ( E.X.P remix )11 - deesgustocosmicow (E.X.P remix )12 - E.X.P - Cloud 913 - E.X.P DeadStar14 - E.X.P Dial 7 ...…
A techno minimal trip , between groove , house and experimental music, eachweek meet the best tunes in minimal techno. playlist 01"eurasia" marc romboy vs gui boratto 02"Earth" Butch 03"this" alex kenji 04"4am"l.exx aurel 05"trapped(dousk remix)" kasey taylor 06"state open" andreas henneberg 07"can you relate" samuel l session 08"pink boots"tho ...…
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