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Hosted by Dr. Michael Savage, multimedia icon of the conservative movement, The Savage Nation® Podcast delivers a bold perspective on American ideals and culture. Michael Savage has unparalleled determination to unearth the truth about liberalism and national security. His passion for traditional values such as the English language keep listeners tuned-in wherever they are. Savage has repeatedly been named by Talk Stream Live as one of the most influential and most listened-to streaming talk ...
Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!
Savage Lovecast
Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit and get yourself a season subscription.
A podcast all about the role playing game Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Michael and Us
A podcast about political cinema and our crumbling world. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.Exclusive subscriber-only episodes:
Savage Lovecast
Dan Savage, America's only advice columnist, answers your sex questions and yaps about politics. To record a question for Dan to be answered in a later podcast, call 206-302-2064. For a much longer version of the show, with no ads, visit and get yourself a season subscription.
"The world is full of gentlemen and savages. Rare is it to find a man who can be both."
A mix of celebrity guests, human interest topics and discussions that make you think. The Anton Savage Show is fun, cheerful and well informed. If you want to hear an Oscar winner talk about their latest project, discover why the juvenile sea squirt doesn't need a brain or find out how to get the best from your health, relationships and family; this is the place to be.
Go Behind the GM Screen
Podcast by John Burk
The Savage Sacktap
A former high school vandal and his cohorts offer their thoughts on society, porn, politics, sports, sex, and much much more. If you hate everyone, you'll love The Savage Sacktap! Twitter: @MikeMontone Facebook: Web:
Notes From an American Savage is where Sunday brunch meets politics. A weekly podcast hosted by a group of girlfriends that was birthed immediately following the election of Donald Trumpleton to channel their anger and do their part in Making America Decent Again. These nasty women are from different walks of life, living in different regions of America. Of course, Notes From an American Savage have special guests and friends stop by occasionally to give input. Join for weekly discussions on ... think you know, but you have no idea...this is the diary of a young black savage....
I'm the Black Howard Stern only difference is he got way more money than me but I'm way better looking then him
Deep conversation on everything relating to masculinity, strength and conditioning, and all things savage.
Mixed and Curated by Seán Savage The Mix Sessions is a global gathering of music fans every week bringing you the best underground electronic music around.
Savage Hippie
I’m Edwin. Welcome to the Savage Hippie podcast. For those wondering, I stole the name “Savage Hippie” from the Melvins song “The Savage Hippy.” I used to do the podcast with David Cole of Takimag and Ann Sterzinger, writer of several novels, including NVSQVAM and The Talkative Corpse, but now I have a new co-host named Rachel Cohen-Bourne. We talk about news, pop-culture, politics, and other ephemera just like before. If you listened to this for the other hosts, you know where to find 'em.
An Actual Play podcast where we play Warhammer 40k, Savage Worlds, Dungeons and Dragons...lets just say many games.
Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness! There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!
Andrew Flintoff, Robbie Savage and Matthew Syed discuss topical sports talking points.Three-time winners at the Radio Academy Awards: Best Podcast; Best New Show; Best Presenter
GM Table
The GM Table is a one stop place for GMs and Players of all types. We cover in depth discussions of Savage Worlds and D&D, Streamed Games, Game Reviews, Game Design Discussion, and more.
Money Savage
A savage approach to personal finance featuring financial advisors and subject matter experts.
Bohemian Galaxy
A sci fi actual play podcast using the Savage Worlds rule system. A show about some idiots trying not to kill themselves or each other.
Expert sex advice, proven techniques and candid conversation from The Pleasure Mechanics. Discover how to have the sex you crave! Like Savage Lovecast? You’ll love Speaking of Sex!
GM Table: Running Savage Worlds (2018-06-22 12:30:33 +0000 UTC)
The Goblin Beat
An Actual Play podcast featuring D&D 4e, Savage Worlds and others along with interviews and game discussions.
My name is Roman Prokopchuk and I'm the Founder and CEO of Nova Zora Digital, a full service digital marketing agency based in New Jersey. I'm the digital savage. I'm a self made digital marketer that got into it out of necessity, and developed a passion for it. I'm here to help and provide value in what I've learned in my 10 year journey in digital marketing. Ask any questions about strategy, my current and past clients, and anything else that may help you grow in the digital marketing fiel ...
What makes us conscious beings and why does it matter that we are? In his first ever podcast, Deepak Chopra welcomes a far-ranging group of guests, including Jane Goodall, Russell Brand, Dan Savage, Christopher Wylie, Jean Houston, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and many more, who have paved new paths for understanding our present and future. How do we define, harness, and elevate our minds? How can we live creatively and purposefully? What makes you…you? Join Deepak as he delves into this moment of grea ...
