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Part Of The Problem
Dave Smith expounds upon current events, our government, foreign policy, and all things Libertarian. He is part of the new generation of pundits. He'll educate you and open your eyes to the possibility of a truly free nation. The newest 15 episodes are always free, but if you want access to all the archives, watch live, chat live, access to the forums, and get the show a week before it comes out everywhere else - you can subscribe now at and use the code POTP to save 15 ...
The show that discusses anything pop culture! From movies, video games, TV, comic books and more tune in for Pop Culture Problems!
Real people. Real problems. Real talk. Normally, therapy sessions are totally confidential — but this podcast opens the doors. Hillary McBride and her clients want to help demystify mental health. No actors. No auditions. No artifice.
Problem Solvers
From Entrepreneur magazine, Problem Solvers features business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side happy, wealthy, and growing. Host Jason Feifer, Entrepreneur's editor in chief, pulls these stories out so that other businesses can avoid the same hardships.
A comprehensive list of every problem in the universe.
Lady Problems
Lady Problems navigates being a feminist pop-culture junkie. Join hosts Rachel Handler, Teo Bugbee, Hazel Cills and a rotating cast of female geniuses like Mara Wilson, Phoebe Robinson, and Stacy London as they dissect how pop culture treats women each week. (Spoiler alert: It is almost always "terribly.") We'll be here unpacking our favorite Fucked Up Films (In A Good Way) About Women, wondering whether we can guiltlessly watch "Louie," solving our listener's own Lady Problems, or sharing p ...
What‘s so weird and wonderful about Finland? British writer and Helsinki resident Joel Willans, the creator of Very Finnish Problems, and best-selling author of 101 Very Finnish Problems: The Foreigner’s Guide to Surviving in Finland, discusses, with a variety of fascinating guests, life in his much-loved, adopted country.Contact: veryfinnishproblems@inktank.fiProduced by Thomas Nybergh / Ink Tank Media
1990s Problems
When was the last time you actually watched one of your "favourite ‘90s TV shows” you love to bring up half-drunk in the pub? Revisiting the Saturday morning fare you watched in your pyjamas, slurping Coco Pops and carefully crafting 10p texts, Ross Drummond and Ali Plumb work out whether Sabrina The Teenage Witch and her brightly-coloured ‘90s brethren still stand up in the cold light of the 21st century. HERE COMES THE COMEDY!!1!
Exploring God's truths and how we can find His best for us in our everyday lives.
Published in 1912, The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell is one of his most popular books. It renders philosophical issues and questions in a way in which they become relevant and accessible to the man or woman on the street, provoking them to devote time and effort into thinking about these aspects of life. Here, the great philosopher and humanist thinker Bertrand Russell examines the importance of empirical (that which can be verified by observation or experience rather than deduc ...
All the problems in the universe, in descending order.
An advice podcast featuring legendary character actor Stephen Tobolowsky and his co-host and producer David Chen.
Solutions to Problems is a Dear Prudence style advice podcast set on a space station in some version of the future hovering over some version of Earth. Join us every other Friday for advice on work, relationships, time travel paradoxes, and the occasional brain parasite. Now available on RadioPublic. For more information and episode transcripts, visit us at
what's ur problem
People send us their weird or depressing personal problems and we give them terrible advice or make fun of them. No personal growth allowed. Bonus content:
The Women to Women podcast is a weekly show focused on discussing natural remedies for many of the health issues facing women today. Each episode centers around specific issues, such as natural treatments for hormonal imbalance, managing the effects of menopause, guidance for managing hot flashes, mood swings and PMS. All of the advice given on Women to Women was developed by healthcare professionals and is based in the belief that natural healing is the best healing.The goal of this podcast ...
The podcast that makes sitting in your cubicle entertaining. Hosted by Will deFries, David Ruff, and Dillon Chevere.
This is a video podcast of solutions to example problems from Dr. Beyersdorf's Physics 50 class at San Jose State University. Several episodes will be published each week including solutions to the previous week's homework and examples that may be useful in understanding current homework or preparing for upcoming exams.
