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Audiobook version of "Owning Regina: My Unexpected Passion For Another Woman" Genres: Lesbian, Romance, Fiction, BDSM, Erotica When television commercial production coordinator Meg Curtis gets stood up by her longtime boyfriend, she vents her frustration by feverishly writing in a diary. At a time when she is unsure about all things romantic, she encounters 5th grade teacher Regina Baker at yoga class, a free-spirited single mom who is beautiful, playful, and impossibly intriguing. What star ...
Perfectly Imperfect is the show where Christine and Regina share their stories as women openly and honestly. Listen in on their conversations as they talk about everything and anything from defining their self worth to laughing about awkward first dates. So grab a cup of coffee and let's share all the feels! xoxoNew episodes every TUESDAY!
Sermons in plain English on Catholic dogma, doctrine, and devotion
Regina, Regina!
Regina (n.) A pseudonym you assign to a person whom you want to gossip about without using their name.
Faith Baptist Church Regina Sk.
Listen in on messages from Regina Apostolic Church
Dark times for British Catholics hung over England in the days of King Henry VIII. Henry, influenced by the hated Thomas Cromwell, fell into opposition with them, suppressing them, and closing religious houses. In that period a famous shrine, erected centuries earlier at Walsingham and dedicated to our Lady, drew people from far and near for it was a favorite place of pilgrimage and the site of many miracles.On their grandmother's and uncle's farm, far removed from this scene of persecution, ...
Regina's Podcast
Long before paid Master Teachers and Coaches, new teachers depended on random acts of kindness.
Regina Fraudcast
Fraudcast for the Regina Area.
You know that one movie you and everyone you know absolutely loves? Regina's never heard of it. This makes Matt angry. This is their story.
Join me for prophetic insights, fresh revelations and exciting content! We have some things we need to talk about! Stay tuned for upcoming episodes daily!
We Love Regina
This is a podcast to celebrate Regina. We have a great city and we don't brag enough about it but this will start to change that.
Via Apostolica Regina - Sermon Podcast
Dr. Regina Hernandez provides a platform to support teachers and to showcase educators from diverse backgrounds in an engaging and authentic dialogue about public education.
A Marketing Blog in Regina, Saskatchewan. A research focused approach to the new world of marketing and business strategy. Practically Radical, Purple Cow, Permission based Marketing.
I Love Regina Real Estate gives you weekly insider tips and tricks - for buyers, sellers, and industry pros - on how to up your real estate game in the Regina area. We help you learn about real estate in Regina,Saskatchewan, Canada.
Weekly tools and tips to cultivate your best business and best life!
Uncensored and Unofficial. A Weekly podcast covering the Regina Pats. Fans perspective of the historic WHL franchise
Faith Baptist Church, Regina, SK: People Loving God and Others
Ramblings of A Guy From Regina is a podcast about films, filmmaking, tv, music, comics, storytelling and whatever tickles the fancy of podcaster Luke Annand.
A year long sermon series covering the basics of the Christian faith as presented in the Heidelberg Catechism. If you'd like to listen to the entire "52 Weeks" series by Rev. Brian Cochran, download/read the Heidelberg Catechism, or learn more about Redeemer Reformation Church please visit our web-site at
The weekly sermon podcast of Rev. Brian Cochran, Pastor of Redeemer Reformation Church in Regina Saskatchewan. To listen to more sermons by our pastor or to learn more about Redeemer Reformation Church please visit our web-site at
A pop culture podcast about ladies who use magic. Hosted by Regina Flath and Derrick Sanskrit.
RezXperts features a Canadian Indigenous - Aboriginal perspective in todays world, providing interviews, commentary, and discussion on current affairs, news, politics, culture, lifestyles, and more.
