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Letters from a Brisbane doctor posted to the Western Front from 1914 to December 1915. He tells anecdotes of World War I including stories of "de-lousing" an entire regiment, the precise arrangements of the urine trenches and his eyewitness accounts of the battles of Neuve Chapelle and Ypres and a contemporary comment on the Gallipoli campaign. He describes how the enemy rains shells on the ambulances and the retrievals of the wounded from the trenches at night. This was also a time of great ...
Hosted by Charlie McKillop the Queensland Country Hour - the country's finest hour
Listen to weekly chapel sermons and special lectures presented at Queensland Theological College.
Hamish & Paris will be there when you wake up weekday mornings on hit South Queensland.Call in any time between 5:30-9am on 13 12 16.
Business Queensland's "Business learning from business" podcast series gives you powerful insights into other Queensland business owners' tackling the challenges of growth, innovation, resourcing, technology, competition and time.
Have you ever wanted to know how those at the top of their game have built their careers? Do they share your ideas on the current state of the development industry and its future, or do they challenge them? Creating Queensland is a podcast focused on humanising the development industry through: 1. Personal career stories 2. The sharing of ideas
Banksy and Pinky waking you up on the radio every weekday mornings 5 – 9am on Triple M Central Queensland
Trinity College Queensland is the amalgamation of Pilgrim Learning Community, Chaplaincy Education and Trinity Theological College.Trinity College Queensland’s faculty is deeply convinced about the basic teachings of the Christian faith. We stand in the mainstream of a long tradition that, for us, too, works well at explaining the world and helping us negotiate it in a way that brings life, light, joy, harmony, and productivity. Our tradition welcomes the most serious and searching of questi ...
The Kaydo Fishing Radio Show is hosted by fishing guru and fishing identity John Didge with co-host Michael ‘Moorey’ Moore. The latest fishing reports, hotspots, technical talk, interviews and much more. This comical team will keep all entertained as well as keep you informed on where the fish are biting.
Wake up to Mornings with Tim and Jess from 6 AM weekdays on hit Central Queensland!
Wake up with Shad & Carly on hit103.5 Cairns and hit97.9 Tablelands for breakfast each weekday morning! Home of the biggest shows, the hottest gossip, celebrity interviews, and what's hot right now!
"Join CQ's Hottest Brekky Crew... Carly & Lakey! They'll keep you up to date with the lastest trends, the hottest celebs and everything that's going on in CQ. Live every weekday morning from 5am on the new hit Central Queensland."
An early booklet, designed to encourage tourism in the northern parts of New South Wales, and the southern parts of Queensland, particularly the area now in the Gold Coast.(Introduction by Timothy Ferguson)
The Number 1 Rugby League podcast in the world! Nate and Jay recap the week in Rugby League with a focus on NRL. Expect news, results, and previews of the coming round of action along with coverage of the big issues in the game. Winner of iTunes Rewind 2010 Best New Show, finalist in the Sports category in the 2011 World Podcast Awards, and listed on TechRadar's 2018 list of "The best Australian podcasts to listen to right now".
Econ3050 in UQ by Dr. Rabee Tourky
Gay Savvy Podcast
Gay Savvy is a youthful gay friendly radio show based in Brisbane, Aus, providing a mix of local and community events, politics and current affairs, entertainment and music. Freakin' hilarious, it may just change your life!
Josh and Zachary; Rounding out your weekends, Sundays from 2pm on Switch 1197am, Brisbane's Youth Alternative.
I Love Real Estate
From a farm in Central Queensland to downtown Bangkok, to Canberra University and a career as an accountant and economist; to being one of Australia’s most successful property investors, and leading real estate strategist and educator specialising in tax, asset protection and international investment, it’s no wonder Dymphna Boholt is known by many professional and personal contacts as Dymphna the Dynamo!
Beatmixed electronica show by Australia's Cybster DJ
A collection of sermon recordings from our Sunday services.Catch up or re-listen to our pastors via podcast!
Our weekly messages from Outlook Christian Church, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
QEBS Podcasts
Presented by Peter James and Rob Peeler
Christians at the University of Queensland
The Northern Exposure Footy Show, Queensland's number one footy show with Andrew Hamilton and Michael Whiting.
After Leanne's beaten body was found in bushland at Ipswich, Queensland in 1991, her sister's boyfriend, Graham Stafford, was convicted and jailed. However he was set free in 2009 and his conviction quashed on appeal. A retrial was ordered but one did not go ahead. So, who killed Leanne Holland? Over several episodes we will closely examine the history, myths, untruths, and stories surrounding the characters at the very heart of this case. For the first time, a new perspective of this brutal ...
