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Best Scream podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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A horror movie discussion podcast.
Join our deadicated hosts Sarah and Ben as they review horror movies in chronological order and rank them from best to worst. Updated every Wednesday.Theme music Now I Know by Jared C. Balogh
Once Upon A Scream is the unfiltered Disney/Horror podcast you've been dreaming of. Join Mikey and Ben on a magical, murder-filled carpet ride through their favourite (and completely polarised) genres.
Scream Speak
Horror movie podcast hosted by lifelong friends. Join us for reviews, top 10 lists, and general discussions.
Once Upon A Scream is the unfiltered Disney/Horror podcast you've been dreaming of. Join Mikey and Ben on a magical, murder-filled carpet ride through their favourite (and completely polarised) genres.
A master feed for all of our shows!
Scream, Queen!
Scream, Queen! Is a podcast about scary movies, by people not typically depicted in scary movies. Hosts Drea Washington and Tommy Pico dish about what goes bump in the night—from a black/queer/indigenous perspective—and have a damn good time. Produced by Domino Sound.
Scream Sisters Podcast
We are an all womans professional horror podcast.
Screaming Queenz
Screaming Queenz - UK Queer Horror Podcast
Sirens of Scream
Three lady geeks explore the dark side of comics, games, film and tv. The spooky and sinister, the gory and gross; nothing is off limits.
A Companion Podcast to the blog where I share my thoughts and struggle with depression and anxiety
Scream 101
A horror buff brings a non-horror obsessed friend on a journey through a subgenre neither of them know much about.
It's the podcast about movies and sex but not together because that would be porn.
University of Southern Indiana's radio station 95.7TheSpin Screaming Eagles Sports
Hard Factor
A quick 30ish minute daily news suppository for people who think cable anchors don't scream at each other enough. Designed to give you just enough information to make you sound knowledgeable at the water cooler, but not knowledgeable enough to put you on a government no-fly list.
Two fun loving horror fans who love road trips and talking scary movies!
Scream Girls
Hey, boos! We're Callie and Kaitlin. We watch scary movies and podcast about them. Whether you're a blood-and-guts fanatic or a scaredy cat looking for a non-threatening summary of the latest prestige horror flick, we've got you covered with our weekly breakdowns of classic and contemporary spooky cinema.
The token queers at Blumhouse go through the horror canon to see where on the undead Kinsey scale your faves belong. Don't be nervous: we've done this before. Hosted by Mark Fortin, Michael Kennedy, and Nay Bever.
The Horror films you must see, and will fall in love with.
EU Scream
The progressive politics podcast from Brussels
From rebellion leaders to scream queens and everything in-between, women have shaped sci-fi and fantasy since its inception. Each week Fangrrls founder & managing editor Cher Martinetti, contributing editor and author Preeti Chhibber, and associate editor Courtney Enlow celebrate the countless badass women in geek culture through funny, witty, and unfiltered deep dives into the nerdverse.
With Drinking and Screaming, you’ll find yourself pulled into a new horror film to discuss and a new cocktail to try every week. We’re a new liquor and movie review podcast based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, where each week we celebrate horror and alcoholism! Every episode is laced with great soundtracks, audio clips from the films, theme breakdowns, production trivia, and much more! Char and Kelly are neither professional movie critics nor professional bartenders, but they are very g ...
This Is What A Mid Life Crisis Sounds Like! Fatherhood, Middle Age Life, Raising Daughters, and Raising Awareness. Sometimes Funny, Sometimes Serious, But Always As Real As It Gets. Please SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Also Join US on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
Justin Beahm brings his years in horror film and publishing to the podcast world in a show featuring interviews with people from all sides of entertainment.
Cruises are the murder capital of the sea and the sea is the murder capital of the world. Luckily for everyone except pirates, Barjory Buffet is here to investigate cruise crimes and put them in the brig or just throw them overboard or whatever.
The unofficial podcast of the Manly Sea Eagles, the greatest rugby league team in the NRL.
podcast for all things horror - movies,news and reviews.