Welcome to SelfWork! Do you have things in your life you want to change, but you struggle to believe you can? Dr. Margaret has a direct, down-to-earth approach to therapy and treatment, and uses her twenty years of experience to guide you in making the changes you want. No psychological jargon here! Rather, she uses a solution-oriented approach to depression, anxiety, trauma or grief - what Dr. Margaret calls, "What you can do about it." Subscribe today!
Mark Renneson answers your questions about all things pickleball. Call 1-833-PICKLEB to leave your question.
All the problems in the universe, in descending order--without Maddox's edits.
Power Problems
Power Problems is a bi-weekly podcast from the Cato Institute. Hosts Trevor Thrall and Emma Ashford offer a skeptical take on U.S. foreign policy, and discuss today’s big questions in international security with guests from across the political spectrum. Podcast Hashtag: #FPPowerProblems.
Lecture delivered before the International Congress of Mathematicians at Paris in 1900 and subsequently published in the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society Vol. 8 (1902), 479-481.
All the problems in the universe, in descending order.
All the problems in the universe, in descending order.
This is a collection of essays, edited by Booker T. Washington, representative of what historians have characterized as "racial uplift ideology." These and other similar narratives of the time were a reaction to the gradual erosion of the African-American's civil rights across the United States that began during Reconstruction. - Summary by James K. White
The Problems of Philosophy is one of Bertrand Russell's attempts to create a brief and accessible guide to the problems of philosophy. Focusing on problems he believes will provoke positive and constructive discussion, Russell concentrates on knowledge rather than metaphysics.Russell guides the reader through his famous distinction between "knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description" and introduces important theories of Plato, Aristotle, René Descartes, David Hume, John Locke, Im ...
Frank Albert Fetter was an American economist of the Austrian school, but referred to himself as a member of the “American Psychological School” instead. Fetter contested the position that land is theoretically distinct from capital, arguing that such a distinction was impractical. His stand on this issue led him to oppose ideas like the land value tax. Fetter also asserted that just as the price of each consumer good is determined solely by subjective value, so the rate of interest is deter ...
The not so Muslim, Muslim podcast.
What's Your Problem?
Talk therapy based podcast with comedians @justydodge and @richietolway Every Monday!Music by:
For several years before his death Professor William James cherished the purpose of stating his views on certain problems of metaphysics in a book addressed particularly to readers of philosophy. He began the actual writing of this 'introductory text-book for students in metaphysics,' as he once called it, in March, 1909, and to complete it was at last his dearest ambition. But illness, and other demands on his diminished strength, continued to interfere, and what is now published is all tha ...
Podcast by Cierra Erwin
Brought to you by Detroit is Different, His Fault Her Problem Podcast is about love, lovers. The show features two black women who seek to uncover the issues that lead to the steadily declining rate of marriage in the African American community and find resolve. In each episode, co-hosts Chari Reeves and Eboni Rousell engage in thought-provoking and insightful conversation with guests. Diving into issues related to the social and cultural dynamics of dating and relationships; the dialogue is ...
Each podcast is a presentation of a single problem that will help you stretch your imagination and critical thinking skills before you start problem solving. The problems are formulated to not have a single “correct” answer but to give you the opportunity to have an open discourse on different approaches to a solution.
Pencil Problems
Kent Fenwick (@kentf) and Nick Shim (@nim342) talk about their side projects, their day jobs, technology, the future, philosophy, 90s action movies, and much much more.
Join Problem Pat as he takes on the 90 Day NoFap challenge. Expect to hear self-development tips, entrepreneurship talk as well as girl advice. Transmute that sexual energy and level up with Problem Pat!
Hinge Problems
With Chris and Rudie
Boy Problems
A podcast where women talk about (fake) men. Coming Soon.
Problem Solver
Problem Solver is Blue Rock’s premier advice radio show, answering questions of all shapes and sizes from all across Blue Rock. Tune in or call in and let the Problem Solver solver your problem!
