Best Rescue podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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Dojo Rescue
The TIMA Dojo Rescue podcast provides expert advice for owners and managers of martial arts businesses. Each week, TIMA co-founders Graham McDonnell and Phil Britten draw on their years of experience to reveal industry tips and insights that will put your school on the path to success.
Knowledge Management for Multi-disciplinary Rescue
RESCUE RADIO "Because There Is A War For Your Soul"Nothing boring or too political or super spiritual. Just probably some of the most revolutionary and useful information you will find on radio.Join us live Tuesdays at 10AM CST or catch us on the run. It’s time to talk straight about the war between God and Satan that is going on in our souls. And though the battle is the Lord’s and has already been won, the Enemy still seems to have a lot to say that has left too many of us doubtful and con ...
5 ways to use your guest data base as a marketing tool.
Water Rescue
Water Rescue is a podcast series on "Water Rescue". We will have discussions on water rescue, flood rescue, related training and equipment.
Big Cat Rescue
Love big cats? Big Cat Rescue videos incl. lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, and more wild cats.
The HR Rescue podcast is hosted by Human Resource expert Jenni Stone MHRM, SHRM-CP, PHR where she addresses some of the most common HR issues within every small business. Whether you are a newly certified HR professional, business owner or office manager these simple tips can help keep your business in compliance and help prevent a minor issue from becoming a serious problem.
We interview animal rescue heroes who save animals from abandonment, abuse, or who simply have no place to call home. We also connect your with the best in behavior, training, medical, and other incredible animal experts.
Ronin is comprised primarily of current or former military and emergency services personnel. Rescue and Safety is what we do! It is our profession and our passion. Our staff have performed rescues in some of the worst conditions imaginable. We have seen the negative side of accidents and incidents knowing full well that with proper communication, procedure and training the majority of them are preventable. Our RescueCast is to talk about our procedures, issues in the rescue industry and othe ...
Glorious thought provoking discussions about the End of the Age, current events, the "rescue mission", our awesome Intergalactic God and His Son and our King Jesus Christ (introduction leader music credit Audiomachine at, and may God BLESS all those who have contributed to this program freely. Tribulation Now has not and does not accept contributions and recommends that everyone give to the poor and underprivileged of this world in Jesus name).
Ungifts follows a group of friends on a road trip/rescue mission to save their friend after she is possessed by... someone. Their goal: find and unpossess Cass at any cost. Their plan: to figure it out as they go. Everything gets more complicated when the magic that allowed Cass to be possessed gives Alex, Becca, Mike, and Trev magic powers of their own - powers they don't want. Ungifts is written, recorded, and produced by Leo Balestri and Talia Minear.
Our connection to the outdoors runs deep in our DNA, but our relationship to the natural world can be complicated. From the unintended human costs of clean energy, to the murky ethics of high-risk rescue missions, to our seemingly eternal conflict with invasive species, we dive head first into those complexities with stories, in-depth reporting, and a touch of nerdiness. You don’t have to be a conservation biologist, a whitewater kayaker, or an obsessive composter to love Outside/In. It’s a ...
Give and Take
Someone once observed that if Howard Stern and Krista Tippett had a love child, it would be Scott Jones. Scott liked that.At "Give and Take,” Scott Jones talks with artists, authors, theologians, and political pundits about the lens through which they experience life. With empathy, humor, and a deep knowledge of religion, current events, and pop culture, Scott engages his guests in a free-flowing conversation that's entertaining, unexpected, occasionally bizarre, and oftentimes enlightening. ...
Derelict - Marines
Fifty years ago, Mira, humanity’s last hope to find new resources, exited the solar system bound for Proxima Centauri b. Seven years into her mission, all transmissions ceased without warning. Mira and her crew were presumed lost. Humanity, unified during her construction, splintered into insurgency and rebellion. Now, an outpost orbiting Pluto has detected a distress call from an unpowered object entering Sol space: Mira has returned. When all attempts at communications fail, S&R Black, a S ...
#1 New York Times best-selling author of Medical Medium, Life-Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing, and Liver Rescue was born with the unique ability to converse with Spirit of Compassion who provides him with extraordinarily accurate health information that’s often far ahead of its time.Since age four, when he shocked his family by announcing that his symptom-free grandmother had lung cancer (which medical testing soon confirmed), Anthony has been using his gift to “read” people’s conditions and ...