DJ KISS' Podcast
DJ KISS - ShiwiStyle Entertainment2008 Primary Blends New Mexico Mix ChampionCity Lights - Gallup NM Envy Nightlife - Albuquerque NM99.9 KXTC FM / iHeart Radio90.9 KSHI FM / Zuni Radio
All Horror
All Horror Radio has quickly become one of the most popular horror podcasts on the web. Founded in 2010, it is now back after a 4 year hiatus! Co-hosts Robin, Madison, Amanda & Lizz-Ayn explore the horror genre & industry via celebrity interviews, horror reviews and news. Previous interviews include such guests as the cast members of AMC's "The Walking Dead", "VH1's Scream Queens", "SAW 3D", "The Human Centipede", "Hostel III" & "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", among many others. All horror discu ...
Ghoulish Cast
Welcome to Ghoulish Cast, a horror movie-focused talk show that deep dives into genre media with creators across the industry. Join your hosts, Anthony Derington, and Danielle Million, every week as they chat with everyone from podcasters and YouTubers to authors and directors. Don't scream... you'll wanna hear this.
Screaming in the Cloud with Corey Quinn features conversations with domain experts in the world of Cloud Computing. Topics discussed include AWS, GCP, Azure, Oracle Cloud, and the "why" behind how businesses are coming to think about the Cloud.
"A seasonal holiday treat where comedy and horror meet!"—Rob is obsessed with horror films whereas Brittany is a total ‘fraidy cat! This wacky combo makes Pumpkin Spice Podcast a real seasonal treat. The duo watches horror films highlighting fun facts, best kills, cheesiest moments, and the scenes that gave Brittany actual nightmares.
Teenage Scream
The podcast that lovingly dissects the best (and worst) of 90s teen horror.
Three Guys One Movie is a show with group of idiots that think they understand movies, think they have a valid reason to form an opinion about movies, and give inaccurate bad info about said movies. Enjoy the train wreck and listen on while you scream at your speakers for us to shut up.
Mobile Suit Fandom
A super original podcast where two people go through each episode of Gundam through the years and rant and scream and joke about it... Enjoy!
Juice Pro Wrestling
Join Justin "Juice" Wallace and the JPDUB crew as they discuss, scream at & have fun with all Pro Wrestling culture topics & promotions as well as horror movies, video games, craft beer, metal & punk rock! Follow Juice & Juice Pro Wrestling on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & Twitter! Download and Rate!
A New Jersey Based Podcast About Small Business, Parenting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Life and Social Media called Rockstar Podcast. Hosted by Lorenzo of , Aggie of Stopit Solutions and Mariano of, the 3 of us combine every day life, parenting mixed with business and humor to try and help inspire and educate. Support this podcast:
Sounds Scary
Sounds Scary is a celebration of the horror genre, hosted by Doc Manson and GQ. Each episode focuses on a different horror movie and features recurring segments, like Behind the Fears (a behind the scenes trivia contest between the hosts), Horror Toy Review, Scream of the Week, and Two Good Scares (horror movie recommendations). Each week also features a brand new episode of a Sounds Scary Original Radio Production, introduced by our very own horror host!
Ask Me Another
Packed with trivia, comedy and celebrity guests, Ask Me Another is like an amusement park for your brain. Host Ophira Eisenberg and musician Jonathan Coulton take brilliant contestants on a roller coaster that'll make you laugh and scream (out the answers)—and barely anyone throws up in a trash can.
I Found This
Podcast featuring @clockarniie @jamesjordan14 @sydnadim @edwardhann @s_pezz & @dompaints.Our format is simpleWe've scoured the web, stumbled across things, heard stories, and we’ve all found something we think is awesome, interesting, funny or absurd and we’re going to explain and pitch it to the group and get their thoughts.One week we might be talking cryptocurrenices, next might be parrot hats, who knows!Hopefully, we’ll get a reaction out of the team and you as our dear listener, be it t ...
Copulators Die First
Boo, we give Scream Queens a WHOLE new meaning! Ash & Nick are life-long friends (and homosexuals) obsessed with horror movies! Each week they'll feature a new scary movie that will be examined from their gay perspectives while they read that film to filth! Nothing and no one is safe - especially those horny teenagers! Beware! The library is open! So - grab some popcorn, grab your reading glasses, lock all your doors, and prepare to be entertained! It's like watching scary movies with your b ...
Mouse Rants
An uncensored honest oral rhapsody of Walt Disney World, Florida and the Disney company through the eyes of fanatical Disney nerds who have nothing better to do.
