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Ratt Talk
A Podcast that talks to local Artists, comedians and individuals that have an input on big issues affecting the country or world today.
Ramblings from the Ratt Trap
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All the way from the East coast, Dee is here to shit the shit Ratt Talk style.
Ep.84: Drunk Talk with Jenn Nangle by Ratt Rodarte
Ratt Talk just doing what we do.
Local band Concrete Sledge joins us in the Ratts Nest!
Our girl, Doll Klaw is back with us to shoot the shit.
Scream queen actress Jennifer Nangle joins us as we talk about life as an actress, horror films, and upcoming projects.
Our last episode ever recorded in Humpcast studio
Ep.76: Summer Vacay! by Ratt Rodarte
fit partners for life johnny and kristen chill with us to talk about there journey in fitness and how it has affected their lives and ours.
The Apaulas are back to share stories, laughs and master Tracks
Episode #4 We discuss Trump, Gibson Guitars, Tolkien, Flat Earthers, and of course, Jack Daniels. With special guest, Bob.
Ep.73: Hanging with the D by Ratt Rodarte
Episode #3 We discuss Prince, North Korea, Uganda, a very hyper plane passenger and becoming internet famous. With special guest, Bob.
Episode #2 We discuss Facebook, Bank of America, the self-immolating man, Pennsylvania’s solution to gun violence, and our pick for president in 2020.
Our first episode, with special guests, Bob and Bob. We discuss Stormy Daniels, President Trump, Stupid Teenagers, Crown Royal, Stupid Conversation, and a heart to heart with Axle Rose.
Best Friend Marissa is in the House!!!
i forgot to post this.
Frank and Jesse are Back Third Time to hang and Talk more drag with us.
Just another episode with Ratt and our buddy Justin
Sunset Couriers members are back chillin!
The Human Extinction is in!!!
Johnny Salazar is back to tell his tale of getting up and out there to make a change in his life.
Ep.62: Daniel comes back! by Ratt Rodarte
happy holidays and happy new year
Star Wars Episode!!!
Bringing you a podcast about nothing but making a dream come true
Onney is back to get us DRUNK!!! oh and we try to be beer connoisseurs... Try.
Having some fun for my Birthday!!!
Recap of Ozzfest meet Knotfest with Knot-buddies Kris and John.
The Apaulas out of Norwalk Ca hang out to talk music, EP and more.
Comedian Michelle Stevenson joins us in the studio to talk comedy, viral videos, and, as always, shoot the shit with us.
Roadie and heavy metal enthusiast Bria Betrice is in to tell us her adventures being on the road and meeting our heroes of the genre.
Hanging out with Fred and Gabriel of Sunset Couriers talking music and having fun.
Comedian Dan Pena is in studio today to tell us a little about his first introduction into comedy and Dan also shoots the shit with us as well.
Returning guests Steve Rodgers and Onney are back to fill the air with their stories of personal haunts and some of their favorite hollowed memories.
This week we got our Friend Travis in telling us the many adventures and duties he fulfilled while serving our country in the Navy.
Ladies of sCUM are back talking more drag, the spirit of sCUM and what it was like being young queers making it in their scene.
Solo Artist Doll Klaw drops in to hang out and tell us a little about her music, how she started her solo career and has fun talking shit as always.
Summer comes to an end and so does our break. Vince Amanda and myself are back to bring you more Ratt Talk
Ryan D and steve stop in for a convo in this midsummer episode.
Another episode of Ratt Talk with buddy and beer enthusiast Jeff, talking shit and making laughs.
Hanging out with our good friend Derian talking shit and living life.
Classical guitar enthusiast and Ratt Talk listener Daniel Salazar is in studio with us talking about why he loves what he does and we get into a topic discussion of the recently rebooted films.
Buddy podcast In Too Deep is back to shoot the shit with Ratt.
Amanda and i are Back talking more shit and shooting more stuff.
On this episode, Drag queens Lady Forbidden and Physique are in to tell their story of getting into drag for the first time and the empowerment it makes you feel.
Mike saves the episode by coming in an making a show that had nothing to a show that has masturbation, drugs and of course, comedy.
Vincent and Amanda are back and this time we got Onney. we discuss random topics and shoot the shit like we were kicking it old school.
Steve Rodgers is back with us to announce his pilot he has been filming is DONE! we also discuss our excitement for the new Gaudians of the Galaxy movie and future Marvel movies and the all new Deadpool Animated series.
We are back with sCUM! A group of queer punks creating their own scene not only in the punk scene but for the gay and queer community as well.
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