In the News
The podcast talking news and politics from western Canada
Every Sunday at Redeemer Reformation Church in Regina, SK we have a Korean language service at 2:30PM. Pastor SungYong Kim, an ordained missionary from Korea, preaches expository, Christ-centered, sermons so that Koreans can hear the Gospel proclaimed in their own language. To learn more about the Korean ministry in Regina visit
With Heart and Mouth
A sermon series covering the basics of the Christian faith as presented in the Belgic Confession of Faith. If you'd like to listen to more sermons by Rev. Brian Cochran, read the Belgic Confession, or learn more about Redeemer Reformation Church please visit our web-site at The title of this podcast is taken from Rev. Danny Hyde's excellent commentary on the Belgic Confession of Faith, "With Heart and Mouth."
Massey Twins
Tommy and Bobby Massey are nine year old twins from Saskatchewan. We are big fans of the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Tigers, and Pittsburgh Penguins... One of us loves playing hockey, the other loves playing basketball...These are our adventures and things we are just plain curious about.Shop for MasseyTwins Merchandise: our Facebook page: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: http:// ...
Diva Talk Radio
Welcome to DivaTalkRadio. Our weekly shows are dedicated to women of all ages to Empower, Motivate, and Encourage them in all aspects of their lives. So slip on your favorite stilettos and join us. Your Diva-licious host is Kelli Claypool.
DrLeAnne Deardeuff
Hi, I am a Natural Healing Consultant/Chiropractic Physician. My interests are anything to do with health, nutrition, and anything natural! My intent is to lift and inspire others to come to optimal health in all aspects of their lives.
A program for teachers, parents, guardians, counselors and anyone who is regularly baffled by the process of trying to raise, teach, reach, coach or manage teens and tweens. The teen mind is different from the adult mind and Dr. Regina Lamourelle and her guests bring you the latest insights in neuroscience to help you make sense of adolescents.
In compliance with council directive EX10-63, the Queen City Improvement Bureau broadcasts their weekly meetings from a forgotten sub-basement office deep beneath city hall. On Twitter as @QueenCityIB. Online at Broadcasts live on real radio, Thurs 7 to 8 pm CST on 91.3 CJTR Regina's community radio station (
USACollegeChat is a weekly podcast for parents and high school students about the world of college options hosted by Regina Paul and Marie Segares. USACollegeChat is a program of Policy Studies in Education, a non-profit organization with over 40 years of success in engaging parents and school boards in K-12 education. For more information, including detailed show notes with links to all the colleges mentioned in each episode, visit Connect with us! Follow us on F ...
A Podcast about the CBS show "The Unit"
My name is Kathy Waite, Your Net Worth Manager . My business is money makeovers. I offer a financial facelift that will realistically transform the money you currently have so you can stop worrying , start living , doing the things that matter to you guilt free. Lets turnaround the way you think about money. Plans before products!
with Regina Cates
Regina McRae, host of this weekly business show, is owner of Grandma's Secrets, NY's only dessert delivery company. Regina likes to say she didnt start a business, she fell into business. She founded her company in 1995, at the urging of friends and family,with just $10.00 and 9 pies. With no support system, no network, and no real resources, she was able to overcome monumental hurdles to build the business to the success it is today. In 2009, she was honored to be chosen as Google's Spokesp ...
Moms Nicole Tanner and Regina McMenomy along with dad Stephen Duetzmann talk all things geeky with a little parenting thrown in.
WHL Unfiltered
WHL Unfiltered is just that: two guys who love junior hockey like you do, talking current events from Brandon to Portland, Prince George to Regina. Show hosts Jeff Hollick & Chad Balcom have taken very different paths to get here, & offer different perspectives. Experienced, passionate, educated, & independent voices. We have fun discussing the game we love - won't you join us?
Spark Science
Spark Science, where we explore stories of human curiosity. Hosted by Dr. Regina Barber DeGraaff and Jordan Baker.
Comic Book Noob
Lose the noob, and get hooked on the books! Every other Thursday, Comic Book Noob covers the essential information about a comic book character. Comic book noob Scott Murray, comic book journalist Matt Moore and comic book store owner Regina Davis provide background insights, as well as recommendaitons on what to start reading. Comic Book Noob is a podcast presented by the Assembly of Geeks.