Poetry as F*ck
Poetry as F*ck is a spoken word podcast, containing three different shows: 'Poets Against Humanity' - a Creative Commons remix of 'Cards Against Humanity' where poets desecrate each others' work in a panel show format.'Lies, Dreaming' - a digital open mic night based around a theme, with recorded spoken word submitted by listeners.'Eight Poems That, If You Had To Be Trapped In Some Way For a Prolonged Period Of Time With Little Hope of Rescue, You'd Quite Like to Bring Along For Coping Purpo ...
In temperatures 40 degrees below zero, six men and four women survive.But for the members of a remote scientific research station who rescue them, there are some sinister questions to answer � the first one being, who shot the pilot before the crash?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a comedy science fiction series created by Douglas Adams. Starting out as a radio comedy broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1978, it was later adapted to other formats, including stage shows, 5 novels, comic books, a 1981 TV series, a 1984 video game, and 2005 feature film. In 2017, BBC Radio 4 announced a 40th-anniversary celebration with Dirk Maggs, one of the original producers, in charge. This sixth series of the radio comedy is based on Eoin Colfer's boo ...
Horrific bombings in Syria. Civil war and malnutrition in Yemen. Rohingya refugees who fled Myanmar. On Displaced, Grant Gordon and Ravi Gurumurthy from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have in-depth conversations with leading humanitarians and foreign policy makers about the ways that these global crises unfold with a focus on the most innovative ways to respond. Produced by the Vox Media Podcast Network.
My adventure towards being a mountain rescue guide, where Florida is my training grounds.
From the Austin-Travis County EMS System Office of the Medical Director, this blog will cover topics of prehospital care, emergency medicine, tactical medicine, rescue, community paramedicine, disaster response, and public health. Expect to hear medical pearls, the latest research, reviews of anything as it relates to EMS.
Are you Down To Fight Fire? Then listen in to a group of rural Volunteer Firefighters as we discuss how our department works together to Innovate, Adapt and Overcome the challenges we face both on and off the Fire ground. #DTFFpodcast #DownToFightFire #Firefighting #Volunteer #Firefighter #FireFamily #Firefighters #EMS #Rescue #Fire #Emergency #FireDepartment #FirstResponders #Firedept #FireDepartment #FireHouse #FireRescue #ThinRedLine #FireService #BrotherHood #SisterHood #FireFighterLife ...
Host: Author and Medium - David M. Baker and Co-Host: Cheryll Baker invite you to join us each week on "Beyond the Gate Radio © ". On each show we feature experienced, interesting and quality experts as our guests on varied topics such as: Psychics, Mediums, Spirituality, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, Parapsychology, Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, Energy Healing, Cryptozoology, Spirit Rescue, Demonology, UFO’s and more. On our show we stay open minded as we like to think outside the b ...
I find books for free, including some in the dumpster. I rescue these books and discuss them each week with the listeners. Topics vary widely, but will likely have a focus on technology, psychology and addictions, anthropology, and history, given that is the focus of my education.
Its immortal opening lines, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." set the stage for a sweeping narrative that combines drama, glory, honor, history, romance, brutality, sacrifice and resurrection. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is one of the most widely read and famous works of historical fiction in the English language. Dickens had recently launched his magazine All the Year Round in 1859. In the same year, he began featuring A Tale of Two Cities in 31 weekly ins ...
Dj Felipe Lira
Playing since 2005, Felipe Lira is one of the biggest names in Brazil. His charisma and professionalism rapidly captivated the public and producers from the scene. In 2006 he received an invitation which would change his career: he became resident DJ at The Week Rio de Janeiro where he remained for two years. He left to the “Cidade Maravilhosa” (The Marvelous City, the nickname given to Rio) where he immediately identified himself with the Carioca soul and spirit. At this point, Felipe had c ...