The Cryptid Keeper
What common ground do an Appalachian folklorist and a horror-savvy scream queen have? Cryptids. Come laugh, learn, and get creeped out!
The Creepover
Lights off? Flashlight on? Then it’s time for The Creepover—the weekly creepy slumber party podcast you never knew you needed. Join hosts Alli Rymill and Kathryn Ormsbee as they discuss all things macabre, supernatural, and bone-chilling. Each week, the gals delve into a creeptastic theme in segments like Keep the Lights On (film and TV), Bump in the Night (urban legends), and Ghost Stories (YOUR scary tales). Remember: When the ghoulin’ gets tough, don’t be afraid to scream like a girl.
Now Screaming
Evan and Liz are watching every single horror movie currently on Netflix... so you don't have to. Tune in every Tuesday to listen as they bring their unique perspectives to the good, the bad, the ugly, and the woefully under-budgeted of horror film streaming.
Black at Work
The podcast where we all go to the stairwell to scream. Come Join us
The Horror Virgin
What’s your favorite scary movie? Are you a fanatic or a fraidy-cat? Love them or loathe them? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Each week, horror fans Jenn and Mikey will take Horror Virgin Todd through the encyclopedia of horror one movie at a time. We’ll discuss classics as well as fan favorites, with the occasional new release thrown in for good measure. Mikey will make inappropriate jokes, Jennifer will gush over Stephen King, and Todd will scream like a little girl at every jump scare ...
In-depth conversations with metal musicians about life, music & craft beer, hosted by Matt McGachy, frontman of extreme metal band Cryptopsy. Casual conversations with creative people involved in the metal and craft beer scenes. Discussions focus on creative processes, origin stories, learning experiences and touring anecdotes.
What’s everyone talking about on Netflix? Bobby Finger invites guests — fans, critics, friends — to gab about the most-discussed titles of the moment. What are people saying? Why do they love it, hate it, or need to scream about it on Twitter? Ranging from meme-y chatter to in-depth analysis, this is the entire range of popular conversation around the newest Netflix titles distilled into a half hour show.
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show series
In this episode of the horror podcast 'Screams After Midnight,' we discuss Pinhead sequel 'Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth.' (Hellraiser 3) The film is Directed by Anthony Hickox and stars Terry Farrell, Paula Marshall, Kevin Bernhardt & Doug Bradley. Happy Octoberthon 2019! patreon: ...…
This week on Scream Addicts, Jinx welcomes Victor Gischler to the show. A novelist, comic book writer, and screenwriter known for Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse, Spirits of Vengeance, and Death of Dracula, Mr. Gischler has chosen Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi/horror masterpiece Alien for discussion this week. Mr. Gischler and Jinx discuss the first ...…
This week on Drinking And Screaming, we continue our “Best Horror Movies For Halloween Vibes” with another of Char’s picks - Saw (2004). Jigsaw forces Char to drink an entire cocktail made of the thing she hates most! Discussions go from the crazy traps and plots to the film’s editing and lack of trust in its audience… But some Scaredy Facts tr ...…
SyFy has stepped in to save yet another franchise, so it’s them we have to thank (or curse) for today’s subject: ANACONDA 3: OFFSPRING! Join us as we review the film, Brennan is sick and thus much more quiet than normal, and Sergio waxes poetic about the snake! Ten Word Reviews: Brittany Runs a Marathon, Pain and Glory Our theme music is “A Bea ...…
The Scream Girls' month of classic horror continues with the MOTHR of all slashers! What would the gals give to see this movie without knowing all of its stabby, skeletal secrets? At least $40,000!
We're back at RKO to dig up THE BODY SNATCHER (1945) from Val Lewton and director Robert Wise!Boris Karloff, Henry Daniell and Russell Wade star in this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic short story. Oh hey Bela Lugosi is here too!Context setting 00:00; Synopsis 27:56; Discussion 41:04; Ranking 1:06:04…
This is the newest edition of the Screaming Eagles Sports Podcast featuring an intro to Men's Basketball.By 95.7TheSpin.