Timothy Hodge Show
~ Formed on Aug 2 , 2008. The Timothy Hodge Show is an American talk radio show hosted by Timothy Hodge. The show consist of live music,celebrity interviews,current events,gossip, entertainment news,live media events and much more.Currently broadcasting on Power, 93.4 FM and on the Blogtalk Radio Network, a subscription based internet radio service. As of June 2009,The Timothy Hodge Show is one of the highest rated syndicated radio shows on the B.T.R Network.Past Guest have included: Montell ...
A freelance journalist living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Help Wanted
The show where comedians Valerie Nies and Regina Soto seek advice they'll likely never take. They scan the self-help aisle weekly and occasionally interview experts who know more about all things the wish they knew a little about.
Office Politics Radio is a podcast dedicated to addressing and resolving workplace issues. My show is all about helping you create and achieve more harmony at work in spite of the politics. If you need advice or have topics you’d like to hear discussed on the show, get in touch with me at You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn at Office Politics Radio.
Creative advice on the things that matter. Hosted by Regina DiPerna.
A podcast brought to you by the Archdiocese of Regina where we attempt to navigate this winding road of faith in Jesus Christ so that we might know him more intimately, love him more profoundly and together serve him more deeply in our daily lives.
Andru Morgan
Regina and Andru Morgan invite you to figure out life and love with them every week!
Updates OnlyMy Official show will broadcast worldwide on Regina Swarn Entertainment and Fitness Network and
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Who’d you rather do? Rumpelstiltskin or Rumpelstiltskin with hair extensions? It’s SWDIM podcast: watching the series finale of “Once Upon a Time,” having never seen an episode previously. #FanFic #FairytaleSubversion #Multiverses Maybe in ANOTHER REALM, the Evil Queen works at Dairy Queen. Maybe she’s YOUR MOTHER, and you’re the Ren Fair perve ...…
We continue our discussion of the St. Joseph Suite this week with Salve Regina.
Moving Iron Podcast #88 with @traderbrent form #DryLineFarmerPodcast. Brent's Podcast makes me laugh every week! We hit the West TX Drought, Equip Life Cycles, Is College for everyone, and working your Marketing Plan. @casey9673 @AaronFintel @rrjanousekThis edition of the Moving Iron Podcast is brought you by Dawson Tire and Wheel. The Premier ...…
On this Episode, I sit down with Eric McPherson, CEO of Dawson Tire and Wheel and discuss the current state of the Ag Equipment Industry. Dawson tire and Wheel have been a great sponsor of this podcast and Eric is wealth of knowledge not just on the tire side of the business but the the industry as a whole.This edition of the Moving Iron Podcas ...…
Join Regina and I as we give an update on our mission here in the North West. Remember we need your help and any amount is helpful! (Andru & Regina Morgan).
Our first episode and we talk with Regina Moretto. She is a wardrobe stylest, creative director, and photographer. We talk destiny, her favorite shoe, and how she got started in the industry! Tune in!