Chief Scott & Leah Silverii of Blue Marriage are America's leading first responder marriage experts. Protecting others is tough, protecting your marriage shouldn't have to be. Let's make "divorce" a dirty word. Marriages do still matter, and while most people have the will to stay married, they don't have the way. BLUE MARRIAGE shows you the only path that comes with a 100% No-Divorce Guarantee. Interested? Lets get started, together. Scott & Leah Silverii
Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs was first published in 1913. It was the third book in an eleven part series known as the Barsoom Chronicles which relate to a sequence of exciting adventure tales set on the fictional planet of Barsoom. In the Barsoom series, Mars, assumed to be older than Earth, is a dying planet. “Barsoom” is the native word for Mars in the Martian language. The stories first appeared in serialized form in various magazines like All-Story, Argosy, Amazing Stories and ...
Working LIke Dogs features pet podcasts about working animals. In this working animal podcast, we cover everything from how to get started as a trainer of working animals or how to acquire a working animal to how to take care of your animal companion. In these podcasts, you will learn what it means to work side by side with an animal. We cover working animals such as service dogs, guide dogs, hearing dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, drug dogs, seizure dogs, military dogs, etc. In a ...
Our mission is to provide education, information and dialogue that will create a supportive environment empowering people to help cats in their community.
Scotland Outdoors
Your free, weekly, pocket guide to the Scottish outdoors. A flavour of the countryside in 15 minutes! From BBC Radio Scotland
The ABC's overseas reporters give their interpretation and analysis of the week's major events.
Sermons from Chalmers Church Edinburgh
The uncanny, extraordinary, true stories of events that have dramatically altered the lives of ordinary people; a son is shot by his own father, a woman's sister develops multiple personalities, a man wakes up in the morgue. These are riveting, moving and often haunting stories that will stick with you long after you listen.
Meditations to help you relax deeply, be more present and flow more easily with life. We offer a variety of guided meditations with and without music, as well as instructions for meditations you can do on your own. We wish you a peaceful mind and open heart.
Live, from Joe's mom's half-finished basement....listen to a parade of financial headlines, personal finance experts, creatives, and people with stories that inspire us. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy & OG meet at the card table and bring you guests, trivia, your letters about saving, investing, and risk management, and much more. Academy of Podcast winner for "best business podcast of the year," 2017 Plutus award winner for "best personal finance podcast," and Kipl ...
If you've ever wanted to know about champagne, satanism, the Stonewall Uprising, chaos theory, LSD, El Nino, true crime and Rosa Parks then look no further. Josh and Chuck have you covered.
Athletico Mince
Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson's podcast - brass hands, blue drink and more. It's not really about football, d'you know what I mean?
Bunny Ears
Join Macaulay Culkin and a cavalcade of special guests, friends, and sworn enemies as they chat about whatever. Comedy sketches, frank discussions, music and more. Weekly. For free. That's a bargain! Who doesn't love a bargain?!
The Fifth Floor
A fresh look at the stories of the week with journalists from our 41 language sections, with presenter David Amanor.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has been around for almost two centuries. It has ebbed and fluctuated in such a predictably adaptive manner throughout it's relatively short life in the religious realm. This Church has a very sordid past, which it does a very good job of teaching for itself, whether the history is slanted or not, is yours to decide. Join me on a journey through the history of the LDS Church through the eyes of the people that were actually there. We will lear ...
Hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper, State of the Union features interviews with top newsmakers on politics and policy - covering Washington, the country and the world.
Instant political analysis from the Spectator's top team of writers, including Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman, Katy Balls, Alex Massie and many others.
Urban Achiever
A podcast about love, loyalty, faith, friendship and music.
Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday morning for their unique take on Geek Culture, and some strong opinions on the Great British Bake Off.
The Untold
Grace Dent presents a series documenting the untold dramas of 21st-century Britain.
Whether we wear a lab coat or haven't seen a test tube since grade school, science is shaping all of our lives. And that means we all have science stories to tell. Every year, we host dozens of live shows all over the country, featuring all kinds of storytellers - researchers, doctors, and engineers of course, but also patients, poets, comedians, cops, and more. Some of our stories are heartbreaking, others are hilarious, but they're all true and all very personal. Welcome to The Story Collider!
Comedy circuit star Rhod Gilbert is joined each week by a fellow comic for entertaining chat and banter. Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales, every Saturday from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM.
Packers Podcast
Host Tom Silverstein and Jim Owczarski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and keep fans up to date with news and analysis on the team.