NewLife Podcast
These are the Podcast from Ps Craig Tomkinson and the team at NewLife Church Mackay and Sarina
A regular podcast documenting the art and artists of House Conspiracy, Brisbane's newest contemporary arts space. Conversations and discussions about practice, process, and what makes local creatives and their culture tick.
No-Tolls is an independent political organisation with the aim of electing members to all levels of government with the purpose of keeping publicly owned assets, such as our roads and bridges, toll-free and in public ownership.
Featuring a host of experts, REIQ TV has the latest news and views on the Queensland property market.
Podcast of sermons recorded at Trinity Lutheran Church in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia.
Legendary Radio DJ Chris Caggs Now on Shakedown Radio“As the music industry develops, DJs are soaring to the top of the entertainment list. Headlining major concerts, festivals and a range of events, DJ’ing is more popular than ever and Chris Caggs is leading the way”If you are in any major city around the world, headlining major concerts, festivals just to name a few, DJs are at the top of the music world in our modern society. You don’t just go to nightclubs and parties to watch DJs perfor ...
Earlier this year David Murray, an investigative journalist at The Courier-Mail and author of The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay, was contacted by the family of Rachel Antonio – a teenage girl who went missing in Queensland 18 years ago. She has never been found and her family is still desperate for answers. Murray gained access to material few others had seen and spoke to key people in the town the day Rachel disappeared that could hold the key to finally discovering the truth.
A X-Wing Miniature focused podcast coming to you from sunny Queensland.
This is an early history of the failed attempt to found the colony of North Australia at Gladstone, in what is now Central Queensland. (Summary by Timothy Ferguson)
We are a church community for all ages in Cairns. As part of Churches of Christ in Queensland our desire is to bring the light of Christ to Far North Queensland.
Weekly messages of the Bush Disciples evangelical Christian Church in the St George QLD district.
Podcasts by the Abundant Grasslands Learning Centre, the first Australian Savory Network Hub, located South West Queensland, Australia.
Everyone good, who were once bad, tell a great story. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
The world's most quoted rugby show now gives a local voice to the game in Australia.
Ash, Kip & Luttsy
The Ash, Kip and Luttsy show with Susie O’Neill is Brisbane’s most listened to breakfast radio show. The fact they are good friends is what gives their show its signature relaxed and authentic style. Their good-natured banter, hilarious stitch-ups, and ridiculous stories makes them a favourite throughout South East Queensland with listeners staying tuned in, is similar to hanging out with good mates. The Nova 106.9 breakfast show prides itself on keeping it relevant and real for their listen ...
A Grey Matter
A Grey Matter is for anyone who has ever wondered how we think, feel, reason and move. The Queensland Brain Institute's neuroscience podcast unlocks the wonders of the brain – the complex and mysterious core of who we are. QBI, at The University of Queensland, works to understand the development, organisation and function of the brain.
South East Queensland's only local and live Drive show featuring Luke Bradnam, Libby Trickett & Dobbo. Every weekday afternoon at 3pm on Triple M 104.5 Brisbane and 92.5 Gold FM.
Everyone good, who were once bad, tell a great story. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Catalyst church is a unique church seeking to provoke lasting change by sharing compassion and hope.
The Digital Week explores the nexus between research and industry in the digital economy by weekly commentary by thought leaders in the Brisbane, Queensland and Australian ecosystem. Join Professor Michael Rosemann and Monica Bradley as they investigate and draw inference from digital innovations and technologies on the future business models and jobs.
Newlife Uniting is an evangelical Christian church located in the heart of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Radio COTA
Radio COTA is a weekly podcast hosted by Andy Neil for COTA (Council on the Ageing) Queensland. Each week we explore topical and relevant information for older Queenslanders with in-depth Interviews, News and Event Updates. We're also out and about in the community speaking with Queenslanders of all ages to gather YOUR opinions on a wide range of topics too.
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What have you given up on a whim? We are trying to get Kevin Bacon on the show in 6 calls...Call Number 4. Andy Lee to talk True Stories and more. Comedian Harley Breen talks Pilot week and his show Taboo.
DJ C Major - Let's Get Lit Episode #002 SMH and Axwell and Ingrosso 5th Year Anniversary Soundcloud: 1: 2 Your Speakers Music Video: ...…
Professional eater and Ekka Dagwood Dog eating champion HULKSMASHFOOD joins us for a chat Margaux was thoroughly underwhelmed by the national anthem at the Ekka and wants it changed. What should it be? Dobbo reveals that he was approached by Peter Dutton to join the LNP
Today on the show: 1. Brain Fades 2. 1 in 3 aussies missing teeth 3. Jess faced her fear of snakes 4. Queensland Drought 5. Jess Debraces 6. Botanic to Bridge Results 7. Sgt Wayne Butcher for Botanic to Bridge results 8. Usher with Ash London 9. Bags of Cash 10. Dad Games 11. Dean McCarthy talks Backstreet Boys Drama 12. Coles stores closed Sun ...…
Everyone has random thoughts in the shower. What are you still hanging on to from when you were a kid? Paris thinks Hamish has the Hooping Cough.