Firehouse Problems Kitchen Table Solutions is a podcast about the fire service. We discuss everyday firehouse problems around the kitchen table. We also have regular guests from around the country who share their experiences in emergency services. Hosts: Captain Seth Rainwater and Will Silvey
Society is out of control and the world has become a twisted place. How do we make sense of this all? Are only hope is to turn to the insane, the deranged, the psychotic maniac of carnage himself. Locked away in Arkham Asylum in a padded off white room for more than ten years, we now turn to him. Through his good service and our desperation, he has been granted partial immunity and given a podcast to lend us a better understanding of what the rabbit hole really looks like. without further ad ...
Global Problems of Population Growth - Audio
Welcome to Get Pregnant Naturally. Where Functional Medicine and Natural Fertility solutions will help you get pregnant and have your baby. My mission is to inspire, motivate and empower you! Most of all I want you to wake up! With Functional Medicine, we can discover what causes infertility and eventually reverse the condition.
A twisted take on the advice column. And you can hear it. Because it’s a podcast. And it’s comedy.
Website dedicated to and from the perspective of Blerds (Black Nerds). We tackle all subjects for your nerd pedigree
Name wrong on your Starbucks cup? Torn strap on your sandal? Your kid poop on you for the millionth time? This podcast is for you! We're just a couple of geeky chicks complaining about mild annoyances and poop jokes. SO MANY poop jokes.
It's for sure a real show, I promise.
Welcome to More Money No Problems, a personal finance podcast. Hosted by Lisa and Elizabeth Monsen. On each episode we will discuss a new topic from basic budgeting to retirement.
Sermon Title : Don't Live with a Defiled Heart - The Problem of Pornography A Sermon from Faith Baptist Church, Corona, NY, on The sermon is about overcoming the sin nature towards ungodly sex, untamed sexual desires, and the addiction of Pornography in a person's life Sermon with selected Bible Text references from Matthew 5:27-30. If you would like more info, look us on the web at
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I’ll be talking about borderline personality disorder today and of the exhaustion and guilt that someone who’s trying to love then can feel. You’ll rarely if ever be enough due to their immense and irrational fears of abandonment. I’ll offer nine ways to try to ease that guilt — it’s hard work but boundaries and strict communication guidelines ...…
Where is the location for your company's perfect headquarters?By (Craig Damlo).
Will's girlfriend Sally is in the stu to help us answer listener voicemails about wedding photos, best men, dirty apartments, and flat-earthers. Plus, Barrett Dudley stops by for the second half of the show to answer more questions about table side guacamole, tanning oil, and llamas.
Amazon is EVERYWHERE! They are slowing taking over the world and... my heart. John and Josh discuss how Amazon has become such a giant and where we go from here. P.S. You can say "Alexa, Play Podcast Pop Culture Problems"
It's hometown week, and there's a lot to talk about. What's really going on with Colton (and his alleged virginity)? Who's the front runner? Who's lined up to be the next Bachelor? We answer those questions and hand out a few awards of our own.We'll be back with a standard Touching Base episode Thursday.…
A conclusion as to whether or not Dillon could take a cheetah, a jaguar runs rampant in a New Orleans zoo, Micah threw a taco party, Dave had a weird gym interaction, and we recap #SuperSage's MMA fight this past Saturday.
Monica Cox joins us today as we dig into the autoimmune protocol and how it can help improve your fertility. Monica is stay at home mom, who puts in the hours around her little ones. She focuses on woman's fertility health, including IUI/IVF support. She is a qualified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner ®, which means she's here to ...…
Raquel Tavares, founder and CEO of a ghee company called Fourth & Heart, had just finished raising a round of funding -- and then her team looked at the company's numbers and realized they were almost out of money. How did this happen? The answer is simple: The company wasn't properly tracking its inventory and cost of raw materials, and now it ...…
Perfectionism is one of the chief traits of Perfectly Hidden Depression. We’re going to be talking about confronting perfectionism – the first thing is to realize you’re not going to do it perfectly. I’ll share other important hurdles to recognize as you begin the difficult task of undoing a perfectionistic streak in yourself that only adds int ...…
Will questions Dillon's 90s TV knowledge, we talk about the new Instagram Questions feature, and we wish our good friend Super Sage Northcutt luck in This Weekend In Fun.
How long much of a reduction in travel time would be significant for places you travel?By (Craig Damlo).
