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Greetings Traveler! Welcome to Elder Scrolls off the Record! The first Elder Scrolls Online podcast and the oldest Elder Scrolls podcast! Join Evarwyn, Liz "Mistress Lebeau", Rob "Rage Philosophy", Mike "The Tamrielic Historian", Mark "The Scenarist" and Zeffin every week, as we travel Tamriel and bring you our in-game experiences, latest game/community news, game features, and the occasional pro tip/trick and advice surrounding "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrolls Online". Our goal, h ...
Incredible stories from extraordinary reporters in the City of Brotherly Love. Scroll down is a podcast about the rest of the soundbite, the people and the conversations that don’t fit into a 60 second radio story. Scroll Down is hosted and produced by Tom Rickert in the KYW Newsradio studios in Philadelphia.
I've been playing Skyrim from day one and decided to do a show about my adventures. Since then the podcast has grown and added hosts, as well as, multiple shows. Join in or just listen. You can find us at: ASAPodcasting.comaskyrimaddictpodcast@gmail.comThis Podcast was created using
Secrets of the Scrolls unveils knowledge weekly about the Elder Scrolls: Legends online card game. We cover cards, tips, news, decks, tournaments, and advanced strategy.
The podcast of Emergent Magick
Hello traveler, welcome to Loreseekers! Your hosts Jibbs and Kash are in their favorite Tamriel tavern, ready to take you through the wonderful adventures of the Elder Scrolls Online!
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Paranormal Short Stories
News from Ninja MountainA collective of artists who work mainly in the fields of Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, and comics. And we have a podcast too!
Origin Scroll
Fantasy audio book by Richard S. Tuttle – Origin Scroll is the first volume of the Targa Trilogy and the cornerstone of the epic fantasy Alcea Collection which spans sixteen volumes in three series.
I've been playing Skyrim from day one and decided to do a show about my adventures. Since then the podcast has grown and added hosts, as well as, multiple shows. Join in or just listen. You can find us at: ASAPodcasting.comaskyrimaddictpodcast@gmail.comThis Podcast was created using
Home of the Elder Scrolls Podcast! Here we have the actual podcasts, in an audio only format. In the podcasts we talk about all things Elder Scrolls, be that about the games themselves or the lore behind them. So join us for a journey through Tamriel and beyond!
The one podcast Dragon Age fans can NOT miss. Designed as a mini series to usher you into the world of Ferelden through the games, comics, books, and lore. Heated discussion and everything you need to catch up on Dragon Age!
Audio sessions of 3 guys playing the Elder Scrolls Online. Think of it as an audio let’s play.
Official Podcast of Get your weekly fill of all things Elder Scrolls Online.
Tales and Advice for new/old players. Willing to take advice as well!
Join your four hosts, Tom, Tim, Sophie, and Dan in an in-depth discussion, analysis, dissection, and speculation of upcoming news on Zenimax Online Studios upcoming MMORPG…The Elder Scrolls: Online! The four hosts are dedicated to becoming the most accurate TESO podcast on the web. They believe in providing accountable coverage and constructive feedback to the latest content of the Elder Scrolls Online!
Scroll Feed
The daily struggle , updates on your social media feed , culture , trending , Life . It’s the 411
Skyrim Book Club
An audio archive of all the literature and lore in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
An Elder Scrolls Online Fan Podcast.
An Elder Scrolls podcast with a focus on game play, customization, and achievements in Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim and Oblivion
Podcast with all the information you need to survive another week. Movie. Book. News. Published Tuesday.
Just another WordPress site
Join Headstream in Stop the Scroll, a creative content podcast, as we discuss all things brand, campaign and audience with key marketing industry leaders.
The TESL Podcast
A podcast about The Elder Scrolls Legends card game. Bringing news and thoughts from the top players.
Join Liiska, TG, Kendorath, Arashan, Enikki as they bring you the latest news, each week, in Rift and delve deep into the gameplay and lore of Trion World's instant classic: Rift!
The Bethesda Podcast takes you behind the scenes with the award-winning video game developers responsible for The Elder Scrolls, RAGE, Fallout, DOOM, Brink, QUAKE, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and more. Episodes will include exclusive interviews and updates on upcoming Bethesda games, along with an inside look at the world of game development.