It really is all true! Stories about stuff that you never needed to know, but your life would be incomplete without. They serve no real purpose other than to entertain. If you're the curious type and have a few minutes to spare, then spend some of it listening to this ever-growing collection of stories. Great for those that are looking for a little bit of trivia in their lives.
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show series
With Isabel Hardman and James Forsyth. Presented by Katy Balls.
Did you know there are dogs that can detect electronic devices? Anthony Maes, Special Agent in Charge with the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and Commander of the New Mexico Internet Crimes Against Children and Human Trafficking Task Forces, visits with Marcie and Lovey about their new canine staff member, Joey. Joey is a uniquely trained ...…
Turn up the volume and listen to the cutest big cat vocalization. The caracal trill is the BEST! You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile!Visit BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts we support, and the 70+ feline residents of "Big Cat Rescue" in T ...…
People love big cats getting snacks, but what about big cats getting snack in slow motion. Check it out! You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile!Visit Music from Epidemic Sound ( BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations, the conservation efforts ...…
In 2018, Big Cat Rescue released 9 bobcats back into the wild where they belong. Watch as 8 of them find their way back to freedom. You can help feed the cats at no cost to you using Amazon Smile!Visit Music from Epidemic Sound ( BIG CAT TV is a close look into our day-to-day operations ...…
It turns out that the inflatable bag of air that shoots out of your steering wheel or dashboard is the result of a controlled explosion of solid fuel, just like in a rocket – aimed for your face. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choices when listening ...…
With Katy Balls and James Forsyth. Presented by Cindy Yu.
With Katy Balls and James Forsyth. Presented by Cindy Yu.
Chemical and food sensitivities are incredibly frustrating for the people who deal with them. What makes one person experience these sensitivities while another person can seem to be in any environment and eat anything they’d like? It all starts with your liver. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn the truth.…
Lorries backing up in Kent, a Mars bar shortage, and no more Rome city breaks – these are just some of the things that we have been warned about when it comes to a no deal Brexit. But what will really happen? Lara Prendergast talks to two people who disagree on almost everything. Lord Peter Lilley, Tory MP, has said that a no-deal Brexit would ...…
With Katy Balls and James Forsyth. Presented by Isabel Hardman.
When Kirsty's youngest son goes to university, she decides to go in search of adventure. At the age of 47 she buys an old plasterer's van, and moves into it - knowing nothing about vehicles or DIY, and with a fear of heights so strong she gets scared of big hills. She starts a Youtube channel to record her journey, and over the next eighteen mo ...…
Min is determined to only marry a Sikh who wears a turban. But after a decade of looking her family and friends want her to widen her search by the time she turns 38. As the only daughter her mum and dad just want her to be happy but also married and settled with her own family and they don’t mind who she marries. Min’s mum thinks not only shou ...…
This week we take a look at the issue of lack of Volunteers and talk about what we do to recruit and retain new members. Hey Fire Family, please don't forget to Share, Like, Subscribe and visit us on our Facebook Page at to do the same! If you have a subject that you would like us to discuss, a question that you ...…
Ever wonder how someone decides to aggressively attack a goal, like paying down your mortgage? Talaat McNeely and his spouse Tai decided to think HUGE thoughts when they set out to pay off their house in five years. They didn't know how they'd do it, but they set out anyway and took action, and ultimately accomplished their goal. Today Talaat w ...…
Lucifer Father of Cain and Eden to Armageddon w Dr. Joye Pugh and Zen Garcia (Part 3) Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcomin ...…
Bonus episode is an interview with John Murphy. His dad was a member of the Salem Trade School, which was the subject of Useless Information Podcast #90 in January 2016. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Isabel Hardman brings you Sunday's interview highlights. Today's podcast features contributions from Jeremy Corbyn, Stephen Barclay, Chris Grayling and John Mann. Produced by Matthew Taylor.
First, CNN's Jake Tapper interviews Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Mark Warner on reports of the FBI's investigation into whether President Trump was working on behalf of the Russians and the President's concealing details of his meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, plus how Congress can get out of the government shutdown. ...…
The Pedersen Chronicles - Angel Wars and the Luciferian Rebellion (Show 230) Join Johnny Baptist, and brother Loren Pedersen this evening for our new series of Bible Mystery Shows entitled "The Pedersen Chronicles". Brother Loren Pedersen has spent a life time seeking the Lord on the deeper mysteries of the Universe and the hidden understanding ...…
Rhod's extended his holiday break until January 26th, so Korkey and Eggsy sit in. Why was Korkey given detention in school and how did Eggsy always avoid it?