This is a podcast about love and intimacy Red by Regina yacht Donovan Grant Henrietta Carson and Reverend Nicholas Hood the Third
Compassion and strong borders are not mutually exclusive, Scientia PhD scholar and Kaldor Centre affiliate Regina Jefferies told FBi Radio’s Backchat program on Saturday, 23 June. Listen to the interview, which canvasses the logic of deterrence policies and the facts around refugee policies in both the United States and Australia.…
Kelli and Ali delve into published research to find out: Are girls actually meaner than boys? Are they more passive-aggressive? Do they feel more? Cut to Mean Girls scene where Regina George compliments Cady’s bracelet. Actually, cut to any Mean Girls scene. Actually, cut to any scene in any movie ever featuring female friends. Kelli and Ali al ...…
Regina lives at Emerson Arms, a 32 unit family affordable housing development in Martinez, CA operated by Eden Housing. Despite her childhood struggles, Regina’s developmental disability has not been a barrier in pursuing her mission to help improve the lives of others as an advocate. She takes great pride in her work and is truly a model of in ...…
Episode 17 Reid and Stefan talk with lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America (Peaches, Lump) about how the Presidents came together, song writing, and his present gig as children's author and song writer Caspar Babypants. We also chat with Bernard Robichaud who plays Cyrus on Trailer Park Boys. YouTube sensation Bear Vasqu ...…
Kim and Steve chat to Sally Balwin, CEO of Braille House, Queensland's principal Braille book encoding library and school for the blind to learn to read Braille.Braille House is located at 507 Ipswich Rd, Annerley QLD. Find out more or donate at: on thier Facebook page:…
A Typical 12 Year Old Girl interviews Frances Kurtenbach from the Dunlop Gallery about the Saskatchewan Roadside Attraction exhibit. Plus, Aidan rewrites The Last Jedi. Theme music by Guidewire (aka Ryan Hill). Originally broadcast on 91.3FM CJTR, Regina community radio.
Regina Williams was a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of Frederick County Executive. She was a former Frederick County Budget Officer and now is working in the public sector. Regina was born and raised on a dairy farm in Frederick County and attended Frederick County Public Schools. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Ho ...…
Moving Iron Podcast #87 – Greg “Machinery Pete” Peterson. Greg and I talk about the 1st 6 months of the year and wat the Equipment Market looks like. We also take a look at how Used Equipment is being effected by Trade Wars and the uncertain Commodity Market. Visit or find Greg on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @machiner ...…
On this episode we discuss what being "Out Here" means and how people use the term then we go on to talk about how we live our best lives in the summer time. Find out who is lit and who is just chillin. But first we start off with a Day Trill recap and find out why Banz missed out.Regina gives the culture shock by talking about the release of D ...…
Join Regina and I as we talk about our thoughts following our first conference here in the Portland area. We also talk a little about NBA pre-free agency speculations.
Odell Willis, Former Eskimo and current Defensive End for the BC Lions. Greg Francis, Head Coach, Edmonton Stingers. Darrell Davis, Co-Host The Green Zone, CJME Radio Regina and 3 DOWN nation Contributor.
Charles is dead. Who killed him? Who was Charles really? Where did his money go? And why are all these people after it? Regina wants to know the truth about her dead husband, but how can she find it through a web of lies? Join Invasion of the Remake as we dive deep into the classic, romantic, murder-mystery, directed by Stanley Donen, Charade ( ...…
On this week's episode, Barb, Carl, Devin and Eve complete the series on whether or not Star Wars has reached a breaking point and what that may mean for fandom and future films. We dive into what extent – if any – fandom has or should have on the direction of Star Wars films and content. Reminder, this is part III of III, so if you've missed p ...…
Hosts Swetha Das and Natalie Sekulovska bring you the freshest wrap of news from the week, including the World Cup, a just launched inquiry into workplace sexual harassment, and a new English language test for migrants under consideration by the government.We also welcome Regina Jefferies, teaching fellow at UNSW and affiliate of the Kaldor Cen ...…
Today we have a report on “Divest DiNapoli”--DivestNY’s call to the State Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels.Then, more on the development plans for Monument Square.Afterwards, we’ll play part 2 of Aaron Pedinotti’s interview with Times-Union editor Rex Smith. And we’ll hear from Emily Vega and Jasmine Cunningham in a new segment from the ...…
Today we have a report on “Divest DiNapoli”--DivestNY’s call to the State Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels.Then, more on the development plans for Monument Square.Afterwards, we’ll play part 2 of Aaron Pedinotti’s interview with Times-Union editor Rex Smith. And we’ll hear from Emily Vega and Jasmine Cunningham in a new segment from the ...…
Today we have a report on “Divest DiNapoli”--DivestNY’s call to the State Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels.Then, more on the development plans for Monument Square.Afterwards, we’ll play part 2 of Aaron Pedinotti’s interview with Times-Union editor Rex Smith. And we’ll hear from Emily Vega and Jasmine Cunningham in a new segment from the ...…
Today we have a report on “Divest DiNapoli”--DivestNY’s call to the State Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels.Then, more on the development plans for Monument Square.Afterwards, we’ll play part 2 of Aaron Pedinotti’s interview with Times-Union editor Rex Smith. And we’ll hear from Emily Vega and Jasmine Cunningham in a new segment from the ...…
Today we have a report on “Divest DiNapoli”--DivestNY’s call to the State Comptroller to divest from fossil fuels.Then, more on the development plans for Monument Square.Afterwards, we’ll play part 2 of Aaron Pedinotti’s interview with Times-Union editor Rex Smith. And we’ll hear from Emily Vega and Jasmine Cunningham in a new segment from the ...…
Pr. Ted Giese of Mount Olive Lutheran-Regina, Saskatchewan The Movie, “Incredibles 2”
Chad and Ballsy discuss the onslaught of residents leaving Regina, party etiquette, video gaming addiction, and AirBnB problems in the Queen City.