Join the All-Stars of the ASAPodcasting community on their gaming journeys through the eyes of your favorite podcasters. We'll play titles from the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series and even open up to other games in the future.
KD Radio Podcast
Check your Elitist Privilege and fire up your old consoles! Your retro and general gaming podcast from the hosts and producers of Fallout Off the Record!
Smalltalk Evangelist, Industry Watcher
WINNER: 2012 Parsec Award for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form) Ynroh of the House of Keeg, is a Nord warrior in search of the truth behind the rumored "Dragon Invasion". He sets off on a journey across Skyrim to learn the truth, meeting colorful characters along the way. Popularized in the Dovahkiin Podcast by Tsora, Eporo, Tiger, and Nigera, the story is presented here in its intended form. It's uninterrupted, and with cool new tidbits like narration and minor George Lucas- ...
ASA Modtalk
We talk about modding many games, but we concentrate on Bethesda titles because they are the most actively modded video games. We talk technique, new mods, opinion etc., and mostly PC.
League of Casters
From current nerdy news to video game lore lessons, we go over all things nerdy for your convenience and entertainment.
The tales and lore of Tamriel brought to life with the music and sounds from the Elder Scrolls.
Video podcasts from the book Pilgrim in the Palace of Words: a journey through the 6000 languages of Earth by Glenn Dixon featuring the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Rosetta Stone, the Tibetan Book of the Dead and more.
Dr. Miryam Brand on Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Ancient World
ALTERNATIVE COMEDY. EXPERIMENTAL DRAMA. ORIGINAL MUSIC "Monty Python cuts himself on a Black Mirror *****" - Itunes review Each month hear Mirth Defect smash out another array of unusual, dark, funny sketches. * Free knives for female joggers. * The man with the scroll in his anus. * The death of the Hipster. * The man who keeps jumping off a building. * Rich Parents: Poor Kids * QWOP Street Surgery Also featuring music from Alabastar De Plume, Thoughts out of Season & I Can't Wait Until You ...
Unexpected Results: The Eternal Podcast is about a Digital Card Game called Eternal by Dire Wolf Digital that is broadcast and recorded live every Sunday night at 8 PM EST // 5 PM PST @
At Home With...
‘At Home With…’ is the podcast series that’s part ‘Through The Keyhole' and part having a good ol’ catch-up on the sofa with your mates, brought to you by online content creators Lily Pebbles and Anna Newton. The two seasons of their chart-topping podcast see them interview a whole bevy of guests in the comfort of their own home; from trying Kombucha homemade by beauty industry royalty Liz Earle in her kitchen, to delving into Jo Elvin’s wardrobe - they really get stuck in. Want to hear them ...
This is the periodic podcast from an enthusiastic guild of MMO gamers, chatting about games we play, are waiting for, along with general pop culture. This podcast serves as an offline method to keep in touch with the game updates, the guild, and preparations for the week.
Erotica. Need more than that? Okay... Alessia Brio presents erotic stories selected from the "Coming Together" print and ebook anthologies, in audio form. Read by some of the finest talents in the podcasting world, written by some of the finest talents in the erotica world, this podcast anthology is a feast for the imagination. Profits and donations associated with this production benefit the Disabled American Veterans Trust.
Let's Talk About Sects is a monthly podcast focusing on a different cult each episode. Sarah takes a storytelling, deep dive approach, looking at the history of a sect's leaders, the recruitment of members, their experiences, psychological aspects, and notable incidents during its existence.
-★ Homeopathy World Community Creating Waves of Awareness. Promoting Homeopathy Around the World Through Education, Conversation and Discussion. -★ Wednesday Debby Channels Dr Herbert Roberts MD on Practicing Homeopathic Medicine. The 2nd week of the month Christina Chambreau, DVM talks PET HEALTH-★ Thursday at Noon: Vaccinations and Your Rights in the US with co-host Alan Phillips, JD and Greg Glaser, JD~✽~✽~✽~> SCROLL TO THE END OF THIS PAGE AND CLICK EXTRAS FOR A VIDEO
ESO Weekly
Brand new podcast called all about the upcoming game, The Elder Scrolls Online. We cover anything you could think about ESO and maybe a few things you couldn't!
An Age of Sigmar podcast, we chat about gaming, painting, fluff, narrative play, war scrolls and more Warhammer than you could throw at cat at. WARNING: This show may contain naughty language.