Ash tried to be friendly & start a conversation with one of his tradies…he should’ve left it
Highlights include: Susie has her own Spice Girl group…kinda, Ash is starting ethical arguments with one of his tradies, Kip gets messy at public dinners, meet our Bitchelor contestant Celine, unsurprisingly Amber fares better at the Apple Store than Ash, Smarter Than Suse is worth $1100, we review Channel 10’s Pilot Week, we talk adopted famil ...…
Kip’s wife Amber had to get a repair on her iPhone…turns out it was far easier than when Ash tried to do it
Bush Disciples Christian church St George QLD
Geoff continued our Ephesians series by talking about how God helps us grow up into maturity in faith and character. Groups resource CONNECT On Sunday Geoff talked about noticing strong, calm people in chaotic situations. Can you think of a person you know who is a calm, non-anxious presence in times of difficulty? READ Read Ephesians 4:1-16 to ...…
There've been plenty of tools this week but who will reign supreme? Russell Coight has strung some tin cans together and joins us on the line A kiwi bloke has been seen getting clean in a dirty way
Leaders lead people. A leader moves people toward a desired future. However, in this pursuit of leadership a salient question is who leads the leader? In this sermon Rev Nigel Rogers explores the influences prevailing upon Saul’s leadership and how, in this narrative from 1 Samuel 8-13, God’s grace prevails upon God’s leadership of Israel.…
Climate outlook goes from bad to worse for farmers after latest BOM prediction of a drier, warmer spring; Boyne River irrigators running out of water and options as Boondoomba Dam levels plummet; central Queensland chickpea crops hit by frost and low moisture levels; emotional testimonies at the Oakey parliamentary hearing into the PFAS chemica ...…
We caught up with the Honey Badger and we spoke about crazy cass and we found out he has a weird connection to Carly.
After Tim lost 322-0 with his team the Gladstone Mudcrabs a few weeks ago Jess decided to surprise him on the show this morning in Yeppon with the captain of the winning Team! Turns out Tim even loses when it comes to losing!
- Sam Is pregnant so the team want to name her baby or at least give the little thing a middle name - Kip had a special friend Join him and Amber at the beach - Susie Coles Mini Collectibles obsession with a live trade on air
Dobbo has the very latest update on the Wayne Bennett saga Dobbo has cracked it trying to go baby shopping and thrown his toys out of the cot John Hopoate has been suspended for 10 years Johnny Depps Dog or Wife has done something horrendous
On today's show: Pinky is BLAMING IT ON THE MOON- do you? How did you go about the engagement ring? Footy Tipping with Keeley Can you beat Bansky's power bill?
Crocodile farmer succeeds in having H class handgun licence renewed; Australia's campdraft industry pays tribute to legendary stallion Acres Destiny; and, new research attempting to produce iron-free cotton.
Stuff Kids say or as it turns out Sing...over and over and over again. Paris hasn't been to the dentist in 9 years...can you beat that? We are trying to get Kevin Bacon on the show in 6 phone calls...Call number 3 was to his local New York Cafe
Dr Leigh Trevaskis explores 1 Samuel 4-8, highlighting how the Ark of the Covenant, symbolising God’s living presence, revealed subtle traces of idolatry and faith in the hearts of those who related to it; challenging those who hear the text today, to similarly examine their hearts.
Today on the show: 1. What did you sign up for that you didn’t do 2. When were you a bit too keen on a first date 3. KFC MERCH! 4. Revenge Videos punishment 5. Croc Spotted chillin in Gladstone 6. Tim’s Tattoo Ultimatum 7. Coles Little Shop 8. Sgt Wayne Butcher talks his team for Botanic to Bridge 9. Dami Im coming to Gladstone Nov 3 10. Dean M ...…
Highlights include: Susie gives us her review of THE BACHELOR premiere…and re-enacts one of the first meetings! Why is BBQ-Gate actually a thing at the Broncos? Is Ash’s Dad a better Doctor than his actual Doctor? Luttsy couldn’t perform at the races LORD OF THE RINGS star talks his role in Aussie drama BITE CLUB Smarter Than Suse is worth $6,0 ...…
Having met Bachelor Nick on Tuesday, Susie runs her rule of the budding ladies following last night’s premiere episode
After the disastrous round last weekend, the boys look to bounce back!
The Northern Exposure Footy Show, Queensland's number one footy show with Andrew Hamilton and Michael Whiting.