Each episode recaps the week's events and is about 30 minutes so it's perfect for a drive to work. Let's be friends.
Podcast discussing fitness lifestyle, the keto diet, science, nutrition, contest prep, the fitness industry, business, and the pursuit of happiness! There will be several different podcast guests that will consist of athletes, experts in the health and nutrition industry, and other people of interest!
Expert sex advice, proven techniques and candid conversation from The Pleasure Mechanics. Discover how to have the sex you crave! Like Savage Lovecast? You’ll love Speaking of Sex!
Podcast by ww1spy
A semi-reliable news source.
Average to Savage
Savage Babe
Savage Babe is a motivational apparel brand with the intent of providing women (and men!) with valuable messages and information catered towards women empowerment in areas of fitness, self-development, self-love, happiness, business, and community. This platform serves to present these topics in a convenient manner for any of you savage babes that are constantly busy and on-the-go.
WHAT IS SAVAGE AF? It's an In-Your-Face, intelligent combative podcast with comedians Shang and Black Pedro that will break down walls that for some reason are still up. SAVAGE AF combines the raw energy & unpredictable flow of a heated debate & comedy! Kinda like an argument at a family cookout that everyone Gets caught up in. SAVAGE AF
Savage Like A Boss
Get the no fluff, straight talk, real world on what has worked, will work and is working for business today!
The Awesome Hour
Voted #1 in Vue weekly Magazine , Metro Magazine , nominated 8th in the world against Adam corolla , Artie Lange and Dan Savage in the mature category & Winners of Monkeys Fighting Robots peoples choice award in the amateur podcast awards The Awesome Hour is a SOCAN licensed podcast on all things awesome from pop culture to strange news to bad life choices with a music bed of tasty tunes. From top40 to heavy metal and everything in between. The awesome hour is just that Alec , Ivan and Corbo ...
Savage Fincast
A podcast celebrating and reviewing the Savage Dragon comic and all things Erik Larsen
Each week, the Savages get together to voice their opinions on comic books, movies, TV shows, and anything in the geek world! If you're a nerd, especially one who loves Marvel, DC, Star Wars or animal penises, listen in! -- Leave us a message at 413-728-2434 or email
The Stranger's week-in-review podcast, in which Eli Sanders, Dan Savage and a group of "experts" explain what just happened in the news, and what it all means. A wide-ranging discussion of everything you need to know in order to pose as an informed, productive member of society!
If you're a DJ or producer wanting to make it in the electronic music industry, I'm here to help you. Each week I interview international DJs, Producers, Bookers, and electronic music industry experts to give you the knowledge, tools, and techniques needed to take your DJ career to the next level.
Robbie Savage & guests discuss all the Premier League talking points and have some fun along the way. Plus Joe Thomlinson’s social round up & Rob’s Mum gives us her predictions.
Melissa Savage and Katie Molloy met in film class, and haven’t been able to stop talking movies ever since. Each week they watch a movie and review it, stopping to make plenty of nerdy references along the way.
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Check this out President @realdonaldtrump should be impeached because he's destroying our great country plus he's worst then #HITLER #ThinkAboutIt #Hitler hated the jews and @realdonaldtrump hates jews African-American Mexican and Muslims plus @realdonaldtrump is a serial cheater just ask his poor first wife #IvanaTrump who he was married to fr ...…
On this show, we talked about the reasons why many Americans don’t reach the level of financial success they desire, the optimal balance between being financially defensive versus offensive and how to begin investing for passive income with Jack Gibson, CoFounder of High Return Real Estate. Listen to learn the steps to begin generating $10,000 ...…
Part two of Savage looking at the Sri Lanka terror attack on Easter Sunday.
We're joined today by special guest screenwriter Michael Green, who wrote Blade Runner 2049 and produces the show American Gods. We talk about his process for writing 2049, collaborating with Ridley Scott and Hampton Fancher, and why some questions shouldn't be answered.
This week on SWADECAST we talk about why even as Savage Worlds players and GMs it’s still importantly to learn the basics of Dungeon & Dragons 5e for growing the hobby.By (Robert Evans).
Michael Barbeau of Bumblebear Games came on the show to answer our questions about the upcoming Guardians of Umbra. Find out all about it in the episode. Be sure to stay in contact with us-, twitter @thewilddie and look for us on Facebook, and MeWe. Also, help support the show and get early access to the podcast through our ...…
A woman claims that over 90% of the time, her casual hook-ups end with the man orgasming, and she gets...nothing. And then! When she asks for a little reciprocity, these men accuse her of being a demanding princess. Meanwhile, another straight woman loves it when her men say no at first. She loves the chase and her ultimate victory. Is this a k ...…
The Sri Lankan Terrorist Attacks Compared With The Peacefulness of Passover and Easter.