In this weeks episode: Kev's mind is blown; Sheepdog's found the challengers gate; Anna is in hell and Pab is back to riding horses. All this and much more on episode 320 of MGP!By (
Up to 24 million people worldwide have schizophrenia. Despite the vast amounts of research, the disorder remains mysterious. In this episode, Josh and Chuck delve into the nature of schizophrenia, from the history of the disorder to the latest research. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at ...…
Sara Kent, the first CEO and paid staff member of Shelter Animals Count (SAC), sits down with Stacy to discuss how SAC came to be, what its mission is, and some of its latest statistics. Sara began her career in animal welfare close to 20 years ago as one of the first people hired at Petfinder, where she ultimately served as the director of she ...…
Friday Night Prayer Vigil and Communion Service Join Johnny Baptist and the believers in the chat room for a Holy Communion Service and an hour plus of united corporate prayer and praise helping to draw us closer to our Lord Jesus, and our awesome Heavenly Father God. This night we will pray together, share in some Biblical mysteries and partak ...…
The Green Bay Packers have a new head coach. His name is Matt LaFleur. What do we know about the man who became the 15th coach in franchise history? Hosts Tom Silverstein and Jim Owczarski of the Journal Sentinel start peeling away layers to see who LaFleur is and what affect he'll have on the 2019 Packers.…
DownloadNew to The Derelict Saga? Start with Derelict: Marines. The Derelict: Destruction enhanced edition audiobook is now available from my store. Want to hear a cool podcast about Kuiper Belt Objects and other madness? Check out the After-On podcast. The Derelict Saga is… Read more ›
With Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth. Presented by Lara Prendergast.
Another one-off quiz from Bob, bath levels, Jordan Henderson returns with a song, Roy pops in, and there's more from the White Harts, Dom and Joe Swash...
A visa-free travel agreement between Iran and Serbia meant to boost tourism has been used by thousands of Iranians trying to enter the European Union. BBC Persian's Rana Rahimpour teamed up with BBC Serbian’s Stefan Veselinovic to hear the stories of Iranians in the Serbian capital Belgrade. Image: Iranian migrant walking down Belgrade street, ...…
One of your employees has just come to you telling you that she is pregnant. You know this is good news. But at that moment, you can only think about one thing - what this means for the company. Both federal and state laws regulate how employers should treat pregnant women throughout pregnancy and following leaves of absence in connection with ...…
This week, we’re presenting two stories about stressful situations in science. Part 1: Due to stress in her personal life, TV writer Joey Slamon develops a cyst in an unfortunate place. Part 2: As a biochemistry PhD student, Kellie Vinal has worked hard to prepare for her qualifying exam, but when the day finally arrives, nothing goes according ...…
On this episode, we discuss the historicity of an altercation between Eliza Snow and Emma Hale Smith. Legend has it that Emma saw Eliza who was “heavy with child” kiss Jo and pushed Eliza down the stairs in a fit of jealous rage. It’s common oral tradition passed down for generations, but did it really happen? We dive into where the story came ...…
What money moves are you planning for 2019? From creating an emergency fund and increasing your 401k contributions, to downsizing and starting a side hustle, there are plenty of smart financial steps you can take to make this year your best one yet. Joining our roundtable discussion about your best money moves today, we welcome Paula Pant from ...…
With Lebanon set to legalise its infamous cannabis industry, Middle East Correspondent Adam Harvey went to the Bekaa Valley to find out more.
Correspondents Report explores a day in the life of Indonesia's busy capital, Jakarta. If you've been there, you might've noticed it's quite a noisy city.
High up in towering mountains that belong to both Italy and France, killings of grey wolves are on the rise. Bears and wolves have been extinct in the alps for about 100 years, but now they've made their return.
US President Donald Trump sharply polarises public opinion, but for some souvenir sellers who try to push their products on to tourists, his election and some of his divisive comments have provided a substantial boost to business.
On this week's program: For some souvenir sellers in the US, the election of Donald Trump has provided a substantial boost to business; and in the towering mountains of Italy and France, killings of grey wolves are on the rise.
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