People are noticing that our political parties aren’t making good on any of their promises. This has created an opening for party outsiders like Donald Trump to take over the right and the rise of Democratic Socialist on the left. Dave breaks down the current political landscape and gives his opinion on a New Republic article titled: Bernie San ...…
Defying your parents, "deliberately disobeying", deceiving servants, trespassing, hanging with the wrong crowd, acting entitled, general deviant behavior and the list goes on... does that sound like a good cub to you? John and John discuss who the real villain of the Lion King is... Simba.
Becca and her harem are off to the Bahamas and we're back to break it all down. There's three one-on-one dates, and we're down to the final four. Check back for hometowns next week.We're back with a regular episode of Touching Base Thursday.
Jim Goldgeier The Americans Deborah D. Avant, The Market for Force: The Consequences of Privatizing Security Nick Bostrom, Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies Steve Coll, Directorate S: The CIA, and America's Secret Wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, and Bruce Patton, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement W ...…
Dave's group text got the devastating blow of someone announcing their low testosterone and he comes through with some clutch unsolicited movie and TV recommendations. Also covered: the garter toss being weird at weddings, Will can't wear his new shoes with all this rain we're getting, and Dillon is (still) addicted to Bird Scooters.…
Tara McCann joins us today as we are digging into gluten and the impact on your fertility. Tara McCann is a women’s health coach specializing in preconception health and fertility. Tara struggled for over 2 years to get pregnant with her first child. All through that journey, Tara learned to trust her body’s intuition, nourish herself with ...…
Dave explains why He's joining the LP, the goal of the Mises Caucus and why you should join the movement to get a true Libertarian into the presidential race. Next up, is Donald trumps Montana speech, the funniest moments, the absurd claims from the mainstream media and Elizabeth Warrens response to being called out for not being a native ameri ...…
Bipolar disorder is a mental illness many people don’t understand and can be difficult to diagnose. Being moody is one thing. But being bipolar means your emotions can swing from high to low, with no apparent (and that’s an important word) reason for them doing so. Discovering how to manage bipolar is key to living well with it. In this episode ...…
Happy 5th of July! We're back in the office and we're not particularly happy about it. Dillon is out, so T-Man is in, and he's answering all the hard-hitting questions. We also talk about the holiday, gas up some touchers, and question Dillon's last meal preferences.
Which of the little piggy houses are you going to build for yourself?By (Craig Damlo).
Owen Benjamin and Dave smith talk about the value religion bring to society, the thrill of having kids, why advancing technology won't erode blue color jobs and what Sam Harris gets wrong about various topics. @ComicDaveSmith @OwenComedy Sponsors: Promo code Problem30
Virginia is for lovers, and petty arguments on this episode of "The Bachelorette." We talk about the group date, the one-on-one with Leo, and Dillon names his "Super Bitch of the Season."We're back with another regular episode Thursday. Have a happy 4th.
It's a jammed-packed Monday episode featuring the worst Worst Weekend story yet, lots of animal talk, Dave smoking those meats, Dillon's dives, and the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday.Join us again Tuesday for a "Bachelorette" recap episode and Thursday for a traditional show (minus Dillon).
It's perhaps the most terrifying situation an entrepreneur can face: Suddenly, the bank account is nearly empty. You can't pay your staff. You can barely keep the lights on. What now? This is what Saima Khan faced with her high-end cooking company Hampstead Kitchen. She charges a small fortune to cook intimate dinners for industry titans, celeb ...…
This week Matt Lowery from East Pierce Firefighters IAFF Local 3520 sits at the table. Matt talks about his work with their Local and then his decision to put his family first and step back from the his work with the Local and spend more time at home.
Maya Grobel joins us today as we dig into what it takes to be open to all options when starting a family. Maya Grobel is a California licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and psychotherapist who specializes in supporting individuals and couples struggling to conceive. She is a mental health professional member of ASRM (American Society for Re ...…
Rob and Dave discuss the rift in the democratic party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez primary win and threat of Democratic Socialism. @ComicDaveSmith @RobbieTheFIre SPONSORS; Promo code: Problem15 Promo code: Problem25
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