Wednesday Whinge Dobbo 'grills' Wayne Bennett about BBQ-gate The Bachelor kicks off tonight and Margaux reckons she can pick the winner How long did it take you to break something brand new?
Pinky downloaded her first audio book and tells us what she thought of THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A DUCK (thanks auto correct)
Our mate Craig is running in CTM. He was doing a recovery session at The One Life Centre in Rockhampton and Pinky got awkward with him in the sauna.
After speaking with Drought Angels earlier this week, Michael called us with an amazing donation and a few choice words!
Australia’s pork industry warned it risks collusion as it seeks to address oversupply issues; collaborative effort produces new variety of sugar cane; and, growers in the Wide Bay Burnett trial biosolids – or human manure – on macadamia crops.
Tim & Jess chat with Osher Gunsburg ahead of the Bachelor premiere tonight with Nick "honey badger" Cummins!
A first time mum gave birth on her bathroom floor in 9 minutes...Tell us your short labour stories. Your Husband may fancy your are the signs. Dominic Monaghan from Lost, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Bite Club joined Hamish and Paris.
Today on the show: 1. Spell my name 2. Do you want Daylight Savings for Queensland? 3. Steve Smith #1 batsman 4. Pokemon Cards word THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 5. Jess’s last Kardashian News 6. Spinning the wheel to pick a spot for Tim’s Tatt 7. Tim’s Team mate Mark chats Botanic to Bridge Training 8. Osher Gunsberg chats the Bachelor 9. Dean McCarth ...…
It's taken almost 100 episodes and 3yrs, but Real Dad returns to the show, giving us all of the sniffling, "this fuckhead"-ing, Tigers-centric bullshit that you've been missing! Thanks to everyone for the support, tweets, FB comments, nudes, and abuse over the past 8 years, we couldn't have done it without #TWILNation!…
Shakedown Radio Episode #164 feat. Hip Hop and RnBHosted and Programmed by Chris CaggsTracklisting:1. Daecolm - Company2. Melandru and Cat Thompson - Don't Fall In Love3. DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper and Quavo - No Brainer4. G-Wizard and Sefu - Jump!5. Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman6. Cardi B feat Migos - Drip7. Mario - Drowning8 ...…
Luke's seen the most ironic billboard ad ever Dobbo names who believes will be Wayne Bennetts' successor Margaux is flummoxed by the popularity of the Coles Mini Shop
We had a laugh at your Lyric mistakes. We spoke about wedding hashtags after Shad's cousin came up with an amazing one We got a backseat blind date update from Jordan who dated John Carlys conspiracies Area 51 is avdertising for an interesting job!
Growers stand by glyphosate despite landmark US court verdict; a central Queensland grazier fights back against cattle tick; and, mining company Glencore opens the gates to its underground mine in an effort to educate the public.
Today on the show: 1. Shortest relationship you’ve ever been in? 2. You be the judge – Should we ban the kardashians from our show 3. Insatiable new show controversy 4. More Ghost Flingsssss 5. Foot Patch re-introduce 6. UFO sightings 7. Tim’s mum chimes in on the Tattoo 8. RSL is the best place for dating 9. Tim’s Team mate chats Botanic to Br ...…
Call No 2 to try and get Kevin Bacon on the show. Paris Needs a pet. We need to employ bin Chickens. Do left handed people really have it that tough?
Highlights include: Man Crush 5000 today as we speak to Nick Cummins about THE BACHELOR, Susie’s favourite Daddo Brother (Cameron) about sleeping on the streets in FILTHY RICH & HOMELESS & the guys from TradeMutt about raising money for a great cause! We also speak with politician Grace Grace about Ash’s idea to move the EKKA holiday to a Monda ...…
Susie’s embarrassed to admit something from the weekend, but is what she did normal anyway?
Admitting it’s completely new territory for him, Nick Cummins talks behind the scenes of THE BACHELOR ahead of tomorrow night’s premiere
DJ C MAJOR - LETS GET LIT WEDNESDAYS EPISODE 012 - RNB HIP HOP SESSION 3Soundcloud: Mixcloud 1: Mixcloud 2 Blow Your Speakers Music Video: Instagram: Twit ...…
DJ C MAJOR - LET GET LIT WEDNESDAY'S Episode 018 Hip Hop Rap Trap SessionsSoundcloud: Mixcloud 1: Mixcloud 2 Blow Your Speakers Music Video: Instagram: Tw ...…
In this episode I interview Matthew Rose, owner of Rose Scaffolding. Matt might be only 26 but he already wears many hats as passionate scaffolder, successful business owner and employer. We discuss how his company was built, where he is taking it in future and about the ups and downs of owning a scaffolding business with a few guests appearanc ...…
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