Join us as we review every episode of So Weird! We are very dedicated fans who have been watching for years and want to let as many people know about this great show! Follow us on twitter! @soweirdondisneyFor more links, visit down until you see 'favorite links'
The Meme Team
Meme curator Tony Zaret and Social Media Authority Kay Hsu count down the top 5 memes of the week and rates them as share, like, scroll or report with a "team" of special guest meme experts. Follow along on Instagram at @tonyzaret.
Follow Ross on Twitter @RossTuckerNFL and@RTFPodcast, on Facebook or email him: Ross at Ross Tucker played seven years in the NFL before retiring in 2008. He is the morning host for SiriusXM NFL Radio and a frequent analyst for "Pro Football Talk" on the NBC Sports Network. Keep this program free, please shop via the Amazon banner below and then bookmark it or pin the link to keep supporting the show!
The first-ever adult title on "Diary of an S and M Romance" is the true story of a young widow reclaiming her life in a red-hot world of kinky sex. She's a feminist doing things that many feminists would consider beastly, and loving every second of it. In "Diary of an S and M Romance", Dollie Llama explores the complex connections between romantic sweetness and furious, nasty sex. Part introspective journey of discovery, part tender love story. Part manifesto of empowerment, ...
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Episodes that were lost when the original feed crashed. Thanks for listening to this episode from ASAPodcasting. If you have a moment please consider leaving a review on iTunes. CONTACT: Visit for all of our shows and A big thanks to the UESP, Elder Scrolls Wiki and Imperial ...…
aaaaAAAARUUUUUUuuuuuu! The howl of werewolves fills the air this week at Loreseekers as we celebrate the launch of the Wolfhunter DLC! On today's show we do a complete wrap-up on the Quakecon Keynote, talk the incredible stats from this year's Midyear Mayhem, discuss our first impressions of Wolfhunter, complete a Lore Lesson on the Storyline o ...…
Greg & Ross review the tape from preseason week 1 including his thoughts on Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, & Chad Kelly.By
Andrew & Ross talk about Roquan Smith, Tom Brady, Orlando Scandrick, & more on today's podcast.By
When we grow up we want to be Clemmie Hooper! A working midwife at King’s College Hospital, Clemmie is mother to four beautiful daughters and recently took the plunge to move the whole family from South London to the Seaside town of Ramsgate! Starting her blog ‘Gas & Air’ whilst on maternity leave, Clemmie has developed a fiercely loyal followi ...…
Carol Orzel had a very rare bone disease. It's called fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, or FOP. It's a condition she shared with only about 800 or 900 people around the world. And before Carol died, she had one request: she wanted her skeleton to be displayed in the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia. KYW Newsradio's Mark Abrams (@MAbramsKYW106 ...…
Michael and Steve ( ) celebrate the 150th episode and definitely didn't only realize it two minutes before recording.Thanks for listening to this episode from ASAPodcasting. If you have a moment please consider leaving a review on iTunes. CONTACT: Visit for all of our shows and ...…
ESPN's Mike Golic Jr. talks with Ross about his upbringing, his time in the NFL, & CFB vs. NFL.By
Quake Con 2018 has come and gone this weekend and we’ve got some GREAT info coming from Elder Scrolls Online and even from Elder Scrolls: Blades! Evarwyn dives into that [...] The post ESOTR Micro Blog: Quake Con 2018 appeared first on Elder Scrolls Online Podcasts & More!.
Guard your pockets! It's Thieves Guild week here at Loreseekers. Today we cover all the news surrounding the Wolf Hunter Keep dungeon from the upcoming Wolfhunter DLC, details on the new battleground map Istirus Outpost, Crowns and ESO are on sale, upcoming outfit styles in Update 19, prelude to ESO at Quakecon and we finish it all off with a L ...…
Greg Cosell returns to the RTFP to talk about RPO's, his summer vacation, & college players to watch this year.By
Join Colin, Victor, Pat, Ray and Andrew for more DnD style adventures through Skyrim. Music by Tristan Lohengrin:!: the show:skyrim10ad@gmail.comWeb: fa ...…
Andrew & Ross discuss the Hall of Fame commitment, the Corey Coleman trade, & the rookie wage scale on today's podcast.By
Girl Crush alert! We don’t even want to admit to how many hours we’ve lost looking through Lucy Williams Instagram…. She is the definition of ‘effortlessly cool’. Obsessed with magazines whilst as University, Lucy worked on several titles before realizing she wanted the creative freedom of her own blog and so eight years ago ‘Fashion Me Now’ wa ...…
Wayne Chrebet, the Godfather of the slot receiver, is today's guest on the podcast. He talks about the evolution of the slot receiver position, walking on to the Jets, & head injuries.By
We discuss the latest ETS Results, New Cosmetics, New Lore, DWD's Promotion Strats, Potential Answer The Call Nerfs (called it!) and much more!By (Unexpected Results).