While in Stanford the David Krut Projects Cape Town Staff met Maarten Groos who is based at Farm 215 near Stanford. Groos helps run Trees for Tourism, as part of the South African Reforestation Trust. In this episode, Elize de Beer is in conversation with Groos about Trees for Tourism, the importance of the project and how people can get involv ...…
Shawn Koch from CJTR's Comedy Grind, Jam'n'Juice and Game Day visits the sub-basement to talk about his new series, "It's A Hard Knock Knock Life." Plus, the city plans to make it so you can pay for parking through invisible "virtual" meters! Welcome to the future of parking. Music by Guidewire (aka Ryan Hill). Originally broadcast on 91.3 FM C ...…
“Orange Is The New Yellow” (Season 27, Episode 20) Steve rejoins the guys for this stink-fest of an episode. Also, for some reason Pat thinks Marge’s mom is dead. What a dumb-dumb. Hosted by Patrick Brennan and Craig Mazerolle Research by Craig Mazerolle Produced by Patrick Brennan Logo by Stephen Belyea Featuring audio clips from The Simpsons ...…
To most of the world, Tim Snider is best known as the Violin Warrior in the band Nahko and Medicine for the People. But my fans might remember Tim from when we shared stages together back in the day, on the road during his time as the leader of a young band called Sol'Jibe. I know few people who’ve experienced 'the music life' from as many pers ...…
Prayers of Agreement. You are a Friend of God
I learn just as much from my mentoring clients as they believe they learn from me! I absolutely love Marni’s love for life and her quest for adventure. Her insatiable spirit for travel and all the deeper lessons she has acquired along the way is truly eye-opening! on The Contact Talk Radio Network : and y ...…
The following podcast was recorded in Afrikaans, as a large portion of the Stanford community is made up of Afrikaans and Xhosa speaking residence.This is the first of many podcasts that we aim to do in various languages.Rachel van Rooyen assists Regina Broenner with creative works sessions in Stanford and runs her own creche from home.In conve ...…
Fe del MundoDoctor Fe Del Mundo lead studies that evolved incubators and improved the practices in how we treat jaundice. Her whole life, spanning eight decades, was dedicated to pediatrics in the Philippines"[Del Mundo] humorously relates that when she arrived in Boston and went to the dormitory assigned her in a letter from the director of th ...…
Today we are going to talk about Steps 2 and 3 of your kid’s summer homework. If you haven’t gotten our workbook for your son or daughter, How To Explore Your College Options: A Workbook for High School Students, then you haven’t done your summer homework. So, get one from Amazon, or listen very carefully to this episode and the next 11 like it ...…
Pr. Ted Giese of Mount Olive Lutheran-Regina, Saskatchewan
Pr. Ted Giese of Mount Olive Lutheran-Regina, Saskatchewan
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