About Paul Johnston Paul Johnston is an interim CTO, CTO and strategist who has particular interests in serverless, cloud, startups and climate change. Formerly, Paul served as a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS for Serverless and CTO of multiple startups, including one of the world’s first serverless startups. Paul’s also a keynote speaker, tw ...…
Salutations, scary movie super fans! We’re back again tryin to make u mud butt in yr undies lol NE WAYZ this week we debut an Act I segment called “Have Y’all Seen…” with Drea, bc she has an encyclopedic knowledge of scary movies like lit-chra-ly she’s seen everything. And this week she’s wondering if you’ve seen the goofy 80’s horror flick Soc ...…
Scream Season continues with Disney's Halloweentown 2, starring the legendary Debbie Reynolds! Can 'Kalabar's Revenge' live up to its predecessor? Get bonus eps, merch and more on Patreon here Website! Email us! Instagram - @uponascream Twitter - @uponascream Facebook - /uponascream…
Hide under the covers for this one - we have some spooky stories to tell! Special thanks to /u/6ftbelow and /u/Iskander_Khan for the use of their stories. Outro Music: Nine Inch Nails - 26 Ghosts III Sirens of Scream are: Melissa Megan- @Lissapunch Jackie DeVore- @Jackietherobot Sierra Houk- @sierrahouk Sirens on Twitter - @SirensPodcast Sirens ...…
Look, local podcast! It’s been a year since we watched the events of Scream so check your conscience at the door and join the HVCrew to find out if we’ve got a cold storage shed where a pod should be with Scream 2. Did ya get that on pod? Yes, we got that on pod. Please Subscribe, Rate and Review The Horror Virgin to help more people discover o ...…
The Sisters talk about all of Rob Zombie's movies. They also talk about Sid Heig and their experiences meeting him. At the end of the show their is an interview with Sid Heig from an earlier show.
Should lobbyists engage with far-right and extremist lawmakers? After the EU elections in May, about 20 percent of members of the European Parliament have far-right agendas. That's a big gain — up from 10-to-15 percent five years ago. That’s also around 150 far-right lawmakers companies can lobby for favourable votes and amendments. Many people ...…
Our very own Martin takes over hosting duties as we discuss George A. Romero's weird 1978 vampire shocker, 'Martin'. The tale of an awkward boy next door with a penchant for hypodermic needles, rape and bloodsucking, this eerie arty piece of horror oddness also delves into the grim reality of smalltown America. So why do we spend so long talkin ...…
College life in a horror movie, is somehow even more horrific than our memories of college! Today Rob and Brit sit down for an interactively fun time with their listeners. Use the hashtag #PinkJeansGuest to play along! Join our Patreon: Pumpkin Spice Podcast is edited; and our theme song is composed by Jeremy S ...…
While Brad and Steph do Fantastic Fest stuff, Sean and Mike test out our new recording system (with mixed results) and go off on Fred Durst’s THE FANATIC.By
We're back after six months! On this episode Luke and Peyton discuss the community and melting of both horror and metal!By Scream Speak Podcast.
It's SCREAM SEASON! Mikey & Ben begin the Halloween 2019 festivities by discussing a practically perfect film: Scream (1996). Get bonus eps, merch and more on Patreon here Website! Email us! Instagram - @uponascream Twitter - @uponascream Facebook - /uponascream…
After a little podcast hiatus, Amy, her daughter Val, and friend Melanie have an open discussion about mental illnesses, medication, and what they are doing physically and mentally to help themselves feel better. Amy also discusses her changing body and where she feels she is at right now with “body image”. A former personal trainer, Amy has st ...…
Screaming Eagles EP85 DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER by thescreamingeaglesBy thescreamingeagles.
So I’ve been missing podcasting a bit, and my friends at Salty Language Pod, so here’s a re-release of our classic Screams and Moans Episode, Salty Creeper. In this episode, what’s better than a creeper? A salty creeper of course, when I have the guys from Salty Language Pod on and we discuss Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster and describe our ...…
It's September, that means it's time for our Zombie 5k run! will be be among the survivors or infected this year? Stay and find out and hear us talk Lucio Fulci's ZOMBIE!By Soul Survivor Josh and Final Girl Justine.
Episode Notes Join us as Doc Manson and GQ talk about possibly the greatest science fiction-horror movie of all time, Alien! Our chests nearly burst with enthusiasm as we talk about this fantastic romp through the inky blackness of space. Two Good Scares: The Blob (1988) and Ghosts of Mars…
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