Best Reef podcasts we could find (Updated August 2018)
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Welcome! This podcast is dedicated to Advanced Aquarists’s Online Magazine viewers. The goal of this podcast is to learn from other advanced aquarists by going behind the scenes and interviewing the individuals responsible for maintaining and designing public aquarium systems such as zoos.
Reef Threads Podcast
In weekly podcasts, Gary Parr and Christine Williams discuss interesting forum-thread subjects, magazine articles, and other topics of interest to coral-reef aquarium hobbyists.
ReefTutor by, is one of three video podcasts by AmericanReef. Created in 2007, this video series contains nearly 200 educational video tutorials that will provide simple tips, tricks, techniques and products which will allow you to keep a successful coral reef aquarium or saltwater marine tank. We are currently in Season 4, if you would like access to Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3, you need to subscribe. The subscription is a $4.99 monthly subscription (billed every 6 mont ...
Welcome to AmericanReef’s Saltwater and Coral Reef Aquarium Product Showcase This podcast is dedicated to marine fish and coral reef hobbyists. The goal is to review and demonstrate products that will help you to keep a successful saltwater swim tank or coral reef aquarium. Click subscribe and episodes will automatically be downloaded to iTunes!! If you choose to watch it via the web browser, it is only compatible with Firefox. If you are interested in the husbandry side of reef-keeping and ...
Reef News Network
Reef News Network is a weekly podcast dedicated to the saltwater enthusiast and Reefkeeping hobbyist. Every week your hosts Peter and Jeremy will bring to you industry news, tips, listener calls, featured topics and special guests. This show is fun and upbeat while being educational and informative, so remember keep your eyes on your tank and your ears in the reef!
Reef Frenzy Radio
Our podcast will feature content designed to educate, inform and entertain those involved with the reef hobby. We intend to host guests who will discuss topics ranging from nutrition, breeding, equipment and the industry in general.
Reef Addicts
Reef keepers of all levels of experience can benefit from this addictive show.
Emmy award winning cinematographer, Marine biologist and shark tracker Richard Fitzpatrick catches up with Andy Ridley, founder of Earth Hour and CEO of Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.
Reef and Jameson
Amazing things most definitely will be happening
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This week on the Reef News Network we have the long awaited and overdue Team Fritz interview from RAP NY.
Ban the straw, stolen sharks and get on your cycle and ride! This week special guest host Rachel Fogel joins us to talk all about tank cycles and common myths and misconceptions. In addition, we laugh a lot, screw up words, hear about stolen sharks and get updates on The Mega Awesome Shrimp Bowl Build Contest. All this and more on episode 23 of ...…
On this episode of AmericanReef, Mike & SanJay discuss the trials and tribulations SanJay has had with his new Butterfly and Montipora saltwater aquarium. As always, send any questions to Americanreef@me.comBy (
Ocean cleanup project, Sharkweek shark facts & Rhythm and FLOW for your reef. This week we get fluid and talk flow, we will get into power heads, gyres, closed loops and more. Many people consider flow one of the key if not THE key parameter when it comes to a successful reef tank. Hop in the undertow and take a ride with us as we talk about ab ...…
This week on AmericanReef, Kevin from Top Shelf Aquatics reviews the specifics of designing the largest retail nano fish and Invert system in central Florida and maybe the United States! As always, send all questions to Americanreef@me.comBy (
Big Shrimpin' Contest Info session, Eradicating Rats for the reef and Euphyillia this or Euphyillia that. This week on the Reef News Network we dive deep into the Hammers, Spawns and Torches. We will geek out with some science, talk about care and propagation and as always wrap up with tips and tricks. In addition, we talk more about the Shrimp ...…
We keep rollin, rollin, rollin... Cleaner shrimp communicate with fish, The eclipse flame angel, MAJOR contest announcement! RNN has turned 20, weeks that is and this week we talk with Rachel Fogle about a MAJOR contest we are doing, review some new products we are running on the RNN tanks as well as recap some of our favorite moments from the ...…
A shrimp named after Hobbits, an educational game about saving the ocean & an interview with CaribSea's Judd McCracken. This week we learn all about how CaribSea makes the live sand we all love and use as well as some VERY cool rock work products. Jeremy geeks out in his news article and well I guess I do too! All this and more on episode 19 of ...…
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