Welcome back listeners to another episode of Loreseekers! This week on the show we announce a brand new award, talk Wolfhunter release dates, go over the LARGE Crown Store Showcase for August, answer your emails and talk the Ayleids in a new Lore Lesson! Grab a drink, prop up your feet and enjoy the show!…
Andrew & Ross talk about Roquan Smith, Khalil Mack, Aaron Donald, Stefon Diggs on today's podcast.By
In this episode, we discuss and review the ep. “Rewind". We talk about the actress who played Jennifer, "Britt Irvin", the potential backstory, Annie's "Never Give Up" song, Alexz Johnson career, the Bug Juice reboot, Rugrats reboot, Buffy reboot, and more! Let us know what you all think about this episode! Thank you for the support as always. ...…
Werewolves are getting a buff and Update 19/Wolfhunter DLC news abounds! Later, we chat with guests of QGN Con and Liz debuts a new parody! Elder Scrolls 212: LIVE From [...] The post Elder Scrolls 212: LIVE From QGN Con 2018 appeared first on Elder Scrolls Online Podcasts & More!. & 'Around the NFL' podcast host Gregg Rosenthal talks with Ross about the top story lines in NFL training camps this year.By
The lady that brought Poetry back into the spotlight! At just 22 years old Charly has done some insanely impressive creative jobs; from starting as a stylist at Burberry to Producing ‘The Trews’ with Russell Brand. ELLE magazine even named her one of their 20 ‘Power Players’ to watch out for in 2018. Last January Charly wrote a poem each day on ...…
Scroll Down is proud to present an episode from another of our KYW Newsradio Original Podcasts: Gone Cold. Tomiene Jones worked the night shift at the post office. She would take her young daughter to the babysitter, and then drive to work. She'd done this many times before, and each time, she came back to pick up her daughter after her shift. ...…
Ross talks with Texas legend Vince Young about his career, the lessons he learned, & what he's doing now on today's podcast.By
We discuss the most recent ETS results, the recent nerfs to Accelerated Evolution and Levitate, the upcoming Twitch Prime Bundle and the future of cosmetics in Eternal in general. There's even a small discussion at the top of the show about the NXT Championship match between Aleister Black and Tomassa Ciampa!…
Hey travelers! Welcome back to Volume 2 of Loreseekers! Today on the show we are covering a MASSIVE amount of news including all the details surrounding the Midyear Mayhem PvP event, the respec 2.0 system, Werewolf skill lines, itemization changes, Templar updates, Ilambris style packs and much more. We also do a Lore Lesson on the Imperials(ye ...…
Chris & Glenn Gronkowski talk with Ross about what is was like growing up in the Gronkowski house. 5 siblings...3 refrigerators...8 gallons of milk a week... and a really large food bill!By
Revisting episodes that were lost when our old feed crashed.Thanks for listening to this episode from ASAPodcasting. If you have a moment please consider leaving a review on iTunes. CONTACT: Visit for all of our shows and infoA big thanks to the UESP, Elder Scrolls Wiki and Imperial Library for t ...…
On today's podcast, Andrew & Ross talk about Julio Jones holdout, David Johnson, Aaron Rodgers leverage for a new contract, and Josh Gordon.By
Outspoken, opinionated, positive and passionate – Patricia Bright is the best friend we all want! Leaving a successful career in banking to pursue working on her YouTube channel, Patricia started posting beauty reviews from her bathroom whilst balancing a camera on a shoe box and is now creating her own lipstick with MAC. The queen of multitask ...…
Melissa Jacobs, founding & managing editor of talks with Ross about her perspective on a bunch of NFL topics.By
As always, we discuss the ETS Results, a Gauntlet Grinding deck from SecondBlue, the card, lore, and avatar of our latest promo Wyatt, Twitch Drops, and how to improve the Mulligan/Redraw system.By (Unexpected Results).