Vivica Menegaz is the founder of The Nourished Caveman and is an expert on whole food nutrition! We dive into liver detoxification and how to get your hormones stabilized through proper foods, supplementation, and herbs!
Susana Yee is a marketing expert and a pioneer in the field of social media and influencer marketing. Her Guess "Color Me Inspired" campaign went viral and Mashable named it one of "5 Interesting Pinterest Marketing Campaigns." Susana was featured as a social media pioneer for 2011 as part of eHow 100 on Shift Showcases Real Women Moving from I ...…
In this episode Shang and Black Pedro talk with Tony Roberts (@TonyTRoberts), Alynette (@Miss_Alynette), and Lance Woods (@LanceWoods) about Trump, Sanctuary Cities, Immigration Laws, Shang's bed bugs and much more. Follow us: ...…
This is the forty-fifth episode of the Average to Savage podcast featuring actor Bobby Del Rio. Paul Guarino talked with Bobby Del Rio discussing how he got started acting, his love for fantasy sports, and his future goals!Follow Bobby Del Rio by Current Wave ...…
Apparently Quasimodo fell asleep with a cigarette in his mouth and yada yada yada Notre Dame went up in flames. The Catholics are crying, but the molestation victims are thrilled. They overthrew the government in Sudan, and I'm hoping for a dictator with a long ool name and a sweet pair of aviator shades. That plus a white woman appropriates Ch ...…
As Manchester City and Tottenham prepare to do battle for the third time in 11 days, former Liverpool striker Michael Owen and Daily Mirror journalist Andy Dunn join Robbie Savage to preview the game, and the rest of the weekend's fixtures, as well as asking who the PFA Player of the Year will be. Spurs fan Theo and Manchester City supporter Da ...…
The Savages talk the devastating blaze at Notre Dame, Trump inciting death threats toward Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the deportation of slain military spouses. Also after almost a year plus - Game of Thrones is back!
The post The Johnsons appeared first on Blind Dog Gym.
The cast of Saving Throw Wild Cards joins us for a post-GenghisCon debrief and a little insight in to their history in gaming, what it takes to run a successful gaming media enterprise, familial naming traditions, Scrooge McDuck, and what sort of DUELs they would tackle in Savage Worlds. Also, what happens when you throw Stones. Where it all be ...…
Today we took the leap into YouTube live streaming on our first episode back as a dynamic duo! it starts rocky but we find our groove despite coyote problems!
Listen as I was honored to spend some quality time talking to him about how he grew his company to 400 agents. Also, discover what he thinks the biggest threat is to Real Estate Agents and believe me, it's not what you think it is. These are just two of the many topics we covered, this is definitely an interview you don't want to miss!…
01. Lucky Charm – Maya Jane Coles 02. Glitter – respectfulchild 03. The Reminder – Allie 04. Something Wicked – Unbuttoned 05. Farmer’s Almanac – Doomsquad 06. Afraid Of You – Jafu 07. Blue Sky Thinking – Polaris 08. Without A Word – Radicall 09. Dig Deep – RMS 10. How Does It Feel – Raveen 11. Blurred – Kiasmos 12. Set The Controls For The Hea ...…
Joe and I went to high school together and were both fans of politics. He made a career out of it. We have a great chat about the current political climate, how we got here and where we are headed. I love this conversation. If you like it, please tell a friend! Xoxo!By (Rick Savage).
Haley is a 24 year old who lives in Portland, OR with her wife Heather and two fur babies. She is a modern medicine woman & self love expert, passionate about helping women reclaim & activate what they are truly hungry for out of life-without the overwhelm of the hustle.With a focus on feminine embodiment, creativity and energy we get into some ...…
It’s deadly danger at ever turn in this latest episode of the Savage FINcast. Craig, Jim, & Raven bring you a stacked episode, with; Savage Dragon News, Jim’s secret Top 10 List, a comprehensive review of Savage Dragon 243, and reviews of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Urban Legends 9 & 10 (featuring, The Knight Watchmen and The Savage Dragon!) A ...…
The Savage Nation radio show for Monday April 8, 2019 with host Michael Savage.
Once again, Elya abandons us, leaving me and Rachel to perform our battle of the sexes shtick without him.We kick off the dang thing by talking about the Horna show that I went to in Los Angeles. You see, the politically correct sissies at the Metal Sucks blog decided that they're going to try to get the Horna tour shut down by putting out arti ...…
We all have a calling in life, no matter who we are or where we come from. But often times, it can be difficult to know if we are actually following the right path. Recently, we had JR Baker in the studio to share some of his experience as a Pastor. We talk about how to find your calling, and ways to continue to answer the call even when your l ...…
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