It's something that's always been around -- grandparents raising their grandchildren when something happens to the parents. But as the opioid epidemic ravages more and more families across the country, the number of Grandfamilies is on the rise. This is a story about three of those families, and what is being done to give them the help they nee ...…
Welcome back adventurers, today we are proud to release to you the Volume Two of Loreseekers! This week on the show we discuss the upcoming DLC Wolfhunter as we breakdown the March of Sacrifices dungeon, talk changes coming in Update 18, bring back our Lore Lesson series with Necromancy and much more! Welcome back friends, enjoy the show!…
Wes Welker is entering his second season as an assistant coach for the Houston Texans. He talks about the long hours and his love of the game, Jarvis Landry's new deal, and his thoughts on DeShaun Watson.By
Influencers seem to be taking over the internet. With the growth of Instagram and YouTube, more individuals have started to create their own brands online. Senior Planner, Harriet Nicholson, from launch agency Five by Five sits down with David Craft and Tom Chapman to chat about the new world of online influencers.…
Andrew & Ross talk about Le'Veon Bell, the Franchise Tag, Brandin Cooks, & the Packers financials on today's podcast.By
A lady that changed the beauty industry forever. Not too long ago getting your nails done was a rare treat, but when Thea Green returned from a trip to New York at just 23 years old, she brought the American culture of regular manicures to the UK and now has over 60 Nail Bars. Thea persuaded a population obsessed with French Manicures to embrac ...…
Discuss the recent ETS Results, Meta Shift, End of Hostilities event, various reddit posts, and lots and lots of WRESTLING!By (Unexpected Results).
Oakland Raiders QB EJ Manuel talks with Ross about playing for Jon Gruden, his time in Buffalo, thoughts on Tyrod Taylor, & more on today's podcast.By
The Loreseekers Podcast has introduced "Volumes" to our series! Our podcast isn't just about Elder Scrolls Online news and lore, now we have a storyline that the listener can follow and enjoy. If you are part of our in-game guild , these storylines will be presented to you as guild events where you all take part in the story! To get you all cau ...…
Michael, Victor and Steve have a surprisingly long Skyrim discussion.Skyrimbookclub.caThanks for listening to this episode from ASAPodcasting. If you have a moment please consider leaving a review on iTunes. CONTACT: Visit for all of our shows and infoA big thanks to the UESP, Elder Scrolls Wiki ...…
Chiefs QB Chad Henne talks with Ross on today's podcast about his role in Kansas City, his career, Patrick Mahomes, & Blake Bortles.By
We discuss the results of The Great Parliament / Kaelari tournament and all things related to Set 4: the Fall of Argenport.By (Unexpected Results).
Andrew & Ross discuss the LeSean McCoy allegations, the anthem policy, supplemental draft, & more on today's podcast.By
What a woman! Spending over fifteen years as Fashion Director on national newspapers and magazines including LOOK, The Sun and The Daily Mirror, Erica started writing ‘The Edited’ as a way of staying creative while on maternity leave. Her hilarious honesty allowed it to quickly become one of the most addictive blogs out there! Leaving South Eas ...…
In this episode, writer Jon Weisman, answers all of your questions! He talks the writing process for live action and animated shows, insights into the So Weird episodes he wrote, previous writing credits, stories with Jon Cooksey, and more! I hope you enjoyed this episode and we hope to have more interviews for you all.…
Join Colin, Pat, Victor, Ray and Andrew for more DnD style adventures through SkyrimMusic by Tristan Lohengrin:!: the show:skyrim10ad@gmail.comWeb: face ...…
Former Patriots OC & Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis is today's guest on the podcast. He & Ross talk about the differences in being a coordinator vs. head coach, coaching in the NFL vs. college, and a personal story about Tom Brady.By
[Warning: Large Download - you might want to use Wifi when downloading] Welcome dear friends to this very special edition of Loreseekers! This week we have prepared over seven hours of Lore Lessons from Volume One of the Loreseekers Podcast! Below you will find time stamps the Lore Lessons so you can go right to the one you want to hear! Thanks ...…
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